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Episode 37: Heart to Heart

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Episode 37: Heart to Heart
Episode 37 - Heart to Heart (Front) KH Manga.png
Episode 37 - Heart to Heart (Back) KH Manga.png
Japanese 第37話 つながら心
Rōmaji Dai 37-wa Tsunagara Kokoro
Translation Episode 37: Connected Heart
Tokyopop Episode 37: Heart-to-Heart

Episode 37: Heart to Heart, also called Episode 37: Heart-to-Heart, is the thirty-seventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga.

The front page shows a Donald and Goofy following Riku through Hollow Bastion. The back page shows the Kingdom Key.


Sora feels defeated, having lost the Keyblade, as well as his friends. When Beast stands up, Sora tells him not to, as he is hurt. Beast explains he came to find Belle, and will continue to fight until he finds her. This causes Sora to remember his goal of finding Kairi, and the two head for the castle.

Maleficent, having gathered all seven princesses, calls upon their hearts to reveal the Keyhole. Donald and Goofy follow Riku, though they see he isn't feeling well. Sora and Beast make their way through the Waterway until they come upon a dead end. Beast uses his power to smash through a wall. When they arrive at the Entrance Hall, Beast sees Belle, before she transforms into a Shadow, and he rushes after her. Riku confronts Sora, and fires darkness at him. Goofy manages to block the attack with his shield, stating that he won't betray Sora. Donald also comes back to Sora's side, and Sora, seeing how his friends are his power, reclaims the Keyblade from Riku.

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