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Card:11 SHOCK!!!

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This article is about the chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.
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Card:11 SHOCK!!!
Card-11 SHOCK!!! (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
Japanese Card:11 SHOCK!!!
Rōmaji Card:11 SHOCK!!!
Tokyopop Card 11: SHOCK!!!

Card:11 SHOCK!!!, also called Card 11: SHOCK!!!, is the eleventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.


Larxene explains Naminé used her powers to change Sora's memories, and tells Sora about the Riku Replica. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy find nothing but empty white rooms, and decide they should return to Sora. Larxenes beats up Sora, who doesn't have the will to fight back anymore. Naminé tries to intervene, but Larxene knocks her aside. Sora prepares to defend Naminé, saying he promised to keep her safe. Just as Larxene plans to strike Sora down, Goofy's shield hits her in the face. Goofy and Donald appear and Donald heals Sora. Donald repeatedly casts Thunder, thinking he is winning, but it only powers up Larxene. Sora, Donald, and Goofy use another Trinity technique to make it rain, which causes Larxene to fry herself with her lightning. As Sora explains everything to Donald and Goofy, Naminé says she can fix everything on the top floor of the castle, where Marluxia is. As Sora, Donald, and Goofy head to the top floor, Naminé stays behind with Riku Replica, when suddenly Marluxia appears behind her.

In the basement, Riku finishes off Lexaeus.

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