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Card:08 Promise

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Card:08 Promise
Card-08 Promise (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
Japanese Card:08 約束
Rōmaji Card:08 Yakusoku
Tokyopop Card 08: Promise

Card:08 Promise, also called Card 08: Promise, is the eighth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.


Vexen suggests making Sora and Riku fight to see who is more qualified. Riku reveals he is actually a replica of Riku, which causes Axel and Larxene to make fun of Vexen for not being able to get the real Riku. Vexen defends the replica, stating its a perfect copy. Larxene drags the Riku Replica to Naminé, making her fill his heart with fake memories.

Meanwhile, Sora, Donald, and Goofy make their way through the castle, with Sora pushing the others to hurry. Sora thinks back on how he promised Naminé to keep her safe, after which Naminé gave him her lucky charm. Donald and Goofy are exhausted after rushing through the castle. Just as Donald asks if Sora hasn't forgotten about finding Riku, the replica appears behind them. Thinking he is the real Riku, Sora tries to tell him about Naminé, but Riku Replica says Naminé doesn't want to see Sora. Riku Replica summons his Soul Eater, and says he will be the one to protect Naminé. When Riku Replica tells Sora about his promise to Naminé, Sora exclaims he made the same promise. When Riku Replica shows him Naminé's lucky charm, Sora shows his identical one. Riku Replica attacks Sora, saying he can't have his memory, then runs away. Vexen watched the exchange from behind a pillar, but is found by Donald. He tells Sora he is the one who made him reunite with Riku, and gives Sora a card.

Axel and Larxene, watching through a monitor, are afraid Vexen will ruin their plans by giving Sora a "reverse memory" card. While discussing what to do, Marluxia appears and tasks Axel with eliminating Vexen.

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