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Chapter 27: Castle of Thorns

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Chapter 27: Castle of Thorns
Chapter 27 - Castle of Thorns (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第27話 いばらの城
Rōmaji Dai 27-wa Ibara no Shiro

Chapter 27: Castle of Thorns is the twenty-seventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.


Pete returns to Villain's Vale, where he snaps at Maleficent because of his failed mission. Maleficent zaps him, and leaves. When Pete reminisces about his time as a true villain, a giant door appears. Maleficent appears and looks beyond the door, becoming pleased with what she finds.

At Disney Castle, Daisy informs Minnie about the Brooms running amok. Minnie manages to calm them, questioning whether the trouble in the worlds caused the behavior. However, Minnie reassures Daisy the castle is save, as it is protected by the Cornerstone of Light. Fearing something might be wrong with the Cornerstone, Minnie and Daisy go check on it, only to find it covered in thorns. Suddenly, Heartless appear and attempt to attack them. Minnie leads Daisy away, and seals the door to the Audience Chamber, while Daisy wishes for Donald to come back.

In the Gummi Ship, Sora, Donald, and Goofy discover their next destination is Disney Castle. Minnie and Daisy retreat to the Library, fending off Heartless along the way. After landing, Donald and Goofy feel something is wrong. When they spot Heartless, they hurry into the castle to find the queen. Sora unlocks the door to the Library, where they find Minnie and Daisy. While Daisy scolds Donald for forgetting about their date, Minnie informs the others of the trouble with the Cornerstone of Light.

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