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Card:XIII The Road to Dawn

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Card:XIII The Road to Dawn
Card-XIII The Road to Dawn (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
Card-XIII The Road to Dawn (Back) KHCOM Manga.png
Japanese Card:XIII 暁の道
Rōmaji Card:XIII Akatsuki no Michi
Translation Card:XIII Road of Dawn
Tokyopop Card XIII: The Road at Dawn

Card:XIII The Road to Dawn, also called Card XIII: The Road at Dawn, is the thirteenth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.

The back page shows Naminé's sketchbook and crayons.


Marluxia leaves with Naminé, leaving Sora to fight Axel. Marluxia orders Naminé to erase Sora's memories, but she refuses. Axel doesn't want to fight Sora, and leaves. Thorns start to cover the door ahead. Sora uses his Keyblade to open it, and finds Naminé bound by roses. Marluxia appears, and Sora attacks him. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy help Naminé. Marluxia traps Donald and Goofy in venus flytraps, and tells Sora he just wants his help. However, Donald tells him not to worry about them, and Sora proceeds to attack Marluxia. In a final attempt, Marluxia threatens Naminé's life, but Sora manages to save her and strike Marluxia down.

Naminé shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy the pods where they have to sleep in to regain their memories. Sora promises he'll see Naminé again.

Meanwhile, Riku explores the Destiny Islands, where Zexion tells him he doesn't have the right to see his friends. Zexion shows him how he destroyed their islands, and an angry Sora appears and drowns him in light. A voice tells Riku to accept both light and darkness. Riku finally accepts the darkness, and breaks through Zexion's illusion. Zexion hopes he will join the Organization now, but Riku strikes him down with a single blow. Riku realizes what he has to face, and fights Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Ansem tries to control Riku again, but Riku manages to defeat Ansem. Riku is left in the darkness, but a light brings him back to Castle Oblivion. The light came from King Mickey, having finally arrived, with the help of a man calling himself "DiZ". Riku recognizes DiZ as the one pretending to be Ansem.

DiZ brings Riku to Naminé, where he finds Sora asleep in one of the pods. Naminé offers to seal Ansem inside Riku's heart, along with his memories, but Riku refuses. Riku, Mickey, and DiZ leave Castle Oblivion together.

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