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Episode 16: The Wizard's House

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Episode 16: The Wizard's House
Episode 16 - The Wizard's House (Front) KH Manga.png
Episode 16 - The Wizard's House (Back) KH Manga.png
Japanese 第16話 魔法使いの家
Rōmaji Dai 16-wa Mahōtsukai no Ie
Tokyopop Episode 16: Wizard's House

Episode 16: The Wizard's House, also called Episode 16: Wizard's House, is the sixteenth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga.

The front page shows Merlin cleaning his glasses, while a Magic Broom walks behind him, carrying buckets of water. The back page shows the Old Book.


Sora, Donald, and Goofy find the marked door, and Sora's Keyblade opens it. When they enter the house, nobody is there, but then Sora sees Kairi, who mentions the place reminds her of the Secret Place on the Destiny Islands. With a crash, Merlin enters the house, and mentions how they've arrived sooner than expected. Sora notices Kairi has disappeared, and wonders what happened. Merlin introduces himself, and tells them the King had asked him to assist them. When asked where the King is, he says he's trying to do something about the worlds' calamity. Merlin tells Sora he was asked to train him in using magic.

As the three leave, Merlin tells them to bring back any pages missing from the book. Back outside, a Soldier ambushes them, and clings to Sora's back. A sword defeats it, and Sora stares in disbelief at his savior.

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