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Chapter 18: Where Love Is

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Chapter 18: Where Love Is
Chapter 18 - Where Love Is (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第18話 愛のゆくえ
Rōmaji Dai 18-wa Ai no Yukue

Chapter 18: Where Love Is is the eighteenth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

The front page shows Sora, Donald, Goofy leaning against a wall in Beast's Castle.


Belle and the servants are overjoyed that Beast returned to his senses. Beast tells Xaldin to leave his castle and never come back. After claiming he'll return when the last petal falls, he disappears. While cleaning up the castle, Beast and Belle talk things out. Cogsworth finally tells Sora about the curse, and how it will be broken when Beast learns to love and earn love in return before the last petal falls from the rose. When asked if he'll make it, the servants are certain he will.

At The World That Never Was, Xaldin complains about losing to Beast. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him, and turns to find Vexen.

Worlds and characters[edit]

Story changes[edit]

  • Xaldin is allowed to leave, instead of fading away after being defeated.