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Episode 27: Pinocchio

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Episode 27: Pinocchio
Episode 27 - Pinocchio (Front) KH Manga.png
Episode 27 - Pinocchio (Back) KH Manga.png
Japanese 第27話 ピノキオ
Rōmaji Dai 27-wa Pinokio

Episode 27: Pinocchio is the twenty-seventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga.

The front page shows Sora dancing on stage with a wooden puppet. Donald and Goofy watch from offstage. The back page shows Figaro and Cleo.


While unconscious, Sora think back on how he and Riku thought there might be a monster in the Secret Place, and how the two could do anything together. Regaining consciousness, Sora sees Donald and Pinocchio fighting over the Gummi Block Cloud gave them. When Pinocchio's nose grows due to him lying, Jiminy appears from underneath Donald's hat, and introduces Pinocchio to the others. Jiminy explains he is Pinocchio's conscience, and after scolding him, Pinocchio promises not to lie again.

Pinocchio brings Sora, Donald, and Goofy to his father, Geppetto, who explains they gather Gummi Blocks to build a ship to escape from Monstro. Pinocchio runs off to look for more Gummi Blocks, and soon they hear him screaming. The Parasite Cage has trapped Pinocchio. Sora promises Geppetto they will bring Pinocchio back, and he, Donald, and Goofy chase the Parasite Cage. It leads them to Riku, who explains Pinocchio might hold the key to saving Kairi. When Riku asks Sora if Pinocchio or Kairi is more important, Sora questions wether Riku can hear his conscience, as he prepares to fight.

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