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Chapter 26: Follow Your Heart

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Chapter 26: Follow Your Heart
Chapter 26 - Follow Your Heart (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第26話 心のままに
Rōmaji Dai 26-wa Kokoro no Mamani

Chapter 26: Follow Your Heart is the twenty-sixth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

The front page shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy sitting on a bench, eating watermelon, while Auron sits with his back towards them.


Pete and Hades get into an argument. Auron, angry at being lied to, attacks Hades. While Hades tries to hold off Auron's attack, Pete tries to turn Hercules into a Heartless, summoning several Heartless to keep Sora, Donald, and Goofy busy. When Hercules doesn't turn into a Heartless, Pete tries to think of ways to increase the darkness inside him, and Hades pushes Megara over the edge, making her fall into a very deep pit. Pete attempts to feed Hercules's darkness with despair, but Hercules jumps after her instead. Hades explains that anyone who falls into the pit dies, and Pete decides to turn Sora, Donald, and Goofy into Heartless instead. Meanwhile, Hades tells Auron he lied about bringing him back to life. Together, Sora and Auron defeat the Heartless and take down Hades and Pete.

When thinking of what to do, Goofy suggests having Hades bring Hercules and Megara back to life, but Hades explains that is against the law. Suddenly, Hercules returns with Megara in his arms, having survived with help from the gods, telling Hades he always breaks the rules, and orders him to bring Megara and Auron back to life. After doing so, Hades and Pete fall into the abyss together. Upon leaving the Underworld, Phil awaits them to ask how things went. Hercules explains he is full of energy again. Auron leaves after thanking Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and silhouettes of the three are visible in the stars.

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