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Extra: Kingdom Bites (1)

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Extra: Kingdom Bites
Logo for Kingdom Bites
Kingdom Bites #1 Back Cover
Japanese KINGDOM BITES:「キングダムハーツ」4コマげきじょう①
Rōmaji KINGDOM BITES: "Kingudamu Hātsu" 4-koma Gekijō ①
Translation Kingdom Bites: "Kingdom Hearts" 4-panel Theatre ①
Tokyopop KINGDOM BITES: Kingdom Hearts Four-Panel Comic Strips

Extra: Kingdom Bites, also called KINGDOM BITES: Kingdom Hearts Four-Panel Comic Strips, is a bonus chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga. It consists of five short 4-panel comics.

The front page shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy, fallen on top of each other, with Sora pointing to the Kingdom Bites logo. The back page shows Aladdin summoning Genie from the lamp.


Come On Out, Genie!

Genie gives his Magic Lamp to Sora, and lets him know to call him if they need him. Soon, he is called to open a jar.

Café de Aerith

Aerith offers Leon some iced tea, which he refuses. When she is sad he never drinks her tea, he reluctantly accepts, thinking she always puts too much sugar in it.

A Day in the Life of Cid

In the morning, Cid sleeps at his desk. In the afternoon, he is still sleeping. In the evening, he wakes up shocked to have slepy for eighteen hours.

Final Mix Juice

Aerith offers Leon something to drink. This time she's out of tea, so she gives him a cola. However, much to Leon's horror, Aerith reveals she added milk to it.

Mr. Fancy

Hades has the new Hercules and Phil action figure. To show his hatred of Hercules, he gives the action figure a bow and flower, making him look girly.

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