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Chapter 4: The Distant Sound of Waves

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Chapter 4: The Distant Sound of Waves
Chapter 4 - The Distant Sound of Waves (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第4話 遠い波音
Rōmaji Dai 4-wa Tōi Namioto

Chapter 4: The Distant Sound of Waves is the fourth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

The front page shows Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette lying on the ground, eating sea-salt ice cream.


After telling Roxas to come to the Old Mansion, Naminé leaves. Roxas runs after her, as Pence and Olette begin moving again. Roxas reaches the woods, but is blocked by several Dusks. Wishing he had the Keyblade, Roxas runs into Seifer's gang. Roxas grabs a Struggle Bat as the Dusks appear and attack them. The others become frozen, as the Dusks surround Roxas. From a rooftop, Naminé warns him about a Dusk attacking from behind. Roxas holds the Keyblade again, and blocks the Dusk's attack, surrounding him in a bright light.

Roxas falls on a circular area with an image of Sora on it. The Twilight Thorn appears and drowns Roxas in darkness, but Namine's hand pulls him out, into a white room. There, she introduces herself, and asks Roxas if he remembers his true name. Before she can explain, the man in the black coat appears and stops her. Roxas confronts the man about the stolen munny, but the man opens a Corridor of Darkness and throws Roxas through it.

As Roxas regains consciousness, he finds Fuu making a picture of Seifer posing next to Roxas when he was knocked out. Then, Hayner, Pence, and Olette appear, but Hayner angrily storms off upon seeing Roxas. Roxas follows him. In The Usual Spot, the three friends confront Roxas about spending the day with Seifer's gang. When Roxas asks about the beach, they tell him they didn't go without him. When Roxas proposes to go the next day, Hayner tells him he promised to be somewhere. Roxas heads home, and spotting one of the Struggle tournament posters, remembers his promise to Hayner. DiZ is mad at Naminé, but the man in the black coat assures him Naminé didn't have time to say anything to Roxas.

The next day, the Struggle tournament starts. Roxas and Hayner face off in the first match. Roxas, still feeling sorry about the day before, refuses to attack, but Hayner tells him he forgot about it already. He claims Pence and Olette were worried about what happened to him, and asks him if he doesn't trust them. Roxas thanks him, and knocks him out with a single hit, winning the match. The man in the black coat visits the pod room where Sora sleeps. In the tournament, Vivi easily beats Seifer, who leaves despite still having to fight for third place. As he passes Roxas, he tells him that that was not Vivi.

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