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Neumannz - ATTENTION DUELISTS! If you could all stop staring at my hair for a moment...
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Hello, kiddies, this is my talk page.
Please keep your messages civil and all language at YGOTAS level or lower, for the sake of others who might end up reading it.

Positive effects[edit]

If you choose to do all of them, well, CoM's enemy cards are going to jack your shit. It might just be worth having a summary in the lead, and only covering the ones that appear places beyond just CoM.

CoM sleight status effects:

  • Stop
  • Stun
  • Freeze
  • Warp
  • Bind
  • Confuse
  • Terror
  • Synchro? (is it instantaneous?)
  • Gifted Miracle? (same)

BbS friend command effects:

  • Confetti (berserk? what gets all criticals?)
  • Fireworks?
  • Vanish

"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 04:22, 6 November 2011 (UTC)

New project: Fact project[edit]

To go hand in hand with the interviews project.

Correct format for interviews is here. We need to add that to the MoS, then organize a propagation of it--looking for stuff that should be sourced to publications instead of just the games (or already says that it should be), and then sourcing it properly."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 03:05, 21 January 2012 (UTC)


  1. Anti-form is capable of beating bosses with a finisher. I remember taking a screenshot once, but I can't seem to find the link anymore.
  2. Sure, I'll get to it.

Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 08:34, 3 February 2012 (UTC)

  1. Sora does not wear the crown in Christmas Town or Halloween Town.
  2. Here is a gif with each screencap 10 seconds long, that should be enough to get the text. All forms are included.

And Xemnas (Final Form) is in "The World of Nothing"

  • Armored Controller: The World of Nothing - Xemnas's Throne Room
  • Energy Core before Xemnas on the throne: The World of Nothing - Energy Core
  • Place where you hit all the Nobodies to blow them up: The World of Nothing - Twin Cannons
  • First place after you go through the Door to Darkness, where you start the fight with a skyscraper reaction command: The World of Nothing - End's Beginning

Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 08:02, 13 February 2012 (UTC)

Does Twin Cannons include the place right after End's Beginning where you jump through the sky atop skyscrapers? And are all of these considered part of The World That Never Was? Finally, would it be possible to get nihongo for these? 20:46, 13 February 2012 (UTC)

Keyblade of Worlds' Hearts[edit]

that Sora and Mickey wield. Do we mention that anywhere?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 10:16, 12 May 2012 (UTC)

Where is that from, again? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:30, 13 May 2012 (UTC)
Director's Secret Report XIII."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 05:18, 13 May 2012 (UTC)

What exactly did it say? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 06:18, 13 May 2012 (UTC)


  1. How is the whole article a spoiler? Shouldnt it only be the 3D section?
  2. I would think that the ability section would need to cover any ability he got in KH 3D (if any)
  3. If possible, there should be some trimming done to the story section. I mean, some games cover events in disney world, and some just plain skip them, I dont know what kind of consistency is here.
  4. What's the purpose of the "Miscellaneous" part of the ability section? it doesnt seem to exist in any other article. Also, with nobodies now revelead to grow a heart, him making Axel feel emotions seems irrelevant.

And that's all I can find. It feels like a very long article, but at the same time, that everything seems to be needed. I would have someone else run over it, but that's what I could notice.

--Dark-EnigmaXIII 08:13, 20 May 2012 (UTC)

I understood and I alway's put them on their talk Pages.[edit]

I understand that, besides I alway's discuss the users on their talk page, regarding why they did it, FYI. DisneyGirkeybladewielder95 17:47, 28 June 2012 (UTC)

Re: Previous conversations.[edit]

Alright then but no need to get so pissed off, and i understand what you mean, and I am now putting the discussion on the articles talk page. DisneyGirkeybladewielder95 19:04, 28 June 2012 (UTC)


UxieLover1994 Tiempo de morder de nuevo con el poder! El tema de hoy: su sorpresa! — 16:58, 1 July 2012 (UTC)
710MS.png I gave DisneyGirkeybladewielder95 a warning for his edits to Space Paranoids and The Grid, and he archived it instantly without permission. I gave him another warning, and he uses one of my archive pages to tell me off. Please give a friendly lecture to him about the rules; I would have done it myself, but I fear I'll pull myself into a fight.

Oh, and thanks for accepting my affiliation request, amigo! ;)

Look I'm sorry I made the biggest flaws on this wiki just call me thae bad person here. :( DisneyGirkeybladewielder95 17:01, 1 July 2012 (UTC)
Um? We're not part of Wikia anymore. UxieLover1994 17:05, 1 July 2012 (UTC)

TALK — 21:34, 1 July 2012 (UTC)
NZ: argh
NZ: don't be sorry, just fix it

Synthesis Materials[edit]

Coldasfire - Eternal Flames KHII.pngHey, I feel like we're friends already.Eternal Flames KHII.png
TALK - Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngGet it memorized already.05:23, 10 July 2012 (UTC)Chaos Crystal KHBBS.png
Hey Neumannz, can you give me a clear set of instructions on how to do the material pages? thankee...sorry for the dark ingot page, i published it w/out knowing and half-finished :P

Coldasfire - You won't disappear!
TALK - Thank Naminè{{{time}}}
No, that's okay, i just needed a little more info than "It needs to be more like Blazing". thankee

Talkbox Trouble[edit]

UxieLover1994 Cuando la vida te da las herramientas, a construir motos libración — 19:54, 12 July 2012 (UTC)
480MS.png I'm doing a talkbox for RockSlicer747, but there is an issue that prevent the template from being completed. All the text is in the center, and whenever I put in an image, the box becomes corupted and won't appear at all. Here's the link.

RockSlicer's choice of image happens to be Sora in his Space Paranoids costume. I recomend the normal HP/MP spite for now, as we've yet to do a propper one.

I'll take a look in a little while. See if my talk template works any better in the meantime. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:12, 12 July 2012 (UTC)

UxieLover1994 Nya? — 20:14, 12 July 2012 (UTC)
678MS.png I'll give it a try tomorrow (it's late here, so I have to sleep now).

OK, my answer: the centering happens when there is no image. Honestly, I'm not sure why that's the case, but it happens on my TalkTemplate, too. As for adding an image, it seems to work fine. What was appearing for you? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 00:34, 13 July 2012 (UTC)

What is This Bolshevik?[edit]

Eternal Nothingness XIII - This heart belongs again to darkness. All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it—it grows, consumes it. Such is its nature. In the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came.
TALK - Your body submits, your heart succumbs—so why does your mind resist? — 01:14, 17 July 2012 (UTC)
No Name Keychain KHBBS.png Hello, Neumannz. I know this isn't really your problem, but I didn't really know who else to turn to:

I innocently try logging into the IRC to strike up a chat with Maggosh if he's online, and I get this:

  • "You have been redirected here from another channel because your habit of bouncing in and out within a few seconds and never saying anything is irritating and causes annoying spam to the channel. Please fix your habits and remember that the /whois command exists for a reason. :)"

What a load of crap!

  • I "bounce in and out within a few seconds without saying anything" because the IRC community generally has NOTHING to say to me. If there's a "Hello, ENX", I'll answer, but most of the time, the main channel's dead. I'm sorry that I'm not chatting up a storm with a bunch of people I barely even know (I was much more of a chatterbox when friends such as Troisnyxetienne were IRC-regulars), but I only go on the IRC to see if friends of mine like Maggosh are on so I can talk with them the only way I am able. If the person isn't online, what's the sense of my being there unless summoned by another user for another purpose? I don't really want to have a tab open just for the sake of having it so I can go back to the IRC and stare at a blank screen.
  • I fail to see how my signing in and then signing out for my own reasons is "annoying spam to the channel". That doesn't even qualify as spam. It's like saying every time someone logs in or out of the IRC, it's spam. If I signed in, signed out, and then kept doing it for an hour straight, THEN it would be spam. Not being able to access the channel when it's pretty much required as a staff member is what's truly annoying. If it's irritating to people, why can't they simply just hold it in as a pet peeve and get over it? Blocking the IRC to someone irrationally isn't going to help fix anything, and it just leads to problems like this. Why are people randomly taking something so small and insignificant this way?
  • "Please fix your habits"...HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS WHEN I'M BLOCKED FROM THE @#$%-ING CHANNEL?! You don't even get the chance to change anything when you're unable to access the source of the problem. I assume the bit about the /whois command is to identify sockpuppets, which people need a serious reality check if they think that's something I'd attempt.

Not sure when any of this was decided/enforced, but I certainly don't like it. Especially when I'm forced to learn about it as an "in your face" negative surprise. I really think this could have been handled better: Message the user you have a problem with saying their IRC behaviors are being called into question as a friendly warning, but still grant them access, and only if the offense continues (fail to see how this is offensive), prevent access to the channel.

Sorry to suddenly rant in your face like this, but I'd appreciate if you could do something about this or at least let me know what must be done to fix it myself. Thank you!

As I save this page, I anticipate reading something about this on the IRC page, thus answering my questions myself, so I apologize if that happens...
Neumannz — Looks like I'm gonna have to jump...!
TALK — I work alone! Except when I work with Xion...which is all the time.
— 03:54, 17 July 2012 (UTC)
Huh. Well, I dunno when or why that happened, but I left a message for XJR-9 on the channel, so hopefully he can find some answers.

Eternal Nothingness XIII - Terra Master Symbol.png You have to be strong. Strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials.
TALK - What I do, I do for friendship. — 05:26, 17 July 2012 (UTC)
TerraCharm.pngThanks, Neumannz :) Again, sorry for the ranting.


I need to see you on the IRC asap. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 20:14, 19 July 2012 (UTC)


For some important staffer-to-staffer stuff, if at all possible. - Challenge Sigil KHD.pngEternal Nothingness XIIIChallenge Sigil KHD.png 16:58, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

Dream Eater articles[edit]

  1. We need to get the lead into standard, and set up sections for the rest of the article. All "Category:Allies" should be deleted.
  2. The Design sections need to be completely rewritten to follow the standard I set up for Necho Cat.
  3. The sooner somebody can get me the guide's info on Spirit stats, the sooner I can code the Enemy template for it.
  4. For all Keyblades and Dream Eaters, we need to remove parameter "japname" if it matches the localized name.
  5. See if you can get the European guys to start taking pictures and summaries of the synthesis items, so we can get those articles started.
  6. Regarding Aura Lion, Anti Black Coat, and Spellican, do we have localizations yet? Those are all that's left, woo."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 16:10, 21 July 2012 (UTC)
  1. What should the lead be, besides "The [name] is a Dream Eater that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance"?
  2. Do you mean how it is now, or the last time you edited the Design section?
  3. I'll ask Shard
  4. Have people actually been dumb enough to add "japname" when the dubbed name was the same?
  5. Alrighty
  6. We had Aura Lion a while ago, I guess we just forgot to take off the translation template. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:15, 22 July 2012 (UTC)
There are some page for Nightmare stats and one page for Sprits stats of the Ultimania in this zip archive. Currently my Ultimania is out of my reach so I can't scan pages. But the Bradygames guide will be published shortly, so maybe we should wait for it. --ShardofTruth (talk) 16:15, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

Wanted files and Renaming, replacing and removing Talk Sprites[edit]

ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 16:15, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png This suggestion somehow concerns all these topics, so I'll have to explain a bit more.

The WantedFiles special page is not useful anymore because there are thousands of files that were deleted or got moved and the files that are actually wanted (TCG images or the new synthesis material images) are overlooked. I didn't always change every image link in the past because it's either considered rude or unnecessary to change image links on personal userspace and necrobumping dozen of old forum topics is "polluting" the forums so to speak. That's why I think we should be more radical to solve this problem. We should:

  1. archive all forum topics that are older than half a year, so they don't go back to the first page when changing an image
  2. replace all missing image links that can be replaced (because the image was only moved or reuploaded) on articles' talk pages (and maybe unarchived user pages and their talk pages) and forum pages
  3. delete all missing image links from archived pages
  4. delete all user talk sprites that are still uploaded
    1. Xion4ever uploaded some of them on her Photobucket account in the past and replaced the link, but that's just too much work
    2. The Inexistent replaced many User talk sprites with a file called REPLACED.png but I don't think this is any better than just removing it
  5. delete all KHCOM, KHD and KHREC talk sprites that are superfluous (I don't think we need all 17 KHCOM Donald talk sprites and the alignment should be the same for all of them), rename the rest to match the naming scheme
  6. rename all KHCOM renders (mainly the Organization XIII ones) to KHRECOM and use KHCOM for the sprites only
  7. as bonus we could link all talk templates that require Xiggie's TalkTemplate or Xiggie's TalkTemplate 2 to a draft that is hosted in the template mainspace

This project would of course require the heavy use of the AWB, but I think it's doable. What's your opinion?


Hi, Neumz-senpai. Kryten-senpai contacted me about the signature like you did with EternalNothingnessXIII. Can you show me what she mean and help me put my signature in a template since I've never done that before?--NinjaSheik 17:02, 24 July 2012 (UTC)


We need you to go over them, make sure they're appropriate (nothing from KH3D) and have answers, and are 20ish of them.

Then type them up neatly in a word doc, load that to googledocs or something else where people can get it, and post a notice on the front page.

I'm personally planning to give my extra KH cards to the winner of my local one, you can suggest whatever you want for other people but they should try to submit them to their local gamestops or whatever."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 23:06, 30 July 2012 (UTC)

Re: New Pages[edit]

very well. I am certain that you and others will be able to assist with further development of these pages at your discretion. Someone will eventually do it. If you will not, or if others will not, I can understand. I will continue myself.

I really was not intending to be sarcastic when I added the stubs to the pages.


Hey, Nemuz-senpai, can you talk that anon, please? Kryten-senpai and I both told him/her told read up on the rules and use the talk pages instead of the articles, but he/she/it (whatever) isn't listening and driving me crazy!--NinjaSheik 01:13, 3 August 2012 (UTC)

Remember that anon? Yeah, back again and still not listening to us. I don't what to do, Neum-senpai. I mean, he/she sucks at writing and me, you, and Kryten-senpai all told him/she to stop it, but I'm gonna feel bad to give the anon a warning. He/She isn't doing anything to vandalize the wiki, but I realize it's necessary to make he/she/it see that what's he's/she's is doing wrong. Should we try the easy approach or we-have-no-choice approach and give the anon a warning?--NinjaSheik 19:54, 6 August 2012 (UTC)

Okay, never mind. This person is driving me crazy, and has failed to listen to us. To prevent any disagreements, can we at least block the person for a week he/she until the messages we left on his/her talk page gets through his/her thick skull?--NinjaSheik 21:52, 6 August 2012 (UTC)

Language link[edit]

Neumannz, you as almighty bureaucrat, can you please change the "de" language link from "$1" to "$1", Sum2k3 & Co switched the servers another time. --ShardofTruth (talk) 22:06, 3 August 2012 (UTC)

Thanks:-) --ShardofTruth (talk) 01:12, 4 August 2012 (UTC)

We've come full circle and so the link has to be changed again, because their server is shutting down. Could you please change the "de" language link from "$1" to "$1". Thanks again. ShardofTruth 21:25, 18 May 2013 (UTC)


Pinocchio's section needs a massive overhaul to clean up the frankly atrocious grammar, as well as to remove speculation and incorporate new info from KH3D. Can you help me with it?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 22:47, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

I've got class in a few minutes, but I'll work on it once I'm done. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:54, 7 August 2012 (UTC)
Whenever you can get on the IRC, I'd like to chat about EDIT:THINGS.01:59, 8 August 2012 (UTC)

KHWiki:Trinity Archives/KH3D Launch Event[edit]

I have my draft done with what pictures I thought were most appropriate. If you or maggosh or anyone could look over it and spruce anything that needs sprucing, it would be much appreciated. I'm really sorry this took so long, combination of work and reaaaaaally wanting to play KH3D.

Maybe the images need rotating, I don't know."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 07:10, 8 August 2012 (UTC)

Are you here?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 02:33, 9 August 2012 (UTC)


So I'm having a bit of trouble assembling my review points into an article format myself. I like the articles you've composed for your review points and maggosh's review points, so could we possibly work out a compromise? I'm more than willing to sort my bullet points if that would make combining them any easier. - Challenge Sigil KHD.pngEternal Nothingness XIIIChallenge Sigil KHD.png 01:56, 10 August 2012 (UTC)

Sorry to butt in here, but I actually wrote a review for for this game. I'd be willing to add it to the fray. That being said, I perfectly understand if you want to keep it at the three you already have or for only staff members, so it's cool either way. LightSymbol Character - Roxas.pngRoxas 03:06, 10 August 2012 (UTC)

Ability Link[edit]

I've rewritten the Superglide note to a temporary option. Before it is implemented wiki-wide, I want discussion on whether it is sufficient to explain that half of the Ability Link abilities DO BELONG TO THE DREAM EATER, and are only active when the Dream Eater is in the party. Even the one's that remain do NOT belong to either Sora or Riku, as occurred in Birth by Sleep—they are still equipped to the entire party, the ability screen explicitly states that certain abilities belong to certain species of Dream Eater (if you have that Dream Eater's recipe), and I would strongly argue that they are still the Dream Eater's ability, they are just active whether it's in the party or in reserve.

So, again, I still feel that my original phrasing is both more in line with previous phrasing, and more accurate to the actual situation."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 22:37, 12 August 2012 (UTC)

I think what's there now is good for covering commands. I guess we'll have to make a separate call for passive abilities, but shouldn't the mechanics of an ability be covered in, say, the Mechanics section? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:59, 13 August 2012 (UTC)
I guess so, but for those I still feel that my original phrasing is more accurate to the situation."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 12:08, 13 August 2012 (UTC)
Also, regardless of whether someone thinks it "sounds good" or not, it's simply inaccurate to state it as "the" as if there were only one. You can create multiples of every Dream Eater, and can obtain multiple Superglides."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 12:10, 13 August 2012 (UTC)
I have strong objections to this edit, but at this point I require a third-party opinion. Please decide format should be used. 14:58, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

This is a subtle point, but it's significant. Every Ryu Dragon has "the" Ryu Dragon Ability Link, just like Terra, Ven, and Aqua all get "the" Stitch D-Link. So I'm alright with this. (Well, to be fair, I'm the one who put it that way, but whatever.)

I believe this is sufficient for commands used by Sora and/or Riku. I don't know about when they're used by the Dream Eaters, though. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:13, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

Okay, to give and get clarification:
  • Dream Eaters don't get new commands from the Ability Link. The abilities they can use in battle are determined by their disposition and rank.
  • Are you saying that the Ability Link for a species is shared across all instances of a species, meaning that if I dismiss my Ryu Dragon and create a new one, it will still have the same abilities unlocked? I cannot myself deny this, but my reading of message boards indicates it to not be factual.
    • If you are instead saying that they all share the same Ability Link layout, that much is true, but I still believe that the phrasing implies that you can only get Superglide once, while my understanding is that you can obtain it multiple times by creating multiple Ryu Dragons. I can create a Meow Wow real quick to test this, when I get back to my 3DS. 17:32, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

OK, I can't say much about the abilities the DEs can use, all I know is that one time I saw one using Sparkga and another time I saw one use Time Bomb, so I bow to your first-hand knowledge.

I'm pretty sure they only share the layout (i.e., "this layout is for the Ryu Dragon Ability Link"), so I guess it all comes down to whether the reader is paying attention? I guess if we want to be perfectly clear, we can make it "a" instead of "the" after all, but I don't like the apostrophe-s in it. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:47, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

I can certainly agree to calling the layout a "Ryu Dragon Ability Link". I just want to make sure we aren't implying there's only one Superglide to be obtained (unless it turns out that's true). 18:49, 13 August 2012 (UTC)
Also...a PA Warning has to be handed out to a certain user, as much as I appreciate what he said. I'd rather not insult him by doing it myself, since it would look mightily ungrateful. Would you be willing to?
And on that note, if you feel I need to recieve a PA Warning as well (I'm not sure if I went over the line or not, at this point), please give me one, or have one of the other admins do it.
IRC in two hours if you need clarification, I don't want to publicize it here. 18:52, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

IRC, then. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:40, 13 August 2012 (UTC)

Re:More Ultimania[edit]

Apparently I had the pages scanned already, so you can download them here. I felt uncomfortable to upload so many copyright reserved pages in one place, so I put the usual password on the zip file. If you can't remember it, I will be in the social channel for the next hours. --ShardofTruth 20:54, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

New Game+[edit]

In KH3D, a new game+ retains:

  • Spirits (exactly as they were when they were created)
  • Story, Character Files, Glossary, and Trophy Shelf within Journal
  • All Mementos
  • All Recipes

I'm not sure where to mention this, because this is the first true New Game + we've had (and an annoying one for the genre, as you can't get all the trophies without using New Game+), but there you go."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 17:50, 16 August 2012 (UTC)

Staff Image[edit]

Please link me to a Dream Eater, preferably Nightmare but Spirits work too. For the new staff image makeover. Make sure to head to the staff page and make sure that Dream Eater is not taken. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 22:49, 18 August 2012 (UTC)

Quick question, Nemuz-senpai. Erry-san posted the same message you see above on my talk page, too, so I was wondering is it really necessary to change my icon image on the Staff page. I really like my Naminé one, but if really have to link my image to a dream eater, then I'll do it. Although, I don't really know how to. My first icon was made someone else and I was never good making my own special icon, so I wonder if you or Erry-san can do it for me, please.--NinjaSheik 22:59, 18 August 2012 (UTC)

At this point in the series, I'm kind of wondering whether we want to keep going with themes or let everyone pick their own thing. Then again, it's nice to have solidarity."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 01:26, 19 August 2012 (UTC)
My thoughts exactly, Kryten. :) I really do like my Naminé one because I've stuck by it for so long.--NinjaSheik 01:27, 19 August 2012 (UTC)

Why don't you move yours to your userpage? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:09, 19 August 2012 (UTC)

I guess I could do that, but it'll look at of place.--NinjaSheik 18:29, 19 August 2012 (UTC)


Yeah. I'm fast approaching ultimatum time. Yaaaaay."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 19:35, 20 August 2012 (UTC)


Click. And?--Xion4ever 02:16, 23 August 2012 (UTC)

Pretty impressive. I'm not sure what the "(START/END OF ___)" is for, and the different world articles need separate tables, but it's shaping up pretty nice. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:40, 23 August 2012 (UTC)
Start/End is just for the moment to show when the certain sections start/end. I'll break it into individual world tables and post back here.--Xion4ever 12:13, 23 August 2012 (UTC)
EDIT 22:28, 25 August 2012 (UTC): Okay. I've finished sorting them into individual tables. Click Does anything else need to be adjusted? Sorry they are late.--Xion4ever 22:28, 25 August 2012 (UTC)

Could you?[edit]

Could you move everything from User talk: to my account? I had not made one when I edited yesterday.--Mickeyisawesome (talk) 02:37, 23 August 2012 (UTC)

Concerning this edit[edit]

TheFifteenthMember Myes, but THEY didn't know that! We have to consider THEM! And yet we must also be mysterious, myes, myes... TheFifteenthMember 17:36, 31 August 2012 (UTC)
I don't see what was wrong. There was two square brackets floating around in the text that made no effect on the coding of the image or caption.

I didn't see the square brackets on the next line, so it looked unbalanced. Sorry about the confusion. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:17, 31 August 2012 (UTC)

Stat Matrix[edit]

Data-Sora learns and levels up Scan by linking the CPU to the blue Bonus Boosters in the first, fourth, sixth and ninth sections of the Stat Matrix."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 19:14, 2 September 2012 (UTC)

Re:coded Tables, again[edit]

I see you've edited/fixed the coding that I had to finish. Now that the tables are successfully created, sorted, colored, etc. are we ready to place them on the respective articles? The only world I see not finished is Castle Oblivion. In all honesty, if you could handle that one that would be awesome. I could try to do so, but since I've lack Re:coded, it is rather confusing. Thanks, sorry for the bother.--Xion4ever 02:03, 8 September 2012 (UTC)

re:ultimania questions[edit]

Sorry for the very late answer, I'm still busy with real life stuff and to admit besides adding KH3D stats (with is rather boring due to double checking every fact and recipe) there is not much I would do here at the moment. Anyway, I uploaded the pages you asked for here, I hope they're helpful. --ShardofTruth 12:15, 18 September 2012 (UTC)

Re:Let us speak...[edit]

Since you never reply to talk page, I came here. Let me know when you're ready to speak to me, senpai.--NinjaSheik 20:49, 21 September 2012 (UTC)

Blizzard, Aero[edit]

I added what I could, it turns out that at some point someone saved over my Re:CoM Sora file, so I get to do all that jolliness again. Honestly, though, I think they act the same except for Aero."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 05:52, 22 October 2012 (UTC)

End of year event[edit]

Hello, Neumannz!! Remember me? It's been a long time, eh? I wanted to know if I can participate of the end of year event. You know, It's been a veeeeeery long time since I last entered the wiki, I didn't even know if I can be considered as a user anymore.I am really glad that the Drive Form Infobox project was sucesfully complete, but as I didn't entered anymore, I don't know if I can participate of the event. I promise I'll enter more often and help the wiki, at least a little, from now on, even if I am not allowed to enter the competition. Bye!! - MateusinhoEX, 05 November 2012 (UTC)

Talk bubble[edit]

Coldasfire - Eternal Flames KHII.pngHey, I feel like we're friends already.Eternal Flames KHII.png
TALK - Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngGet it memorized already.18:34, 8 November 2012 (UTC)Chaos Crystal KHBBS.png
Hey Neumannz, am I allowed to upload talk bubble sprites on this site like the one that belongs in this bubble? Or do I need to host them off site?

You need to host them offsite. The wiki's policy is to only host official materials and wiki-exclusive images here. Thanks! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:29, 8 November 2012 (UTC)

Oh okay, does it have to be Imageshack or photobucket? Freezing Cold18:48, 9 November 2012 (UTC)

Whichever you like. You could even use the Keyhole if you wanted. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:57, 11 November 2012 (UTC)

0.o usually they don't work :P i'll try and see what happens Freezing Cold00:41, 14 November 2012 (UTC)

Training Toys and KH3D Synthesis Materials[edit]

Dream Eater Sora - "I know the Keyblade didn't choose me and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger - the people it did choose. My freinds. They are my power!"
Training Toys: There really isn't anything to put on these pages, shouldn't we just put them all in one page?

Synthesis Materials: There's more to put on, but not enough to be similar to Synthesis pages from KHII and BbS. Again shouldn't it be on one page.

No, and no. There is plenty for the Synthesis items, just read Dark Matter."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 05:26, 11 November 2012 (UTC)


Does copypasting our information count as a copyright infringement on another site? see Freezing Cold18:56, 30 November 2012 (UTC)

Not entirely sure, but I think it might be a moot point, considering how there's no activity there. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:49, 2 December 2012 (UTC)
Just wondering, because that's not the only page they took either :P Freezing Cold07:32, 2 December 2012 (UTC)

Black coat[edit]

I completely rewrote the page to, in my opinion, change it from a list of sightings to actual coverage of the history of the black coat, and why people started using it. There are quite a bit of commented vectors for additional work which I don't currently have the resources to address. In addition, I totally removed the headers, as I felt that they locked the page into sections that were not logical for the history being discussed. Please assist on the vectors if you can, but mostly, please review this with the other editors and decide whether the non-standard approach I took is acceptable."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 05:45, 3 December 2012 (UTC)


Naminé (Live talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - One day, the light-it will be ours, and it will bring us together. Til then, I'll be in your heart...
Hiya, Neum-senpai! :) Sorry to bother you, but I kinda need advice on something. You see, when I opened my inbox to my e-mail today, I got an e-mail titled "Beta Tester". It was message from the Wikia Community Council. This is what the content said:


I am writing to officially invite you to join the Wikia Community Council. We are adding a limited number of members, and we have identified you are a potential member because of all of your great contributions on Wikia.

The Community Council is your opportunity to give early stage feedback about new features. You’ll earn a special group right that will give you access to the Community Council wiki where you’ll participate in discussions directly with our product managers and staff to give feedback on our early ideas, screenshots and more.

We’re inviting a very limited number of people, so please let us know if you’ll be able to participate by replying to this email. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Editing,

Sarah Manley

Director of Community Support"

I know this wiki isn't on the wikia anymore, but I wanna get some advice on what I should do about this. I'm also gonna ask several others for their opinion on the matter, but as one of the my senpais who I respect greatly, I'll appreciate your advice on this subject.

Well, it's not like Wikia isn't still a thing. I don't know how active you might be on Wikia wikis these days, but if you feel like you can contribute—and, of course, actually want to—then there's no real reason why you shouldn't join in. This wiki's history with Wikia doesn't really matter, I would say. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 23:26, 4 December 2012 (UTC)

Well, that is true. It does seem interesting. The only wiki I edit on is the Narutopedia. I quit editing the Final Fantasy Wiki a while back since they don't need a user like me there. They have everything under control, by the looks of it. Quit editing on the One Piece Wiki because they're undeveloped and too fan-based for my taste. The offer does seem beneficial to the Narutopedia, though, and I do love that wiki dearly. I am interested to see what windows this could open not just for the Narutopedia but also for me. It's kinda big leap for me, so I'm going to talk about it more with the Council member, Miss Sarah, before I make a decision. Thanks for the feedback, senpai! :)--NinjaSheik 23:35, 4 December 2012 (UTC)

Re: KHII Items[edit]

Sure I can help. You know, since I returned and you all let me participate in the End of Year Event, I was searching something to help. I can use a codebreaker code to quickly get all items and get a full list of key items. Although, my PS2 has a problem with it's mod chip, so I can't use a codebreaker, because it won't read the disc. So, I made a multiloader with KH2 and a codebreaker in a single disc, then I can use it. But this disc is borrowed. But I think I can get it tomorrow, so the list will not take long. The synthesis items are easy to fill, since the only thing that changes in most of them is the filling of the item. - MateusinhoEX - 19:32, 09 December 2012

To be fair[edit]

BebopKate still has her admin/bcrat powers? Can those be removed? EDIT: And LegendAqua too. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 20:55, 9 December 2012 (UTC)

Our unofficial custom with regard to retired staff has been to leave their accounts as they left them, in case they wished to come back, especially the good ones. Dunno about LegendAqua, what is she doing now? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 15:33, 11 December 2012 (UTC)
I'm bringing this up on the next roundtable, it is pointless to give an inactive account such rights. Especially what with hacking accounts. Better safe than sorry. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 03:18, 12 December 2012 (UTC)

Synthesis Materials Template[edit]

Hello Neumannz. I finished that template I were working on. Now, it covers all types of materials, including Dream Pieces. Do you think it could be used in the articles? - MateusinhoEX - 16:22, 19 December, 2012 (UTC)

Okay. I'm trying to fix up the points you told me.
  • About the KH3D descriptions, they are already set on the template, but I didn't have none to test.
  • About the materials from KHII that appear in KHBBS, we could put an extra parameter to put the BBS translation. Because making another box for it would be useless, since the Kana and Romaji would be the same. The big problem is Serenity. The name in BBS is Hungry, and that is the main name, so we couldn't put Serenity as the infobox name. But then, the images would not appear. I think I will have to do a different parameter for the images, for example putting {{{image}}} instead of name {{{name}}} in them, or inverse.
  • I'm adjusting the template to handle Modifier Materials. I din't noticed this type of item before and labbeled them as Elemental Materials.
  • About Orichalcum.. well, this one got me. I'm still thinking of solution, but I think I will have to ask for Kryten's help. - MateusinhoEX - 21:53, 20 December, 2012 (UTC)
Okay, since we're putting the prices, we should, instead of putting a parameter for different names, make divisions for each game in which it appears. For example, in Hungry Materials, we cam make a table for KHII, with the name Serenity (as the Kana and Romaji would be the same), and one for BBS, with the name Hungry. I will ask for Kryten about the Unique Materials. - MateusinhoEX - 12:12, 21 December, 2012 (UTC)

I made more changes on the template based on the tips Kryten gave me. I left a message to him, but he still didn't awsnered me. I'm putting the price parameters. But I don't know if there are any materials that can be bought in Days, Re:Coded, BbS and KH3D. Can you tell me this if you know? Also, do you have any more ideas of other stats that should be put on the template? For last, I just have to figure out which is the structure of Dark Matter and Secret Gem. For now, they are classified as Elemental Materials. EDIT:About the KHII items list you asked me, I'm doing a new playtrough and making the list for you okay? It should be done in one week, I think. I will just need help to translate the descriptions of KH2FM exclusive materials and Key Items. - MateusinhoEX - 19:50, 22 December, 2012 (UTC)

Neumannz — Looks like I'm gonna have to jump...!
TALK — I work alone! Except when I work with Xion...which is all the time.
— 23:10, 22 December 2012 (UTC)
You absolutely can purchase some materials in KHD for heart points, and you can get materials in KHBBS at the medal shop. I don't know about Kh3d, but I imagine the medal shop has materials too
You can buy most Dream Pieces from the Moogle Shop in KH3D. Also, if someone points me to a list of the nihongo for the key items and junk, I can work on that now (2 Week Break!)"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 18:37, 23 December 2012 (UTC)

Re:You and this wiki[edit]

I see. Well, that's nice. In any case, I'll continue to make the occassional edit or two. If I come across any problem or any trouble-makers, I'll be sure to bother you specifically about it, since you've taken upon yourself that particular responsibility. One love, respek. 05:30, 29 December 2012 (UTC)

Should we block this guy, senpai? Seeing that he's being hostile and all.--NinjaSheik 20:20, 29 December 2012 (UTC)

Meh. We've had worse. There's not much he can do that we need to worry about anyway. If he specifically sets out to make trouble, then we'll just ban him one IP address at a time. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 06:33, 30 December 2012 (UTC)
Aye-aye, Captain. :)--NinjaSheik 19:02, 30 December 2012 (UTC)
=_= I'm NOT gonna be making trouble... Me promise. No vandalism or edit warring or any of that shit. But, I WILL be letting you know that banning/IP banning me is pretty much pointless, so don't be all "You better respect us, OR ELSE! Rawg." cause...well...yeah.  :) It takes less effort of me to switch IPs than it takes for you to ban the previous one. But like I said, I'm not setting my horizons towards giving you people a hard time or anything. 21:39, 30 December 2012 (UTC)

As long as you hold to that, that's fine. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:50, 30 December 2012 (UTC)

Lion Form[edit]

Sora's Lion Form is explicitly called that in KHII, so we can use that, but Donald and Goofy's versions are not mechanically Forms, since their abilities can be changed."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 11:22, 4 January 2013 (UTC)

Reverting my edits[edit]

UxieLover1994 Tiempo de morder de nuevo con el poder! El tema de hoy: su sorpresa! — 03:31, 10 February 2013 (UTC)
710MS.png ¿Por qué demonios siempre volverá mis ediciones, incluso cuando trato de ser útil? ¿Me odias, imbécil? >:(

Piped links should be used very rarely, only when necessary. If the link doesn't redirect to the right place, feel free to fix it. (I am assuming it's ok to leave the term "Tortoise Form", but if I'm wrong, well, then I guess we rethink the whole thing.) Make sense? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:23, 10 February 2013 (UTC)

It does. Sorry about this. UxieLover1994 11:31, 10 February 2013 (UTC)

Data Recovery Gauge[edit]

Ummmm, never mind... sorry about that. So can you delete this please unless we cover it somewhere else and redirect there.TheFifteenthMember 19:40, 11 February 2013 (UTC)

Delete what? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:10, 11 February 2013 (UTC)
Data recovery that please. TheFifteenthMember 18:12, 12 February 2013 (UTC)

Kingdom Hearts χ (Kingdom hearts for PC browsers)[edit]

Hey NZ, take a look at this. [1] - MateusinhoEX - 14:12, 20 February 2013 (UTC)

Well, it's certainly the prettiest logo I've ever seen. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:00, 20 February 2013 (UTC)

Making System Sectors Stylish![edit]

TheFifteenthMember Yes. You're creepy. I can't say we'll miss you while you're gone, so it'd be best if you did go. We all win that way. TheFifteenthMember 20:32, 24 February 2013 (UTC)
I'm thinking, how are we going to display the info for System Sectors? We have the following info to add:
  • Backdoor location
  • Scan level required
  • Recommended level
  • Questploration - Yes/No
  • Sector floors with challenges
  • Sector rewards

Now I'm thinking, we either do a pictureless infobox. On the front, we put the location, scan level, recommended level and Questploration with another tab showing the floors and challenges and another showing rewards. The only thing is I'm wondering if its possible to not align something to the right so we can put the infoboxes one after another to save space. Tell me if you have any better suggestions. P.S. On the IRC, KK said you have to help me. :)

Re:infobox, something in between the KHD infobox and the template currently beingused in the KH walkthrough for bosses and such. As for tabbing, I would say no for floors info, yes for rewards. That should be good to start with. One more bit of info to add, # of bugged enemies. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 07:39, 4 March 2013 (UTC)

Since I suck at coding, I made a rough layout of how I imagine it to look like. Here it is. The left half is how I imagine the first tab page to look like and the right half is how I imagine the second tab to look like. Can you revise it then if someone can actually build it, that would be great. TheFifteenthMember 21:04, 6 March 2013 (UTC)

We could also create a variant to cover the DDD secret and special portals. 11:42, 24 March 2013 (UTC)

Is there enough of a parallel between them to warrant using one template? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:18, 25 March 2013 (UTC)
I don't think so. Link Portals have seven bits of info: Portal type (Battle, Friend, Special or Secret), Location, objective, difficulty and point, bonus and other prize. While some bits of info like the location and difficulty are similar, everything else needs to be set out differently. TheFifteenthMember 18:15, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

KHHD 1.5 ReMIX NA Release Announced[edit]

Should we put this in the Trinity Archives? [2] - MateusinhoEX - 14:24, 25 February 2013 (UTC)


Also, let's push to get the room list page finished. What needs to be done?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 01:42, 26 February 2013 (UTC)

Again."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 01:46, 27 February 2013 (UTC)

If a thing happens[edit]

I'm calling dibs this time."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 03:05, 28 February 2013 (UTC)

AWWWWWW...! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:25, 28 February 2013 (UTC)


I know you'll ignore me, but Atlantica "won" the featured article, but needs a serious clean-up. Mind if you help us? UxieLover1994 06:07, 4 March 2013 (UTC)

I'm not ignoring you, it's just WAY past my bedtime. I'll take a look tomorrow. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 07:29, 4 March 2013 (UTC)
Okay. Thanks. UxieLover1994 09:01, 4 March 2013 (UTC)
What exactly was wrong with what I did? Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 04:32, 28 March 2013 (UTC)

Mostly clunky wording and sentence structure, but also some grammar (and a few spelling) errors. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:35, 28 March 2013 (UTC)

Well could you have at least pointed that out instead of "fifteen varieties of no"? Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 04:45, 28 March 2013 (UTC)
Granted. I was just frustrated because I had just gotten through rewriting the entire story section a couple weeks ago. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:55, 29 March 2013 (UTC)

Since you're a 'crat[edit]

And since we technically now do have a staff policy, can you please remove the 'crat and admin flags from BebopKate, Soxra and DEXIII? Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 13:24, 6 March 2013 (UTC)

Happy Birthday![edit]

Pea14733 Haha, some folks just don't take no for an answer. — 21:19, 15 March 2013 (UTC)
Happy Birthday Neumannz! Wish you a great admin of our wiki for all eternity!
Naminé (Live talk sprite) 3 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - Don't worry. You might forget about me...But, with our promise, I'll come back.

Yo happy happy"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 22:40, 15 March 2013 (UTC)

Happy Birthday, I kind of left birthday wishes on FB too. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 01:14, 16 March 2013 (UTC)~
Neumannz — Ah, my trusty nunchuck gun. The only gun that's never out of ammo.
TALK — Or did I?
— 22:55, 17 March 2013 (UTC)
Thanks, juys!

UxieLover1994 Cuando la vida te da las herramientas, a construir motos libración — 19:27, 18 March 2013 (UTC)
480MS.png Sorry for my late message (I've had a major internet downtime at home, forcing me to temporary relocate), but Happy Belated Birthday!

Thanks! Good luck with your internet troubles. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:42, 18 March 2013 (UTC)

I will. Hopefully, dad will be able to contact somebody who can help soon. Tomorrow will be exactly one week since I lost my sanity the server died. UxieLover1994 19:44, 18 March 2013 (UTC)


Yes, this image here shows it as "Antiform", when using a cheat that grants all forms. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 18:04, 29 March 2013 (UTC)

For the record, do you happen to know what the English guide calls it? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:07, 29 March 2013 (UTC)
"Anti Form". Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 18:17, 29 March 2013 (UTC)

Effing Bradygames... --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:25, 29 March 2013 (UTC)

Your userpage says 5:30pm but your talk page says 8:30pm ~ooo~[edit]

So, in the roundtable we finalized the staff policy, and we decided what ENX and TNE would get as they are the worst offenders in staff, pretty much everyone else is still consistently active or have legitimate reasons as to why they are inactive.

  • TNE should be demoted to Moderator and the reasoning behind this is "Extended inactivity". Checking her contributions, there is a large gap between June '12 and February '13, the only things she edited were userpages so, due to still being a critical (I guess?) part of the wiki, we want to demote her to Moderator, she also manages the Facebook group, so there's another plus to still keeping her as staff.
  • ENX should be demoted to a regular user, the reasoning behind this is, like TNE, he is also inactive, but not as much as TNE. Additionally, the numerous times we, as staff, have come up to him towards his behavior and just is irresponsible when it comes to staff matters because he has never attended any of the recent roundtables, and he hasn't input anything in our major concerns during the past few months. The reasoning we have behind this is "Extended inactivity, contiuous irresponsibility and misbehavior".

That's pretty much what we came up with. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 22:22, 6 April 2013 (UTC)

If it's squared away with everyone, then alrighty. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:38, 7 April 2013 (UTC)
I contacted Kryten, and having Sove's agreement as well, guess you can do it now? Especially since I left demotion notices on their pages and our staff page is updated. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 02:24, 9 April 2013 (UTC)
ALREADY DID IT :P --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:26, 9 April 2013 (UTC)

oh. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 03:38, 9 April 2013 (UTC)


I can get you screenshots from the emulator while using cheat codes to give you the Nihongo for the rooms we need with KHIIFM (eg. Chamber of Repose, Betwixt and Between, etc.) and you'd have to transcribe it from the screenshot, that sound good? And about the Shield drop, I think once you get that Gummi block that lets you have a force-field, I think it regenerates that because I personally don't know. It's been a long time since I've had the "force-field"-like Gummi block. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 01:48, 15 April 2013 (UTC)

Some stuff[edit]

  • Ability progression for KHFM [3]
  • Something to do with "concealment" ability [4]
  • Various items throughout KHFM [5]
  • Gummi [6]

Re:Dealt with[edit]

Thanks for the message. Seems like talk page was deleted before I saw the answer.-- 13:10, 24 April 2013 (UTC)

About wake up block[edit]

Sorry about that, I didn't realize that the page already existed, mainly because Spellican had a dead link, due to the capitalization of the word "Up." Schiffy (Speak to me|What I've done) 20:55, 28 April 2013 (UTC)


Not much, if you need information, you probably won't get it until Wednesday/Thursday. Renovations to my room bar me from getting any KH info, besides BBS. Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 02:18, 30 April 2013 (UTC)

Dude, I don't know anything[edit]

How do I create a friend template? I'm asking you because you are a staff member. And because I want to have a friend template or whatever they call it. --What about Oblivion? (talk) 14:53, 1 June 2013 (UTC)


Okay, I have my computer back for now until I can muster up enough money to get it repaired for real, so a few things:

  1. Has Robert replied to us at all? If not, do any of us still have his phone number from before the New York event, and can we sit down to discuss calling him?
  2. What templates etc. do you guys need me to approve?
  3. I have been unable to successfully review the recent changes in any capacity since the beginning of May, and I think I'm going to go kill myself now. MotherFUCKER.
  4. If I changed my username to Inpu/CorpseMogul, do you think that would fly? Or would it just confuse people."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 01:55, 4 June 2013 (UTC)
  1. He has not, I have it/them, sure.
  2. MEX's stuff, so his dream eater infoboxes, ability link chart, dive mode template, portal template, and possibly system sector template for good measure.
  3. You seriously need to consider NOT worrying about the RC for the past month and just pick it up from here. Maybe read the roundtablelogs, but you can just look at revision histories for everything else if something looks off.
  4. I'm more than likely calling you Kryten no matter what. I feel like people will probably ignore a name change at this point, but you could always run it past the IRC, since you go by Inpu often enough. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 07:01, 4 June 2013 (UTC)


Sorry, sorry! When I'm dealing with dumbfucks, or retards like Maggosh, I think I, I dunno, I forget my place. I've always had a really, really low patience level for dickweeds like him, so you'll have to excuse my contact - only as frequently as he continues to exist. 00:49, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

You can say you're sorry all you want, but what you need to do is to calm down and not fly off the handle whenever maggosh's explanations aren't satisfying for you. Especially since at no time did he insult or attack you. When this happens, instead of edit warring and riling yourself up, try (calmly!) taking it to a talk page for clarification. Do you think you can manage that much?
What I have a hard time understanding is how neither of you noticed the XBox One logo RIGHT IN THE TRAILER. Kinda makes arguing about citing other websites a waste of energy. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:11, 12 June 2013 (UTC)
Maggosh doesn't HAVE any explanations. He doesn't give out any explanations to anyone regarding anything. He just busts in there, and starts reverting crap for no fucking reason. Latest example? According to him, Sora isn't confirmed to be in Kingdom Hearts III. That is, of course, an assumption because, hey, he doesn't explain jack! And I just went through his talk page - he does wREALLY FREQUENTLY, and pisses off quite a few people as a result. The guy does nothing but senselessly revert verifiable edits for no bloody reason, and antagonize folks as a result. Put a leash on him. Webber22 (talk) 01:19, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

Wiki policy is to not take development trailers at their word, which is a lesson we've learned from experience. While some things are bloody obvious, like Sora appearin in KH3, making exceptions to the policy tends to lead to editors slippery-sloping all over the wiki, so some veteran editors prefer to be strict on the policy. That's the reason.

Other first-hand sources, like press releases, are treated as more reliable, or at least, as reliable as the site reporting them. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:43, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

Considerably larger scale edits have been made on here with considerably less verifiable sources - by your so-called veteran editors. How many times have people confronted you all about your schizophrenic policies, and your own convenient wiggling around those self-imposed policies? If I was to share this conversation on a site, how many people would laugh at you? When you start adhering to policies so rigidly, you completely lose common sense. Maggosh is an absolutely pure perfect example of that - a twat with absolutely zero common sense. Webber22 (talk) 02:11, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

People have confronted us on many things, and usually, I have no idea what the hell they're talking about. Would you like to give an example? And seriously, if you really cannot respond without making a personal attack, I'll just start hitting you with warnings, because you're not even making an effort here, and if I were to share this conversation with, say, anyone, they're probably say I should have blocked you already. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:48, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

Actually, nevermind the warnings, you've been warned enough. You're being ridiculously petty and spiteful, and you're STILL failing the calm, rational argument thing, so I'm blocking you on the next personal attack you make. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:08, 12 June 2013 (UTC)


Sora Wisdom Sprite KHII.png
KeybladeSpyMaster - I do it for my family, my home, my friends! I do it for her!
TALK - tumblr_static_png-transparent-snowflakes.png Welcome to Spy Force One. - 01:52 PM Fri, June 14, 2013 MST
Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png Hey, I was wondering if the wiki has the ability to handle image maps like the ones here. I wanted to try something, but it doesn't seem to work, and if the wiki doesn't even handle it well, then I might as well stop trying. Do you know if it does? Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png
Nezzy — happy wiki
TALK — i got up at like 5am and made all these goddamn edits
02:22, 22 May 2013 (UTC)

According to Porple the wiki can in fact handle image maps so just follow his link

Sora Wisdom Sprite KHII.png
KeybladeSpyMaster - I do it for my family, my home, my friends! I do it for her!
TALK - tumblr_static_png-transparent-snowflakes.png Welcome to Spy Force One. - 03:03 PM Fri, June 14, 2013 MST
Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png Ok, thanks! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png

Manual of Style Abilities Section[edit]

Hello NZ. I was taking a look at the manual of Style and noticed that the "General Sections" listed to be in an Ability article are different from the ones we are using. There, the sections suggested are "Description", "Stats", "Where" the ability is learned, and it's "Sleight Value". Shouldn't it be updated and changed to "Mechanics", "Learning", "Recipes" and "Other Appearances", like in Sonic Blade? - MateusinhoEX - 23:54, 22 June 2013 (UTC)


So, in light of me not really having time/inclination to use my bcrat title in any way in what, the last year, I'd like to suggest that I switch roles with one of the admins, at least until I am able to spend more time on the wiki. What do you think?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 15:53, 24 June 2013 (UTC)

I would like to point out for the record that practically no-one has really needed to use B-crat powers in quite some time, so switching with an admin seems largely unnecessary, at least as far as user rights go. If you just want someone else in your "position of authority" for a while, so to speak, then I guess I have no objections to you trying, but I still don't think it'll change much. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 21:34, 24 June 2013 (UTC)

Need some help?[edit]

I was looking in the recent changes, when I saw that you looked quite frantic. Would you like some help? Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png

I think I might be caught up, but if you see any other KH3D command or ability articles that haven't been formatted properly and can give them a push in the right direction, that'd be awesome. Like, could you fill in the Mechanics section for Once More? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 05:15, 1 July 2013 (UTC)
Sure, I'll see what I can do. Unfortunately, I don't have some of the games (like Birth By Sleep and Days) so I'll fill in what I know. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png

Link Points[edit]

Chainoffire - "Hey, wait... I'm enjoying this. You guys are something else!"
TALK - :) {{{time}}}
Eternal Flames KHD.png How different are the numbers? are they REALLY off or just missing some here and there? Eternal Flames KHD.png

REALLY off. If you've seen some of the edits I've made to other ability articles, like, any of the ones edited, you'll see how off. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:19, 4 July 2013 (UTC)

Holy crap! I'm looking at the Reload Boost one, (specifically, Sora and Riku can purchase Reload Boost from the Sudo Neku Ability Link for 760 Link Points.) and there is no way in the Underworld that that is correct. I'm looking at my 3DS now, and it's for 150, not 760. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png

Right, so the question is, what exactly is the Ultimania counting. Is it somehow cumulative of all abilities you need to purchase to reach that one? This is the problem I am facing, and I can't do any checking myself, because literally the only resource I have is the Ultimania. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:38, 4 July 2013 (UTC)

I have the game, but not the ultimania, so I can't know what it means :/ Is there an online version of the Ultimania I could view? or would I have to buy it? (thanks for the template help btw)Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png

I have only the scans Shard gave me. I could link you to them if you want, but as you might expect, they'll all in Japanese. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:54, 4 July 2013 (UTC)

You can read Japanese? Or did someone else translate it? -- Chaineh

I can slowly and painstakingly enter Japanese into Google Translate. And read kana. Plus numbers thankfully don't need translations. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:58, 4 July 2013 (UTC)

Does anyone have the Japanese version of the game? Maybe Link Points suffered inflation in the original."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 08:38, 4 July 2013 (UTC)
Maybe NZ was right on his first guess. Maybe Ultimania is counting all points needed to reach that Ability. That would explain why the numbers are so big. Could you give me the Links of the scans? Maybe I can figure it out. EDIT:NZ, it's exactly that!!! The Ultimania counts all necessary LP to reach that Ability from the start of the board. Please, see the Meowjesty values for Dark Screen and Light Screen, and the Ultimania scan of it's ability link board. If you need some help location an ability, you can use the Ability Link Template test. That Scan also confirms the Chainoffire values as the right ones. We should aim in those scans to fill the pages. - MateusinhoEX - 13:55, 04 July 2013 (UTC)
Yay I'm correct! I'm glad we got this thing settled, having my edits getting reverted repeatedly was getting pretty annoying. >_> Anyways, I like the template you made. -- Chaineh
I'm happy, too. It's very good when we end up solving problems without too much difficulty. And I'm happy you liked the template, Chaineh!! - MateusinhoEX - 13:40, 05 July 2013 (UTC)

Well, it's all well and good to know what the problem is, but now the next step is to get the proper numbers, and I don't have the resources for that. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:06, 5 July 2013 (UTC)

There's another thing to clarify. If the points shown are cumalative of all previous points, what happens if there are two different paths that lead to the same ability. I assume they take the shortest, least costly route but I guess it's useful to check these things. TheFifteenthMember 10:52, 6 July 2013 (UTC)

I don't know if we really need to test that, since we will use just the values of the Abilities alone. We just need to find a source for them. I think Chaineh will fill out the ones he can, but I will take at least two more months to get my 3DS XL. - MateusinhoEX - 16:31, 06 July 2013 (UTC)
Oh, so we won't use Ultimania for this? I might fill out a few too but within my own userspace since I don't know the DDD format yet. TheFifteenthMember 09:24, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

Ideally we would still use the Ultimania, but we would be stuck until we got scans of the Ability Link pages, which we have, like, three of right now. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 15:41, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

IRC yo[edit]

Yo."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 04:42, 11 July 2013 (UTC)

SE thing[edit]

Hey, check your facebook messages, yo."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 03:06, 2 August 2013 (UTC)

Consider it done. (The checking) --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:23, 2 August 2013 (UTC)


maggosh 18:09, 11 August 2013 (UTC)

Sorry for my denseness...[edit]

Hey, sorry if I was getting increasingly dense and In am usually not like that, its just that I am REALLY bad with computers, and this laptop SERIOUSLY hates me...I asked Xion4ever if she could set up my chat bubbles, because AI really did TRY to figure it out, but I just cannot do that.... I was wondering if you have heard of GrandPyromania on YouTube... He does LPs?????.... soriroxelSoraRikuRoxasAxelloveKH 13:05, 16 August 2013 (UTC)

I think I might have heard of him, but I only tend to keep track of a few KH players on YouTube, like Cyberman65, EmiruHD, and Everglow8444. I'm not a big fan of LPs, with several exceptions, because too often the voiceovers suck, for various reasons. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:37, 16 August 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, i understand what you are saying... People buy crappy equipment... But I watched all his kh lps he did some mario lps, I only watch 2 episodes, then got tired of static, quiet voiceover, then sudden loudness... Bit I just like the guys sense of humor...If i am annoying you, just say so.. Ill stop :3 But have you ever been on DeviantArt???? I really <3 that website... (Also, GP<GrandPyromania> talked about bad platforming and sora's clown shoes... like everybody else...I couldnt do an LP, 1 dont know how...2i would 4get to talk....)sorarikuroxasaxelvanitasventusKHSORA'S HEART 01:25, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

Okay... Dude, I am REALLY TRYING... TT-TT[edit]

Please, I have been working on this 4 an hour, please PLEASE tell me that i did it right?!

Ending 09 KHII.png
OathKeeping Oblivion - Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know...
TALK - I said, I could have done that blindfolded!
{{{IS THIS CORRECT? I've been trying and copy///paste///changing for an hour... Please tell me that I gots it????}}}

Sora'sOverflowingHeart ^-^ RoxyisMINE 00:23, 21 August 2013 (UTC)

TALK — 01:07, 21 August 2013 (UTC)
NZ: This code appears to be functional. All you really need to do is copy it into a template.
NZ: HOWEVER. We have a bit of a problem to address here. More than one, actually.
  1. You cannot use that image. First of all, you should make sure we don't already have a picture you want to use. (File:Ending 09 KHII.png) If we don't, you can upload one *IF* you follow our image policy; otherwise, you'll have to host it on imgur or photobucket and link to it in your template.
  2. You *ABSOLUTELY* need to use your username. This is something I was also going to bring up with your signature: YOU NEED TO USE YOUR USERNAME, or at least something that clearly indicates who you are. Neither "Oathkeeping Oblivion" nor any part of "Sora'sOverflowingHeart ^-^ RoxyisMINE" lets us know who is talking, and in the talk bubble, the links go to a talk page for a user who does not exist.


Okay, well I just had the pic off of my files on my laptop, off google, but I will take it off, and ummmmm...... I'll fix the name thing....... The quotes I just got off the site... so idk What you mean by the links to a userpage do not exist... I didn't put a link in there.... OH wait... I think I MIGHT know what you are talking about... Bear with me here... TAKE 2..... {grrr my impaired logic}

TaylorLautner<3^.^ - Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know...
TALK - What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!
{{{Okay, okay, I'll deal with images LATER, but is this about right?????}}}

This is NOT about me, I swear![edit]

TaylorLautner<3^.^ Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know...— Taylorlauntnerlvr13 20:04, 21 August 2013 (UTC)
Okay, there is a new user, and her talkpage is set up, but I do not know how to set up a link. Sorry. You'd have to tell me how to do that still. I tried to set the link 6 times, I counted. Anyway... She is my cousin, and knows absolutely NOTHING about KH. She really likes to do what I'm doing. She's 13, and she doesn't know how to do this. She would be more confused than I was and still am sometimes.... But just PLEASE let me handle her? Please? She wants to do everything I do.... That, and she'll NEVER be on here... She likes the IRC channel so she can talk to me and other people. I mean the Social channel, not the one for the website talk and whatnot. So let me handle it?

Is this cousin staying with you, incidentally? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 21:25, 21 August 2013 (UTC)

No we go to the same school[edit]

TaylorLautner<3^.^ Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know...— Taylorlauntnerlvr13 00:05, 22 August 2013 (UTC)
No, we go to the same school, we are in honors but have a lot of free time.... The only request i would have is to send her the welcome box that you sent me when i first got on here... You can look on her talkpage if you want-still no link- and see what i'm going to explain to her tomorrow...

I am here if you are[edit]

I am the very picture of a modern flare dancer.

PLEASE READ I DONT HAVE MY LAPTOP TOMORROW EVER AGAIN!!!! This is actually important.[edit]

TaylorLautner<3^.^ Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know...— Taylorlauntnerlvr13 03:19, 25 August 2013 (UTC)
Okay. Important. Twisted(not a user of Khwiki)and I were just talking on the IRC channel about what we wanted KHIII to be like. We started talking about wanted boss fights and set-up. Now, I am going to put up a forum thread in the twilight town library. DONT DELETE IT PLEASE!!! I will let everybody reading know that it is not a spoiler because it will NOT happen, and is no reliable information, just what we WISH would happen. Okay, so you can go read and I'll spell-edit it or whatever you want to call it.... BUT please, me and Twisted really just want people to read this, because, it is Frikin amazing!! Here's the link: (hopefully)

TaylorLautner<3^.^ Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know...— Taylorlauntnerlvr13 22:01, 25 August 2013 (UTC)
Okay, about the 3x forum. The newest one is the real one you can delete the others. Chainoffire tried to fix the name shorter, and I think accidentally made a copy. Then I revised it and I think I finished it::This is the last day I have my laptop due to something that happened in school, so respond ASAP::So. The new one, is the right one.....Just delete the ones made first and second

Trivia Quiz[edit]

I seriously cannot write this thing on my own. If no one is able to help write it, I think we're going to have to cancel it and just apologize to anyone who wanted to enter."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 07:19, 15 September 2013 (UTC)

I saw it, yeah. I think we need at least 30 fill in the blank, maybe more. We need to discuss this, preferably tomorrow night on the IRC (private room). Try to notify all the admins, and interested editors like Pea and anyone else who wants to help write it."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 06:42, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

You seem important.[edit]

Hey hey! I'm not too familiar with this site and how it runs, but what are the major projects that are going on right now that I can help on? I know you probably won't get into answering this until later, so take your time, I'm not too picky. Chainoffire (talk) 04:50, 18 September 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for asking. I will get back to you later with an answer, but now is definitely too late for me. Later! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 05:04, 18 September 2013 (UTC)

See here please. Chainoffire (talk) 04:20, 29 September 2013 (UTC)

  • How does this look? I don't know how to get GIFs, but I have a video here if you know how to. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png
  • I didn't know that it was in KHIIFM O.o I'll be sure to check that next time. Anything else I should add to the page Neu-senpai? Chainoffire (talk) 04:15, 30 September 2013 (UTC)
  • Alright, everything has been revised! But is there anyway to make the GIF smaller? Chainoffire (talk) 16:44, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

You, me, IRC[edit]

Srsly."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 07:23, 23 September 2013 (UTC)


Hey NZ, I wanted to ask a question. Can you tell me how colspans in tables work? If you don't know, do you know anyone who might? Thanks. TheFifteenthMember 16:37, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

Colspans and rowspans allow cells to cover more than one column or row, respectively. The go with the parameters for a cell, before the contents. For example, here, the "Abilities" header has a colspan of 2, and the cells under the "D-Link", "Deck Description", "Unique Commands" and "Obtained" headings each have a rowspan of 2. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:21, 30 September 2013 (UTC)
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks a lot. TheFifteenthMember 17:33, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

Can you revise this please. This is what I used my knowledge of col/rowspans for but I'm unsure on how wide to make each column and whether to use an {{a|template}} or {{nihongo}} for the item names, especially since I don't know what the former template does. Feedback would be great, thanks! TheFifteenthMember 18:12, 1 October 2013 (UTC)


How do you use photobucket to place photos on the wiki? ~K.A.S~

why did you delete my profile picture? ~~K.A.S.~~


Hay is it a good thing that i posted something on this new user's talk page and it being the first and only thing on there? ~~K.A.S~~

KH3D's World Pages[edit]

Naminé (Live talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - One day, the light-it will be ours, and it will bring us together. Til then, I'll be in your heart...
Thanks for helping me with them, senpai. :) Although I feel a bit sad because lots of my edits were changed. :( I worked really hard on these summaries, but I knew I was going overboard with the details. ^_^; However, I was really surprised when you even combined the sides for Sora and Riku, like on the La Cité des Cloches. Is that really all right? Do you think it'd too confusing for others, considering not all Sora and Riku's words were in conjunction with each other?

By the way, do you wanna work on The World That Never Was summary before I take a whack at it? I told Kryten that I didn't want to do because it thought it'd be too hard for me, but since we got a rough draft of it done, I don't mind fixing it up a bit. But I wanna run it by you first.

Naminé (Live talk sprite) 2 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - What are you...Saying...?
Huh~? Neumz-senpai, you didn't have to revert this, you know. I only removed it because you never answered, so I didn't want to hog up space on your page. I wasn't angry or anything.

I'm planning on giving TWTNW a go-over (hopefully) soon, so that's no problem.

As for combining the sides on LCdC, I figured that even though there isn't a perfect matchup of events (Frollo falling twice, for example), there's still a general chronology that can be used to combine them, and I think it's better than leaving them separate, at least in my opinion. Does it come across as confusing? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:32, 24 October 2013 (UTC)

Okay, cool! :)

Well, I don't think it's too confusing. Hmmm... Maybe odd, to be more accurate? Probably because the events don't overlapped clearly with each other like they do with the Prankster's Paradise or Country of Musketeers. Well, I don't really mind. I trust your decision. :)--NinjaSheik 02:44, 24 October 2013 (UTC)

From Taylotlauntnerlvr13[edit]

"Okay, serious request. The school has blocked my talk page, and I have no way around it. I was wondering if you could copy paste whats on it to a new talk page and put the link on my userpage( so that I have access to it. It shouldn't block that as long as I change some of the content, but I will have to edit it later on. I would really appreciate it if you could take time to do this, but if you can't, that's okay too. Thank you."

--She asked me, on the IRC, to pass this message on to you. TheFifteenthMember 17:40, 22 October 2013 (UTC)

Trivia contest[edit]

Hey, can you or Erry check the submissions? We've had Chain and that other guy waiting for quite a while, and while I guess it's mostly my fault as the de-facto checker, I really don't have time to address it tonight."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 23:05, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

Re:Burst of Speed[edit]

It was under the game help section of the momentos. If you go under Action Commands and click Flowmotion, it says While in Flowmotion, yu can press B to jump or Y to gain a burst of speed. Also, if you take the tutorial under Flowmotion basics, it tells you to slide towards a lamppost to gain a burst of speed. If you pause the game during that same tutorial, it says "Y (while in Flowmotion):Burst of Speed". So the burst of speed is the closest thing to an official name, since there's no where that says "Super slide". Chainoffire (talk) 14:28, 25 November 2013 (UTC)

Well, but we can consider that as a Flowmotion jump, is a Superjump, a Flowmotion air slide could really be a Superslide. Since there's no official name, I don't think that would be a problem, since burst of speed is not an official name too. Although, it is really the nearest official thing we have. - MateusinhoEX 23:17, 26 November 2013 (UTC)
Sorry, I just saw this until now. But, I think that the term that is used in-game rather than the term used for assumption should be used. What does it say in the Japanese version in the game? Chainoffire (talk) 08:02, 4 December 2013 (UTC)

BBS Moogle Shop Table[edit]

OPXion4EverIcon.png I've prepared a table-following the format we used with the KHII Moogle Shop- for the Moogle Shop in BBS. Obviously my table differs in appearance with the hidden edit table. I'm assuming we're wanting the table currently hidden on the article. That's fine. I wasn't aware the article had the table until I had finished the one in my sandbox. The information in the hidden table is taken from the guide. I've checked that info with the game and everything lines why is the table hidden? The same could be said for the Mirage Arena's table. Thanks, Neumannz.
Xion4ever Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year — 00:13, 25 December 2013 (UTC)
Alrighty. The table has been fixed/pretty much completed. All that's left now is to finish adding/make sure all commands are in the table. I'll take care of that later. I'm gonna call it a night. Feel free to adjust the table as you see fit. Thanks again for the help! Happy Holidays. ^_^--Xion4ever 05:55, 25 December 2013 (UTC)

Re: Why did you remove this?[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, you don't press any buttons to continue the Blitz combo. It's completely automatic in all versions of the game. AdvancedFox (talk) 19:02, 27 December 2013 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by AdvancedFox (talkcontribs)

OK. You're absolutely sure on this? Also, sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~) --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:55, 27 December 2013 (UTC)
Yes, I'm fully confident about this. AdvancedFox (talk) 19:01, 27 December 2013 (UTC)

OC Enemy Attacks[edit]

I have a (hopefully) complete list here. Can you now implement them on enemy articles or teach me how to do it, please? Thanks. TheFifteenthMember 20:21, 30 December 2013 (UTC)

What is "one distant"? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 00:37, 31 December 2013 (UTC)
I got the term from Command Matrix/Compiled commands. I wrote it to mean " only one target". TheFifteenthMember 01:03, 31 December 2013 (UTC)
It's not quite accurate. It means, basically, that a front-line combatant can hit an enemy front-line combatant, e.g. Sora can hit a Shadow in the front row, or a Soldier in the front row can attack Herc. But, for example, a Red Nocturne can attack a party member from any row, not just the front. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:19, 31 December 2013 (UTC)
Oh right. Well, I'll fix that. EDIT: I changed it so that attacks which can only be used when the enemy is in the front row (like a Shadow's Claw Lunge) is "melee". An attack that can be used from anywhere (like Wizard's spells) are "ranged". "Jumping Jolt" attacks all the party but it can also be used from anywhere.TheFifteenthMember 02:22, 31 December 2013 (UTC)

Mind checking this out?[edit]

Your thoughts would be appreciated. -> Forum:Talk Sprites for Deletion Thanks!--Xion4ever 03:35, 6 January 2014 (UTC)


Got a second?--Xion4ever 20:11, 8 January 2014 (UTC)


Um I hope this finds you well... I am having trouble with my page trying to put images up and when I try it makes me go through all this stuff and somethings not going down right. can you maybe show me how to get the pictures on the page like you guys do? THNX IN ADVANCE*TELEPORTS OFF* Roxasfan123 (talk) 20:36, 23 January 2014 (UTC)roxasfan123


Is there anything wrong with listing the places I frequent on my user page? Thanks! =) Amaury (talk) 19:58, 24 January 2014 (UTC)

As long as there's nothing offensive or spam-ful, you can put whatever you like on your user page. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:01, 24 January 2014 (UTC)
Thank you. Amaury (talk) 21:47, 24 January 2014 (UTC)

Back from the Dead(ish)[edit]

Hey Neumannz. My name is Synchblade. You seem kinda busy, but maybe you could give me some advice. I left the wiki for a year or two. I thought I'd pop back over since it had been a while. I still wanna contribute and all... but look at me: I've forgotten how to use a talk bubble for crying out loud.

So anyway, I'm just curious what's new and if there's anything I should now about what's happened in the past year and a half. How is the vision different for this site vs. over at The Keyhole, for instance. You seem like a person who knows what's going on.

Thanks, and good night. Synchblade (talk) 03:26, 9 February 2014 (UTC)


Hey NZ, would you happen to know how to add Re:coded to Template:Area for the purpose of the HBII article? As you can see if the edit history, I had a few cracks at it but none of them were successful. Anyway, do you think that template should even be on that page? Thanks! TheFifteenthMember 11:19, 20 February 2014 (UTC)

Done. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:15, 20 February 2014 (UTC)
Great! TheFifteenthMember 18:18, 20 February 2014 (UTC)


How does Template:C work as in "{{c|Destiny Islands|CO}}"? TheFifteenthMember 18:19, 6 March 2014 (UTC)

If you hover your mouse over the link, you'll see that "{{c|Destiny Islands|CO}}" links to "Destiny Islands (Castle Oblivion)". That just needs to become a redirect to "Castle Oblivion#Destiny Islands". --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:09, 6 March 2014 (UTC)
Don't you need the Template:A to do a "Castle Oblivion#Destiny Islands" redirect correctly? How does that coincide with the nihongo template? TheFifteenthMember 21:08, 6 March 2014 (UTC)

I do not understand your question. You yourself wrote [[Castle Oblivion#Destiny Islands|Destiny Islands]] on the page. Creating a redirect to "Castle Oblivion#Destiny Islands" adds only one step, making a page with #REDIRECT [[Castle Oblivion#Destiny Islands]] on it. Template:A doesn't even come into it for that.

What Template:A does is establish where on the Castle Oblivion page (in this case) you will go when you click the link (regardless of whether you go directly or via redirect).

And I don't know why you're bringing the nihongo template into this, but if you are trying to create an anchor from a term that's being used in a nihongo template, do it on the inside (e.g. {{nihongo|'''{{a|Name}}'''|カナ|Kana}}) --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 00:45, 7 March 2014 (UTC)

Yeah, I was wondering how to anchor a nihongo template but most room names don't use those anyway. TheFifteenthMember 18:39, 13 March 2014 (UTC)

Happy Birthday[edit]

Happy Birthday! I would get you something but I'm broke! :D Ay, dios mio! I might be late tomorrow. - Erry 20:14, 16 March 2014 (UTC)

OPXion4EverIcon.png Hey hey hey! Happy birthday! ^_^
Xion4ever All the world's a joke! — 21:24, 16 March 2014 (UTC)
Naminé (Live talk sprite) 3 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - Don't worry. You might forget about me...But, with our promise, I'll come back.
Neumannz — Ah, my trusty nunchuck gun. The only gun that's never out of ammo.
TALK — Or did I?
— 22:58, 18 March 2014 (UTC)
Thank you guys so much!


I didn't know it was your birthday because its not on your userpage, but happy birthday dude!! Chainoffire (talk) 03:02, 19 March 2014 (UTC)


Hey, thanks a lot for helping me with my sig. I really appreciate it! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png04:24, 27 March 2014 (UTC)

No prob ^_~ --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:29, 27 March 2014 (UTC)


Can you please meet me on the IRC. Byzantinefire (talk) 19:27, 10 April 2014 (UTC)

Re:Sig Redux[edit]

I guess I forgot to change that on here. Thanks for pointing that out! Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 05:29, 23 April 2014 (UTC)


Hey, I'd like you to check out [[7]] for approval as far as the Manga chapter list goes. If there's any problems, please tell me! Thanks! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 23:18, 26 April 2014 (UTC)

It's looking pretty good to me. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 06:08, 27 April 2014 (UTC)

Days TBS's[edit]

Since you were the one to upload them, I thought I'd come to you. There's something wrong with this image, it's all glitchy and the red bar is missing. Also, is it alright to start replacing the non-red bar images with the red bar images in galleries? Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 22:55, 29 April 2014 (UTC)

Surprisingly enough, that's how the image looks when I got it from Spriter's Resource. I'm not sure whether it's a glitch or an unused sprite, and I don't know how to find out. In the meantime, yes, let's start putting the new ones in. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:36, 30 April 2014 (UTC)
Huh. wierd. When I was putting up Riku's TBS', I noticed that his first and third sprites are duplicates. For some reason, they have two of them on the SR sheet, but it's the same exact image. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 03:16, 1 May 2014 (UTC)

Yeah. I'm not sure what to make of that. I don't really feel like doing a pixel-by-pixel comparison, though... --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:21, 1 May 2014 (UTC)

In my opinion, if you need to do a pixel by pixel comparison, then it's basically a duplicate and should be deleted. But I'll put it in the gallery anyway. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 04:49, 1 May 2014 (UTC)
I don't mean to be rude, but the Saix image looks fake to me. Looks like someone took a CGI render of Saix and tried to make it look like the pixel version found in Days. Plus, practically the exact same emotion is expressed between Saix (Talk sprite) 3 and File:Saix (Talk sprite) 4 KHD.png--Xion4ever 18:49, 2 May 2014 (UTC)

IRC Podcast discussion[edit]

Attention Neumannz! If you could stop staring at my hair for a moment, I'd like to summon you to the IRC. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 19:34, 6 May 2014 (UTC)

User:Xion4ever/Advice Log[edit]

Yay? Nay? You could say this is a list of tutorials...just something that you can access from the Gummi Menu when you pause during a mission.--Xion4ever 03:18, 11 May 2014 (UTC)

Is it just accessible from the pause screen? How are they unlocked? Other than that, the only issue I see is that it would be redundant to a (thorough) Mechanics section on a main Gummi Ship article, but it should still be included, possibly as a hidden section? Maybe for now it should be a separate article with a Merge template? What do you think? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:35, 11 May 2014 (UTC)
To my knowledge it is just accessible from the pause screen. They are unlocked depending on certain points of the game. For example: For the first Gummi Ship mission, either Asteroid Sweep or Stardust Sweep- depending on the player's choice, you unlock tips number one through eight. I cannot remember exact requirements for each note- such a thing would require playing through the game again. Creating a separate article with a merge template seems wasted time if a clean addition to a current article is what is really needed. These notes are indeed trivial, however, as you mentioned, we lack a complete mechanics section on the Gummi Ship article. I'm not entirely sure how you wish to incorporate them into the article... If we don't think these tips are important or necessary, by all means ignore them. I ran across them today and felt like copying them down.
If nothing else, they would make a great Ansem's Computer entry, so maybe copy them over to there. As for the mechanics section, the tips can pretty easily be written into a paragraph form, I'm guessing. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 05:07, 11 May 2014 (UTC)

Compiled commands[edit]

I filled out the Freeze Line page and wanted your opinion on it before I do the rest. I'm getting the mechanics from Command Matrix/Compiled commands and the obtained commands from here. With the obtainment section, I listed the single-combinations but left the multiple combinations vague, since it seems that it will be impossible to ever retrieve them. Is it okay to do that?

And while I'm here, I might as well ask how to add attacks to enemy articles. TheFifteenthMember 17:18, 18 May 2014 (UTC)

It's looking alright so far. For enemy attacks, they should go under the Strategy section of the enemy article. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:32, 18 May 2014 (UTC)

I'm sorry[edit]

I feel terrible about leaving you guys. I just...I feel awful."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 06:17, 19 May 2014 (UTC)


Naminé (Live talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - One day, the light-it will be ours, and it will bring us together. Til then, I'll be in your heart...
Hiya, Neumz-senpai! Sorry to bother you, but I wanted your opinion of something. I've been looking at the Worlds' articles and been editing on the summaries. I've noticed that in the sub-sections for the Kingdom Hearts II, only some of them have First and Second Visits sections while others do not. I thought it last night, and I thought maybe it could be possible to discard those subsections to keep consistency with the articles? What do you think?

Yeah, the two parts should be in one section. Thanks. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 23:53, 26 May 2014 (UTC)

No, thank you! :) I'll work on them tomorrow, then.--NinjaSheik 03:29, 27 May 2014 (UTC)

KH3D Stuffs[edit]

Would any of this information be useful? (Save for the Flick Rush section.) Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 06:20, 27 May 2014 (UTC)

Yes, although the Dive rewards are already covered in the article. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 16:38, 28 May 2014 (UTC)

Checking the Days Sprites[edit]

OPXion4EverIcon.png Links to be discussed: Category:Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Sprites, and Category talk:Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Sprites. I just finished replaying through Days. As you requested, I checked all images in the sprite category. The images I were unable to find are what remain over on the category's talk page. I don't recall missing any, but there is always that chance. I am unable to give a reason as to why the remaining images do not appear. Despite this, I really do believe the third Saix image is fan-made. Looks like a KHII Saix image cropped to fit the Days talk bubble outline; probably from when everyone here went on a talk bubble making spree using the Days and "BBS" backgrounds. I'm sorry, but that's all I've got.
Xion4ever Who am I? — 03:03, 29 May 2014 (UTC)

Did you really only find one Queen of Hearts sprite?

Other than that, I would say most likely we should nuke Saix 3 and mark the rest as unused in the galleries...? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:14, 29 May 2014 (UTC)

Went back and checked all Wonderland missions. Indeed, the Queen only appears in missions 57 and 65, during both missions she uses only one emotion- anger. The Saix image has been deleted. As for the remaining images: I'm cool with that. However, should we also/instead mention them in the Removed content article? Xion4ever 19:34, 29 May 2014 (UTC)

Mind checking this out?[edit]

Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Xion4ever 21:25, 21 June 2014 (UTC)

KeybladeSpyMaster - I fight for the Users!
TALK - tumblr_static_png-transparent-snowflakes.png - Greetings, users. System is up, and ready for user input. - 07:20 PM Mon, June 23, 2014 MST

Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png Because of its recently-highlighted importance, I hereby invite/encourage/slightly push you to come contribute to the discussion on the revamp of the Main Page. Thanks! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png

Key Items[edit]

Which ones deserve their own page and which ones stay on the list? TheFifteenthMember 16:28, 27 June 2014 (UTC)

Good question. I'm not sure whether any one key item is significant enough for its own article. Maybe we should start figuring out how we might group them together? Like Cinderella's dress. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:49, 27 June 2014 (UTC)
There's single item pages like Disney Town Pass and Auron's Statue, which are decent enough. But then there's also articles such as Pretty Stone. TheFifteenthMember 14:28, 28 June 2014 (UTC)

Don't go too far into the fiery hat.[edit]

My friends are my power!
Ending 10 KHII.png
Thank You!!
This is a big thank you for helping me though creating the wiki's first ever podcast! I couldn't have done it without you. Yay~ *confetti*


More Awards!

Gosh, you all did great!
Thanks to you, the Magazine is complete!
Thank you so much on your efforts in helping us get the magazine finished! We couldn't be here without you! A big, hearty, healthy, happy THANK YOU to you!

Icon Ability KHD.pngCongratulations!Icon Ability KHD.png

Snowflakes-transparent-background-png.png KeybladeSpyMaster snowflake_large_blue_crystal_T.png

Old Book[edit]

Fixed the template in the fashion FifteenthMember was aiming for. However, the kana and romanji for the KH section is only showing the torn pages. Not sure whether Template:Infoitem needs to be adjusted or what... Would you mind checking this out? Thanks! Xion4ever 17:59, 3 July 2014 (UTC)

The reason is because the parameters are set to the last values given, which were for the Torn Pages. Gonna use the easy way out. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:10, 3 July 2014 (UTC)

Wikia Template[edit]

Why revert the edit i made the wikia template does it even matter which link the example section goes to? Byzantinefire (talk) 23:38, 3 July 2014 (UTC)

If it doesn't matter, then why did you change it? It was unnecessary, so I reverted it. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:15, 4 July 2014 (UTC)
Tron Wiki has very painful memories for me. Byzantinefire (talk) 01:18, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

Even more awards![edit]

All for one, and one for all!
Tron Thanks KHII.gif
The Main page is finished! Another MegaProject: Arise project complete!
Thank you for helping me with the daunting task of revamping the Main Page. Another project of MegaProject: Arise is complete, and it's thanks to you that we're this far. Thanks!

Icon Ability KHD.pngCongratulations!Icon Ability KHD.png

Snowflakes-transparent-background-png.png KeybladeSpyMaster snowflake_large_blue_crystal_T.png

AWB + Double links[edit]

I'm sure this is actually quite simple. However, I'm not having any luck. >_< Don't feel compelled to, but if you could help me out on this I'd really appreciate it. If not, that's cool. Either way, I'll keep trying. Xion4ever 02:57, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for the help! I think I've got it. ^_^ Xion4ever 03:19, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

RE: podcast[edit]

I'm free to do a podcast today, but can't do anytime between 9-10, because I have to do house-stuff during that time. I should be free anytime before 8 to record. UnknownCheisā —— Don't believe Ondore's lies 14:42, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Re: new staff policy[edit]

As decided at this month's Roundtable, my staff rights should be removed immediately. I will be temporarily inactive starting August 10th, 2014 until the end of the Fall 2014, around the first/second week of December. I do not intend on leaving this place; I will [completely] return once finals are over. I know that my university studies will take priority over checking in here/the IRC and editing everyday. I do plan on editing over here during the school year when I can. However, as we both know, such a small amount does not merit the proper "powers"/position of a staff member. I plan on continuing activity on the off site accounts in which I am responsible for: Twitter and Facebook. Likewise, I will be available for contact every day off-Wiki through the means of Facebook and email-heck, maybe even Twitter if you find my account. I am listed/known on the Facebook page, and a few editors know my email. I have already voiced the same statements on the IRC. After this I will make a formal response on the staff talk page. Should there be anything else to be decided/determined of this, I leave it to the will of the editors of the Wiki and staff. I hate to say this. I am sorry. Thank you. Xion4ever 02:59, 10 August 2014 (UTC)


Can you use the bot for the Forum: Inappropriate Capitalization now? I'm dying to see that complete. RikutheBloody

Meet on the IRC? I can ask you there right? RikutheBloody 23:38, 21 August 2014 (UTC)

Format on Spirits[edit]

I can't remember what we agreed when writing about Spirits in obtainment sections. Is it "...a Meow Wow", "...the Meow Wow" or just "...Meow Wow"? TheFifteenthMember 23:50, 21 August 2014 (UTC)

Are you talking about for Ability Link boards? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:13, 22 August 2014 (UTC)
And for "Learning" sections of Link Attacks articles. TheFifteenthMember 13:35, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

For the boards, say "the [name] Ability Link" like we currently do. For the Link Attacks, say "with a [name]", I would say. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:15, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

Okay. For the Ability Links, they just say the Dream Eater's name (e.g. "...linking with Meow Wow") so I'll change those. TheFifteenthMember 20:47, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

Regarding the theme[edit]

KeybladeSpyMaster - I fight for the Users!
TALK - tumblr_static_png-transparent-snowflakes.png - Greetings, users. System is up, and ready for user input. - 10:42 AM Sat, September 6, 2014 MST

Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png A couple things for the theme.
  • Common.js - Porplemontage fixed the logo. The only thing I request to be changed is that the credit be given to him, as he was the one that gave me the working script.
  • Common.css - I don't understand why the code doesn't work for the portals. The only thing I can think of is that you accidentally ended the first comment with a "?" instead of a "/". That shouldn't affect it (it works on mine when I do the same), but if you want, you can try it. If it doesn't work, I'd just put it in the individual skins.
  • Monobook.css - Something I cooked up last night was the hover colors for the sidebar. They're here, under "For sidebar'". If it makes it easier, I'll add the rest of the code that's missing for each section (I only included the lines I changed).
  • Roundedblue.css - Something else I changed, can be found in the same section under "For Roundedblue". Again, only the changed lines are in my Gadget Lab; if it helps you find where to replace them, I can include the rest of the code for each section.

Thanks a lot! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png


Why doesn't my Talk Bubbles work anymore? RikutheBloody 14:09, 8 September 2014 (UTC)


I like the new background. :) Though I'm curious, is there anything that can be done with the tab hover background? Hover over "History" on this or any other page, for example, and you'll see it looks weird. Plus the text is hard to see. - Amaury (talk) 04:07, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

What skin are you using? Is it too dark or too light? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:17, 9 September 2014 (UTC)
The default Monobook. This is what I see when hovering over a tab: aYnFYBz.png - Amaury (talk) 04:24, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

How does it look now? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 05:03, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

That white text when hovering is much better. Thanks! :) - Amaury (talk) 05:05, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

Username Change[edit]

Hello Nezzy. I would like to change my username. RikutheBloody 12:07, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Okay, what to? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 16:33, 11 September 2014 (UTC)
Master Riku the Bloody. RikutheBloody 16:59, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

I'll make the change. Keep in mind that you will have to update your signature and TB so the links go to the correct pages. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:18, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Ok. RikutheBloody 17:23, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Site Notice[edit]

Could you update it so that it says something along the lines of "Issue #2 of our magazine and podcast will release in October!" Thanks. TheFifteenthMember 20:21, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for that. Quick correction: "and podcast" is written twice in the site notice. TheFifteenthMember 22:28, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

Character Quote Pages[edit]

I was thinking we could split the quote pages into two categories: Cutscene quotes and battle quotes. The issue right now is that each quotes page has two sections by the same name, and if I edit, for example, Donald's action quotes under Kingdom Hearts II, when I save the edits, I'll be taken back to the Kingdom Hearts II section under Cutscene Quotes since it's the first in the list instead of the Kingdom Hearts IIsection under Action Quotes. It's not too big of an issue, admittedly. It can just get a little annoying, though, haha! - Amaury (talk) 02:54, 15 September 2014 (UTC)

The place you go to when you hit Save is really not a great factor for structuring a page, else a LOT of our articles would be structured differently. However, if you feel there should be a widespread change in how Quotes pages should be, you should take your suggestion to here. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:31, 15 September 2014 (UTC)
Fair enough. I don't think it's worth making a suggestion, though, personally, since it's not that big of a deal. - Amaury (talk) 04:40, 15 September 2014 (UTC)

Welcome Back[edit]

I just got the feeling that need to welcome you home. Also, can you visit the roundtable? RikutheBloody 00:34, 28 September 2014 (UTC)


Just letting you know that I've contacted the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance regarding joining them. Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 23:15, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

Thumbnail color[edit]

FM had requested this, but I failed to get it implemented. Could we replace these lines in MediaWiki:Common.css? Thanks!

div.thumb div.thumbinner {

Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 17:11, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

Music Pages[edit]

Would you like me to go ahead and create individual music articles for each of the songs? They would essentially be extremely detailed versions of the rather disfunctional list page. I can start with the songs that we have sound files for. I was gonna wait till the RT to ask, but seeing as it's a huge project I'd like to start asap if I have the go ahead? Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngColdAsFireChaos Crystal KHBBS.png01:42, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

I would like to see what the articles are going to be like. Go ahead and get started on it when you're ready. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:25, 13 October 2014 (UTC)
I think the current Dearly Beloved page is pretty good as is, I could add a "Score" section or something and get into the nitty gritty details, and if you really really want I can transcribe scores of every single song. For scientific purposes, of course, heh. Anyways, I'll go ahead then! Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngColdAsFireChaos Crystal KHBBS.png03:23, 13 October 2014 (UTC)


Could I please speak with you on the IRC? Thanks! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 00:20, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

Moving a template[edit]

TheSilentHero Prepare yourself! — 19:35, 28 October 2014 (UTC)
Hey, I made a new template for KHX Keyblades and I was wondering if you could move it over the old template?

If you could use Special:MergeHistory to update Template:InfoKeyKHX with User:TheSilentHero/Zandbak so we can use the new template but keep the changes, that would be great. Thanks. --ShardofTruth 19:39, 28 October 2014 (UTC)

I do not have permission to use Merge History. I'll ask Porple. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:21, 28 October 2014 (UTC)

OK, it won't allow it with those pages. You'll be better off copying the code over. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 06:29, 29 October 2014 (UTC)
OK. Thanks anyway. TheSilentHero 11:50, 29 October 2014 (UTC)


I suppose we should add this to the site notice? yAgIogp.pngANX219 22:29, 30 October 2014 (UTC)


Could you please protect Template:KH series temporarily? An anonymous IP is causing an edit war over it, and has yet to make a legitimate case for his edits, despite his history on the wiki showing that he values said discussion. Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 04:24, 6 November 2014 (UTC)


It Starts now. — 21:40, 7 November 2014 (UTC)

KeybladeSpyMaster user rights[edit]

TheFifteenthMember I hope it's slow and painful; the elation I get from such kills is unmatched by anything, yeeeess... Just thinking about it makes me... oohhh... TheFifteenthMember 19:15, 8 November 2014 (UTC)
As per the roundtable, the community have elected KeybladeSpyMaster to an administrator position (Huzzah!) Being the active, main bureaucrat, could you change his user rights to give him his admin powers? Thanks!

User Accounts[edit]

How many accounts are you limited to have? RikutheBloody 01:26, 13 November 2014 (UTC)

Uh, just the one. Having more than one is sockpuppeting, which we don't allow. Why do you want more than one? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 05:09, 13 November 2014 (UTC)

Just incase someone who lives with you, wants one, or makes one without knowing. I was thinking about those possibilities. RikutheBloody 18:28, 13 November 2014 (UTC)

Somewhat strange KHII JP-US dictionary[edit]

I don't know how get the Command notes but at least for KHII there is a faster way. Crazycatz made this nice text editor which can read the *.bar files which contain most of the game's text. So comparing both files creates some sort of unorganized dictionary, where you can search for the English term and find the Japanese one (or the other way around). Keep in mind that FM only parts still have an English fan translation (with the 2.5 still not being released here and all) while the rest was taken directly from the original official English version. Maybe this is somewhat useful to you. --ShardofTruth 17:48, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Where did the .bar files come from? I.e., who got them and from where? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 07:12, 18 November 2014 (UTC)
The bar files can be extracted from the game's archives, they contain all texts from the game. --ShardofTruth 22:24, 28 November 2014 (UTC)

NIWA update[edit]

Just wanted to let you know, I just now got an email from the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. Our request to join NIWA has been denied because all the games released on Nintendo products are "spin-offs". Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 20:14, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

Not exactly true, they're all main series games, they're just not numbered titles, but whatever. We tried. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 20:28, 25 November 2014 (UTC)
I agree, it's what we were discussing right now on the IRC, that none of the titles are truly spin-offs. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded perhaps, and even then, it's really important because it ties the earlier games together. But yeah, not much we can do at this point. They offered to be affiliates, but we kinda already are...Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png

Reverted Edits[edit]

Hey Neumannz, why did you revert some of my edits from earlier? I made those to either get rid of links to pages that don't exist or to change a link from a disambig to the actual article. Oathkeeper KH.pngRoxasNobody Oblivion KH.png 05:55, 14 December 2014 (UTC)

I am very glad you asked me! (No, I actually am.) In this situation, what needs to happen is those redlinks need to be made into redirects, rather than made into piped links. Since each is a valid reference, this is the preferred method of handling them. Same with the disambigs, the individual references need to be linked to the proper redirect. I was actually planning on continuing, but I was using my phone earlier. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 06:13, 14 December 2014 (UTC)
Ok, sounds good! Thanks for the quick response! Oathkeeper KH.pngRoxasNobody Oblivion KH.png 06:27, 14 December 2014 (UTC)


Sorry about removing Watermark by cutting the image. I thought that's what it meant to remove the Watermark. RikutheBloody 14:51, 28 December 2014 (UTC)


Don't forget to talk to Cyberman about our affiliation. Also, will you be available on the IRC tonight? It's not exactly pressing so don't feel compelled. I'll be on till about one am (EST), maybe a little later. Xion4ever 04:40, 3 January 2015 (UTC)


I got the image for the next let's play. RikutheBloody 21:22, 14 January 2015 (UTC)

That's great, but you didn't upload it. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:14, 15 January 2015 (UTC)
Well, I kind of wanted your permission. But, it's here now, so it doesn't matter. RikutheBloody 01:18, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

If there's an image you have and you know we need, and there's no reason to suspect it will violate any policies, you don't have to worry about getting permission. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:22, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Ok then, thanks. I'll upload it next time. RikutheBloody 01:23, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Pages for Deletion[edit]

Can you check these right here? I've been working on IC for a while, and nobody bothered with these. RikutheBloody 15:58, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

We have categories for deleted pages? We should get rid of it, right? I mean, we have a deletion page so we categorized pages that need to get deleted.--NinjaSheik 22:59, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

Wait, what? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:00, 22 January 2015 (UTC)

The Lingering Will[edit]

Riku Sprite KHII.png
I will take the burden of re-writing the Lingering Will's page. Wish me luck. :p — RikutheBloody 15:14, 4 February 2015 (UTC)

Godspeed, my bromide. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 15:34, 4 February 2015 (UTC)

I put it in my Sandbox. How is it looking so far? RikutheBloody 15:37, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

EDIT:I finished it, and put it on the actual page. I wrote it from scratch. Are you impressed? RikutheBloody 16:27, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Nicely done. Needs a bit of editing for tone, spacing, and the occasional it's-its, but that's looking pretty good! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 16:41, 9 February 2015 (UTC)
Yeah, I felt I needed names for the moves, but I can't just make up random names can I? I felt I overdid it with the desperation move too. RikutheBloody 17:55, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Do you want me to go through it? And don't worry about the name thing, we can manage without. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:04, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Also, I notice that some of the language is virtually identical to the wording in Everglow8444's video, so that will need to be reworded. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:33, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Royal Radiance[edit]

What was the issue with the chainsize?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 15:12, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

It looked like this. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 15:30, 6 March 2015 (UTC)
Hmm. I'm using IE, and that didn't happen -- can you check the other Keyblade pages to see if my changes affected them similarly?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 23:20, 7 March 2015 (UTC)

Only the BBSFM ones. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:07, 8 March 2015 (UTC)

You're one year closer to being dead.[edit]

Happy Birthday Nezzy. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 02:15, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

Thanks! :P --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:13, 17 March 2015 (UTC)
It's your birthday today, Neumz-senpai? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D (But I don't see you listing your birthday on your user page?)--NinjaSheik 03:15, 17 March 2015 (UTC)
Thank you, Sheik-dono! (And for the record, the amount of work I put into my user page is INCREDIBLY underwhelming!) --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 03:49, 17 March 2015 (UTC)
Happy Birthday, Neumannz! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 04:03, 17 March 2015 (UTC)
Thanks, KSM! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 13:16, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

Change the title to a year closer to inheriting Xehanort's hair color. RikutheBloody 13:36, 17 March 2015 (UTC)


Yo, do you need any help on the items page? Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 00:33, 28 April 2015 (UTC)

YES. PLEASE. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 00:47, 28 April 2015 (UTC)

Yay~ So where should i get started? Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 01:48, 28 April 2015 (UTC)

Well, if you'd like to write some body text, that'd be amazing, but if not, I just started a table for KH items that needs filling out, and there needs to be a tables for camp items (and also tables for KH2 items). I don't have descriptions, though. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 01:57, 28 April 2015 (UTC)
Actually, Kryten has a bunch of descriptions. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 02:02, 28 April 2015 (UTC)
Okay, I'll get a start on a BBSFM table once I have things straight with my computer. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 04:15, 28 April 2015 (UTC)

Okay, but not for item commands, though, since that's redundant to the main article. Thanks! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:33, 28 April 2015 (UTC)

Oh yeah. >.< Well I'm doing the camping items right now, and I'll just kinda do what needs to be done then. Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 04:42, 28 April 2015 (UTC)


We do use Siliconera for sourcing articles, right? Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 21:43, 12 May 2015 (UTC)

If they can be considered a news site, I think it's fine. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 22:01, 12 May 2015 (UTC)


Congrats. Byzantinefire - There are no strings on me 20px-AOU_Audi_Promo_07.png (talk) 22:06, 13 May 2015 (UTC)

KrytenKoro - Most bears were content to live their lives, mauling and eating one, maybe two humans at most. "Mass-murder," as the bears always said, "is for the sharks." But not Barry. Barry was different. He knew that one day, he would kill ALL of the humans. This is the inspiring, tear-jerking story of one bear and the dream he dared to dream.
Hella happy for you, dood!

Tatsu Blaze (Spirit) KH3D.png
Chaineh - "Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest."
TALK - "Steel is my body, and fire is my blood..." - Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 16:49, 14 May 2015 (UTC)
Fire (card).png Congrats dude! :D Fire (card).png

Thanks, guys! ^_^ --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:06, 14 May 2015 (UTC)

Happy Belated Birthday Neumannz :D ShardofTruth 18:17, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Heheh, thanks dude! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:19, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Wait, it's your birthday too? What a coincidence!"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 18:31, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Naw, dude, my birthday was three sections/two months ago :P --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:37, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Okay, that's embarrassing. I just assumed this was about your birthday, sorry :P --ShardofTruth 20:28, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Don't worry about it. They just saw on Facebook that I got engaged this week. ^_~ --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 21:14, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Wow, my best wishes and good luck to you two then. --ShardofTruth 21:28, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
SO THAT'S WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! :O I was wondering since I first say Byzantinefire said congrats, but I didn't know what you guys were talking about. YOU'RE ENGAGED!! CONGRATULATIONS~!! :D Best wishes for the happy couple!--NinjaSheik 21:33, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
See You Again

Byzantinefire - There are no strings on me 20px-AOU_Audi_Promo_07.png (talk) 23:51, 15 May 2015 (UTC)

*read in Mickey's voice* Congratulations, Neumannz!!! Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.pngKeybladeSpyMaster Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png 00:44, 16 May 2015 (UTC)

Thanks, all! --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 14:39, 17 May 2015 (UTC)


Hi, Neuz-senpai. Sorry to bother you, but since you're one of our bcrats, I was wondering if you can please give your opinion on this when you have time? It's nothing complicated, but before we agree to a new affiliate, I want to make sure I get the okay from one of the bcrats. Thanks. :)--NinjaSheik 21:52, 28 June 2015 (UTC)


Contribute Your Facts to the Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Fannotation. Byzantinefire - There are no strings on me 20px-AOU_Audi_Promo_07.png (talk) 22:16, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

Editing help[edit]

Hi! I'm new to the whole wiki business, in fact I made my account just yesterday but I'm eager to work with the community and help the wiki improve. I've noticed that many pages on the site are missing audio tracks. Many bosses found in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance don't have their themes on their respective pages and I'd like to add them. However, I don't know how to add a "themes" section to a page or how to add the actual track; I was hoping you would be able to help me do this.

Also, in chats, user talk pages and forums I see these really cool comment boxes with a quote going across the top and a little avatar or picture next to it. Please could you tell me how to make one?

I'm sorry if I seem useless and pushy but I'm just eager to help.

Many thanks,TheKeyOfDestiny (talk) 22:15, 6 August 2015 (UTC).


Chitalian8 Say... — Only by allowing strangers in can we find new ways to be ourselves.

Life's little crossroads are often as simple as the pull of a trigger. — 22:14, 17 August 2015 (UTC)

20px-Pin_000.png Hey there, long time no talk. Not to sound all grabby over my rights, but I'm going to be here a lot for the next month or so, would it be too much to ask to have my ol' moderator rights back? With all the new images being uploaded, I wouldn't mind being able to rename some of the ones that don't quite fit the standard naming schema. I completely understand if you don't want to, or if you feel that I haven't quite earned them back.


Hey, I'm going to be doing a playthrough of BBS (2.5 version) pretty soon. Do you need me to take note of anything? Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 05:12, 25 September 2015 (UTC)

Not much I can think of, except verifying party member/escort reaction commands. I'm pretty sure anything else can be checked on after the fact. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 17:16, 25 September 2015 (UTC)

Party member page[edit]

Hey there. If you have the time, would you be able to review my party member draft? The tables aren't the prettiest and there may be information I've left out. Thanks! TheFifteenthMember 21:56, 30 October 2015 (UTC)


Hey there, NZ, this is an invitation for you to take part in our end of year event! You can sign up as either a participant or a judge and it'd be great if you could come aboard. Thanks! TheFifteenthMember 22:02, 30 October 2015 (UTC)

PubGalaxy's Affiliation Request[edit]

Naminé (Live talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.gif
NinjaSheik - All of this might have started with a lie...But I'm really am glad that I could meet you...
TALK - One day, the light-it will be ours, and it will bring us together. Til then, I'll be in your heart...
Happy Thanksgiving, Neumz-senpai! I'm sorry to bother you, but last night, Chainoffire brought a new affiliation request to our attention, and it's pretty important. I want to bring it to your attention. Please take a look! Thanks! :D

EoYE check ups![edit]

Annihilation KHD.png
Final Chain - "Good tidings friends..."
TALK - "...and a happy new year!" - Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 00:45, 30 November 2015 (UTC)
Earthshine KHD.png Heyo! I'm going around checking up on all the teams for the EoYE. Please fill out this form so I know how you're doing. Thanks! Earthshine KHD.png

AWB Request[edit]

to "Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories", when you get the time."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 03:52, 3 February 2016 (UTC)

/KHWV/ sings[edit]

This is a friendly reminder that you agreed to record your voice for the /KHWV/ sings for the 10th anniversary. Please get your audio to me by the 27th at the latest so that I'll have time to put it together! Thanks! Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 19:05, 7 February 2016 (UTC)


Should I even attempt at using AWB? SilentHero has directed me towards Find and Replace as the action to use for Inappropriate Capitalization, as that's the project I can do the most for. I downloaded the program, but have no clue how to log in. Do I leave this to you and hand-do the rest? Seeking instruction. yAgIogp.pngANX219 18:28, 1 March 2016 (UTC)

Art collab[edit]

The ball is finally rolling! Please take a look at the instructions here and send in your two 200x200 pieces ASAP. I will check your progress in a week! TheFifteenthMember 19:38, 14 March 2016 (UTC)


Actually I hope you don't eat your candles unless you have a high fire resistance or you like the taste of wax and ash, but I hope you enjoy some cake! Happy Birthday Nezzy! Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 04:18, 16 March 2016 (UTC)

Happy birthday, yo. I miss you, yo."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 14:18, 16 March 2016 (UTC)
Enjoy your day! TheFifteenthMember 19:09, 16 March 2016 (UTC)
Happy birthday, Neumz-senpai!:D--NinjaSheik 21:46, 16 March 2016 (UTC)


Hey there, you still need to do the "Meet the Panellists" section as part of the KHWV sings that we did. For this, simply write a 50-100 word blurb about yourself and/or why you joined the Round Room project (see examples in Issue 7). Send this in ASAP but if you don't have the time, we can just recycle the one you did for past issues. Thank you! P.S: Chain emailed you back on the audio footage that you sent in for this, in case you haven't noticed. TheFifteenthMember 19:09, 16 March 2016 (UTC)

Another reminder to let me know how you're doing. It's very important that you do so! TheFifteenthMember 20:58, 21 March 2016 (UTC)
Again, please let me know how you're doing! Remember that you also have your art collab to do (see here). Thanks! TheFifteenthMember 19:32, 29 March 2016 (UTC)

Have you managed to make any progress on your art by any chance? TheFifteenthMember 15:55, 7 April 2016 (UTC)

Well, my computer decided to do a Windows update that lasted over two days, but i'm just about done. With luck I should have it for you tonight. --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 18:50, 7 April 2016 (UTC)
That's great! TheFifteenthMember 21:49, 7 April 2016 (UTC)

Shockwave > Shock Wave[edit]

Can you perform "shockwave" to "shock wave" and "Shockwave" to "Shock Wave" with AWB? Or the other way around. Do we have any kind of in-canon support for which parsing is preferred? I think the term is used in the Bruiser's report entry, as "shock wave", but from our notes, the command descriptions in BbS and DDD use "shockwave". Can't confirm the command descriptions at the moment, tho."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 20:43, 17 March 2016 (UTC)


  • Ignite (Command) > Ignite
  • Balloon (Command) > Balloon
  • Brooms > Enchanted Brooms


NEZZY. Neeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 22:48, 7 April 2016 (UTC)

AWB bot[edit]

Would you be able to provide input here on getting an AWB bot set up for the UX wiki?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 21:05, 10 May 2016 (UTC)

Points very unsubtly[edit]

Very, very unsubtly."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 00:03, 20 May 2016 (UTC)

Staff Status[edit]

Long time no speak, Neumz. :) I wanted to contact you about something important. KrytenKoro recently retired as a staff member, and seeing as you haven't been seen for while, the community is talking about the status of the staff members here. If you could, please take a look.--NinjaSheik 21:24, 3 February 2018 (UTC)

Staff Gmail account[edit]

Just a heads up that I've sent out an e-mail using the staff gmail account, please review it at your leisure."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 14:43, 6 June 2016 (UTC)


fuck fuck. That's neat Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 22:00, 9 October 2018 (UTC)


Hi! I've noticed your extensive KH3 notes and I was wondering if you could collect some data to complete KH3 infoboxes for armor items. I no longer have access to the game but really want to finish this project D: I'm missing descriptions and stats for:

Shield Belt, Defense Belt, Guardian's Belt, Cosmic Belt (and CB+), Dark Chain, Aqua Chaplet, all three ribbons (Petite, Ribbon, Royal), and the hero items (Belt and Glove).

I've been updating my notes here under "Synthesis Armor Notes", so if you have time, could you add to the page? Thanks so much! yAgIogp.pngANX219 01:53, 4 June 2019 (UTC)

Neumannz — Looks like I'm gonna have to jump...!
TALK — I work alone! Except when I work with Xion...which is all the time.
— 19:37, 4 June 2019 (UTC)
If you need descriptions, I recommend checking out this youtube video, which is pretty thorough. It also shows stats, but I can fill those in from Ultimania.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix open-world?[edit]

Is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix an open-world game?OtakuNerdWX (talk) 22:30, 2 March 2022 (UTC)