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The Advice Log, also known as Gummi Battle Tips, is a compilation of notes detailing and outlining various topics on Gummi Ships. There are a total of twenty two notes, which are unlocked as Sora unlocks and journeys through the Gummi Routes in Kingdom Hearts II.


No. 1: Basic Controls

Use the left analog stick to turn the Gummi Ship and press Button Cross.png to fire!

No. 2: HP Gauge

The HP Gauge is in the bottom right corner. When the Gummi Ship's HP reaches 0, it's game over.

No. 3: HP Orbs

After defeating enemies, pick up HP Orbs to refill the HP Gauge.

No. 4: Rolling

Use Button Circle.png to roll! Dodge enemies by rolling the Gummi Ship.

No. 5: Medal Orbs

The Medal level is shown in the top left corner. Defeat enemies and collect Medal Orbs to get more points and score higher Medal levels!

No. 6: Special Orbs

Defeat the rare Yellow and Red enemies to pick up Special Orbs containing Gummi Blocks!

No. 7: Score

Get more points with a higher Medal level. Increase and maintain as high a Medal level as possible!

No. 8: Medal Levels

Be careful! When damage is taken, Medal levels will decrease!

No. 9: Rare Enemies

Defeat more enemies to encounter new ones! Find and defeat new enemies!

No. 10: Berserk Mode

Enter Berserk Mode with a Medal level of 30! The Gummi Ship will power up in Berserk Mode until damage is taken.

No. 11: Lock Target

Press down Button Cross.png to lock onto a target! After locking onto a target, release Button Cross.png to fire!

No. 12: Slash Gummies

Fill the Slash Gauge in the lower left corner by defeating enemies. Once full, press Button Triangle.png to use Slash Gummies!

No. 13: Slash Gauge

Use Button Triangle.png to fire all Slashes stocked in the Slash Gauge!

No. 14: Slash Combos

With two types of Slash Gummies, press Button Triangle.png rapidly for a Slash combo! The Slash Gauge is not affected when using a Slash Combo.

No. 15: Teeny Ships

Teeny Ships fight alongside the Gummi Ship, while blocking normal enemy attacks!

No. 16: Changing Formation

Use Button L2.png and Button R2.png to change the formation of the Teeny Ships!

No. 17: EX-Formation

Use Button Square.png to have the Teeny Ships form into EX-formation!

No. 18: Mission Level 1

Collect Medals in Mission Level 1! Aim for the target Medal level!

No. 19: Mission Level 2

Defeat the enemies in Mission Level 2! Defeat the target number of enemies!

No. 20: Mission Level 3

Aim for the top score in Mission Level 3! Use Button L1.png or Button R1.png to move the camera!

No. 21: Radar

Use the Radar to see incoming enemies from all sides. Be especially careful of different colored enemies!

No. 22: Camera

Press Button L1.png and Button R1.png simultaneously to rotate the camera 180°!