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Hey Keyblade Warriors! My Name is Roxasfan123!(well you probably already knew that!) I am not a Moderator or Big guy or whatever, just a gamer with a love for Kingdom Hearts. My page is for people who would like to post opinions and whatnot, just make sure to get along! I will look at the page and be adding stuff, so this page will ALWAYS be active. This page is for the open minded respectable gamer. A few rules though. 1: make sure not to be too mean on here. An open discussion is fine, but don't go and hurt someone's feelings. as the great Yoda once said: "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate is the way of the dark side." And you are like WHAT THE GLOB DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH KH!? Ok... rule no. 2: don't spam. No one likes a troll. rule: 3 have fun. Rule:4 don't advertise something on here that isn't on topic to the subject at hand or that is shocking or crude. That's about it. So I will see YOU KEYBLADE WARRIORS next time! Bye-bye!

Lemme take this opportunity, to tell you little 'bout myself

My Username is Roxasfan123, but I go by Johnathan or Johnny. I'm pretty nice and have a love for gaming which I developed when I was a little kid. I love talking about games and hope to develop good games such as the style of KH.

Alright! Let's get started!

Hey id like to thank the fifteenth member for helping me out there. THANK YOU MR.MYSTERIO! *waves* Anywaaayz...uh, id like to thank him for getting me started there, because IM A LITTLE SLOW. A le derp 8D). Well, I am going to have to start looking at the rules and how I get everything done. It is a great privilege to be able to be here and I will try to follow the rules and be a big help! :) --Roxasfan123 (talk) 17:36, 22 January 2014 (UTC)Roxasfan123

KH3 Status Update!

Ok this is my actual THIRD time doing this the first time I as trying to figure it out BUT THE SECOND TIME. I wasn't logged in. (T.T) So everyone knows KH3 is around the corner and I have some stuffs you might like! I saw that Twilight Town is in yet ANOTHER KH game and may play some role in this new installment. I mean it is home to my BIGGEST HERO of the KH universe! Soras KH2 clothes are still the same and I'm pretty sure this takes place right after the KH2 and like dream drop and all that good stuff. I also saw a gauge that looked just like the DRIVE gauge so that may come back. I also saw some new elements, such as the train attack thing and the boat. Uh, I watched the preview a few times and saw that they really changed up the spells. they don't look like fireworks anymore! :) Graphics are nice a I think some new and old chars are coming in and it looks like a great project so far! Way to go SQUARE! Well, I'm gonna bounce. I'LL SEE YOU KEYBLADE WARRIORS NEXT TIME! BYE-BYE! Links to make sure(if im not don't be afraid to comment) KH3 preview