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"Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself."
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Title The Light in the Night Sky
Name Sylar
Birthday February 13th, 1992
Gender Male

Roleplay founder
Featured User


Welcome! My name is Dark-EnigmaXIII (but many refer to me as DE). I'm an administrator on the Keyhole, but dont be afraid of me. I've been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series for some time now, and I try to put my vast knowledge of the series to good use here.

I consider myself a friend to many users on this Wiki, and I cannot thank them enough for that friendship and how it has impacted my life and myself as a person. If you have any questions or concerns, or just feel like talking with me 'cause you're bored, you're welcome to contact me on my talk page. Just make sure to follow my rules, and I will track you down to reply when I can!


I am silent editor that watchs over the wiki, following everything that is going on, even if Im not involved in it. Though no one to talk to or welcome users, I am always open to questions or request and, though my teaching skills are quite bad, I do know where to direct users in need of help.

I tend to think of me as nothing special, but the community, be them my friends or not, consider me to be an "approchable" guy. I am not the kind of guy who lash out at you at first sight, but dont approach me in a bad way, or you'll feel my wrath.

In all honesty, I dont like to talk about me. If you desire to know more, you can ask my friends down there, or discover it by yourself!.


I am tall, average body-built, straight shoulder-lenght brown hair and brown eyes. I usually wear a Dog tag with my name on it. I usually dress in black, and my favorite gear consist of a white t-shirt, under a dark jacket whith white fur in the neck, mostly when its cold. The jacket is almost always open, no matter the temperature. I wear black jeans with a dark belt with silver details. Also, I wear a pair of fingerless black gloves.


If we are friends, you can put my userbox, kindly made by ANX219, in your userpage, the code {{UserfriendDE13}}

Simba-Roar-Userbox.png This user is a friend of Soxra and just can't wait for him to be king.
roxas4roxas.jpg This user sits on top of the Clock Tower to eat Ice-Cream with their good friend Roxas.
50px-Nathaniel_Userbox.png This user is a good friend of Nathanie- *cough* maggosh.
uHBQ84k.png Mirror Mirror. This user is friends with the loneliest of them all.
This user battled their way through the End of the World to reach FinalRest.
Heartless Emblem.png This user is lost in the endless darkness of CaelumLucisCaliga.
userkuckiki.jpg This user fights Hollows alongside Shadow.
JFHtalk.png This user is a friend of JFHavoc, and assists in the wreaking of havoc.

UserVentus.png This user helped Secret agent clank to unmask Vanitas and destroy the χ-Blade!
userseph081250px.png This user fearlessly faced Sephiroth0812 and gained friendship with the blademaster.
Ending 03 KHII.png This user and their good friend Darkheart3 are inseperable.
overtheoceansoraiconbys.jpg This user forged a D-Link with Luxris.
UserRoxas02.png This user is a good friend of RoxasNobody, who knows originality is for chumps.
joshua_by_hnfnation-d2z23wf.gif This user is a trusted colleague, companion, associate, and friend of The Ever-Present Gnome.
After journeying through the void for time immemorial, Dark-EnigmaXIII stumbled upon the man with obsidian wings...
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