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I don't show up here as often as I'd like anymore. I do still occasionally pop in and recognize the great work that still gets done here. Well done guys, and thanks for the memories.

"I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger - the people it did choose."

I'm gonna keep this brief: I love Kingdom Hearts, and I frequent the wiki from time to time. A lot of people here are good cyber-friends of mine, and this is my main stopping place for Kingdom Hearts news. That's about all.

I was the Featured User of June 2012 - what an honor! I love you guys, you make me enjoy being a part of this place, even if the part I play is incredibly minuscule.

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Game Achievments

Kingdom Hearts

  • Beat on Standard mode
  • Beat on Expert mode
  • Beat KHFM on Proud Mode (PS4)
  • Beat Riku on Destiny Islands
  • Beat Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie simultaneously
  • Beat Riku in race on Destiny Islands
  • Defeated Leon in Traverse Town
  • Defeated Cloud in first battle at Coliseum
  • Beat Hades Cup
  • Beat all Coliseum cups using only Sora
  • Beat all Coliseum cups within designated time limits
  • Defeated Kurt Zisa
  • Defeated Phantom
  • Defeated Ice Titan
  • Defeated Sephiroth
  • Unlocked all Keyblades
  • Reached level 100

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Beat on Standard mode
  • Beat on Proud mode several times
  • Beat on Critical Mode (KH2.5, PS4)
  • Beat Sephiroth in Proud and Critical
  • Beat the Hades Paradox Cup in Proud mode without dying
  • Beat Proud mode using only the Kingdom Key
  • Beat Lingering Will using the stunlock negative combo exploit
  • Beat all Mushroom XIII
  • Collected all Puzzle Pieces
  • Beat all Data Org fights on Critical
  • Unlocked all Keyblades
  • Reached level 99

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

  • Beat on Standard mode
  • Beat on Proud mode
  • Defeated the Dustflier
  • Unlocked Sora
  • Unlocked King Mickey
  • Reached level 81
  • Collected 358 Mission Crowns

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

  • Beat Standard Mode with all three characters
  • Beat the Final Episode
  • Does anyone actually platinum this game? The command board is awful, the Disney Town games are awful, the secret bosses are awful... yikes.
  • I powered through and did all the Rumble Racing with Aqua tho because why not?

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

  • Beat Standard Mode
  • Beat Proud Mode
  • Defeated Julius
  • Beat all Secret Portals
  • Got Gold Rankings on all Dives for Riku and Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

  • Beat the game on Standard
  • Beat the game on Proud
  • Made Aqua wear cat ears

Kingdom Hearts uX

  • Suffered through 300+ chapters of this sh*t

Kingdom Hearts III

  • Beat the game on Proud
  • Platinumed the game on PS4

Talk Bubbles

LightRoxas - "I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger - the people it did choose.
TALK - "I am who I am, because of them."
As a new beginning of sorts, I've revamped my default talk bubble and hidden the clutter of all the previous ones.

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