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[[User:{{{name}}}|{{{nick}}}]] — {{{sig}}}
[[User talk:{{{name}}}|TALK]] — {{{sig2}}}
— {{{time}}}


  • For a signature on the bottom, use {{{topcontent}}} instead of {{{bottomcontent}}} for message text.
  • For custom sigs, use both {{{topcontent}}} and {{{bottomcontent}}}: one for message text, one for signature.
  • Can add an additional dividing line by using {{{linecolor2}}}, {{{linestyle2}}}, or {{{linewidth2}}}.
  • Possible values for {{{borderstyle}}}, {{{linestyle}}}, and {{{linestyle2}}}: none, solid, dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset
  • For {{{borderwidth}}}, {{{linewidth}}}, {{{linewidth2}}}, use number of pixels (something reasonable, please)

|bgcolor=           [defaults to white]
|bgcolor2=          [defaults to {{{bgcolor}}}]
|bgcolor3=          [defaults to {{{bgcolor2}}}]

|txtfont=           [defaults to Arial]
|txtcolor=          [defaults to black]
|txtcolor2=         [defaults to {{{txtcolor}}}]

|namecolor=         [defaults to {{{txtcolor}}}]
|namefont=          [defaults to {{{txtcolor}}}]

|linecolor=         [defaults to black]
|linestyle=         [defaults to solid]
|linewidth=         [defaults to 2]
|linecolor2=        [defaults to black]
|linestyle2=        [defaults to solid]
|linewidth2=        [defaults to 2]

|border=            [defaults to gray]
|border2=           [defaults to {{{border}}}]
|border3=           [defaults to {{{border2}}}]
|borderstyle=       [defaults to solid]
|borderwidth=       [defaults to 2]
|borderradius=      [defaults to 7; probably don't mess with this one]

|thick=*            [use this when you're using a top-section sig and you have either {{{time}}} or a custom sig that's 3 lines or more]