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Tower of Radiance and Shadow

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The Keyblade as seen in the exhibition.

The Tower of Radiance and Shadow (光と闇の塔 Hikari to Yami no Tō?) is a Keyblade that was created for the Kingdom Hearts exhibition with the same name at the Tokyo Skytree in 2019.[1]


The Tower of Radiance and Shadow is themed after the Tokyo Skytree. Its grip is black with grooves, and the guard is reminiscent of the Kingdom Key's, being blue at the bottom, sky-blue with white stripes along the sides, and white in a cloud pattern at the top. A blue star adorns the base of the blade. The Tokyo Skytree serves as the blade and is adorned with flowers; red and purple flowers appear alongside the blade, with a larger red, yellow, and white flower as the Keyblade's teeth. The Keychain is a black chain, with a yellow star as the token.


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