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Guardian Soul

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Kingdom Hearts II
Guardian Soul
Guardian Soul
Guardian Soul
Guardian Soul
Guardian Soul

"Has great strength, increasing the amount of damage dealt from Reaction Commands." [KH II]
"Has great strength, increasing the amount of damage dealt from Reaction Commands by 50%." [KH II FM]

Guardian Soul Keychain KHII.png
Japanese ガーディアンソウル
Rōmaji Gādian Souru
Strength Magic Length
+5 +1 156
Reaction Boost
Defeat Hades.

The Guardian Soul is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts II.


The blade is similar to Auron's strongest weapon in Final Fantasy X, the Masamune. The hilt guard is an ogre-like face, with yellow eyes and fin like extrusions, while the token is Auron's jug of sake. In addition, the sparks that appear when the blade strikes an opponent are Yevon symbols, a reference to the main plot of Final Fantasy X, despite that Auron was instrumental in revealing the sinister truth of the religion.

The name references Auron's former occupation as a Guardian for Yuna and Braska in Final Fantasy X. As he was an unsent soul in that game and is a soul in the Underworld in Kingdom Hearts II, the name actually serves as a pun on Auron himself; he is a literal guardian soul.


The Guardian Soul can be useful in many situations, as it has a fairly good reach and (with a strength stat of +5) has the roughly third highest strength bonus in the game (while other Keyblades also have +5 strength boost, such as the Sleeping Lion and Rumbling Rose, very few are any higher than this). Furthermore, its Reaction Boost ability increases damage dealt from reaction commands, therefore making such fights like the Master Control Program battle easier.

Other appearances[edit]

Play Arts Figures[edit]

The Guardian Soul is one of the Keyblades packaged with the Series 1 Play Arts Figures Master Form figure.