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Domez are a line of officially-licensed capsule figurines manufactured by Zag Toys. There is one set of eight Kingdom Hearts Domez, released in February 2017.


Rockerz listing
The unreleased Rockerz display.

After UCC Distributing revealed the Domez figure line, the company also updated their website to include a display of twelve Kingdom Hearts Rockerz, another line of Zag Toys collectables. The listing was subsequently removed, and the Rockerz were never produced.


The Domez capsules are around five inches tall. Each capsule contains one stylized Kingdom Hearts character. The normal capsules have a black base, while a special set exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has reflective gold bases. There is also one ultra-rare variety of Kingdom Hearts Domez, being the Chrome Jack Skellington model.

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