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Wishing Lamp

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Kingdom Hearts II
Wishing Lamp
Wishing Lamp
Wishing Lamp
Wishing Lamp
Wishing Lamp

"Wishes come true by increasing the drop rate of munny, and HP and MP orbs."

Wishing Lamp Keychain KHII.png
Japanese ウィッシーズランプ
Rōmaji Wisshīzu Ranpu
Translation Wishes Lamp
Strength Magic Length
+4 +3 116
Defeat Jafar.

The Wishing Lamp is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It is also one of the types of Keyblades left at the Keyblade Graveyard, albeit with minor design alterations.


The guard is similar to the Agrabah palace towers, while the blade rises from a wishing lamp at the center-top of the guard. The Keychain is Genie's wishing lamp.

The variety seen at the Keyblade Graveyard ends with a flat point at the end of the shaft rather than the palace tip. The teeth are also larger, and it lacks the lamp and smoke at the hilt. It also lacks a Keychain.

Other appearances[edit]

A limited edition Wishing Lamp was released with four other Keyblades in a special Play Arts Figures accessory set, Play Arts Arms.


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