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Victory Line

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Victory Line
Victory Line
Victory Line
Victory Line

"A Keyblade with above-average reach that makes it easier to land critical hits."
Victory Line Keychain KHBBS.png
Japanese ウィニングメダリオン
Rōmaji Winingu Medarion
Translation Winning Medallion
Strength Magic
+4 +2
Critical Rate Critical Damage
75% x1.35
Terra Ventus Aqua
130 85 98
Achieve a 1st place finish on the Castle Circuit[1]

The Victory Line is a Keychain for Terra's, Ventus's, and Aqua's Keyblades that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


The blade of the Victory Line is a tall, orange and red clock tower. Terra's version depicts five floors while Ventus and Aqua's have four. A large, gold key turner juts out of the clock tower's pink roof and forms the teeth of the Keyblade. The base of the blade sports a yellow Mickey symbol set in a blue circle. Two checkered flags are present on either side of this circle. The guard and handle resemble the buildings in the Raceway area of Disney Town, and sport blue roofs with white columns. The Keychain has three large, circular links and a gold medallion emblazoned with another hidden Mickey as its token.

The Victory Line's name references the finish line of a race, specifically a Rumble Racing circuit. Its Japanese name, "Winning Medallion", references the medal the victor of a race might win, as well as the token on the Victory Line's Keychain.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Achieve a 1st place finish on the Grand Spree in the original Japanese version.