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Pixel Pals

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Pixel Pals are a line of light up figures made by Performance Designed Products (PDP). There are four Kingdom Hearts Pixel Pals, released in October 2018.

List of figures[edit]

Figure Description
Pixel Pals figure
046 Donald
In the Kingdom Hearts series, Donald is short tempered, aggressive, and impulsive. Despite his shortcomings, Donald is kindhearted and a master of spells. He ultimately helps Sora, Goofy, and King Mickey on their quest to defeat the heartless and restore order.
Pixel Pals figure
047 Goofy
As one of the most positive and optimistic heroes in the Kingdom hearts series, Goofy serves as the voice of reason and a loyal companion to his friends. Goofy acts as a trustworthy protector as he proudly fights alongside Sora, King Mickey, and Donald Duck when necessary.
Pixel Pals figure
048 King Mickey
King Mickey is the highly-respected king of Disney Castle in the Kingdom Hearts series. As the student of Keyblade Master Yen Sid, King Mickey lends a helping hand to Sora during his quest to battle the forces of Darkness. Mickey wants nothing more than to protect his friends and keep the balance between the Light and Darkness.
Pixel Pals figure
049 Sora
As the brave protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora is heroic, loyal, and optimistic. Originally from Destiny Islands, Sora travels far and wide to protect the Realm of Light against the heartless. Sora is armed with the Keyblade and is accompanied by Donal and Goofy on his quest to restore peace.