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Fatal Crest

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Kingdom Hearts II
Fatal Crest
Fatal Crest
Fatal Crest
Fatal Crest
Fatal Crest

"Increases strength during MP Charge and allows unlimited chaining of combos.
When equipped, the combo finishing move is disabled."
 [KH II]
"Increases strength by 2 during MP Charge and enables combos to continue endlessly. The combo finishing move becomes unavailable." [KH II FM]

Fatal Crest Keychain KHII.png
Japanese フェイタルクレスト
Rōmaji Feitaru Kuresuto
Strength Magic Length
+3 +5 148
Berserk Charge
Complete the Goddess of Fate Cup.

The Fatal Crest is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts II.


The neck of the Keyblade appears to be that of a skeletal dragon, of which still has life in some of it. Unlike most Keyblades, this Keyblade features a curved neck. The handle is the landmark that defines The Underworld and is seen on the river Styx. The token is the Hades Cup.


The Fatal Crest boasts the highest Magic stat of any Keyblade in the original version of Kingdom Hearts II, making it good for usage with Wisdom Form. Its usefulness for this is undercut in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, where the Winner's Proof Keyblade outclasses it in stats. However, its Berserk Charge ability means that if Sora's MP is charging while wielding this Keyblade, he cannot perform combo finishers, so Upper Slash and Horizontal Slash are good ways to finish off bosses with this ability active.

Other appearances[edit]

Play Arts Figures[edit]

The Valor Form edition of the Play Arts Figures comes packaged with Fatal Crest as one of the Keyblades