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Kingdom Hearts III
Braveheart Keychain KHIII.png

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Braveheart is Riku's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

When Riku and Mickey first venture into the Realm of Darkness in search of Aqua, they are overwhelmed by a Demon Tower which snaps the Way to the Dawn in two. Unable to use the broken Keyblade, Riku leaves it at the Dark Margin and returns with Mickey to the Mysterious Tower. There, Yen Sid provides Riku and Mickey with new clothes for Kairi and Lea before sending them to visit Merlin where they receive new Keyblades. Riku uses this Keyblade during their return visit to the Realm of Darkness, and throughout the final battle with the real Organization XIII.


Like Fenrir, Braveheart is designed after a dimple key for a pin tumbler lock, as opposed to the lever tumbler lock key designs of most other Keyblades. The blade is silver, with two parallel grooves running the length of the blade at the center; several circular intents are etched along each edge asymmetrically. The blade juts out and then cuts back in just before it connects to the guard, which is black and blocky. The Keyblade's Keychain is a Hidden Mickey token almost identical to the Kingdom Key's keychain.