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Play Arts

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Play Arts are a line of officially-licensed action figures made by Square Enix and Japanese figure company Kotobukiya. The figurine line also includes Play Art Arms, a set of weapon accessories designed to attach to existing Play Arts figures or be displayed separately. The Play Arts line ended in 2010 after Square Enix ended the contract with Kotobukiya and switched over to a new, revamped line of figures: Play Arts Kai.

List of figures[edit]

Figure Contents Release Date
Series One
Sora (Play Arts Figure - Series 1).png
Sora - Series One
September 2006
Roxas (Play Arts Figure - Series 1).png
Roxas - Series One
Kairi (Play Arts Figure - Series 1).png
Kairi - Series One
  • Kairi in her Kingdom Hearts II school uniform
  • School bag
Axel (Play Arts Figure - Series 1).png
Axel - Series One
Series One Special Edition
Sora Valor Form (Play Arts Figure).png
Sora - Valor Form
September 2006
Sora Wisdom Form (Play Arts Figure).png
Sora - Wisdom Form
Sora Master Form (Play Arts Figure).png
Sora - Master Form
Sora Final Form (Play Arts Figure).png
Sora - Final Form
Sora Limit Form (Play Arts Figure).png
Sora - Limit Form
Series Two
Sora (Play Arts Figure - Series 3).png
Sora - Series Two
  • Sora in his Kingdom Hearts outfit
  • Kingdom Key
December 2008
Riku (Play Arts Figure - Series 3).png
Riku - Series Two
King Mickey (Play Arts Figure - Series 3).png
Cloaked Mickey - Series Two
Series Three
Sora (Play Arts Figure - Series 2).png
Sora - Series Three
April 2009
Cloud (Play Arts Figure - Series 2).png
Cloud Strife - Series Three
Sephiroth (Play Arts Figure - Series 2).png
Sephiroth - Series Three
  • Sephiroth in his Kingdom Hearts outfit
  • Masamune
Series Four
Sora (Play Arts Figure - Series 4).png
Sora with Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade - Series Four
April 2010
King Mickey (Play Arts Figure - Series 4).png
Mickey Mouse with Kingdom Key D - Series Four
  • Mickey Mouse in his Kingdom Hearts II outfit
  • Kingdom Key D
Jack Skellington (Play Arts Figure - Series 4).png
Jack Skellington with Zero - Series Four

Play Arts Arms[edit]

The Keyblades featured in the Play Arts Arms collection.

One set of Kingdom Hearts Play Art Arms accessories were released in August 2008. The line consisted of five additional Keyblades:

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