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Kingdom Hearts Character Files

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Kingdom Hearts Character Files
Book cover of Kingdom Hearts Character Files
Author(s) Disney, Square Enix
Publisher(s) Japan Square Enix
United States/Canada/Europe Dark Horse Comics
Release date(s) Japan February 20, 2020
United States/Canada/Europe November 9, 2021
Pages 224 pages
Language Japanese

Kingdom Hearts Character Files is a book that was originally published by Square Enix in Japan in 2020 under the title Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files. It was later released internationally in 2021 which was published and distributed by Dark Horse Comics in hardcover format.

This book contains all character profiles of every Kingdom Hearts game that was released between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts III. Since it was released a year later, the international edition contains information and images for the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC not present in the original Japanese version. Major characters also have a new short story written by Tomoko Kanemaki, author of the Kingdom Hearts novelizations.


The character profiles book consists of four main chapters, each covering their own topic followed by an index which allows readers to find which page that the specific character file is published on.

Chapter 1 contains the profiles of the main characters for the franchise, namely the Guardians of Light and those connected to them, and the former members of the original Organization XIII that became human again prior to the events of Kingdom Hearts III.

Chapter 2 consists of the major villains seen in the series, such as the members of the real Organization XIII (except Xion), Maleficent, and Pete.

Chapter 3 contains all the minor Disney and Square Enix characters of the series that are world-exclusive characters (excluding the characters from Deep Jungle) and are listed by each world. Some characters are listed twice due to appearing in more than one world (such as Leon appearing in both Traverse Town and Hollow Bastion). Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ that are connected to a world from a previous Kingdom Hearts title are included as well.

The final chapter, Chapter 4 contains the characters originally introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, including Disney characters whose worlds were not featured in earlier games, like the characters from the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph.