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Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide

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Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide
Bradygames Signature Guide KHII.png
Author(s) Elizabeth Hollinger with Matt Berner
Publisher(s) United States/Canada BradyGames
Release date(s) United States/Canada March 27, 2006
Pages United States/Canada 352 pages
Language English

The Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide is a guidebook for Kingdom Hearts II.

Product Description[edit]

The Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide was published by BradyGames, which also published the strategy guides for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Two versions of this guide were released: a standard and limited edition.

The limited edition version of this strategy guide comes boxed in a cardboard jacket that houses both the guide itself and Jiminy's Journal, an illustrated compilation of the material contained within its in-game counterpart that includes a sheet of stickers usable for marking obtained journal entires. Various covers were made for the limited edition version of the Kingdom Hearts II strategy guide; each features Sora in one of his Drive Forms.


US Version[edit]

  • 3D maps of all areas in the game
  • Lists of all Keyblades, armor, and accessories available in the game
  • Lists of all consumable items and synthesis materials available in the game
  • Lists of all spells and summons available in the game
  • Lists of all Gummi blocks and mission rewards available in the game
  • Overviews of all party members, as well as their stats and abilities
  • A complete bestiary


  • Story coverage in this strategy guide is minimal.
  • The treasure chests available throughout the game are never discussed.
  • This strategy guide only discusses how to obey the rules for each Coliseum Cup; it does not cover the Cups' individual rounds.


  • Jack Skellington's equipment and stats are copied from Aladdin's page (pg. 29).
  • Yen Sid is called "Yen Cid" in the paragraph text, despite his name being spelled correctly in his character bio on the same page (pg. 59).
  • The locations of the Mythril Shard and Mythril Stone that can be obtained in Agrabah are swapped (pg. 121).
  • Jasmine is described as a "Princess of Light," rather than a "Princess of Heart" (pg. 125).
  • The four items that can obtained in the Underground Concourse in Twilight Town are not listed (pg. 197).
  • The logo of Hollow Bastion is used to illustrate the location of a treasure chest that can be found at the Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Row in Port Royal (pg. 264).



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