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List of merchandise by brand

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The Kingdom Hearts series logo used in merchandising.

The following is a list of officially-licensed third-party Kingdom Hearts merchandise indexed by brand. The list excludes publications such as soundtracks, the manga series, and strategy guides. As more Kingdom Hearts merchandise is continuously in production, this list is not guaranteed to be comprehensive or perpetually up-to-date.


Convenience store chain 7-Eleven held a special promotional event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series from March 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022.[1] During the campaign, 7-Eleven would print special postcards featuring Key Art and character renders for ¥200. There were three waves of postcards with twenty different designs in total.


In late 2019, manufacturer ABYstyle released a keychain modeled on the Kingdom Key.


The watch company Accutime has produced two Kingdom Hearts watches. The first, released around October 2019, is a pocket watch designed on the Kingdom Hearts III logo. The second, released in January 2020, is an LED watch sporting the Heartless emblem.


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In early 2019, Animate held an exclusive Kingdom Hearts fair with limited merchandise being made available in Animate stores across Japan, later distributed through online retailers such as Aitai Kuji.

Asahi Inryo[edit]


Japanese retailer Avail of the Shimamura Group has manufactured a few exclusive pieces of Kingdom Hearts merchandise. In October 2017, they released a series of four long-sleeved t-shirts with a special Kingdom Key necklace.

Axes Femme[edit]

In fall 2022, fashion designer Axes Femme unveiled two pieces of Kingdom Hearts apparel: a blouson jacket and a one-piece dress, each available in three different colors.


In addition to several figurine and collectable lines, Bandai has manufactured a replica Kingdom Key as part of their Proplica model line. The three-foot Keyblade is equipped with lights and sound effects and released on April 28, 2018.

Ensky Goods[edit]

Many pieces of Kingdom Hearts merchandise have been released by Bandai under the Ensky Goods name. Products include badges, charms, and stickers, with a set of household and desk supplies being formerly limited to the D23 Expo 2018.

Belle Maison[edit]

Bioworld Merchandising[edit]

Bioworld Merchandising has created several Kingdom Hearts inspired products, releasing mostly from summer 2018 to early 2019.

Blooming Nakanishi[edit]


Bookwalker produced a set of Kingdom Hearts coasters and pins in January 2019 to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts III.


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Character Choice, officially abbreviated as Charachoi, is a custom t-shirt brand. Beginning in October 2018, Charachoi offered customizable Kingdom Hearts t-sirts on their website.

Concept One[edit]

A few pieces of Kingdom Hearts merchandise have been produced by Conecpt One Accessories, including wallets and hats.

Day Dream[edit]

Day Dream created a 2018 Kingdom Hearts wall calendar featuring character art from across the series. Purchases would also include a download code for a digital wallpaper.

Diamond Select Toys[edit]

Disguise Costumes[edit]

Two replica Keyblades have been created by Disguise Costumes, modeled on the Kingdom Key and Destiny's Embrace.

Fairy Story[edit]

Fairy Story has made two sets of Kingdom Hearts jewelry. The first, a trio of Keyblade keychains, was released in March 2018 as part of a collaboration with Disney mobile game apps. The second, a necklace based on the Kingdom Hearts logo, was released in December 2018.

Edgework Imports[edit]

Edgework Imports has created a variety of replica Keyblades. There are metal, wooden, and foam versions of the Kingdom Key and Oblivion, while the Kingdom Key D, Oathkeeper, Fatal Crest, Ends of the Earth, Wayward Wind, and Rainfell are only available as foam models.

Fifth Sun[edit]

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In addition to hosting a variety of exclusive merchandise from other manufacturers, GameStop has produced some original Kingdom Hearts merchandise. Around October 2014, a special Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX poster was made available for purchase only though GameStop's customer reward points, while another poster was released around November 2018. Also included in this section is GameStop exclusive merchandise from unknown manufacturers.

Good Smile Company[edit]

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Ground Up International[edit]

Shoe designer Ground Up International has made one pair of Kingdom Hearts shoes based on Sora's Kingdom Hearts II outfit.


Hallmark has released several Christmas ornaments of Kingdom Hearts characters: in 2019, Sora in his Kingdom Hearts II outfit; in 2022, Mickey Mouse in his Kingdom Hearts III outfit; and in 2024, Mickey Mouse in a black coat.

Hong Kong 4 U[edit]

Hong Kong 4 U has made a single Kingdom Hearts hat.

Hot Topic[edit]

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Ichiban Kuji[edit]


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Jada Toys[edit]

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Jam Home Made[edit]

Jam Home Made produced several pieces of Kingdom Hearts jewelry in late 2022, with clothing being released under the Bounty Hunter name.

Jay Franco and Sons[edit]

Linen manufacturer Jay Franco and Sons, Inc has created two Kingdom Hearts beach towels.


KAKU has designed several smartphone cases with Kingdom Hearts theming.

Kamio Japan[edit]

In March 2021, Kamio Japan released a pair of acrylic keychains and clear files based on Kingdom Hearts III.


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During a July 2022 collaboration with 7-Eleven in celebration of the series's 20th anniversary, LOVELESS produced Kingdom Hearts reusable bags, coffee tumblers, and wallets.


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Marimo Craft[edit]


Marushin has manufactured a single set of two Kingdom Hearts-themed mufflers in August 2017.

Medicom Toy[edit]


In addition to distributing official Square Enix merchandise, Merchoid has manufactured a few original Kingdom Hearts products.

Mirage Toys[edit]

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Monogram International[edit]

Nakagawa Corporation[edit]

The Nakagawa Corporation, in addition to manufacturing products by separate or subsidiary designers, has sold one item solely under their name.


Main article: NECA HeadKnockers

New Era Cap[edit]

New Era Cap has made on baseball cap themed around Kingdom Hearts.



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Omni 7[edit]

In February 2019, retailer Omni 7 released original Kingdom Hearts mouse pads, phone cases, and memo pads.


PacSun has designed a single Kingdom Hearts t-shirt.

Party City[edit]


Main article: Pixel Pals

In late 2018, PDP released two replica Keyblade props and a Kingdom Hearts-themed game controller.

Poneycomb Tokyo[edit]

Rubie's Store[edit]

Samantha Thavasa[edit]

Secret Honey[edit]


Silver Buffalo[edit]

Silver Buffalo produced a few Kingdom Hearts cups and mugs.

Small Planet[edit]

Several pieces of Kingdom Hearts goods and apparel have been produced by Small Planet.


Spencer Gifts[edit]

Sun-Star Stationary[edit]

For the Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary, Sun-Star Stationary produced a set of Keyblade key covers and acrylic pen stands.


Takara Tomy[edit]

Succeeding their previous lines of collectables, Takara Tomy produced a special set of eight slide mirror keychains, released via gachapon in mid-2019.


In addition to publishing the Kingdom Hearts Perfect Book, Takarajimasha released a collection book for Kingdom Hearts III memorial rubber straps in January 2019.


Target, on top of distributing a variety of exclusive merchandise from other manufacturers, has created original Kingdom Hearts merchandise. Also included in this section is Target merchandise from unknown manufacturers.



ThinkGeek produced a variety of miscellaneous Kingdom Hearts goods and apparel.

Trends International[edit]

Trends International has produced various Kingdom Hearts products, including a mobile wallet, framed and unframed wall posters, and decals.


In addition to designing two Kingdom Hearts-themed board games, Usaopoly released a Kingdom Hearts Rubik's Cube in April 2021.



Main article: UUL merchandise

Village Vanguard[edit]

In July 2018, Village Vanguard released a bath salt modeled on sea-salt ice cream, with one of six collectable toy Keyblades being contained in each package.


X-Large produced a pair of Kingdom Hearts t-shirts in mid-2017.


In January 2019, Xebec released three acrylic display stands featuring Sora, Donald, and Goofy in world-specific outfits.


Zag Toys[edit]

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Zozotown Goods[edit]

In addition to working with U-TREASURE on certain Kingdom Hearts-themed watches, Zozotown Goods released book covers and pass cases individually in February 2021.

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