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The Price of Greed

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Kingdom Hearts Volume 2
Episode 22

KH Manga 22a.png

KH Manga 22b.png
Publisher Tokyopop
First published 2006
Cover date 2006
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Jose Macasocol, Jr.
Edits by Peter Ahlstrom
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts


Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin struggle against the Heartless. Jafar uses the Heartless distraction to place Jasmine within a Pot Spider, leading her away. Jafar takes Jasmine deep within the Cave of Wonders, where he uses the lamp to summon the Genie. Jafar's first wish: reveal the Keyhole.

A battered Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin head to the Cave of Wonders, searching for Jafar and Jasmine. Unsure where to go, the group allows the Keyblade's instinct to lead. Suddenly, the group hears a booming sound.

That sound is the result of Jafar finding the world's Keyhole. Jafar laughs, telling the Genie that the two could rule the world together. Maleficent arrives, asking Jafar if he was thinking of going solo. Although told he was kidding, Maleficent is sure to mention to Jafar that she can easily find a replacement. She finishes, saying she is taking Princess Jasmine. Aladdin and the others arrive just in time to see Maleficent leave with the Princess. Aladdin begs Genie to save Jasmine, only to be told he is powerless; "the one with the lamp calls the shots." Jafar then uses his second wish, ordering Genie to fight the group.

Genie weakly fights the group, calling out the directions his attacks are going. This angers Jafar who uses his final wish to handle the group himself: be becoming an all-powerful Genie. As Jafar basks in his new power, Sora grabs Jafar's lamp, ordering the villain back into his lamp.

Featured characters[edit]

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Entelechies Heartless

Covers (2)[edit]

  • Front cover: Sora, Donald, and Goofy spying on Aladdin and Jasmine's nighttime carpet ride.
  • Back cover: Iago


Continuity errors[edit]

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Artistic errors[edit]

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Miscellaneous trivia[edit]

  • Maleficent, not Riku, takes Jasmine before the battle with Jafar. Riku takes Jasmine after the battle in the game.


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"Episode 22: The Price of Greed" is only available within the manga collection.