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Kingdom Hearts (manga)

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Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Publisher Enterbrain
Gangan Comics
Yen Press
Release Date Enterbrain
October 2003
October 2005
Gangan Comics
January 2007
Yen Press
May 2013
Written by Shiro Amano
Translated by Yen Press
Alethea Nibley, Athena Nibley
Lettering by Tokyopop
Adriana Rivera, Jose Macasocol, Jr., Fawn Lau
Yen Press
Terri Delgado, Alyssa Blakeslee
Edits by Tokyopop
Alexis Kirch
Cover by Tokyopop
Gary Shum

The Kingdom Hearts manga is the first series in the Kingdom Hearts manga series. It generally follows the events from Kingdom Hearts. It was first published in Japan in 2003, and later translated to English by Tokyopop in 2005.

In 2007, an updated version of the manga, titled Kingdom Hearts Final Mix was released in Japan. This version made some changes to the original, and added a couple of scenes from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. In 2013, this version was translated to English by Yen Press.


Cover Volume Release Date ISBN Content
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 1 Cover (Japanese).pngKingdom Hearts, Volume 1 Cover (English).png Kingdom Hearts, Volume 1 Enterbrain
October 25, 2003
October 11, 2005
Episode 1-13
Bonus: Shiro Amano Character Sketches
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 2 Cover (Japanese).pngKingdom Hearts, Volume 2 Cover (English).png Kingdom Hearts, Volume 2 Enterbrain
April 24, 2004
January 10, 2006
Episode 14-25
Extra: Kingdom Bites (1)
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 3 Cover (Japanese).pngKingdom Hearts, Volume 3 Cover (English).png Kingdom Hearts, Volume 3 Enterbrain
November 24, 2004
April 11, 2006
Episode 26-35
Extra: Kingdom Bites (2)
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 4 Cover (Japanese).pngKingdom Hearts, Volume 4 Cover (English).png Kingdom Hearts, Volume 4 Enterbrain
January 31, 2005
July 3, 2006
Episode 36-42
Special Short I: Winnie the Pooh
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 1 Cover (Japanese).png
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 1 Gangan Comics
December 22, 2006
Gangan Comics
Episode 1-19
Bonus Episode: Beyond the Door - Secret place
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 2 Cover (Japanese).png
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 2 Gangan Comics
January 22, 2007
Gangan Comics
Episode 20-31
Extra: Kingdom Bites (1)
Extra: Kingdom Bites (2)
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 3 Cover (Japanese).png
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 3 Gangan Comics
March 22, 2007
Gangan Comics
Episode 32-42
Special Short I: Winnie the Pooh
Special Short II: Unknown
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 1 Cover (English).png
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 1 Yen Press
May 28, 2013
Yen Press
Episode 1-25
Bonus Episode: Beyond the Door - Secret place
Extra: Kingdom Bites (1)
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 2 Cover (English).png
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Volume 2 Yen Press
May 28, 2013
Yen Press
Episode 26-42
Extra: Kingdom Bites (2)
Special Short I: Winnie the Pooh
Special Short II: Unknown


Cover Volume Release Date ISBN Content
Kingdom Hearts - The Complete Series.png
Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Series Tokyopop
October 10, 2006
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 1
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 2
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 3
Kingdom Hearts, Volume 4


Image Title Volume
(Kingdom Hearts)
Volume (Final Mix)
Japanese English
Episode 1 - Calling (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 1: Calling" (第1話 呼ぶ声
Dai 1-wa Yobu Koe
?, lit. "Episode 1: A Voice Calls")
1 1 1
Sora, Riku, and Kairi are working on a raft to explore other worlds. At Disney Castle, the King has left, leaving a task for Donald and Goofy.
Episode 2 - Invaders (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 2: Invaders" (第2話 侵すもの
Dai 2-wa Okasu Mono
?, lit. "Episode 2: Trespasser")
1 1 1
In the Secret Place, Sora encounters a mysterious robed figure. At night, a storm appears. When going to check on the raft, Sora finds Riku being enveloped in darkness.
Episode 3 - Light in the Hand (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 3: Light in the Hand" (第3話 手の中の光
Dai 3-wa Te no Naka no Hikari
?, lit. "Episode 3: Light in Hand")
1 1 1
Riku is swallowed by the darkness, and Kairi vanishes in a gust of wind. When the darkness tries to cover Sora, he summons a Keyblade. At Disney Castle, Donald and Goofy leave on the Gummi Ship.
Episode 4 - A Giant Shadow (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 4: A Giant Shadow" (第4話 巨大な影
Dai 4-wa Kyodaina Kage
1 1 1
With the Keyblade in hand, Sora fights a huge Darkside.
Episode 5 - Cast Ashore (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 5: Cast Ashore" (第5話 漂着
Dai 5-wa Hyōchaku
?, lit. "Episode 5: Drifting Ashore")
1 1 1
After defeating the Darkside, Sora is sucked up by the darkness. He ends up in Traverse Town, where Pluto wakes him. A man watches him.
Episode 6 - Traverse Town (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 6: Traverse Town" (第6話 トラヴァースタウン
Dai 6-wa Toravāsu Taun
1 1 1
While exploring the town, Sora encounters Heartless. Taking shelter in a shop, he meets Cid, who explains about Traverse Town. Sora then leaves the shop to look for his friends.
Episode 7 - The Man Called Leon (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 7: The Man Called Leon" (第7話 レオンという男
Dai 7-wa Reon to Iu Otoko
?, lit. "Episode 7: A Man Named Leon")
1 1 1
Leon knocks out Sora and takes him to a room. There, he and Yuffie explain about the Heartless, but the Heartless attack. After running into Donald and Goofy, Sora fights the Guard Armor with their help. After the battle, Donald invites Sora to join them and Sora accepts.
Episode 8 - Plot (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 8: Plot" (第8話 陰謀
Dai 8-wa Inbō
?, lit. "Episode 8: Conspiracy")
1 1 1
A group of shadowy figures watch Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Sora learns about the world order, and a report on the Heartless written by Ansem, which has been scattered. Riku wakes up in a strange place.
Episode 9 - Blast Off! (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 9: Blast Off!" (第9話 出航
Dai 9-wa Shukkō
?, lit. "Episode 9: Takeoff")
1 1 1
Sora, Donald, Goofy leave on the Gummi Ship, and soon arrive in Wonderland.
Episode 10 - Kangaroo Court (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 10: Kangaroo Court" (第10話 おかしな裁判
Dai 10-wa Okashina Saiban
?, lit. "Episode 10: Ridiculous Trial")
1 1 1
The group follows the White Rabbit to a courtyard, where Alice is wrongfully accused of attempting to steal the Queen of Hearts' heart. When the Queen of Hearts sentences Alice to a beheading, Sora intervenes.
Episode 11 - Find the Evidence! (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 11: Find the Evidence!" (第11話 証拠をさがせ!
Dai 11-wa Shōko o Sagase!
1 1 1
The Queen of Hearts demands evidence. Sora, Donald, and Goofy encounter the Cheshire Cat, who gives them a box. A Soldier jumps out of the box and attempts to attack the Queen of Hearts. In the meantime, Alice has vanished.
Episode 12 - Helping Hand (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 12: Helping Hand" (第12話 助力
Dai 12-wa Joryoku
?, lit. "Episode 12: Assistance")
1 1 1
Running from the Playing Cards, Sora, Donald, and Goofy encounter the Cheshire Cat again. He leads them to the shadow, the Trickmaster, and teaches Sora Blizzard magic.
Episode 13 - Keyhole (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 13: Keyhole" (第13話 鍵穴
Dai 13-wa Kagiana
1 1 1
Sora freezes the Trickmaster, and locks the Keyhole. The shadowy figures are concerned, but Maleficent reassures them, and reveals a captured Alice.
Episode 14 - Sentimental Star Journey (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 14: Sentimental Star Journey" (第14話 センチメンタルスタージャーニー
Dai 14-wa Senchimentaru Sutā Jānī
2 1 1
Sora is disappointed he hasn't found anyone yet. They return to Traverse Town to talk to Leon.
Episode 15 - The Chosen One (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 15: The Chosen One" (第15話 選ばれし者
Dai 15-wa Erabareshi Mono
2 1 1
Leon explains about the hearts of worlds and Keyholes. While Cid is working on fixing the Gummi Ship, he asks Sora, Donald, and Goofy to deliver a book.
Episode 16 - The Wizard's House (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 16: The Wizard's House" (第16話 魔法使いの家
Dai 16-wa Mahōtsukai no Ie
2 1 1
Sora, Donald, and Goofy deliver the book to Merlin, who was asked by the King to teach magic to Sora. After they leave, a Soldier ambushes Sora, but it is defeated, and Sora stares in disbelief at his savior.
Episode 17 - Reunion (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 17: Reunion" (第17話 再会
Dai 17-wa Saikai
2 1 1
Sora and Riku are reunited. While Sora argues with Donald over wether Riku can join them, Riku leaves. Maleficent persaudes Riku to join her.
Episode 18 - Maleficent (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 18: Maleficent" (第18話 魔女マレフィセント
Dai 18-wa Majo Marefisento
?, lit. "Episode 18: The Witch Maleficent")
2 1 1
Yuffie brings Sora, Donald, and Goofy to their secret hideout, where Leon, Cid, and Aerith tell them about Maleficent. Sora is determined to stop her, and they set off for Agrabah. In Agrabah, Jasmine runs from the Heartless commanded by Jafar.
Episode 19 - Agrabah (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 19: Agrabah" (第19話 アグラバー
Dai 19-wa Agurabā
2 1 1
Jafar and Maleficent discuss their plan on finding the Keyhole and gathering the seven princesses, which Jasmine overhears before being found by the Heartless. In the desert, Aladdin summons the Genie to help Sora, Donald, and Goofy out of quicksand.
First page of the first bonus chapter in the KH1FM manga. Not sure how to number it, so just following after the last one uploaded.
"Bonus Episode: Beyond the Door - Secret Place" (特別描き下ろし 扉の向こう〜Secret place〜
Tokubetsu Kaki Oroshi Tobira no Mukō ~Secret place~
?, lit. "Special Drawing: Beyond the Door ~Secret place~")
1 1
A young Sora and Riku explore a cave on the Destiny Islands, where Riku finds a mysterious door. Maleficent finds Riku at Hollow Bastion.
Episode 20 - The Genie of the Lamp (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 20: The Genie of the Lamp" (第20話 ランプの魔人
Dai 19-wa Ranpu no Majin
2 2 1
Aladdin uses his first wish to save Sora, Donald, and Goofy from the quicksand. He promises Genie to use his third wish to set him free. Abu races towards Aladdin to tell him about Jasmine.
Episode 21 - Devil's Grin (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 21: Devil's Grin" (第21話 悪魔の微笑
Dai 21-wa Akuma no Bishō
?, lit. "Episode 21: Devil's Smile")
2 2 1
Abu tells Aladdin about Jasmine, and the group hurries to the Cave of Wonders. There, Jafar steals the lamp.
Episode 22 - The Price of Greed (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 22: The Price of Greed" (第22話 欲望の終着駅
Dai 22-wa Yokubō no Shūchakueki
?, lit. "Episode 22: Desire's Final Station")
2 2 1
Jafar uses his first wish to find the Keyhole. Maleficent appears and takes Jasmine away. With Jafar's second wish, he forces Genie to fight Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin. Due to Genie's reluctant fighting, he uses his third wish to become a genie himself, after which Sora forces him back in his lamp.
Episode 23 - The Last Wish (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 23: The Last Wish" (第23話 最後の願い
Dai 23-wa Saigo no Negai
2 2 1
With Jafar sealed in the lamp, Sora locks the Keyhole, causing the cave to collapse. While fleeing, Aladdin uses his second wish to save Goofy. Back in safety, Aladdin uses his third wish to free Genie. Sora, Donald, and Goofy promise to find Jasmine. Maleficent checks in on Riku.
Episode 24 - Olympus Coliseum (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 24: Olympus Coliseum" (第24話 オリンポスコロシアム
Dai 24-wa Orinposu Koroshiamu
2 2 1
Maleficent asks Riku to join them, to which he reluctantly agrees. Hades questions her motives. Sora, Donald, and Goofy tell Cid what happened in Agrabah, and fly to Olympus Coliseum. At Olympus Coliseum, Sora wants to join the Games, but Phil refuses. Hades gives him an Entry Pass, after which Phil agrees to train them. Hades orders Cloud to take out both Sora and Hercules.
Episode 25 - What It Means To Be a Hero (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 25: What It Means To Be a Hero" (第25話 それが英雄
Dai 25-wa Sore ga Eiyū
?, lit. "Episode 25: That's a Hero")
2 2 1
Sora, Donald, and Goofy train with Phil and meet Hercules. Hades reveals his plan to use the Keyblade to release the Titans and rule the cosmos. Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight their way through the tournament, until Cloud easily beats them. When Cloud is no longer following Hades's plan, Hades sends in Cerberus to take them all out. Hercules fights Cerberus while the rest flees, but when hearing the battle cries, Sora, Donald, and Goofy head back to fight Cerberus.
Logo for Kingdom Bites
"Extra: Kingdom Bites" (KINGDOM BITES:「キングダムハーツ」4コマげきじょう①
KINGDOM BITES: "Kingudamu Hātsu" 4-koma Gekijō ①
?, lit. "Kingdom Bites: "Kingdom Hearts" 4-panel Theatre ①")
2 2 1
Sora calls upon Genie for help on opening a jar. Aerith offers Leon iced tea, which he finds too sweet. Cid accidentally sleeps for eighteen hours. Aerith offers Leon a cola, but she mixes it with milk. Hades has the new Hercules action figure.
Episode 26 - Working Together (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 26: Working Together" (第26話 みんなのちから
Dai 26-wa Min'na no Chikara
?, lit. "Episode 26: Everyone's Power")
3 2 2
Sora defeats Cerberus, who was already weakened by Hercules. Together with Donald and Goofy, he moves the pedestal, revealing the Keyhole. Cloud gives him a Gummi Block as a farewell gift. The Gummi Ship is swallowed by Monstro.
Episode 27 - Pinocchio (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 27: Pinocchio" (第27話 ピノキオ
Dai 27-wa Pinokio
3 2 2
Donald and Pinocchio fight over the Gummi Block. Jiminy reveals he is Pinocchio's conscience. Geppetto explains they have been collecting Gummi Blocks to escape Monstro. While looking for Gummi Blocks, Pinocchio is captured by the Parasite Cage. When following it, Sora, Donald, and Goofy run into Riku.
Episode 28 - Distant Hearts (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 28: Distant Hearts" (第28話 はなれた心
Dai 28-wa Hanareta Kokoro
?, lit. "Episode 28: Separate Hearts")
3 2 2
Riku leaves, and Maleficent tells him of a way to save Kairi. Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeat the Parasite Cage and save Pinocchio. Geppetto has build a Gummi Ship to escape. Monstro's sneeze makes Sora, Donald, and Goofy fly their Gummi Ship into Atlantica.
Episode 29 - Atlantica (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 29: Atlantica" (第29話 アトランティカ
Dai 29-wa Atorantika
3 2 2
Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder, who flee from the Heartless. After fighting them off, Ariel takes them to the palace. King Triton grounds Ariel, and decides to fight the Heartless himself. When Ariel wants to show Sora her collection, she finds King Triton in her grotto, among her broken belongings. She swims off, crying, and Flotsam and Jetsam suggest Ursula can help her.
Episode 30 - Ursula (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 30: Ursula" (第30話 アースラ
Dai 30-wa Āsura
3 2 2
Ursula promises to help Ariel in exchange for the trident. When she has the trident, Ursula transforms King Triton into a sea creature and goes after the Keyhole, chased by Ariel. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Sebastian, and Flounder follow Ariel, and find Ursula's lair after fighting The Shark. Ursula accidentally zaps Flotsam and Jetsam, and angrily turns into a giant.
Episode 31 - A Storm, Love, and a New Beginning (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 31: A Storm, Love, and a New Beginning" (第31話 嵐、愛、旅立ち
Dai 31-wa Arashi, Ai, Tabidachi
?, lit. "Episode 31: Storm, Love, Departure")
3 2 2
Sora, Donald, and Goofy manage to defeat Ursula and retrieve the trident. King Triton turns back to normal, and he and Ariel apologize to each other. King Triton asks Sora to seal the Keyhole and uses his trident to summon it. Meanwhile, Aerith is working on decoding Ansem's Report.
Kingdom Bites #2 Front Cover
"Extra: Kingdom Bites" (KINGDOM BITES:「キングダムハーツ」4コマげきじょう②
KINGDOM BITES: "Kingudamu Hātsu" 4-koma Gekijō ②
?, lit. "Kingdom Bites: "Kingdom Hearts" 4-panel Theatre ②")
3 2 2
Captain Hook spends most days polishing his hook. Cloud gifts Sora a Gummi Block, but it rolls into a grate. Geppetto fails to catch fish, and Pinocchio and Jiminy try to eat Gummi Blocks. King Triton is given a present by Ariel. Aerith finds a shopping list in Ansem's Report.
Episode 32 - A Scientist's Notes (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 32: A Scientist's Notes" (第32話 ある研究者の記録
Dai 32-wa Aru Kenkyūsha no Kiroku
?, lit. "Episode 32: A Researcher's Document")
3 3 2
Cid sends Sora, Donald, and Goofy a summary of Ansem's Report, in which he explains he found the Heartless and built a device to create Heartless. The Gummi Ship crashes into a pirate ship. Sora is taken prisoner, and finds Riku, who has Kairi and controls the Heartless.
Episode 33 - Pirate Ship (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 33: Pirate Ship" (第33話 海賊船
Dai 33-wa Kaizokusen
3 3 2
Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, with whose help they can escape. They find Wendy and Kairi, but the Heartless take Kairi away before they can rescue her. Tinker Bell is caught by Captain Hook.
Episode 34 - Deadlock (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 34: Deadlock" (第34話 デッドロック
Dai 34-da Deddorokku
3 3 2
Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow the Heartless that have taken Kairi, and find her with Riku, who disappears. Captain Hook, having captured Tinker Bell, forces Sora to hand over his Keyblade or walk the plank. Sora walks the plank and manages to fly. Peter Pan rescues Tinker Bell.
Episode 35 - Faith and Trust (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 35: Faith and Trust" (第35話 信じる力
Dai 35-wa Shinjiru Chikara
?, lit. "Episode 35: Power to Believe")
3 3 2
Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Peter Pan defeat the Heartless and trick Captain Hook into leaving his cabin. Peter Pan dodges Captain Hook's attack, causing him to fall into the Crocodile's mouth. Peter Pan uses the ship to pick up Wendy at his hideout, and fly her home. Sora spots a Keyhole on the Clock Tower and locks it.
Episode 36 - The Key Bearer (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 36: The Key Bearer" (第36話 ”鍵”を持つ者
Dai 36-wa "Kagi" o Motsu Mono
?, lit. "Episode 36: He Who Has the "Key"")
4 3 2
Chip and Dale install a new Gummi Block that allows Sora, Donald, and Goofy to reach Hollow Bastion. Maleficent warns Riku not to rely on the darkness too much. Riku fights Beast, a castaway, until Sora stops him. Riku steals Sora's Keyblade, and calls himself the real Keyblade master, causing Donald and Goofy to follow him and leave Sora behind.
Episode 37 - Heart to Heart (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 37: Heart to Heart" (第37話 つながら心
Dai 37-wa Tsunagara Kokoro
?, lit. "Episode 37: Connected Heart")
4 3 2
Sora and Beast make their way through the castle. Maleficent wonders why the Keyhole won't open. Riku confronts Sora and attacks him, but Goofy blocks the attack. Donald and Goofy return to Sora's side, and the power of his friends allows him to reclaim the Keyblade.
Episode 38 - The Other Key (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 38: The Other Key" (第38話 もうひとつの鍵
Dai 38-wa Mō Hitotsu Kagi
?, lit. "Episode 38: One More Key")
4 3 2
Riku disappears, and is beckoned to open his heart to the darkness. Now wielding the Keyblade of heart, he makes Maleficent succumb to the darkness. Introducing himself as Ansem, he tells Sora Kairi's heart sleeps within him. Sora uses the Keyblade of heart to release Kairi's heart.
Episode 39 - Man of Darkness (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 39: Man of Darkness" (第39話 闇色の男
Dai 39-wa Yami Iro no Otoko
?, lit. "Dark-colored Man")
4 3 2
Sora vanishes as Kairi and the other princesses wake. Riku stops Ansem from attacking Kairi, so she can run. Donald, Goofy, and Kairi come across a Shadow that resembles Sora, and Kairi hugs it, restoring Sora's body. Sora returns to seal the Keyhole.
Episode 40 - I Won't Say Good-Bye (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 40: I Won't Say Good-Bye" (第40話 さよならは言わないから
Dai 40-wa Sayonara wa Iwanai Kara
4 3 2
Sora seals the Keyhole. Leon, Yuffie, Cid, and Aerith returned to Hollow Bastion, their original home. Aerith explains that they won't be able to meet again once the worlds are restored. Sora, Donald, and Goofy go after Ansem. Meanwhile, Riku hears a voice in the Realm of Darkness.
Episode 41 - Infinite Darkness (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 41: Infinite Darkness" (第41話 無限の闇
Dai 41-wa Mugen no Yami
4 3 2
Sora, Donald, and Goofy reach the End of the World. After opening a door, they find themselves on the Destiny Islands, where Ansem waits. Ansem traps them in darkness, and summons the World of Chaos.
Episode 42 - Beyond the Door (Front) KH Manga.png
"Episode 42: Beyond the Door" (第42話 扉のむこう
Dai 42-wa Tobira no Mukō
4 3 2
Ansem opens the door to Kingdom Hearts, expecting it to be full of darkness, but Sora claims Kingdom Hearts is made of light, and a burst of light evaporates Ansem. With Riku and King Mickey's help, Sora, Donald, and Goofy seal the door. The worlds begin to restore, causing Sora and Kairi to be separated. Sora, Donald, and Goofy chase after Pluto, who has a letter from King Mickey.
Special Short I - Winnie the Pooh (Front) KH Manga.png
"Special Short I: Winnie the Pooh" (巻末読み切り WINNIE THE POOH
Kanmatsu Yomikiri WINNIE THE POOH
?, lit. "End of Book One-shot: Winnie the Pooh")
4 3 2
Sora returns the Torn Page to the Old Book, and gets sucked into the book. In the book, he meets Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger, and together they help Pooh eat honey from a tree.
Special Short II - Unknown (Front) KH Manga.png
"Special Short II: Unknown" (特別描き下ろし UNKNOWN
Tokubetsu Kaki Oroshi UNKNOWN
?, lit. "Special Drawing: Unknown")
3 2
Sora, Donald, and Goofy encounter a mysterious person in Hollow Bastion. In a rainy city, a man wielding two Keyblades asks where Sora is.