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RikuStar_zpsg4goihf0.png This user is a fan of Riku.
RoxasStd_zpsv2phsmif.png This user is a fan of Roxas.
NamineArt_zpsmzhhd00n.png This user trusts Naminé.
TerraDLinkStd_zpswlknqwon.png This user is a fan of Terra.
AquaAttack_zpsk2chmnns.png This user is a fan of Aqua.
VenDLSprite_zpshqovmbql.png This user is a fan of Ventus.
DiZStd_zpsgnpfrkmd.png This user is a fan of DiZ.
ASOD1_zpsj2qxakp9.png SUBMIT! This user is a servant of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.
HaynerStd_zpsu2fac3qb.png This user is a friendly sparring partner of Hayner.
OletteStd_zpsuembbpvv.png This user would rather sit down and do homework with Olette.
UserRikuR.png This user is a fan of the Riku Replica.
XehanortStd_zps80hqdcju.png This user would like to be part of Master Xehanort's True Organization XIII.
VanitasAwakening_zpsx4pb8vwb.png This user is a fan of slave to Vanitas.

EraqusArm_zpsldrd6ten.png This user is a fan of Eraqus.

LingeringWill_zps9opopddo.png This user is intrigued by the Lingering Will, and hopes that one day he may set things right.
TerraXehanortLab_zpsaygqpi1o.png This user is a fan of Terra-Xehanort.
Ephemera_zpspgnbo1hm.png This user is intrigued by Ephemera.
AnguisForeteller_zpsblxuz4kj.png This user answers to Invi.
LeopardosForeteller_zpsmjnlsqkd.png This user answers to Gula.
UrsusForeteller_zpsazjtsvxj.png This user answers to Aced.
Ira1_zps59eqn0l6.png This user answers to Ira.
Ava_zps0b9drrom.png This user answers to Ava.
Xem1_zpstjtmdqtu.png This user is no more eternal than that radiance of yours...
Xig1_zpsnidpvkk4.png This user wonders if you've been a good boy.
Zexion1_zps14limymz.png This user will make you see that your hopes are nothing... nothing but a mere illusion!
UserSaix01.png This user is a master of Moon. Now move aside!
Axel3_zpswtbwjcko.png This user wants to let the flames burn you! Got it memorized?
UserMarluxia01.png This user is a master of Flowers.
LarxeneDays_zpsyosywasz.png This user should warn you that he/she is in an EXTREMELY FOUL MOOD!
BraigStd_zpswnjnpvqc.png This user keeps forgetting not to mess with Keyblade wielders.
Ienzo_BBS.png This user's poor parents aren't here to raise them.
UserIsa.png This user won't forget you, even though they try all the time.
LeaArt_zpsuiq48qda.png This user wishes to live on forever. Get it memorized!
MickeyKHREC_zpsmrnqttz5.png This user is a fan of Mickey Mouse.
DonaldKH2_zpshd5wzmpg.png This user is a fan of Donald Duck.
GoofyKH2Std_zpsq9yxqavg.png Gawrsh! This user is a fan of Goofy.
JiminyKH1_zpsx1qxctyy.png This user is a fan of Jiminy Cricket.
TarzanArt_zpsjyw4w7yb.png Tarzan will forever be in this user's heart.
AladdinKHRec_zpse65lfrli.png Genie, my final wish! Let this user be a fan of Aladdin!
PeterPanKH1_zpsclktx0ni.png This user is a fan of Peter Pan.
BeastStd_zpshjsbcbim.png This user is a fan of the Beast.
SkellingtonKH2_zpsehshhuyh.png This user is a fan of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King!
JackSparrowCursed_zpspfrgrbcm.png This user is a fan of Jack Sparrow... who still seems to be held ransom by the curse.
Ping_zpsvb1jpksu.png This user is a fan of Mula——... uh... Ping.
TronStd_zpsgnqbfmyt.png C:\Users\EternalNothingnessXIII/Userboxes > run TRON.exe
StitchArt_zpsu9qo5fcz.png This user is a fan of Stitch.
HerculesKH1_zpsdfdsqppj.png This user is a fan of Wonderboy.
ScroogeStd_zpstmxm2e6a.png This user is a fan of Scrooge McDuck.
GrandCouncilwoman_zpsnsltlyvp.png This user knows how to flatter the Grand Councilwoman.
ChipSprite_zps1vxoqdmk.png This user relies on Chip's technical expertise.
PlutoStd_zps9b0fouer.png This user thinks Pluto has a special talent for sniffing hidden things. Atta boy!
TerkStd_zpsysepxtq5.png This user wants to give Terk a big hug!
KerchakStd_zpsbk4wxvlb.png Easy, Kerchak... this user likes you... and promises not to bring any escorts along, okay?
PongoStd_zpsctkh1stv.png This user loves the feisty Pongo.
PhilStd_zpsf6ddsz41.png This user is a fan of Phil and has two words of advice for you: heroes only, now!
PegasusStd_zps9ugl4k5a.png This user would like to have his/her own winged steed made of clouds.
MegaraStd_zpszrc6pazb.png This user is a fan of Megara.
NalaStd_zpsuopzhuba.png This user is a fan of Nala.
RafikiStd_zpskta4hjnl.png This user turns to Rafiki for guidance.
TimonStd_zpstohpxzhs.png This user is a fan of Timon.
PumbaaStd_zps3edpm7be.png This user is an admirer of MR. PIG!
MufasaStd_zpsrsxd7wzz.png This user treats Mufasa's leadership with immense respect.
GepettoKH1_zpsdviio1fw.png This user is a fan of Geppetto.
BlueFairy_zpsbpbvkjzq.png This user is awestruck by the life-giving powers of the Blue Fairy.
FinkelsteinStd_zps3eikkfjp.png This user likes Dr. Finkelstein's contraptions.
MayorHappy_zpsseylzcqu.png This user has a misplaced sense of trust in his/her local politician.
ZeroKH1_zpsnvie2c7b.png This user loves Zero, the faithful dog even after death.
SallyKH2_zps0lzqabfr.png This user is a fan of Sally.
EmperorStd_zpsgr0uhsfj.png This user wishes long life to the Emperor.
LiShangStd_zpst5qg82gh.png This user answers to Li Shang.
PoohHunny_zpsfiyrjrtw.png This user is a fan of Hunny. Oh, and Pooh, of course!
TiggerKH2_zpsgedcp6r6.png This user loves to bounce with Tigger!
RabbitKH1_zpspjvftl1z.png This user thinks Rabbit is a good friend... and a great gardener too.
KangaStd_zps8cddkqnt.png This user is a fan of Kanga.
PigletKH2_zpsfr00s9sl.png This user is a fan of P-P-Piglet... oh d-d-dear......
GopherStd_zpsonkjafgj.png This user is a fan of Gopher.
EeyoreKH1_zpsdjkgze3v.png This user is a fan of Eeyore, who didn't expect any fans.
OwlStd_zpshhgroiau.png This user is a fan of the wise old Owl, and wants to talk about his Uncle Albert's adventures at sea.
SlightlyStd_zpsbdeot9g2.png This user is a fan of Slightly.
AbuKH2_zpsnfkspfpe.png This user thinks Abu would make a great treasure hunter.
TritonStd_zpsxenxbs4n.png This user answers to King Triton, mighty ruler of the seas.
SebastianKH1_zpskvedevep.png This user is a fan of Sebastian.
JaqStd_zpsij0excij.png This user is a fan of Jaq, zugk-zugk!
UserPrinceCharming.png This user is a fan of the handsome Prince Charming.

PhilipStd_zpstlbq0iyl.png This user is a fan of Prince Phillip.
LumiereStd_zps9vdzdxok.png This user thinks there is no better host than Lumiere.
CogsworthKHX_zps8mm1la1w.png This user adores Cogsworth and wants to tickle his clock face!
MrsPottsStd_zpsdn1o4nkx.png This user is a fan of Mrs. Potts, and would not mind her pouring a nice cup of tea.
ChipStd_zpsqg48s9mv.png This user is a fan of Chip.
Maurice_zpsowg7fxhf.png This user can vouch for Maurice's sanity.
QuasiStd_zpsbywta8am.png This user absolutely adores Quasimodo, no matter what he looks like.
EsmeraldaStd_zpsbjh8xpob.png This user is entranced by the lovely Esmeralda.
VictorStd_zpspj5pvywn.png This user is a fan of Victor.
HugoStd_zpsummn6yvg.png This user is a fan of Hugo.
LaverneStd_zpspsatzniy.png This user wishes the pigeons would keep off Laverne's back!
YenSidKH2_zpsdzbt8fk6.png This user is a fan of Yen Sid, and admires his humility.
MerlinBBS_zpshf4jeq9s.png This user is a fan of the OLD loon.
QuorraStd_zpsrktgofof.png This user is a fan of Quorra, and is all for diversity over racial purity.
SamFlynn_zpsprkt6vwt.png /add SAMFLYNN
KevinFlynnStd_zpsrzjerj0n.png This user admires Kevin Flynn, the creator of Hollow Bastion OS.
DocKHX_zpsexxfp5er.png This user is a dan of Foc—uh, fan of Doc.
BashfulBBS_zpskads9es9.png This user is a fan of Bashful. Oh gosh...
SleepyKHX_zps6i2ay0su.png Thish yoosher... ish a fan ov Shleepy... *YAWN*
GrumpyKHX_zps8vxqsglt.png This user is a fan a' Grumpy! *grumble*
DopeyKHX_zpsutfcf8rv.png This user is a fan of Dopey, and is also probably able to cause hilarity without speaking.
IagoREC_zpsvfzb4ghk.png This user feels sorry for Iago, but still can't tell where his allegiances lie.
PeddlerKH2_zpsuwgszjbw.png This user says salaam and welcomes you to Agrabah.
MadHatterKHX_zpsbjyg3yxu.png This user is a fan of the Mad Hatter and wishes you a very merry unbirthday!
MarchHareKHX_zps1ecfodxy.png This user is a fan of the March Hare.
WhiteRabbitKHX_zpsffjfkhvi.png This user is a fan of the White Rabbit, and is running horribly late.
CheshireCatKHX_zpsolaywuty.png Is this user a fan of the Cheshire Cat? Or not? That's for you to figure out.
CardSoldierThree_zps1mvnbcbr.png This user wouldn't mind helping the Card Soldiers paint white roses red.
DoorknobKHX_zps18su2dsq.png This user is part of the Doorknob fan club... how's a simple doorknob to get any sleep from this?
YaoStd_zpsnntywlx2.png This user is a fan of KNUCKLE SANDWICHES!
LingStd_zpscxxleva5.png This user is a fan of Ling.
ChienPoStd_zpsuayjclme.png This user is a fan of Chien Po, and prefers food over glory or adventure.
CrocodileStd_zps218cfo38.png This user has been warned never to smile at that crocodile...
MushuArt_zpsdwfhwukq.png This user is a fan of Mushu, the bona fide guardian dragon!
GenieKH1_zpsuwwtzpbb.png This user is a fan of the big blue lump!
Exp221_zps3hhebf7u.png This user is a fan of Experiment 221 and like him, electrocutes anyone in sight!
GantuStd_zpsxuhdckns.png This user likes to think that Gantu is merely big-boned.
JumbaStd_zpsb8u89oni.png This user is fan of evil genius mastermind Dr. Jumba Jookiba.
LuxfStd_zpsojrlyod9.png This user is a fan of Lucifer, and causes just as much trouble round the house as he does.
TremaineStd_zpsah1uyv6u.png This user somehow tolerates Lady Tremaine, and what a scary world he/she must live in...
SaborStd_zpsvkqrheay.png This user sympathizes with the man-eater.
ClaytonStd_zpsfmvmbalc.png This user is a fan of Clayton.
JafarKH1_zpsa0e4naet.png This streetrat bows to Jafar.
Gaston_zpsfemddkrc.png This user is a fan of Gaston.
UserOogie.png This user is a fan of The Oogie Boogie Man!
LockKH2_zpsgqmbxsfp.png This user is a fan of Lock, and like him, leads people into causing havoc for others.
ShockKH2_zpsobwhq1ov.png This user, like Shock, knows how to keep calm while being naughty.
BarrelKH1_zpslaacj8t1.png This user, like Barrel, likes to make mischief but always gets left behind.
HookBBS_zpsphwabah1.png This scurvy brat be a fan of Captain Hook.
SmeeStd_zpscq65rttw.png This user is a fan of the timid Mr. Smee.
PeteKHREC_zpswzyzrbkd.png This user somehow feels pity for Pete.
HadesAngryKHX_zpsrbm6grfw.png This user is a fan of Hades and DRIVES HIM CRAZY!

PainStd_zpsmm0hidyj.png This user is a fan of Pain. (The character, not the feeling.)
PanicStd_zps09xwkv5m.png This user is a fan of Panic... poor thing, he's trembling.
IceTitanStd_zps9qr3qber.png This user is a fan of the Ice Titan.
IceColossus_zpstsay9iza.png This user is a fan of the Ice Colossus.
ShanYuStd_zpsgbdewqo6.png This user answers to the bloodthirsty Shan Yu.
UrsulaKH1_zps4qybvxkk.png This poor unfortunate soul is captivated by Ursula.
MCPStd_zpscmor0hw3.png This user program is a fan of the MCP and is bent on world domination.
SarkStd_zpssyqqrbaf.png C:\Users\Ansem> run DEREZZ.exe
BarbossaCursed_zpsrtp49kyd.png This user is part of Captain Barbossa's motley crew.
ScarStd_zpsrdjhk6fw.png This user is a fan of Scar.
Shenzi_zpsvy83kxx4.png This user looks up to Shenzi, leader of the pack.
BanzaiStd_zps4vk3l1ey.png This user admires the cunning hunter Banzai.
Ed_zpscmmf8hua.png This user is a fan of Ed, and laughs just as much as he does!
MalefKH1_zpsp3iatwkl.png This user is a fan of the mistress of all evil!

ChernabogStd_zpsu5svlest.png This user is a fan of Chernabog, and awaits the eruption of Bald Mountain on Walpurgis Night.
CerberusKHX_zpsjqt6w6cs.png This user wants a pet three-headed dog.

FrolloStd_zpsohw4lwo7.png This user is a fan of Claude Frollo, and anyone who disagrees with this user is a heretic.
CluStd_zpsysun0nk0.png This user submits to CLU, dictator of the regime.
RinzlerStd_zpsso0mllol.png copy C:\system32\TRON.exe C:\Users\Ansem\Remodification
BlackGuardStd_zps31xnr2k6.png query process [EternalNothingnessXIII/Userboxes.exe] [/server:THEGRID] [/system] [/?]
AerithKH2_zps6zxgiib7.png This user is a fan of Aerith.
LeonStd_zpszxxohhu1.png This user is a fan of Squa-- uh, Leon. Whatever.
TifaStd_zpsnicqxrnx.png This user is a fan of Tifa, and begs pardon for bothering you.
UserYuna.png This user is a fan of Yuna.
PaineArt_zps0sm68zpk.png This user is a fan of Paine.
UserAuron.png This user is a fan of Auron, and would like to be part of his story.
jgylEze.png This user is not interested in anything except Cloud.
UserSephiroth.png This user is a fan of the One-Winged Angel.
FuuStd_zpsdsiaa5gw.png User. Fan. Fuu.
SeiferStd_zps6sahkvpj.png This user is a fan of Seifer.
SetzerStd_zpsnyhtx8q1.png This user is a fan of Setzer.
Zack2_zps3ls4kmrh.png This user is a fan of Zack.
NekuStd_zpsyjlkpgzj.png This user is a fan of Neku Sakuraba.