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Let the Games Begin! The Hades Cup

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Kingdom Hearts II Chapter 25
KHII Manga 25a.png
Publisher Yen Press
First published August 2013
Cover date 2013
Written by Shiro Amano
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts


Sora signs himself and Hercules for the new tournament. Despite his exhaustion, Hercules agrees to participate, determined to defeat Hades.

Above the Underdrome arena, Pete questions whether Auron will truly obey Hades, recalling the initial failure. Hades reveals a doll he created that binds Auron's free will, making him completely obedient to Hades.

Back at the tournament, Sora introduces himself to Auron, commenting on Auron's commendable strength. Elsewhere, Hercules successfully wins his matches, continuing to climb into the higher ranks. Auron comments on Hercules weakened state, thinking it is unfair to fight someone in such a state. Hades reminds Auron of the reward, should he defeat Hercules: freedom. Sora questions how someone so strong could have died, to which Auron reveals he died during a failed attempt to protect his friends. Sora meddles further, asking if Auron's friends are here in the Underworld. Auron says no, but refuses to continue the discussion. As Auron goes to leave, Sora wishes him good luck at finding his friends.

During the next match, Sora loses to the Ice Titan. His defeat finalizes the roster for the last round: Hercules versus Auron. Above the arena, Pete discovers that the doll of Auron has gone missing. As the trio watches the match from the sidelines, Meg appears, revealing a doll in the likeness of Auron that she stole from Hades. Fearing Hercules will die, Meg forces him to withdraw from the match. Hades appears, claiming that the match must go on. He retrieves the stolen doll and orders Auron to finish off Hercules. Auron refuses, stating that the match is over. Forced against his will, Auron draws his sword, preparing to strike down Hercules and Meg. Just as he is about to strike, however, Pete accidentally breaks the doll.

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