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Trophy Chip KHREC.png Trophies Trophy Chip KHREC.png

Trophies are thirty achievements that can be obtained in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Aside from bragging rights, each trophy rewards you with a Trophy Chip, which increases your HP by two and strength, magic and defense by one, and getting twenty trophies unlocks the game's secret ending.

Rare Prize Roundup Trophy KHREC.png Rare Prize Roundup (Proof you have collected the contents of every last rare prize blox)[edit]

You can find every treasure if you follow the walkthrough correctly.

Lord of Loot Trophy KHREC.png Lord of Loot {Proof you have collected at least 80% of the items enemies drop)[edit]

For this, fight the varying Heartless in Destiny Islands and work your way up through all the worlds. Then, do the same Heartless-hunting on all three other difficulties. If you're struggling, save "Critical" mode for last so that you'll have done more grinding by the time you fight the strong enemies.

Sector Sweeper Trophy KHREC.png Sector Sweeper (Proof you have emerged victorious from every system sector)[edit]

Each System Sector is detailed in this walkthrough so pay attention to them to get this trophy.

Sultan of Slot Trophy KHREC.png Sultan of Slot (Proof you have installed chips in every slot in the Stat Matrix)[edit]

If you find all Rare Prize Blox and redeem all prizes in System Sectors, you'll have enough stat chips to do this eventually. The best source of infinite chips is "Hollow Bastion: System Sector B" and the Avatar Sector, though Invisibles, Angel Stars, Eliminators, and Gold Tricholomas have a very rare chance of dropping them (Invisibles and Angel Stars on Critical only).

Cheater Trophy KHREC.png Cheater (Proof you have used every kind of cheat)[edit]

Self-explanatory enough.

Champion Collector Trophy KHREC.png Champion Collector (Proof you have collected at least 70% of all abilities, chips, cheats, weapons, and items)[edit]

Play like the completionist and follow this walkthrough to the bone to obtain nearly everything. Self-monitor your progress by looking at the Debug Reports.

Avatar Collector Trophy KHREC.png Avatar Collector (Get 50% of all Avatar parts)[edit]

Avatar Sweeper Trophy KHREC.png Avatar Sweeper (Clear floor 100 of the Avatar Sector)[edit]

Icer of Titans Trophy KHREC.png Icer of Titans (Proof you have defeated the Ice Titan in Olympus Coliseum)[edit]

See here.

Eliminator's End Trophy KHREC.png Eliminator's End (Proof you have defeated an Eliminator in a system sector)[edit]

Eliminators are most frequent in System Sectors found in worlds near the endgame, such as "Hollow Bastion: System Sector B" which has a 100% chance of spawning an Eliminator on floor 12. See here for advice on how to defeat it.

Twilight Triumph Trophy KHREC.png Twilight Triumph (Proof you have defeated the mystery opponent in Castle Oblivion)[edit]

See here.

Justice for All Trophy KHREC.png Justice for All (Proof you have defeated every type of enemy)[edit]

Work your way through the worlds, adding Heartless entries to your Debug Reports as you go. Remember that the Gold Tricholoma and Eliminator counts towards this too.

Weapon Wizard Trophy KHREC.png Weapon Wizard (Proof you have completely powered up every type of Keyblade)[edit]

To get all Keyblades, follow the walkthrough as instructed. Levelling them up is simply a matter of grinding.

Converter LV100 Trophy KHREC.png Converter LV.100 (Proof you have gained mastery of at least one command by powering it up to LV.100)[edit]

This requires a certain amount of grinding and command-acquisition.

Converter CR LV100 Trophy KHREC.png Converter [CR] LV.100 (Proof you have gained mastery of at least one command by powering it up to [CR]LV.100)[edit]

This is similar to the "Converter LV.100" trophy, except you also need it to be a [CR] command. However, by the time your command gets to Lv.100, it's most likely that it would've acquired the [CR] status at some point during its many command conversions.

Command Master Trophy KHREC.png Command Master (Proof you have powered up every type of attack and magic command to [CR])[edit]

See here for a list of commands. Once you've obtained every command, it's a matter of grinding to get CP to do more command conversions.

Closed Book Trophy KHREC.png Closed Book (Proof you have seen this story through to the end)[edit]

Follow the walkthrough.

Quest Bester Trophy KHREC.png Quest Bester (Proof you have completed every quest)[edit]

Follow the walkthrough.

Proud Achievement Trophy KHREC.png Proud Achievement (Proof you have replayed and completed every world with the Difficulty Cheat set to Proud)[edit]


Critical Acclaim Trophy KHREC.png Critical Acclaim (Proof you have replayed and completed every world with the Difficulty Cheat set to Critical)[edit]

If you're finding this difficult, play around with cheat tuners to turn the odds in your favour.

Fatal Flawless Trophy KHREC.png Fatal Flawless (Proof you have replayed and completed an episode with the HP Cheat set to 0% (1 HP))[edit]

Pick an easy world, such as Destiny Islands, and favour speed over strength by using Keychains, like Lionheart.

Technician Trophy KHREC.png Technician (Clear every world with Sora at or below Lv.15)[edit]

Replace most of your Level Up chips with stat chips that increase HP, Strength, Magic and Defense to compensate for your low level. The Trophy Chips from completed Trophies are especially beneficial since they give the same stats as a Level Up chip, without increasing your level.

W1 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W1 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 1 in 5'00" or less)[edit]

W2 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W2 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 2 in 15'00" or less)[edit]

W3 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W3 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 3 in 15'00" or less)[edit]

W4 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W4 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 4 in 10'00" or less)[edit]

W5 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W5 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 5 in 15'00" or less)[edit]

W6 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W6 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 6 in 15'00" or less)[edit]

W7 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W7 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 7 in 30'00" or less)[edit]

W8 Speed Runner Trophy KHREC.png W8 Speed Runner (Proof you have finished World 8 in 10'00" or less)[edit]

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