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Kingdom Hearts II Chapter 22
KHII Manga 22a.png
Publisher Yen Press
First published August 2013
Cover date 2013
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Lys Blakeslee, Terri Delgando
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts


Deducing that the hooded figure from before was Riku, Sora runs back to look for him. Donald and Goofy stay behind, aiding the Imperial army with their counterattack against Shan-Yu. Shan-Yu attacks the throne room and successfully kidnaps The Emperor. Locking them inside a room, Shan-Yu reveals his intentions to use the power of darkness to make The Emperor his puppet. With no other means of climbing the palace, Mulan leads Shang and the others up one of the palace's pillars, using scarves as a type of harness. Meanwhile, Shan-Yu tires of The Emperor's unyielding nature, and instead decides to kill the aged ruler and become emperor instead. Shan-Yu's attempt is thwarted by Sora. The two battle, with Sora the victor. Leaving the care of The Emperor to Mulan and the others, Sora notices a hooded figure in the courtyard. Sora confronts the figure, asking if he is indeed Riku. The figure removes his hood, introducing himself as Xigbar. Enraged, Sora attacks Xigbar, claiming he will destroy the Organization. Xigbar smirks, throwing Sora into a wall. Xigbar claims he came only to say hello, and promptly summons a dark portal. As he leaves, Xigbar instructs Sora to continue defeating the Heartless. Suddenly, Shan-Yu's sword glows, revealing the world's Keyhole. Sora uses his Keyblade to unlock the path to the next world.

Before leaving, both Mulan and Shang bid the group farewell. Mulan encourages Sora to stay strong, saying he will eventually find his friend. Shang wishes Sora would remain to help train the Imperial troops. Sora declines, but instead offers the position to Mulan. Still respectful of the no-women-allowed rule, Shang is a bit hesitant. The Emperor interrupts, also offering Mulan the position of his personal advisor- much to the chagrin of Chi-Fu. As the trio prepares to leave, a minor gift exchange occurs. Sora leaves the paopu fruit with Shang, saying he should use it with Mulan. Mushu gives the trio a gong, a tool with which the trio can use to call for him. Once on the Gummi Ship, Sora, with renewed courage, continues his search for Riku and the battle against the Heartless.

In the Underworld, Pete confronts Hades about the whereabouts of a certain hero.

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Entelechies Heartless Nobodies
Destiny Islands
The Land of Dragons
Olympus Coliseum


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