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The Avatar Menu is a multiplayer game mode in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded that borrows many elements from Kingdom Hearts Mobile, with the addition of the "Avatar Sector" (アバターシステムエリア Abatā Shisutemu Eria?, lit. "Avatar System Area"). The Avatar Menu is subdivided into "Customize Avatar", where the player can design their personal avatar, "Avatar Sector", the special 100-floor System Sector, and "Tag Mode", which allows the player to send and receive Balloon Letters.

Customize Avatar[edit]

The "Customize Avatar" menu houses the Avatar Parts, a feature based upon the avatar system in Kingdom Hearts Mobile. The name and signature of the player's avatar is taken from the DS's own name and signature, but the avatar's design is pieced together from the Avatar Parts. There is a total of 815 Avatar Parts for the player to collect, consisting of various pieces of clothing and body features, and 93 "Ensembles" which allow the player to place a coordinated set of parts at the same time. The player starts with all of the parts from "Bods", "Lips", "Peepers", the eight Cowlick parts, Typical Top, Basic Bottoms, and Starter Shoes, one random "Ensemble" and all of the parts it contains, and one random part each from "Hair", "Features", "Scars, Etc.", "Coats", "Starter Kits", "Tops", "Bottoms", "Shoes", "Hats", "Face & Neck", "Mitts", "Rear Gear", "Belts", "Items", "Buddies", and "Bodysuits".

There are also eight Avatar Parts which are awarded for obtaining a set amount of Trophies:

  • "King Mickey's Hair" - 2 trophies
  • "King Mickey A's Shoes" - 5 trophies
  • "King Mickey A Outfit" - 8 trophies
  • "King Mickey's Tail" - 12 trophies
  • "King Mickey's Gloves" - 16 trophies
  • "King Mickey B's Shoes" - 20 trophies
  • "King Mickey B Outfit" - 25 trophies
  • "King Mickey Ears" - 30 trophies.

Every other Avatar Part is obtained randomly through clearing the challenges in the Avatar Sector, or as a random prize from Scratch Cards.

Avatar Parts[edit]

No. Part Name
1 Bods-1-Body 1.png Body 1 (ボディー1
Bodī 1
2 Bods-2-Body 2.png Body 2 (ボディー2
Bodī 2
3 Bods-3-Body 3.png Body 3 (ボディー3
Bodī 3
4 Bods-4-Body 4.png Body 4 (ボディー4
Bodī 4
5 Bods-5-Body 5.png Body 5 (ボディー5
Bodī 5
No. Part Name
1 Lips-1-Pink Lips.png Pink Lips (ピンク
2 Lips-2-Orange Lips.png Orange Lips (オレンジ
3 Lips-3-Brown Lips.png Brown Lips (ブラウン
4 Lips-4-Beige Lips.png Beige Lips (ライトブラウン
Raito Buraun
?, lit. "Light Brown")
5 Lips-5-Grey Lips.png Grey Lips (グレー
No. Part Name
1 Peepers-1-Blue Eyes.png Blue Eyes (ノーマル(ブルー)
Nōmaru (Burū)
?, lit. "Normal (Blue)")
2 Peepers-2-Red Eyes.png Red Eyes (ノーマル(レッド)
Nōmaru (Reddo)
?, lit. "Normal (Red)")
3 Peepers-3-Baby Blue Eyes.png Baby Blue Eyes (ノーマル(ライトブルー)
Nōmaru (Raito Burū)
?, lit. "Normal (Light Blue)")
4 Peepers-4-Brown Eyes.png Brown Eyes (ノーマル(ブラウン)
Nōmaru (Buraun)
?, lit. "Normal (Brown)")
5 Peepers-5-Black Eyes.png Black Eyes (ノーマル(ブラック)
Nōmaru (Burakku)
?, lit. "Normal (Black)")
6 Peepers-6-Lashes-Dark Blue.png Lashes: Dark Blue (まつ毛(ダークブルー)
Matsuge (Dāku Burū)
7 Peepers-7-Lashes-Red.png Lashes: Red (まつ毛(レッド)
Matsuge (Reddo)
8 Peepers-8-Lashes-Baby Blue.png Lashes: Baby Blue (まつ毛(ライトブルー)
Matsuge (Raito Burū)
?, lit. "Lashes (Light Blue)")
9 Peepers-9-Lashes-Brown.png Lashes: Brown (まつ毛(ブラウン)
Matsuge (Buraun)
10 Peepers-10-Lashes-Black.png Lashes: Black (まつ毛(ブラック)
Matsuge (Burakku)
11 Peepers-11-Eyeshadow-Purple.png Eyeshadow: Purple (アイシャドウ(パープル)
Aishadou (Pāpuru)
12 Peepers-12-Eyeshadow-Red.png Eyeshadow: Red (アイシャドウ(レッド)
Aishadou (Reddo)
13 Peepers-13-Eyeshadow-Blue.png Eyeshadow: Blue (アイシャドウ(ブルー)
Aishadou (Burū)
14 Peepers-14-Eyeshadow-Brown.png Eyeshadow: Brown (アイシャドウ(ブラウン)
Aishadou (Buraun)
15 Peepers-15-Eyeshadow-Grey.png Eyeshadow: Grey (アイシャドウ(グレー)
Aishadou (Gurē)
16 Peepers-16-Sora B's Eyes.png Sora B's Eyes (ソラB
Sora B
17 Peepers-17-Cobalt Blue Eyes.png Cobalt Blue Eyes (ノーマル(コバルトブルー)
Nōmaru (Cobaruto Burū)
?, lit. "Normal (Cobalt Blue)")
18 Peepers-18-Goofy B's Eyes.png Goofy B's Eyes (グーフィーB
Gūfī B
19 Peepers-19-Green Eyes.png Green Eyes (ノーマル(グリーン)
Nōmaru (Gurīn)
?, lit. "Normal (Green)")
20 Peepers-20-Light Brown Eyes.png Light Brown Eyes (ノーマル(ライトブラウン)
Nōmaru (Raito Buraun)
?, lit. "Normal (Light Brown)")
21 Peepers-21-Ansem's Eyes.png Ansem's Eyes (アンセムの目
Ansem no Me
22 Peepers-22-Daisy's Eyes.png Daisy's Eyes (デイジーの目
Deijī no Me
23 Peepers-23-Yuna's Eyes.png Yuna's Eyes (ユウナの目
Yuuna no Me
24 Peepers-24-Rikku's Eyes.png Rikku's Eyes (リュックの目
Ryukku no Me
25 Peepers-25-Sora D's Eyes.png Sora D's Eyes (ソラD
Sora D
26 Peepers-26-Goofy D's Eyes.png Goofy D's Eyes (グーフィーD
Gūfī D
27 Peepers-27-Donald D's Eyes.png Donald D's Eyes (ドナルドD
Donarudo D
28 Peepers-28-Lashes-Green.png Lashes: Green (まつ毛(グリーン)
Matsuge (Gurīn)
29 Peepers-29-Yellow Eyes.png Yellow Eyes (ノーマル(イエロー)
Nōmaru (Ierō)
?, lit. "Normal (Yellow)")
30 Peepers-30-Orange Eyes.png Orange Eyes (ノーマル(オレンジ)
Nōmaru (Orenji)
?, lit. "Normal (Orange)")
31 Peepers-31-Purple Eyes.png Purple Eyes (ノーマル(パープル)
Nōmaru (Pāpuru)
?, lit. "Normal (Purple)")
32 Peepers-32-Setzer's Eyes.png Setzer's Eyes (セッツァーの目
Settsā no Me
33 Peepers-33-Auron's Eyes.png Auron's Eyes (アーロンの目
Āron no Me
No. Part Name
1 Hair-1-Cowlick A-Brown.png Cowlick A-Brown (さいしょの髪A(ブラウン)
Saisho no Kami A (Buraun)
?, lit. "Default Hair A (Brown)")
2 Hair-2-Sora A's Hair.png Sora A's Hair (ソラAの髪
Sora A no Kami
3 Hair-3-Riku A's Hair.png Riku A's Hair (リクAの髪
Riku A no Kami
4 Hair-4-Kairi A's Hair.png Kairi A's Hair (カイリAの髪
Kairi A no Kami
5 Hair-5-Cloud A's Hair.png Cloud A's Hair (クラウドAの髪
Kuraudo A no Kami
6 Hair-6-Roxas's Hair.png Roxas's Hair (ロクサスの髪
Rokusasu no Kami
7 Hair-7-Bookworm-Brown.png Bookworm-Brown (ベリーショート(ブラウン)
Berī Shōto (Buraun)
?, lit. "Very Short (Brown)")
8 Hair-8-Caesar Cut-Brown.png Caesar Cut-Brown (ショート1(ブラウン)
Shōto 1 (Buraun)
?, lit. "Short 1 (Brown)")
9 Hair-9-Bob Cut-Brown.png Bob Cut-Brown (ショート2(ブラウン)
Shōto 2 (Buraun)
?, lit. "Short 2 (Brown)")
10 Hair-10-Layered-Brown.png Layered-Brown (ミディアム1(ブラウン)
Midiamu 1 (Buraun)
?, lit. "Medium 1 (Brown)")
11 Hair-11-Long Hair-Brown.png Long Hair-Brown (ロング1(ブラウン)
Rongu 1 (Buraun)
?, lit. "Long (Brown)")
12 Hair-12-Cowlick B-Brown.png Cowlick B-Brown (さいしょの髪B(ブラウン)
Saisho no Kami B (Buraun)
?, lit. "Default Hair B (Brown)")
13 Hair-13-Donald's Hair.png Donald's Hair (ドナルドの髪
Donarudo no Kami
14 Hair-14-Goofy's Hair.png Goofy's Hair (グーフィーの髪
Gūfī no Kami
15 Hair-15-King Mickey's Hair.png King Mickey's Hair (王様の髪
Ōsama no Kami
?, lit. "The King's Hair")
16 Hair-16-Chip's Hair.png Chip's Hair (チップの髪
Chippu no Kami
17 Hair-17-Dale's Hair.png Dale's Hair (デールの髪
Dēru no Kami
18 Hair-18-Wakka's Hair.png Wakka's Hair (ワッカの髪
Wakka no Kami
19 Hair-19-Selphie's Hair.png Selphie's Hair (セルフィAの髪
Serufi A no Kami
20 Hair-20-Tidus A's Hair.png Tidus A's Hair (ティーダAの髪
Tīda A no Kami
21 Hair-21-Cowlick A-Black.png Cowlick A-Black (さいしょの髪A(ブラック)
Saisho no Kami A (Burakku)
?, lit. "Default Hair A (Black)")
22 Hair-22-Cowlick A-Silver.png Cowlick A-Silver (さいしょの髪A(シルバー)
Saisho no Kami A (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Default Hair A (Silver)")
23 Hair-23-Cowlick A-Gold.png Cowlick A-Gold (さいしょの髪A(ゴールド)
Saisho no Kami A (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Default Hair A (Gold)")
24 Hair-24-Cowlick B-Black.png Cowlick B-Black (さいしょの髪B(ブラック)
Saisho no Kami B (Burakku)
?, lit. "Default Hair B (Black)")
25 Hair-25-Cowlick B-Silver.png Cowlick B-Silver (さいしょの髪B(シルバー)
Saisho no Kami B (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Default Hair B (Silver)")
26 Hair-26-Cowlick B-Gold.png Cowlick B-Gold (さいしょの髪B(ゴールド)
Saisho no Kami B (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Default Hair B (Gold)")
27 Hair-27-Sora B's Hair.png Sora B's Hair (ソラBの髪
Sora B no Kami
28 Hair-28-Caesar Cut-Black.png Caesar Cut-Black (ショート1(ブラック)
Shōto 1 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Short 1 (Black)")
29 Hair-29-Ceasar Cut-Silver.png Ceasar Cut-Silver (ショート1(シルバー)
Shōto 1 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Short 1 (Silver)")
30 Hair-30-Ceasar Cut-Gold.png Ceasar Cut-Gold (ショート1(ゴールド)
Shōto 1 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Short 1 (Gold)")
31 Hair-31-Bookworm-Black.png Bookworm-Black (ベリーショート(ブラック)
Berī Shōto (Burakku)
?, lit. "Very Short (Black)")
32 Hair-32-Bookworm-Silver.png Bookworm-Silver (ベリーショート(シルバー)
Berī Shōto (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Very Short (Silver)")
33 Hair-33-Bookworm-Gold.png Bookworm-Gold (ベリーショート(ゴールド)
Berī Shōto (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Very Short (Gold)")
34 Hair-34-Bob Cut-Black.png Bob Cut-Black (ショート2(ブラック)
Shōto 2 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Short 2 (Black)")
35 Hair-35-Bob Cut-Silver.png Bob Cut-Silver (ショート2(シルバー)
Shōto 2 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Short 2 (Silver)")
36 Hair-36-Bob Cut-Gold.png Bob Cut-Gold (ショート2(ゴールド)
Shōto 2 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Short 2 (Gold)")
37 Hair-37-Layered-Black.png Layered-Black (ミディアム1(ブラック)
Midiamu 1 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Medium 1 (Black)")
38 Hair-38-Layered-Silver.png Layered-Silver (ミディアム1(シルバー)
Midiamu 1 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Medium 1 (Silver)")
39 Hair-39-Layered-Gold.png Layered-Gold (ミディアム1(ゴールド)
Midiamu 1 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Medium 1 (Gold)")
40 Hair-40-Long Hair-Black.png Long Hair-Black (ロング1(ブラック)
Rongu 1 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Long (Black)")
41 Hair-41-Long Hair-Silver.png Long Hair-Silver (ロング1(シルバー)
Rongu 1 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Long (Silver)")
42 Hair-42-Long Hair-Gold.png Long Hair-Gold (ロング1(ゴールド)
Rongu 1 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Long (Gold)")
43 Hair-43-Aerith A's Hair.png Aerith A's Hair (エアリスAの髪
Earisu A no Kami
44 Hair-44-Yuffie A's Hair.png Yuffie A's Hair (ユフィAの髪+鉢巻
Yufi A no Kami + Hachimaki
lit. "Yuffie A's Hair + Headband")
45 Hair-45-Leon's Hair.png Leon's Hair (レオンの髪
Reon no Kami
46 Hair-46-Cid's Hair.png Cid's Hair (シドの髪
Shido no Kami
47 Hair-47-Geisha Wig.png Geisha Wig (和装カツラ
Wasou Katsura
?, lit. "Japanese Wig")
48 Hair-48-Neo-mullet-Black.png Neo-mullet-Black (ツーブロック(ブラック)
Tsūburokku (Burakku)
?, lit. "Two-block (Black)")
49 Hair-49-Neo-mullet-Brown.png Neo-mullet-Brown (ツーブロック(ブラウン)
Tsūburokku (Buraun)
?, lit. "Two-block (Brown)")
50 Hair-50-Neo-mullet-Orange.png Neo-mullet-Orange (ツーブロック(オレンジ)
Tsūburokku (Orenji)
?, lit. "Two-block (Orange)")
51 Hair-51-Neo-mullet-Ash.png Neo-mullet-Ash (ツーブロック(アッシュ)
Tsūburokku (Asshu)
?, lit. "Two-block (Ash)")
52 Hair-52-Mohawk-Black.png Mohawk-Black (モヒカン(ブラック)
Mohikan (Burakku)
53 Hair-53-Mohawk-Brown.png Mohawk-Brown (モヒカン(ブラウン)
Mohikan (Buraun)
54 Hair-54-Mohawk-Gold.png Mohawk-Gold (モヒカン(ゴールド)
Mohikan (Gōrudo)
55 Hair-55-Mohawk-Red.png Mohawk-Red (モヒカン(レッド)
Mohikan (Reddo)
56 Hair-56-Seifer's Hair.png Seifer's Hair (サイファーの髪
Saifā no Kami
57 Hair-57-Fuu's Hair.png Fuu's Hair (フウの髪
Fuu no Kami
58 Hair-58-Rai's Hair.png Rai's Hair (ライの髪
Rai no Kami
59 Hair-59-Pete's Hair.png Pete's Hair (ピートの髪
Pīto no Kami
60 Hair-60-Ansem's Hair.png Ansem's Hair (アンセムの髪
Ansemu no Kami
61 Hair-61-Daisy's Hair.png Daisy's Hair (デイジーの髪
Deijī no Kami
62 Hair-62-Queen Minnie's Hair.png Queen Minnie's Hair (ミニーの髪
Minī no Kami
?, lit. "Minnie's Hair")
63 Hair-63-Yuna's Hair.png Yuna's Hair (ユウナの髪
Yuuna no Kami
64 Hair-64-Rikku's Hair.png Rikku's Hair (リュックの髪
Ryukku no Kami
65 Hair-65-Paine's Hair.png Paine's Hair (パインの髪
Pain no Kami
66 Hair-66-Buzz Cut-Brown.png Buzz Cut-Brown (ベリーショート2(ブラウン)
Berī Shōto 2 (Braun)
?, lit. "Very Short 2 (Brown)")
67 Hair-67-Buzz Cut-Gold.png Buzz Cut-Gold (ベリーショート2(ゴールド)
Berī Shōto 2 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Very Short 2 (Gold)")
68 Hair-68-Buzz Cut-Silver.png Buzz Cut-Silver (ベリーショート2(シルバー)
Berī Shōto 2 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Very Short 2 (Silver)")
69 Hair-69-Buzz Cut-Black.png Buzz Cut-Black (ベリーショート2(ブラック)
Berī Shōto 2 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Very Short 2 (Black)")
70 Hair-70-Pageboy-Brown.png Pageboy-Brown (ミディアム2(ブラウン)
Midiamu 2 (Braun)
?, lit. "Medium 2 (Brown)")
71 Hair-71-Pageboy-Gold.png Pageboy-Gold (ミディアム2(ゴールド)
Midiamu 2 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Medium 2 (Gold)")
72 Hair-72-Pageboy-Silver.png Pageboy-Silver (ミディアム2(シルバー)
Midiamu 2 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Medium 2 (Silver)")
73 Hair-73-Pageboy-Black.png Pageboy-Black (ミディアム2(ブラック)
Midiamu 2 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Medium 2 (Black)")
74 Hair-74-French Twist-Brown.png French Twist-Brown (アレンジ1(ブラウン)
Arenji 1 (Braun)
?, lit. "Arrange 1 (Brown)")
75 Hair-75-French Twist-Gold.png French Twist-Gold (アレンジ1(ゴールド)
Arenji 1 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Arrange 1 (Gold)")
76 Hair-76-French Twist-Silver.png French Twist-Silver (アレンジ1(シルバー)
Arenji 1 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Arrange 1 (Silver)")
77 Hair-77-French Twist-Black.png French Twist-Black (アレンジ1(ブラック)
Arenji 1 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Arrange 1 (Black)")
78 Hair-78-Sora C's Hair.png Sora C's Hair (ソラCの髪
Sora C no Kami
79 Hair-79-Riku B's Hair.png Riku B's Hair (リクBの髪
Riku B no Kami
80 Hair-80-Kairi B's Hair.png Kairi B's Hair (カイリBの髪
Kairi B no Kami
81 Hair-81-Naminé's Hair.png Naminé's Hair (ナミネの髪
Namine no Kami
82 Hair-82-Firion's Hair.png Firion's Hair (フリオニールの髪
Furionīru no Kami
?, lit. "Frioniel's Hair")
83 Hair-83-Onion Knight Helm.png Onion Knight Helm (オニオンナイトのヘルム
Onion Naito no Herumu
84 Hair-84-Dreads-Brown.png Dreads-Brown (ミディアム3(ブラウン)
Midiamu 3 (Braun)
?, lit. "Medium 3 (Brown)")
85 Hair-85-Dreads-Gold.png Dreads-Gold (ミディアム3(ゴールド)
Midiamu 3 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Medium 3 (Gold)")
86 Hair-86-Dreads-Silver.png Dreads-Silver (ミディアム3(シルバー)
Midiamu 3 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Medium 3 (Silver)")
87 Hair-87-Dreads-Black.png Dreads-Black (ミディアム3(ブラック)
Midiamu 3 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Medium 3 (Black)")
88 Hair-88-Spiked-Brown.png Spiked-Brown (ミディアム4(ブラウン)
Midiamu 4 (Braun)
?, lit. "Medium 4 (Brown)")
89 Hair-89-Spiked-Gold.png Spiked-Gold (ミディアム4(ゴールド)
Midiamu 4 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Medium 4 (Gold)")
90 Hair-90-Spiked-Silver.png Spiked-Silver (ミディアム4(シルバー)
Midiamu 4 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Medium 4 (Silver)")
91 Hair-91-Spiked-Black.png Spiked-Black (ミディアム4(ブラック)
Midiamu 4 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Medium 4 (Black)")
92 Hair-92-Pigtails-Brown.png Pigtails-Brown (アレンジ2(ブラウン)
Arenji 2 (Braun)
?, lit. "Arrange 2 (Brown)")
93 Hair-93-Pigtails-Gold.png Pigtails-Gold (アレンジ2(ゴールド)
Arenji 2 (Gōrudo)
?, lit. "Arrange 2 (Gold)")
94 Hair-94-Pigtails-Silver.png Pigtails-Silver (アレンジ2(シルバー)
Arenji 2 (Shirubā)
?, lit. "Arrange 2 (Silver)")
95 Hair-95-Pigtails-Black.png Pigtails-Black (アレンジ2(ブラック)
Arenji 2 (Burakku)
?, lit. "Arrange 2 (Black)")
96 Hair-96-Hayner's Hair.png Hayner's Hair (ハイネの髪
Haine no Kami
97 Hair-97-Pence's Hair.png Pence's Hair (ピンツの髪
Pintsu no Kami
98 Hair-98-Olette's Hair.png Olette's Hair (オレットの髪
Oretto no Kami
99 Hair-99-Tifa's Hair.png Tifa's Hair (ティファの髪
Tifa no Kami
100 Hair-100-Setzer's Hair.png Setzer's Hair (セッツァーの髪
Settsā no Kami
101 Hair-101-Cloud B's Hair.png Cloud B's Hair (クラウドBの髪
Kuraudo B no Kami
102 Hair-102-Auron's Hair.png Auron's Hair (アーロンの髪
Āron no Kami
103 Hair-103-Sephiroth's Hair.png Sephiroth's Hair (セフィロスの髪
Sefirosu no Kami
104 Hair-104-Axel's Hair.png Axel's Hair (アクセルの髪
Akuseru no Kami
105 Hair-105-Vexen's Hair.png Vexen's Hair (ヴィクセンの髪
Vikusen no Kami
106 Hair-106-Zexion's Hair.png Zexion's Hair (ゼクシオンの髪
Zekushion no Kami
107 Hair-107-Marluxia's Hair.png Marluxia's Hair (マールーシャの髪
Mārūsha no Kami
108 Hair-108-Demyx's Hair.png Demyx's Hair (デミックスの髪
Demikkusu no Kami
109 Hair-109-Xigbar's Hair.png Xigbar's Hair (シグバールの髪
Shigubāru no Kami
110 Hair-110-Xemnas's Hair.png Xemnas's Hair (ゼムナスの髪
Zemunasu no Kami
111 Hair-111-Luxord's Hair.png Luxord's Hair (ルクソードの髪
Rukusōdo no Kami
112 Hair-112-Xaldin's Hair.png Xaldin's Hair (ザルディンの髪
Zarudin no Kami
113 Hair-113-Saix's Hair.png Saïx's Hair (サイクスの髪
Saikusu no Kami
114 Hair-114-Lexaeus's Hair.png Lexaeus's Hair (レクセウスの髪
Rekuseusu no Kami
115 Hair-115-Larxene's Hair.png Larxene's Hair (ラクシーヌの髪
Rakushīnu no Kami
116 Hair-116-Aerith B's Hair.png Aerith B's Hair (エアリスBの髪
Earisu B no Kami
117 Hair-117-Yuffie B's Hair.png Yuffie B's Hair (ユフィBの髪
Yufi B no Kami
118 Hair-118-Xehanort's Hair.png Xehanort's Hair (ゼアノートの髪
Zeanōto no Kami
119 Hair-119-Sora D's Hair.png Sora D's Hair (ソラDの髪
Sora D no Kami
120 Hair-120-Goofy D's Hair.png Goofy D's Hair (グーフィーDの髪
Gūfī D no Kami
121 Hair-121-Donald D's Hair.png Donald D's Hair (ドナルドDの髪
Donarudo D no Kami
122 Hair-122-Lightning's Hair.png Lightning's Hair (ライトニングの髪
Raitoningu no Kami
123 Hair-123-Snow's Hair.png Snow's Hair (スノウの髪
Sunou no Kami
124 Hair-124-Serah's Hair.png Serah's Hair (セラの髪
Sera no Kami
125 Hair-125-Ventus's Hair.png Ventus's Hair (ヴェントゥスの髪
Ventusu no Kami
126 Hair-126-Terra's Hair.png Terra's Hair (テラの髪
Tera no Kami
127 Hair-127-Aqua's Hair.png Aqua's Hair (アクアの髪
Akua no Kami
128 Hair-128-Eraqus's Hair.png Eraqus's Hair (エラクゥスの髪
Erakwusu no Kami
129 Hair-129-Sazh's Hair (Plus One).png Sazh's Hair (Plus One) (サッズの髪
Sazzu no Kami
?, lit. "Sazh's Hair")
130 Hair-130-Vanille's Hair.png Vanille's Hair (ヴァニラの髪
Vanira no Kami
131 Hair-131-Bartz's Hair.png Bartz's Hair (バッツの髪
Battsu no Kami
?, lit. "Butz's Hair")
132 Hair-132-Cecil's Hair.png Cecil's Hair (セシルの髪
Seshiru no Kami
133 Hair-133-FF6 Terra's Hair.png FF6 Terra's Hair (ティナの髪
Tina no Kami
?, lit. "Tina's Hair")
134 Hair-134-Cloud C's Hair.png Cloud C's Hair (クラウドCの髪
Kuraudo C no Kami
135 Hair-135-Zidane's Hair.png Zidane's Hair (ジタンの髪
Jitan no Kami
136 Hair-136-Squall's Hair.png Squall's Hair (スコールの髪
Sukōru no Kami
137 Hair-137-Tidus B's Hair.png Tidus B's Hair (ティーダBの髪
Tīda B no Kami
138 Hair-138-Shantotto's Hair.png Shantotto's Hair (シャントットの髪
Shantotto no Kami
No. Part Name
1 Features-1-Yellow Beak.png Yellow Beak (黄色いクチバシ
Kiiroi Kuchibashi
2 Features-2-Goofy's Mouth.png Goofy's Mouth (グーフィーのクチ
Gūfī no Kuchi
3 Features-3-Round Nose.png Round Nose (丸い鼻
Marui Hana
4 Features-4-Chip's Mouth.png Chip's Mouth (チップのクチ
Chippu no Kuchi
5 Features-5-Dale's Mouth.png Dale's Mouth (デールのクチ
Dēru no Kuchi
6 Features-6-Goofy B's Mouth.png Goofy B's Mouth (グーフィーBのクチ
Gūfī B no Kuchi
7 Features-7-Santa Beard.png Santa Beard (サンタ服(パンツ)のヒゲ
Santa-fuku (Pantsu) no Hige
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Pants) Facial Hair)
8 Features-8-Cid's Toothpick.png Cid's Toothpick (シドのつまようじ
Shido no Tsumayouji
9 Features-9-Pete's Mouth.png Pete's Mouth (ピートのクチ
Pīto no Kuchi
10 Features-10-Goofy D's Mouth.png Goofy D's Mouth (グーフィーDのクチ
Gūfī D no Kuchi
11 Features-11-Luxord's Goatee.png Luxord's Goatee (ルクソードのヒゲ
Rukusōdo no Hige
?, lit. "Luxord's Facial Hair")
12 Features-12-Donald D's Beak.png Donald D's Beak (ドナルドDのクチ
Donarudo D no Kuchi
?, lit. "Donald D's Mouth")
13 Features-13-Eraqus's Soul Patch + Stache.png Eraqus's Soul Patch + Stache (エラクゥスのヒゲ
Erakwusu no Hige
?, lit. "Eraqus's Facial Hair")
14 Features-14-Sazh's Goatee.png Sazh's Goatee (サッズのヒゲ
Sazzu no Hige
?, lit. "Sazh's Facial Hair")
15 Features-15-Shantotto's Ears.png Shantotto's Ears (シャントットの耳
Shantotto no Mimi
No. Part Name
1 Scars, Etc-1-Leon's Scar.png Leon's Scar (レオンの額の傷
Reon no Hitai no Kizu
?, lit. "Leon's Forehead Scar")
2 Scars, Etc-2-Seifer's Scar.png Seifer's Scar (サイファーの傷
Saifā no Kizu
3 Scars, Etc-3-Rai's Scruff.png Rai's Scruff (ライのヒゲ
Rai no Hige
?, lit. "Rai's Facial Hair")
4 Scars, Etc-4-Setzer's Scars.png Setzer's Scars (セッツァーの傷
Settsā no Kizu
5 Scars, Etc-5-Snooty Stache.png Snooty Stache (アートなヒゲ
Āto na Hige
?, lit. "Artsy Facial Hair")
6 Scars, Etc-6-Axel's Makeup.png Axel's Makeup (アクセルのメイク
Akuseru no Meiku
7 Scars, Etc-7-Xigbar's Scar.png Xigbar's Scar (シグバールの傷
Shigubāru no Kizu
8 Scars, Etc-8-Saïx's Scars.png Saïx's Scars (サイクスの傷
Saikusu no Kizu
9 Scars, Etc-9-Eraqus's Scars.png Eraqus's Scars (エラクゥスの傷
Erakwusu no Kizu
10 Scars, Etc-10-Squall's Scar.png Squall's Scar (スコールの傷
Sukōru no Kizu
11 Scars, Etc-11-Shantotto's Nose.png Shantotto's Nose (シャントットの鼻
Shantotto no Hana
No. Part Name
1 Coats-1-Organization Coat.png Organization Coat (XIII機関のコート
XIII Kikan no Kōto
?, lit. "XIII Order Coat")
2 Coats-2-Maleficent's Robe.png Maleficent's Robe (マレフィセントのコート
Marefisento no Kōto
?, lit. "Maleficent's Coat")
3 Coats-3-Overcoat.png Overcoat (ロングコート
Rongu Kōto
?, lit. "Long Coat")
4 Coats-4-White Mushroom's Coat.png White Mushroom's Coat (Wマッシュルームのコート
W Masshurūmu no Kōto
?, lit. "W Mushroom's Coat")
5 Coats-5-Mouton Coat.png Mouton Coat (ムートンコート
Mūton Kōto
6 Coats-6-Trench Coat.png Trench Coat (トレンチコート
Torenchi Kōto
7 Coats-7-Down Jacket.png Down Jacket (ダウンジャケット
Daun Jaketto
8 Coats-8-Poncho 1.png Poncho 1 (ポンチョ1?)
9 Coats-9-Poncho 2.png Poncho 2 (ポンチョ2?)
10 Coats-10-Poncho 3.png Poncho 3 (ポンチョ3?)
11 Coats-11-Seifer's Coat.png Seifer's Coat (サイファーのコート
Saifā no Kōto
12 Coats-12-Ansem's Overcoat.png Ansem's Overcoat (アンセムのロングコート
Ansemu no Rongu Kōto
?, lit. "Ansem's Long Coat")
13 Coats-13-Hayner's Vest.png Hayner's Vest (ハイネのベスト
Haine no Besuto
14 Coats-14-Xehanort's Lab Coat.png Xehanort's Lab Coat (ゼアノートの白衣
Zeanōto no Hakui
15 Coats-15-Xemnas's Coat.png Xemnas's Coat (ゼムナスのコート
Zemunasu no Kōto
16 Coats-16-Costume Jacket.png Costume Jacket (仮装服上着
Kasou-fuku Uwagi
17 Coats-17-Eraqus's Coat.png Eraqus's Coat (エラクゥスのコート
Erakwusu no Kōto
18 Coats-18-FF6 Terra's Cloak.png FF6 Terra's Cloak (ティナのマント
Tina no Manto
?, lit. "Tina's Cloak")
No. Part Name
1 Starter Kits-1-Overalls.png Overalls (オーバーオール
2 Starter Kits-2-Formal Dress.png Formal Dress (ドレス
?, lit. "Dress")
3 Starter Kits-3-Sundress 1.png Sundress 1 (ワンピース1
Wanpīsu 1
?, lit. "Sundress 1")
4 Starter Kits-4-Sundress 2.png Sundress 2 (ワンピース2
Wanpīsu 2
?, lit. "Sundress 2")
5 Starter Kits-5-Sora A Outfit.png Sora A Outfit (ソラAの服
Sora A no Fuku
6 Starter Kits-6-Donald A Outfit.png Donald A Outfit (ドナルドAの服
Donarudo A no Fuku
7 Starter Kits-7-Cloud A Outfit.png Cloud A Outfit (クラウドAの服
Kuraudo A no Fuku
8 Starter Kits-8-King Mickey A Outfit.png King Mickey A Outfit (王様Aの服
Ōsama A no Fuku
?, lit. "The King A Outfit")
9 Starter Kits-9-Selphie's Sundress.png Selphie's Sundress (セルフィAのワンピース
Serufi A no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Selphie A's Sundress")
10 Starter Kits-10-Gummi Shift.png Gummi Shift (グミワンピ
Gumi Wanpi
11 Starter Kits-11-Chip Outfit.png Chip Outfit (チップの服
Chippu no Fuku
12 Starter Kits-12-Dale Outfit.png Dale Outfit (デールの服
Dēru no Fuku
13 Starter Kits-13-Donald B Starter Kit.png Donald B Starter Kit (ドナルドBのセットアップ
Donarudo B no Settoappu
?, lit. "Donald B Setup")
14 Starter Kits-14-Goofy B Starter Kit.png Goofy B Starter Kit (グーフィーBのセットアップ
Gūfī B no Settoappu
?, lit. "Goofy B Setup")
15 Starter Kits-15-Ms. Santa Dress.png Ms. Santa Dress (サンタ服(ワンピ)のワンピ
Santa-fuku (Wanpi) no Wanpi
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Sundress) Sundress")
16 Starter Kits-16-Long-sleeve Dress.png Long-sleeve Dress (長袖ワンピース
Nagasode Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Long-sleeve Sundress")
17 Starter Kits-17-Knit Dress.png Knit Dress (ニットワンピース
Nitto Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Knit Sundress")
18 Starter Kits-18-Aerith A's Dress.png Aerith A's Dress (エアリスAのワンピース
Earisu A no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Aerith A's Sundress")
19 Starter Kits-19-Men's Kimono.png Men's Kimono (和装(男)着物
Wasou (Otoko) Kimono
?, lit. "Japanese (Male) Kimono")
20 Starter Kits-20-Women's Kimono.png Women's Kimono (和装(女)着物
Wasou (Onna) Kimono
?, lit. "Japanese (Female) Kimono")
21 Starter Kits-21-Pete Starter Kit.png Pete Starter Kit (ピートのセットアップ
Pīto no Settoappu
?, lit. "Pete Setup")
22 Starter Kits-22-Large Body Starter Kit.png Large Body Starter Kit (ラージボディのセットアップ
Rāji Bodi no Settoappu
?, lit. "Large Body Setup")
23 Starter Kits-23-Daisy's Dress.png Daisy's Dress (デイジーのドレス
Deijī no Doresu
24 Starter Kits-24-Queen Minnie's Dress.png Queen Minnie's Dress (ミニーのドレス
Minī no Doresu
?, lit. "Minnie's Dress")
25 Starter Kits-25-Goofy Starter Kit C.png Goofy Starter Kit C (グーフィーCのセットアップ
Gūfī C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Goofy C Setup")
26 Starter Kits-26-Donald Starter Kit C.png Donald Starter Kit C (ドナルドCのセットアップ
Donarudo C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Donald C Setup")
27 Starter Kits-27-Dark Riku Starter Kit.png Dark Riku Starter Kit (闇リクのセットアップ
Yami Riku no Settoappu
?, lit. "Dark Riku Setup")
28 Starter Kits-28-Sora C Starter Kit.png Sora C Starter Kit (ソラCのセットアップ
Sora C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Sora C Setup")
29 Starter Kits-29-Kairi B's Dress.png Kairi B's Dress (カイリBのワンピース
Kairi B no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Kairi B's Sundress")
30 Starter Kits-30-Naminé's Sundress.png Naminé's Sundress (ナミネのワンピース
Namine no Wanpīsu
?, lit. " Naminé's Sundress")
31 Starter Kits-31-Firion Starter Kit.png Firion Starter Kit (フリオニールのセットアップ
Furionīru no Settoappu
?, lit. "Frioniel Setup")
32 Starter Kits-32-Onion Knight Starter Kit.png Onion Knight Starter Kit (オニオンナイトのセットアップ
Onion Naito no Settoappu
?, lit. "Onion Knight Setup")
33 Starter Kits-33-King Mickey B Outfit.png King Mickey B Outfit (王様Bの服
Ōsama B no Fuku
?, lit. "The King B Outfit")
34 Starter Kits-34-Hamaka + Kimono.png Hamaka + Kimono (袴セット
Hakama Setto
?, lit. "Hakama Set")
35 Starter Kits-35-Cloud B Outfit.png Cloud B Outfit (クラウドBの服
Kuraudo B no Fuku
36 Starter Kits-36-Sephiroth Outfit.png Sephiroth Outfit (セフィロスの服
Sefirosu no Fuku
37 Starter Kits-37-DiZ Outfit.png DiZ Outfit (DIZの服
DIZ no Fuku
38 Starter Kits-38-Valor Form Starter Kit.png Valor Form Starter Kit (ブレイヴフォームのセットアップ
Bureivu Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Brave Form Setup")
39 Starter Kits-39-Wisdom Form Starter Kit.png Wisdom Form Starter Kit (ウィズダムフォームのセットアップ
Wizudamu Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Wisdom Form Setup")
40 Starter Kits-40-Master Form Starter Kit.png Master Form Starter Kit (マスターフォームのセットアップ
Masutā Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Master Form Setup")
41 Starter Kits-41-Final Form Starter Kit.png Final Form Starter Kit (ファイナルフォームのセットアップ
Fainaru Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Final Form Setup")
42 Starter Kits-42-Red Nocturne Outfit.png Red Nocturne Outfit (レッドノクターンの服
Reddo Nokutān no Fuku
43 Starter Kits-43-Minute Bomb Bodysuit.png Minute Bomb Bodysuit (ミニッツボムの全身タイツ
Minittsu Bomu no Zenshin Taitsu
?, lit. "Minute Bomb Full-length Tights")
44 Starter Kits-44-Search Ghost Outfit.png Search Ghost Outfit (サーチゴーストの服
Sāchi Gōsuto no Fuku
45 Starter Kits-45-Sora D Starter Kit.png Sora D Starter Kit (ソラDのセットアップ
Sora D no Settoappu
?, lit. "Sora D Setup")
46 Starter Kits-46-Goofy D Starter Kit.png Goofy D Starter Kit (グーフィーDのセットアップ
Gūfī D no Settoappu
?, lit. "Goofy D Setup")
47 Starter Kits-47-Donald D Starter Kit.png Donald D Starter Kit (ドナルドDのセットアップ
Donarudo D no Settoappu
?, lit. "Donald D Setup")
48 Starter Kits-48-Costume Dress.png Costume Dress (仮装ドレス
Kasou Doresu
49 Starter Kits-49-Lightning Starter Kit.png Lightning Starter Kit (ライトニングのセットアップ
Raitoningu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Lightning Setup")
50 Starter Kits-50-Snow Starter Kit.png Snow Starter Kit (スノウのセットアップ
Sunou no Settoappu
?, lit. "Snow Setup")
51 Starter Kits-51-Serah Starter Kit.png Serah Starter Kit (セラのセットアップ
Sera no Settoappu
?, lit. "Serah Setup")
52 Starter Kits-52-Ventus Starter Kit.png Ventus Starter Kit (ヴェントゥスのセットアップ
Ventusu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Ventus Setup")
53 Starter Kits-53-Terra Starter Kit.png Terra Starter Kit (テラのセットアップ
Tera no Settoappu
?, lit. "Terra Setup")
54 Starter Kits-54-Aqua Starter Kit.png Aqua Starter Kit (アクアのセットアップ
Akua no Settoappu
?, lit. "Aqua Setup")
55 Starter Kits-55-Eraqus Starter Kit.png Eraqus Starter Kit (エラクゥスのセットアップ
Erakwusu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Eraqus Setup")
56 Starter Kits-56-Vanitas Suit.png Vanitas Suit (ヴァニタススッツ
Vanitasu Suttsu
57 Starter Kits-57-Radiant Garden Uniform.png Radiant Garden Uniform (レイディアントガーデン制服
Reidianto Gāden Seifuku
58 Starter Kits-58-Sazh Starter Kit.png Sazh Starter Kit (サッズのセットアップ
Sazzu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Sazh Setup")
59 Starter Kits-59-Vanille Starter Kit.png Vanille Starter Kit (ヴァニラのセットアップ
Vanira no Settoappu
?, lit. "Vanille Setup")
60 Starter Kits-60-Bartz Starter Kit.png Bartz Starter Kit (バッツのセットアップ
Battsu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Butz Setup")
61 Starter Kits-61-Cecil Starter Kit.png Cecil Starter Kit (セシルのセットアップ
Seshiru no Settoappu
?, lit. "Cecil Setup")
62 Starter Kits-62-FF6 Terra Starter Kit.png FF6 Terra Starter Kit (ティナのセットアップ
Tina no Settoappu
?, lit. "Tina Setup")
63 Starter Kits-63-Cloud C Starter Kit.png Cloud C Starter Kit (クラウドCのセットアップ
Kuraudo C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Cloud C Setup")
64 Starter Kits-64-Tidus B Starter Kit.png Tidus B Starter Kit (ティーダBのセットアップ
Tīda B no Settoappu
?, lit. "Tidus B Setup")
65 Starter Kits-65-Shantotto Starter Kit.png Shantotto Starter Kit (シャントットのセットアップ
Shantotto no Settoappu
?, lit. "Shantotto Setup")
No. Part Name
1 Tops-1-Typical Top.png Typical Top (さいしょの上着
Saisho no Uwagi
?, lit. "Default Top")
2 Tops-2-Riku A's Vest.png Riku A's Vest (リクAの上着
Riku A no Uwagi
?, lit. "Riku A's Top")
3 Tops-3-Kairi A's Shirt.png Kairi A's Shirt (カイリAの上着
Kairi A no Uwagi
?, lit. "Kairi A's Top")
4 Tops-4-Goofy A's Shirt Combo.png Goofy A's Shirt Combo (グーフィーAの上着
Gūfī A no Uwagi
?, lit. "Goofy A's Top")
5 Tops-5-T-shirt 1.png T-shirt 1 (Tシャツ1
T-shatsu 1
6 Tops-6-T-shirt 2.png T-shirt 2 (Tシャツ2
T-shatsu 2
7 Tops-7-Tank Top.png Tank Top (ランニングシャツ
Ranningu Shatsu
?, lit. "Running Shirt")
8 Tops-8-Long-sleeve Tee 1.png Long-sleeve Tee 1 (ロングTシャツ1
Rongu T-shatsu 1
?, lit. "Long T-shirt 1")
9 Tops-9-Long-sleeve Tee 2.png Long-sleeve Tee 2 (ロングTシャツ2
Rongu T-shatsu 2
?, lit. "Long T-shirt 2")
10 Tops-10-Dress Shirt 1.png Dress Shirt 1 (ワイシャツ1
Waishatsu 1
11 Tops-11-Dress Shirt 2.png Dress Shirt 2 (ワイシャツ2
Waishatsu 2
12 Tops-12-Hoodie.png Hoodie (フード付きパーカー
Fūdo-dzuke Pākā
?, lit. "Hooded Parka")
13 Tops-13-Leather Top.png Leather Top (レザーウェア
Rezā Wea
?, lit. "Leather Wear")
14 Tops-14-Wakka's Tank Top.png Wakka's Tank Top (ワッカの上着
Wakka no Uwagi
?, lit. "Wakka's Top")
15 Tops-15-Tidus A's Shirt Combo.png Tidus A's Shirt Combo (ティーダAの上着
Tīda A no Uwagi
?, lit. "Tidus A's Top")
16 Tops-16-Sport Jacket 1.png Sport Jacket 1 (ジャケット1
Jaketto 1
?, lit. "Jacket 1")
17 Tops-17-Sport Jacket 2.png Sport Jacket 2 (ジャケット2
Jaketto 2
?, lit. "Jacket 2")
18 Tops-18-Jacket 1.png Jacket 1 (ジャンパー
?, lit. "Jumper")
19 Tops-19-Long-sleeve Tee 3.png Long-sleeve Tee 3 (ロングTシャツ3
Rongu T-shatsu 3
?, lit. "Long T-shirt 3")
20 Tops-20-Vest.png Vest (ベスト
21 Tops-21-Sora B's Coat.png Sora B's Coat (ソラBの上着
Sora B no Uwagi
?, lit. "Sora B's Top")
22 Tops-22-Santa Coat.png Santa Coat (サンタ服(パンツ)の上着
Santa-fuku (Pantsu) no Uwagi
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Pants) Top")
23 Tops-23-Turtleneck Sweater 1.png Turtleneck Sweater 1 (ハイネックセーター1
Hai-nekku Sētā 1
?, lit. "High-necked Sweater 1")
24 Tops-24-Turtleneck Sweater 2.png Turtleneck Sweater 2 (ハイネックセーター2
Hai-nekku Sētā 2
?, lit. "High-necked Sweater 2")
25 Tops-25-Yuffie A's Tube Top.png Yuffie A's Tube Top (ユフィAの上着
Yufi A no Uwagi
?, lit. "Yuffie A's Top")
26 Tops-26-Leon's Jacket Combo.png Leon's Jacket Combo (レオンの上着
Reon no Uwagi
?, lit. "Leon's Top")
27 Tops-27-Cid's Shirt + Waistband.png Cid's Shirt + Waistband (シドの腹まき
Shido no Haramaki
?, lit. "Cid's Waistband")
28 Tops-28-Jacket 2.png Jacket 2 (ブルゾン
?, lit. "Blouson")
29 Tops-29-Seifer's Undershirt.png Seifer's Undershirt (サイファーのインナー
Saifā no Innā
?, lit. "Seifer's Inner")
30 Tops-30-Fuu's Vest.png Fuu's Vest (フウのトップス
Fuu no Toppusu
?, lit. "Fuu's Tops")
31 Tops-31-Rai's Tank Top.png Rai's Tank Top (ライのタンクトップ
Rai no Tankutoppu
32 Tops-32-Ansem's Shirt.png Ansem's Shirt (アンセムのインナー
Ansemu no Innā
?, lit. "Ansem's Inner")
33 Tops-33-Tracksuit Top 1.png Tracksuit Top 1 (ジャージ1のトップス
Jāji 1 no Toppusu
?, lit. "Jersey 1 Tops")
34 Tops-34-Tracksuit Top 2.png Tracksuit Top 2 (ジャージ2のトップス
Jāji 2 no Toppusu
?, lit. "Jersey 2 Tops")
35 Tops-35-Tracksuit Top 3.png Tracksuit Top 3 (ジャージ3のトップス
Jāji 3 no Toppusu
?, lit. "Jersey 3 Tops")
36 Tops-36-Formal Jacket 1.png Formal Jacket 1 (スーツ(上)1
Sūtsu (Jou) 1
?, lit. "Suit (Upper) 1")
37 Tops-37-Formal Jacket 2.png Formal Jacket 2 (スーツ(上)2
Sūtsu (Jou) 2
?, lit. "Suit (Upper) 2")
38 Tops-38-Biker Jacket.png Biker Jacket (ライダース
?, lit. "Rider's")
39 Tops-39-Denim Jacket.png Denim Jacket (デニムジャケット
Denimu Jaketto
40 Tops-40-Hooded Vest 1.png Hooded Vest 1 (フード付きベスト1
Fūdo-dzuke Besuto 1
41 Tops-41-Hooded Vest 2.png Hooded Vest 2 (フード付きベスト2
Fūdo-dzuke Besuto 2
42 Tops-42-Cardigan 1.png Cardigan 1 (ニットカーディガン1
Nitto Kādigan 1
?, lit. "Knit Cardigan 1")
43 Tops-43-Cardigan 2.png Cardigan 2 (ニットカーディガン2
Nitto Kādigan 2
?, lit. "Knit Cardigan 2")
44 Tops-44-Yuna's Top.png Yuna's Top (ユウナのトップス
Yuuna no Toppusu
?, lit. "Yuna's Tops")
45 Tops-45-Rikku's Top.png Rikku's Top (リュックのトップス
Ryukku no Toppusu
?, lit. "Rikku's Tops")
46 Tops-46-Paine's Top.png Paine's Top (パインのトップス
Pain no Toppusu
?, lit. "Paine's Tops")
47 Tops-47-School Uniform Shirt.png School Uniform Shirt (学ラン上着
Gakuran Uwagi
?, lit. "School Uniform Top")
48 Tops-48-Sailor Suit.png Sailor Suit (セーラー服
Sērā Fuku
49 Tops-49-Vivi's Coat Combo.png Vivi's Coat Combo (ビビの上着
Bibi no Uwagi
?, lit. "Vivi's Top")
50 Tops-50-Riku B's Vest.png Riku B's Vest (リクBのベスト
Riku B no Besuto
51 Tops-51-Pirate Coat.png Pirate Coat (海賊の上着
Kaizoku no Uwagi
52 Tops-52-Jackpot Tee.png Jackpot Tee (ぐるぐるTシャツ
Guruguru T-shatsu
?, lit. "Rolling T-shirt")
53 Tops-53-Roxas's Shirt Combo.png Roxas's Shirt Combo (ロクサスの上着
Rokusasu no Uwagi
?, lit. "Roxas's Top")
54 Tops-54-Hayner's Tank Top.png Hayner's Tank Top (ハイネのタンクトップ
Haine no Tankutoppu
55 Tops-55-Pence's Tank Combo.png Pence's Tank Combo (ピンツの上着
Pintsu no Uwagi
?, lit. "Pence's Top")
56 Tops-56-Olette's Camisole.png Olette's Camisole (オレットのキャミソール
Oretto no Kyamisōru
57 Tops-57-Tifa's Vest.png Tifa's Vest (ティファのトップス
Tifa no Toppusu
?, lit. "Tifa's Tops")
58 Tops-58-Kairi C's Dress Shirt.png Kairi C's Dress Shirt (カイリCのトップス
Kairi C no Toppusu
?, lit. "Kairi C's Tops")
59 Tops-59-Setzer's Shirt.png Setzer's Shirt (セッツァーの上着
Settsā no Uwagi
?, lit. "Setzer's Top")
60 Tops-60-Auron's Coat.png Auron's Coat (アーロンの服
Āron no Fuku
?, lit. "Auron's Clothes")
61 Tops-61-Aerith B's Top.png Aerith B's Top (エアリスBのトップス
Earisu B no Toppusu
?, lit. "Aerith B's Tops")
62 Tops-62-Yuffie B's Vest Combo.png Yuffie B's Vest Combo (ユフィBのトップス
Yufi B no Toppusu
?, lit. "Yuffie B's Tops")
63 Tops-63-Xehanort's V-neck Combo.png Xehanort's V-neck Combo (ゼアノートのトップス
Zeanōto no Toppusu
?, lit. "Xehanort's Tops")
64 Tops-64-High Roller Vest Combo.png High Roller Vest Combo (ハイ&ローシャツ
Hai & Rō Shatsu
?, lit. "High & Low Shirt")
65 Tops-65-Costume Undershirt.png Costume Undershirt (仮装服インナー
Kasou-fuku Innā
?, lit. "Costume Inner")
66 Tops-66-Zidane's Vest Combo.png Zidane's Vest Combo (ジタンのトップス
Jitan no Toppusu
?, lit. "Zidane's Tops")
67 Tops-67-Squall's Jacket Combo.png Squall's Jacket Combo (スコールのトップス
Sukōru no Toppusu
?, lit. "Squall's Tops")
No. Part Name
1 Bottoms-1-Basic Bottoms.png Basic Bottoms (さいしょのボトムス
Saisho no Botomusu
?, lit. "Default Bottoms")
2 Bottoms-2-Riku A's Pants.png Riku A's Pants (リクAのボトムス
Riku A no Botomusu
?, lit. "Riku A's Bottoms")
3 Bottoms-3-Kairi A's Skirt.png Kairi A's Skirt (カイリAのボトムス
Kairi A no Botomusu
?, lit. "Kairi A's Bottoms")
4 Bottoms-4-Goofy A's Pants.png Goofy A's Pants (グーフィーAのボトムス
Gūfī A no Botomusu
?, lit. "Goofy A's Bottoms")
5 Bottoms-5-Slacks 1.png Slacks 1 (ボトムス1
Botomusu 1
?, lit. "Bottoms 1")
6 Bottoms-6-Long Shorts 1.png Long Shorts 1 (ハーフパンツ1
Hāfu-pantsu 1
?, lit. "Shorts 1")
7 Bottoms-7-Shorts.png Shorts (ショートパンツ
Shōto Pantsu
?, lit. "Short Shorts")
8 Bottoms-8-Slacks 2.png Slacks 2 (ボトムス2
Botomusu 2
?, lit. "Bottoms 2")
9 Bottoms-9-Slacks 3.png Slacks 3 (ボトムス3
Botomusu 3
?, lit. "Bottoms 3")
10 Bottoms-10-Long Shorts 2.png Long Shorts 2 (ハーフパンツ2
Hāfu-pantsu 2
?, lit. "Shorts 2")
11 Bottoms-11-Long Skirt 1.png Long Skirt 1 (ロングスカート1
Rongu Sukāto 1
12 Bottoms-12-Miniskirt 1.png Miniskirt 1 (ミニスカート1
Minisukāto 1
13 Bottoms-13-Miniskirt 2.png Miniskirt 2 (ミニスカート2
Minisukāto 2
14 Bottoms-14-Miniskirt 3.png Miniskirt 3 (ミニスカート3
Minisukāto 3
15 Bottoms-15-Organization Pants.png Organization Pants (ⅩⅢ機関のボトムス
XIII Kikan no Botomusu
?, lit. "XIII Order Bottoms")
16 Bottoms-16-Wakka's Pants.png Wakka's Pants (ワッカのボトムス
Wakka no Botomusu
?, lit. "Wakka's Bottoms")
17 Bottoms-17-Tidus B's Pants.png Tidus B's Pants (ティーダBのボトムス
Tīda B no Botomusu
?, lit. "Tidus B's Bottoms")
18 Bottoms-18-Long Shorts 3.png Long Shorts 3 (ハーフパンツ3
Hāfu-pantsu 3
?, lit. "Shorts 3")
19 Bottoms-19-Pants.png Pants (パンツ
20 Bottoms-20-Miniskirt 4.png Miniskirt 4 (ミニスカート4
Minisukāto 4
21 Bottoms-21-Long Shorts 4.png Long Shorts 4 (ハーフパンツ4
Hāfu-pantsu 4
?, lit. "Shorts 4")
22 Bottoms-22-Skirt.png Skirt (スカート
23 Bottoms-23-Sora B's Pants.png Sora B's Pants (ソラBのパンツ
Sora B no Pantsu
24 Bottoms-24-Santa Pants.png Santa Pants (サンタ服(パンツ)のパンツ
Santa-fuku (Pantsu) no Pantsu
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Pants) Pants")
25 Bottoms-25-Yuffie A's Hot Pants.png Yuffie A's Hot Pants (ユフィAのホットパンツ
Yufi A no Hotto Pantsu
26 Bottoms-26-Leon's Pants + Buckles.png Leon's Pants + Buckles (レオンのボトムス
Reon no Botomusu
?, lit. "Leon's Bottoms")
27 Bottoms-27-Cid's Pants.png Cid's Pants (シドのボトムス
Shido no Botomusu
?, lit. "Cid's Bottoms")
28 Bottoms-28-Skirt + Pants.png Skirt + Pants (セットパンツ1
Setto Pantsu 1
?, lit. "Set Pants 1")
29 Bottoms-29-Army Pants.png Army Pants (迷彩パンツ1
Meisai Pantsu 1
?, lit. "Camouflage Pants 1")
30 Bottoms-30-Seifer's Pants.png Seifer's Pants (サイファーのボトムス
Seifā no Botomusu
?, lit. "Seifers Bottoms")
31 Bottoms-31-Fuu's Capris.png Fuu's Capris (フウのボトムス
Fuu no Botomusu
?, lit. "Fuu's Bottoms")
32 Bottoms-32-Rai's Pants.png Rai's Pants (ライのボトムス
Rai no Botomusu
?, lit. "Rai's Bottoms")
33 Bottoms-33-Ansem's Pants.png Ansem's Pants (アンセムのボトムス
Ansemu no Botomusu
?, lit. "Ansem's Bottoms")
34 Bottoms-34-Tracksuit Bottoms 1.png Tracksuit Bottoms 1 (ジャージ1のアンダー
Jāji 1 no Andā
?, lit. "Jersey Under 1")
35 Bottoms-35-Tracksuit Bottoms 2.png Tracksuit Bottoms 2 (ジャージ2のアンダー
Jāji 2 no Andā
?, lit. "Jersey Under 2")
36 Bottoms-36-Tracksuit Bottoms 3.png Tracksuit Bottoms 3 (ジャージ3のアンダー
Jāji 3 no Andā
?, lit. "Jersey Under 3")
37 Bottoms-37-Formal Pants 1.png Formal Pants 1 (スーツ(下)1
Sūtsu (Ka) 1
?, lit. "Suit (Lower) 1")
38 Bottoms-38-Formal Pants 2.png Formal Pants 2 (スーツ(下)2
Sūtsu (Ka) 2
?, lit. "Suit (Lower) 2")
39 Bottoms-39-Leather Pants.png Leather Pants (レザーパンツ
Rezā Pantsu
40 Bottoms-40-Yuna's Skirt Combo.png Yuna's Skirt Combo (ユウナのアンダー
Yuuna no Andā
?, lit. "Yuna's Under")
41 Bottoms-41-Rikku's Skirt.png Rikku's Skirt (リュックのスカート
Ryukku no Sukāto
42 Bottoms-42-Paine's Pants.png Paine's Pants (パインのパンツ
Pain no Pantsu
43 Bottoms-43-Long Skirt 2.png Long Skirt 2 (ロングスカート2
Rongu Sukāto 2
44 Bottoms-44-Long Skirt 3.png Long Skirt 3 (ロングスカート3
Rongu Sukāto 3
45 Bottoms-45-Cargo Pants 1.png Cargo Pants 1 (カーゴパンツ1
Kāgo Pantsu 1
46 Bottoms-46-Cargo Pants 2.png Cargo Pants 2 (カーゴパンツ2
Kāgo Pantsu 2
47 Bottoms-47-Pleated Skirt 1.png Pleated Skirt 1 (プリーツスカート1
Purītsu Sukāto 1
48 Bottoms-48-Pleated Skirt 2.png Pleated Skirt 2 (プリーツスカート2
Purītsu Sukāto 2
49 Bottoms-49-Suspender Short 1.png Suspender Short 1 (サロペット1
Saropetto 1
?, lit. "Salopette 1")
50 Bottoms-50-Suspender Shorts 2.png Suspender Shorts 2 (サロペット2
Saropetto 2
?, lit. "Salopette 2")
51 Bottoms-51-School Uniform Pants.png School Uniform Pants (学ランのズボン
Gakuran no Zubon
52 Bottoms-52-Sailor Skirt.png Sailor Skirt (セーラー服のスカート
Sērā Fuku no Sukāto
?, lit. "Sailor Suit Skirt")
53 Bottoms-53-Vivi's Pants.png Vivi's Pants (ビビのパンツ
Bibi no Pantsu
54 Bottoms-54-Riku B's Pants.png Riku B's Pants (リクBのパンツ
Riku B no Pantsu
55 Bottoms-55-Pirate Pants.png Pirate Pants (海賊のパンツ
Kaizoku no Pantsu
56 Bottoms-56-Roxas's Pants.png Roxas's Pants (ロクサスのパンツ
Rokusasu no Pantsu
57 Bottoms-57-Hayner's Camo Capris.png Hayner's Camo Capris (ハイネのパンツ
Haine no Pantsu
?, lit. "Hayner's Pants")
58 Bottoms-58-Pence's Pants.png Pence's Pants (ピンツのパンツ
Pintsu no Pantsu
59 Bottoms-59-Olette's Capris.png Olette's Capris (オレットのパンツ
Oretto no Pantsu
?, lit. "Olette's Pants")
60 Bottoms-60-Tifa's Skort Combo.png Tifa's Skort Combo (ティファのパンツ
Tifa no Pantsu
?, lit. "Tifa's Pants")
61 Bottoms-61-Kairi C's Skirt.png Kairi C's Skirt (カイリCのスカート
Kairi C no Sukāto
62 Bottoms-62-Setzer's Pants + Sash.png Setzer's Pants + Sash (セッツァーのパンツ
Settsā no Pantsu
?, lit. "Setzer's Pants")
63 Bottoms-63-Auron's Pants.png Auron's Pants (アーロンのパンツ
Āron no Pantsu
64 Bottoms-64-Aerith B's Skirt.png Aerith B's Skirt (エアリスBのスカート
Earisu B no Sukāto
65 Bottoms-65-Yuffie B's Short Shorts.png Yuffie B's Short Shorts (ユフィBのパンツ
Yufi B no Pantsu
?, lit. "Yuffie B's Pants")
66 Bottoms-66-Xehanort's Pants.png Xehanort's Pants (ゼアノートのボトムス
Zeanōto no Botomusu
?, lit. "Xehanort's Bottoms")
67 Bottoms-67-Costume Pants.png Costume Pants (仮装服パンツ
Kasou-fuku Pantsu
68 Bottoms-68-Zidane's Pants Combo.png Zidane's Pants Combo (ジタンのボトムス
Jitan no Botomusu
?, lit. "Zidane's Bottoms")
69 Bottoms-69-Squall's Pants + Buckles.png Squall's Pants + Buckles (スコールのボトムス
Skōru no Botomusu
?, lit. "Squall's Bottoms")
No. Part Name
1 Shoes-1-Starter Shoes.png Starter Shoes (さいしょの靴
Saisho no Kutsu
?, lit. "Default Shoes")
2 Shoes-2-Sora A's Shoes.png Sora A's Shoes (ソラAの靴
Sora A no Kutsu
3 Shoes-3-Riku A's Shoes.png Riku A's Shoes (リクAの靴
Riku A no Kutsu
4 Shoes-4-Kairi A's Shoes.png Kairi A's Shoes (カイリAの靴
Kairi A no Kutsu
5 Shoes-5-Donald's Legs.png Donald's Legs (ドナルドの足もと
Donarudo no Ashimoto
6 Shoes-6-Goofy A's Shoes.png Goofy A's Shoes (グーフィーAの靴
Gūfī A no Kutsu
7 Shoes-7-Cloud A's Shoes.png Cloud A's Shoes (クラウドAの靴
Kuraudo A no Kutsu
8 Shoes-8-Organization Boots.png Organization Boots (XIII機関のブーツ
XIII Kikan no Būtsu
?, lit. "XIII Order Boots")
9 Shoes-9-King Mickey A's Shoes.png King Mickey A's Shoes (王様Aの靴
Ōsama A no Kutsu
?, lit. "The King A's Shoes")
10 Shoes-10-Shoes 1.png Shoes 1 (シューズ1
Shūzu 1
11 Shoes-11-Shoes 2.png Shoes 2 (シューズ2
Shūzu 2
12 Shoes-12-Boots 1.png Boots 1 (ブーツ1
Būtsu 1
13 Shoes-13-Chip's Legs.png Chip's Legs (チップの足もと
Chippu no Ashimoto
14 Shoes-14-Dale's Legs.png Dale's Legs (デールの足もと
Dēru no Ashimoto
15 Shoes-15-Wakka's Sandals.png Wakka's Sandals (ワッカの靴
Wakka no Kutsu
?, lit. "Wakka's Shoes")
16 Shoes-16-Selphie's Sandals.png Selphie's Sandals (セルフィAの靴
Serufi A no Kutsu
?, lit. "Selphie A's Shoes")
17 Shoes-17-Tidus A's Sandals.png Tidus A's Sandals (ティーダAの靴
Tīda A no Kutsu
?, lit. "Tidus A's Shoes")
18 Shoes-18-Sora B's Boots.png Sora B's Boots (ソラBのブーツ
Sora B no Būtsu
19 Shoes-19-Donald B's Legs.png Donald B's Legs (ドナルドBの足もと
Donarudo B no Ashimoto
20 Shoes-20-Goofy B's Feet.png Goofy B's Feet (グーフィーBの足もと
Gūfī B no Ashimoto
21 Shoes-21-Santa Boots.png Santa Boots (サンタ服(パンツ)のブーツ
Santa-fuku (Pantsu) no Būtsu
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Pants) Boots")
22 Shoes-22-Ms. Santa Boots.png Ms. Santa Boots (サンタ服(ワンピ)のブーツ
Santa-fuku (Wanpi) no Būtsu
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Sundress) Boots")
23 Shoes-23-Knee-high Boots.png Knee-high Boots (ニーハイブーツ
Nīhai Būtsu
24 Shoes-24-Lined Boots.png Lined Boots (ボア付きブーツ
Boa-dzuke Būtsu
25 Shoes-25-Aerith A's Boots.png Aerith A's Boots (エアリスAのブーツ
Earisu A no Būtsu
26 Shoes-26-Yuffie A's Boot Combo.png Yuffie A's Boot Combo (ユフィAのソックス+ブーツ
Yufi A no Sokkusu + Būtsu
?, lit. "Yuffie A's Socks + Boots")
27 Shoes-27-Leon's Boots.png Leon's Boots (レオンのブーツ
Reon no Būtsu
28 Shoes-28-Cid's Shoes.png Cid's Shoes (シドの靴
Shido no Kutsu
29 Shoes-29-Men's Tabi + Geta.png Men's Tabi + Geta (和装(男)タビ+ゲタ
Wasou (Otoko) Tabi + Geta
?, lit. "Japanese (Male) Tabi + Geta")
30 Shoes-30-Women's Tabi + Geta.png Women's Tabi + Geta (和装(女)タビ+ゲタ
Wasou (Onna) Tabi + Geta
?, lit. "Japanese (Female) Tabi + Geta")
31 Shoes-31-Seifer's Boots.png Seifer's Boots (サイファーのブーツ
Saifā no Būtsu
32 Shoes-32-Fuu's Shoes.png Fuu's Shoes (フウの靴
Fuu no Kutsu
33 Shoes-33-Rai's Shoes.png Rai's Shoes (ライの靴
Rai no Kutsu
34 Shoes-34-Pete's Shoes.png Pete's Shoes (ピートの靴
Pīto no Kutsu
35 Shoes-35-Large Body's Shoes.png Large Body's Shoes (ラージボディの靴
Rāji Bodi no Kutsu
36 Shoes-36-Yuna's Boots.png Yuna's Boots (ユウナのブーツ
Yuuna no Būtsu
37 Shoes-37-Rikku's Boots.png Rikku's Boots (リュックのブーツ
Ryukku no Būtsu
38 Shoes-38-Paine's Boots.png Paine's Boots (パインのブーツ
Pain no Būtsu
39 Shoes-39-Ladies' Shoes.png Ladies' Shoes (レディースシューズ
Redīzu Shūzu
40 Shoes-40-Fancy Shoes.png Fancy Shoes (アレンジシューズ
Arenji Shūzu
?, lit. "Arrange Shoes")
41 Shoes-41-Formal Shoes 1.png Formal Shoes 1 (フォーマルシューズ1
Fōmaru Shūzu 1
42 Shoes-42-Formal Shoes 2.png Formal Shoes 2 (フォーマルシューズ2
Fōmaru Shūzu 2
43 Shoes-43-Boots 2.png Boots 2 (ブーツ2
Būtsu 2
44 Shoes-44-Goofy C's Shoes.png Goofy C's Shoes (グーフィーCの靴
Gūfī C no Kutsu
45 Shoes-45-Dark Riku's Boots.png Dark Riku's Boots (闇リクのブーツ
Yami Riku no Būtsu
46 Shoes-46-Leather Shoes.png Leather Shoes (革靴1
47 Shoes-47-Leather Shoes + Socks.png Leather Shoes + Socks (靴下付き革靴1
Kutsushita-dzuke Kawagutsu 1
?, lit. "Leather Shoes with Socks 1")
48 Shoes-48-Vivi's Shoes.png Vivi's Shoes (ビビの靴
Bibi no Kutsu
49 Shoes-49-Sora C's Shoes.png Sora C's Shoes (ソラCの靴
Sora C no Kutsu
50 Shoes-50-Riku B's Shoes.png Riku B's Shoes (リクBの靴
Riku B no Kutsu
51 Shoes-51-Kairi B's Shoes.png Kairi B's Shoes (カイリBの靴
Kairi B no Kutsu
52 Shoes-52-Naminé's Sandals.png Naminé's Sandals (ナミネのサンダル
Namine no Sandaru
53 Shoes-53-Pirate Boots.png Pirate Boots (海賊のブーツ
Kaizoku no Būtsu
54 Shoes-54-Hakama Matching Zori.png Hakama Matching Zori (袴用ぞうり
Hakama-you Zouri
55 Shoes-55-Roxas's Shoes.png Roxas's Shoes (ロクサスの靴
Rokusasu no Kutsu
56 Shoes-56-Hayner's Shoes.png Hayner's Shoes (ハイネの靴
Haine no Kutsu
57 Shoes-57-Pence's Shoes.png Pence's Shoes (ピンツの靴
Pintsu no Kutsu
58 Shoes-58-Olette's Shoes.png Olette's Shoes (オレットの靴
Oretto no Kutsu
59 Shoes-59-King Mickey B's Shoes.png King Mickey B's Shoes (王様Bの靴
Ōsama B no Kutsu
?, lit. "The King B's Shoes")
60 Shoes-60-Tifa's Shoes.png Tifa's Shoes (ティファの靴
Tifa no Kutsu
61 Shoes-61-Kairi C's Shoes + Socks.png Kairi C's Shoes + Socks (カイリCの靴
Kairi C no Kutsu
?, lit. "Kairi C no Shoes")
62 Shoes-62-Setzer's Boots.png Setzer's Boots (セッツァーのブーツ
Settsā no Būtsu
63 Shoes-63-Hakama Matching Boots.png Hakama Matching Boots (袴用ブーツ
Hakama-you Būtsu
64 Shoes-64-Auron's Boots.png Auron's Boots (アーロンのブーツ
Āron no Būtsu
65 Shoes-65-Sephiroth's Boots.png Sephiroth's Boots (セフィロスのブーツ
Sefirosu no Būtsu
66 Shoes-66-Aerith B's Boots.png Aerith B's Boots (エアリスBのブーツ
Earisu B no Būtsu
67 Shoes-67-Yuffie B's Shoes.png Yuffie B's Shoes (ユフィBの靴
Yufi B no Kutsu
68 Shoes-68-Valor Form Shoes.png Valor Form Shoes (ブレイヴフォームの靴
Bureivu Fōmu no Kutsu
?, lit. "Brave Form Shoes")
69 Shoes-69-Wisdom Form Shoes.png Wisdom Form Shoes (ウィズダムフォームの靴
Wizudamu Fōmu no Kutsu
70 Shoes-70-Master Form Shoes.png Master Form Shoes (マスターフォームの靴
Masutā Fōmu no Kutsu
71 Shoes-71-Final Form Shoes.png Final Form Shoes (ファイナルフォームの靴
Fainaru Fōmu no Kutsu
72 Shoes-72-Xehanort's Boots.png Xehanort's Boots (ゼアノートのブーツ
Zeanōto no Būtsu
73 Shoes-73-Sora D's Boots.png Sora D's Boots (ソラDのブーツ
Sora D no Būtsu
74 Shoes-74-Goofy D's Shoes.png Goofy D's Shoes (グーフィーDの靴
Gūfī D no Būtsu
75 Shoes-75-Costume Shoes.png Costume Shoes (仮装靴
Kasou Kutsu
76 Shoes-76-Lightning's Boots.png Lightning's Boots (ライトニングの靴
Raitoningu no Kutsu
77 Shoes-77-Snow's Boots.png Snow's Boots (スノウの靴
Sunou no Kutsu
78 Shoes-78-Serah's Shoes.png Serah's Shoes (セラの靴
Sera no Kutsu
79 Shoes-79-Ventus's Boots.png Ventus's Boots (ヴェントゥスのブーツ
Ventusu no Būtsu
80 Shoes-80-Terra's Boots.png Terra's Boots (テラのブーツ
Tera no Būtsu
81 Shoes-81-Aqua's Boots.png Aqua's Boots (アクアのブーツ
Akua no Būtsu
82 Shoes-82-Eraqus's Boots.png Eraqus's Boots (エラクゥスのブーツ
Erakwusu no Būtsu
83 Shoes-83-Vanille's Boots.png Vanille's Boots (ヴァニラのブーツ
Vanira no Būtsu
84 Shoes-84-Bartz's Boots.png Bartz's Boots (バッツのブーツ
Battsu no Būtsu
?, lit. "Butz's Boots")
85 Shoes-85-FF6 Terra's Boots.png FF6 Terra's Boots (ティナのブーツ
Tina no Būtsu
?, lit. "Tina's Boots")
86 Shoes-86-Cloud's Boots.png Cloud's Boots (クラウドCのブーツ
Kuraudo C no Būtsu
?, lit. "Cloud C's Boots")
87 Shoes-87-Zidane's Boots.png Zidane's Boots (ジタンのブーツ
Jitan no Būtsu
88 Shoes-88-Squall's Boots.png Squall's Boots (スコールのブーツ
Sukōru no Būtsu
89 Shoes-89-Tidus B's Boots.png Tidus B's Boots (ティーダBのブーツ
Tīda B no Būtsu
No. Part Name
1 Hats-1-Donald A's Cap.png Donald A's Cap (ドナルドAの帽子
Donarudo A no Boushi
?, lit. "Donald A's Hat")
2 Hats-2-Goofy A's Hat.png Goofy A's Hat (グーフィーAの帽子
Gūfī A no Boushi
3 Hats-3-Maleficent's Headdress.png Maleficent's Headdress (マレフィセントの帽子
Marefisento no Boushi
?, lit. "Maleficent's Hat")
4 Hats-4-King Mickey Ears.png King Mickey Ears (王様のカチューシャ
Ōsama no Kachūsha
?, lit. "The King Hairband")
5 Hats-5-Chip Ears.png Chip Ears (チップのカチューシャ
Chippu no Kachūsha
?, lit. "Chip Hairband")
6 Hats-6-Dale Ears.png Dale Ears (デールのカチューシャ
Dēru no Kachūsha
?, lit. "Dale Hairband")
7 Hats-7-White Mushroom's Cap.png White Mushroom's Cap (Wマッシュルームの帽子
W Masshurūmu no Boushi
?, lit. "W Mushroom's Hat")
8 Hats-8-Gummi Noggin.png Gummi Noggin (グミヘルメット
Gumi Herumetto
?, lit. "Gummi Helmet")
9 Hats-9-Four-suit Turban.png Four-suit Turban (スートターバン
Sūto Tāban
?, lit. "Suit Turban")
10 Hats-10-Four-suit Top Hat.png Four-suit Top Hat (スートハット
Sūto Hatto
?, lit. "Suit Hat")
11 Hats-11-Honey on the Brain.png Honey on the Brain (大きなハチミツつぼ
Ookina Hachimitsu Tsubo
?, lit. "Large Honey Pot")
12 Hats-12-Leaf Hairband.png Leaf Hairband (リーフカチューシャ
Rīfu Kachūsha
13 Hats-13-Rockity Helmet.png Rockity Helmet (グラグラヘルメット
Guragura Herumetto
?, lit. "Shaking Helmet")
14 Hats-14-Sora B's Hat.png Sora B's Hat (ソラBの帽子
Sora B no Boushi
15 Hats-15-Donald B's Hat.png Donald B's Hat (ドナルドBの帽子
Donarudo B no Boushi
16 Hats-16-Goofy B's Antlers.png Goofy B's Antlers (グーフィーBの帽子
Gūfī B no Boushi
?, lit. "Goofy B's Hat")
17 Hats-17-Santa Hat.png Santa Hat (サンタ服(パンツ)の帽子
Santa-fuku (Pantsu) no Boushi
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Pants) Hat")
18 Hats-18-Ms. Santa Hat.png Ms. Santa Hat (サンタ服(ワンピ)の帽子
Santa-fuku (Wanpi) no Boushi
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Sundress) Hat")
19 Hats-19-Perky Santa.png Perky Santa (サンタ帽
Santa Bou
?, lit. "Santa Cap")
20 Hats-20-Cid's Goggles.png Cid's Goggles (シドのゴーグル
Shido no Gōguru
21 Hats-21-Seifer's Skullcap.png Seifer's Skullcap (サイファーの帽子
Saifā no Boushi
?, lit. "Seifer's Hat")
22 Hats-22-Pete Ears.png Pete Ears (ピートのカチューシャ
Pīto no Kachūsha
?, lit. "Pete's Hairband")
23 Hats-23-Large Body's Hat.png Large Body's Hat (ラージボディの帽子
Rāji Bodi no Boushi
24 Hats-24-Daisy's Tiara.png Daisy's Tiara (デイジーのティアラ
Deijī no Tiara
25 Hats-25-Queen Minnie's Ears + Tiara.png Queen Minnie's Ears + Tiara (ミニーのティアラカチューシャ
Minī no Tiara Kachūsha
?, lit. "Minnie's Tiara Hairband")
26 Hats-26-Headband.png Headband (ハチマキ
27 Hats-27-Soldier Helm.png Soldier Helm (戦士の兜
Senshi no Kabuto
28 Hats-28-Goofy C's Helm.png Goofy C's Helm (グーフィーCのヘルメット
Gūfī C no Herumetto
?, lit. "Goofy C's Helmet")
29 Hats-29-Donald C's Hat.png Donald C's Hat (ドナルドCの帽子
Donarudo C no Boushi
30 Hats-30-School Uniform Cap.png School Uniform Cap (学生帽
?, lit. "School Cap")
31 Hats-31-Knit Cap 1.png Knit Cap 1 (ニット帽1
Nitto Bou 1
32 Hats-32-Knit Cap 2.png Knit Cap 2 (ニット帽2
Nitto Bou 2
33 Hats-33-Vivi's Hat.png Vivi's Hat (ビビの帽子
Bibi no Boushi
34 Hats-34-Wide-brimmed Hat.png Wide-brimmed Hat (大きな帽子
Ookina Boushi
?, lit. "Large Hat")
35 Hats-35-Silk Hat.png Silk Hat (シルクハット
Shiruku Hatto
36 Hats-36-Pirate Hat.png Pirate Hat (海賊の帽子
Kaizoku no Boushi
37 Hats-37-Egghead.png Egghead (ペアエッグ
Pea Eggu
?, lit. "Pair Egg")
38 Hats-38-Reversi Hair Ornament.png Reversi Hair Ornament (リバーシ髪飾り
Ribāshi Kamikazari
39 Hats-39-Reversi Ears.png Reversi Ears (リバーシカチューシャ
Ribāshi Kachūsha
?, lit. "Reversi Hairband")
40 Hats-40-Jackpot Hat.png Jackpot Hat (ぐるぐるハット
Guruguru Hatto
?, lit. "Rolling Hat")
41 Hats-41-Pinnacle Pumpkin.png Pinnacle Pumpkin (カボチャ頭
Kabocha Atama
?, lit. "Pumpkin Head")
42 Hats-42-Hairband.png Hairband (カチューシャ
43 Hats-43-Ribbon Hairband.png Ribbon Hairband (カチューシャ(リボン)
Kachūsha (Ribon)
?, lit. "Hairband (Ribbon)")
44 Hats-44-Black Baseball Cap.png Black Baseball Cap (キャップ(黒)
Kyappu (Kuro)
?, lit. "Cap (Black)")
45 Hats-45-Red Baseball Cap.png Red Baseball Cap (キャップ(赤)
Kyappu (Aka)
?, lit. "Cap (Red)")
46 Hats-46-Blue Baseball Cap.png Blue Baseball Cap (キャップ(青)
Kyappu (Ao)
?, lit. "Cap (Blue)")
47 Hats-47-Beret.png Beret (ベレー帽
48 Hats-48-Headphones.png Headphones (ヘッドホン
49 Hats-49-Icy Cube Helmet.png Icy Cube Helmet (アイスキューブのヘルメット
Aisu Kyūbu no Herumetto
?, lit. "Ice Cube Helmet")
50 Hats-50-Bad Dog Helmet.png Bad Dog Helmet (マッドドッグのヘルメット
Mad Doggu no Herumetto
?, lit. "Mad Dog Helmet")
51 Hats-51-Red Nocturne Hat.png Red Nocturne Hat (レッドノクターンの帽子
Reddo Nokutān no Boushi
52 Hats-52-Minute Bomb Mask.png Minute Bomb Mask (ミニッツボムのヘルメット
Minittsu Bomu no Herumetto
?, llit. "Minute Bomb Helmet")
53 Hats-53-Search Ghost Helmet.png Search Ghost Helmet (サーチゴーストのヘルメット
Sāchi Gōsuto no Herumetto
54 Hats-54-Bulky Vendor Dome.png Bulky Vendor Dome (バルクベンダーのヘルメット
Baruku Bendā no Herumetto
?, lit. "Bulk Vendor Helmet")
55 Hats-55-High Roller Bunny Ears.png High Roller Bunny Ears (ハイ&ローバニー
Hai & Rō Banī
?, lit. "High & Low Bunny")
56 Hats-56-Goofy D's Hat.png Goofy D's Hat (グーフィーDの帽子
Gūfī D no Boushi
57 Hats-57-Vanitas's Mask.png Vanitas's Mask (ヴァニタスのヘルメット
Vanitasu no Herumetto
?, lit. "Vanitas's Helmet")
58 Hats-58-Bartz's Gold Stars.png Bartz's Gold Stars (バッツの星
Battsu no Hoshi
?, lit. "Butz's Stars")
No. Part Name
1 Face & Neck-1-Cloud A's Cloak-Neck.png Cloud A's Cloak:Neck (クラウドAのマント(首)
Kuraudo A no Manto (Kubi)
?, lit. "Cloud A's Cloak (Neck)")
2 Face & Neck-2-White Necklace.png White Necklace (白いネックレス
Shiroi Nekkuresu
3 Face & Neck-3-Wakka's Studs.png Wakka's Studs (ワッカのピアス
Wakka no Piasu
4 Face & Neck-4-Heartless Mask.png Heartless Mask (ハートレスのお面
Hātoresu no Omen
5 Face & Neck-5-Donald B Scarf.png Donald B Scarf (ドナルドBのマフラー
Donarudo B no Mafurā
6 Face & Neck-6-Glasses 1.png Glasses 1 (メガネ1
Megane 1
7 Face & Neck-7-Scarf 1.png Scarf 1 (マフラー1
Mafurā 1
8 Face & Neck-8-Scarf 2.png Scarf 2 (マフラー2
Mafurā 2
9 Face & Neck-9-Scarf 3.png Scarf 3 (マフラー3
Mafurā 3
10 Face & Neck-10-Large Stole 1.png Large Stole 1 (ストール(大)1
Sutōru (Oo) 1
?, lit. "Stole (Large) 1")
11 Face & Neck-11-Large Stole 2.png Large Stole 2 (ストール(大)2
Sutōru (Oo) 2
?, lit. "Stole (Large) 2")
12 Face & Neck-12-Large Stole 3.png Large Stole 3 (ストール(大)3
Sutōru (Oo) 3
?, lit. "Stole (Large) 3")
13 Face & Neck-13-Small Stole 1.png Small Stole 1 (ストール(小)1
Sutōru (Shou) 1
?, lit. "Stole (Small) 1")
14 Face & Neck-14-Small Stole 2.png Small Stole 2 (ストール(小)2
Sutōru (Shou) 2
?, lit. "Stole (Small) 2")
15 Face & Neck-15-Aerith A's Choker.png Aerith A's Choker (エアリスAのチョーカー
Earisu A no Chōkā
16 Face & Neck-16-Yuffie A's Scarf.png Yuffie A's Scarf (ユフィAのマフラー
Yufi A no Mafurā
17 Face & Neck-17-Cid's Charm.png Cid's Charm (シドの御守り
Shido no Omamori
18 Face & Neck-18-Glasses 2.png Glasses 2 (メガネ2
Megane 2
19 Face & Neck-19-Glasses 3.png Glasses 3 (メガネ3
Megane 3
20 Face & Neck-20-Glasses 4.png Glasses 4 (メガネ4
Megane 4
21 Face & Neck-21-Sunglasses.png Sunglasses (サングラス
22 Face & Neck-22-Bandanna.png Bandanna (スカーフ
?, lit. "Scarf")
23 Face & Neck-23-Rikku's Scarf.png Rikku's Scarf (リュックのマフラー
Ryukku no Mafurā
24 Face & Neck-24-Round Specs 1.png Round Specs 1 (丸メガネ1
Maru Megane 1
25 Face & Neck-25-Round Specs 2.png Round Specs 2 (丸メガネ2
Maru Megane 2
26 Face & Neck-26-Kairi B's Pendant.png Kairi B's Pendant (カイリBのペンダント
Kairi B no Pendanto
27 Face & Neck-27-Pirate Patch.png Pirate Patch (海賊のアイパッチ
Kaizoku no Aipacchi
?, lit. "Pirate's Eyepatch")
28 Face & Neck-28-Holy Moly Eyes.png Holy Moly Eyes (ビックリ目
Bikkuri Me
?, lit. "Surprised Eyes")
29 Face & Neck-29-Reversi Shades.png Reversi Shades (リバーシサングラス
Ribāshi Sangurasu
?, lit. "Reversi Sunglasses")
30 Face & Neck-30-Skull Mask.png Skull Mask (ガイコツお面
Gaikotsu Omen
?, lit. "Skeleton Mask")
31 Face & Neck-31-Hayner's Pendant.png Hayner's Pendant (ハイネのペンダント
Haine no Pendanto
32 Face & Neck-32-Pence's Bandanna.png Pence's Bandanna (ピンツのスカーフ
Pentsu no Sukāfu
?, lit. "Pence's Scarf")
33 Face & Neck-33-Olette's Pendant.png Olette's Pendant (オレットのペンダント
Oretto no Pendanto
34 Face & Neck-34-Tifa's Earring.png Tifa's Earring (ティファのピアス
Tifa no Piasu
35 Face & Neck-35-Xigbar's Eyepatch.png Xigbar's Eyepatch (シグバールのアイパッチ
Shigubāru no Aipacchi
36 Face & Neck-36-Luxord's Earrings.png Luxord's Earrings (ルクソードのピアス
Rukusōdo no Piasu
37 Face & Neck-37-DiZ's Mask.png DiZ's Mask (DIZのマスク
DIZ no Masuku
38 Face & Neck-38-High Roller Mask.png High Roller Mask (ハイ&ローマスク
Hai & Rō Masuku
?, lit. "High & Low Mask")
39 Face & Neck-39-Sora D's Mask.png Sora D's Mask (ソラDのお面
Sora D no Omen
40 Face & Neck-40-Costume Choker.png Costume Choker (仮装チョーカー
Kasou Chōkā
41 Face & Neck-41-Riku's Blindfold.png Riku's Blindfold (リクの目隠し
Riku no Mekakushi
42 Face & Neck-42-Cecil's Earrings.png Cecil's Earrings (セシルのイヤリング
Seshiru no Iyaringu
43 Face & Neck-43-FF6 Terra's Earring.png FF6 Terra's Earring (ティナのイヤリング
Tina no Iyaringu
?, lit. "Tina's Earring")
44 Face & Neck-44-Cloud C's Studs.png Cloud C's Studs (クラウドCのピアス
Kuraudo C no Piasu
45 Face & Neck-45-Squall's Pendant.png Squall's Pendant (スコールのペンダント
Sukōru no Pendanto
46 Face & Neck-46-Tidus B's Pendant.png Tidus B's Pendant (ティーダBのペンダント
Tīda B no Pendanto
No. Part Name
1 Mitts-1-Sora A's Gloves.png Sora A's Gloves (ソラAのグローブ
Sora A no Gurōbu
2 Mitts-2-Riku A's Gloves.png Riku A's Gloves (リクAのグローブ
Riku A no Gurōbu
3 Mitts-3-Kairi A's Bracelets.png Kairi A's Bracelets (カイリAの腕輪
Kairi A no Udewa
4 Mitts-4-Donald A's Gloves.png Donald A's Gloves (ドナルドAの手袋
Donarudo A no Tebukuro
5 Mitts-5-Goofy A's Gloves.png Goofy A's Gloves (グーフィーAの手袋
Gūfī A no Tebukuro
6 Mitts-6-Cloud A's Gloves.png Cloud A's Gloves (クラウドAのグローブ
Kuraudo A no Gurōbu
7 Mitts-7-Organization Gloves.png Organization Gloves (XIII機関のグローブ
XIII Kikan no Gurōbu
?, lit. "XIII Order Gloves")
8 Mitts-8-King Mickey's Gloves.png King Mickey's Gloves (王様の手袋
Ōsama no Tebukuro
?, lit. "The King's Gloves")
9 Mitts-9-White Gloves.png White Gloves (白い手袋
Shiroi Tebukuro
10 Mitts-10-Chip's Work Gloves.png Chip's Work Gloves (チップの手袋
Chippu no Tebukuro
?, lit. "Chip's Gloves")
11 Mitts-11-Dale's Work Gloves.png Dale's Work Gloves (デールの手袋
Dēru no Tebukuro
?, lit. "Dale's Gloves")
12 Mitts-12-Wakka's Bracelets.png Wakka's Bracelets (ワッカの腕輪
Wakka no Udewa
13 Mitts-13-Selphie's Bracelet.png Selphie's Bracelet (セルフィAの腕輪
Serufi A no Udewa
?, lit. "Selphie A's Bracelet")
14 Mitts-14-Sora B's Gloves.png Sora B's Gloves (ソラBのグローブ
Sora B no Gurōbu
15 Mitts-15-Donald B's Gloves.png Donald B's Gloves (ドナルドBのグローブ
Donarudo B no Gurōbu
16 Mitts-16-Goofy B's Mittens.png Goofy B's Mittens (グーフィーBの手袋
Gūfī B no Tebukuro
17 Mitts-17-Ms. Santa Gloves.png Ms. Santa Gloves (サンタ服(ワンピ)の手袋
Santa-fuku (Wanpi) no Tebukuro
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Sundress) Gloves")
18 Mitts-18-Aerith A's Bracelet.png Aerith A's Bracelet (エアリスAの腕輪
Earisu A no Udewa
19 Mitts-19-Yuffie A's Gloves.png Yuffie A's Gloves (ユフィAのグローブ
Yufi A no Gurōbu
20 Mitts-20-Leon's Gloves.png Leon's Gloves (レオンのグローブ
Reon no Gurōbu
21 Mitts-21-Rai's Wristbands.png Rai's Wristbands (ライのリストバンド
Rai no Risutobando
22 Mitts-22-Pete's Gloves.png Pete's Gloves (ピートのグローブ
Pīto no Gurōbu
23 Mitts-23-Ansem's Gloves.png Ansem's Gloves (アンセムのグローブ
Ansemu no Gurōbu
24 Mitts-24-Large Body's Shackles.png Large Body's Shackles (ラージボディの腕輪
Rāji Bodi no Udewa
?, lit. "Large Body's Bracelets")
25 Mitts-25-Daisy's Gloves.png Daisy's Gloves (デイジーの手袋
Deijī no Tebukuro
26 Mitts-26-Queen Minnie's Gloves.png Queen Minnie's Gloves (ミニーの手袋
Minī no Tebukuro
?, lit. "Minnie's Gloves")
27 Mitts-27-Yuna's Armlets.png Yuna's Armlets (ユウナの腕輪
Yuuna no Udewa
?, lit. "Yuna's Bracelets")
28 Mitts-28-Rikku's Arm Warmers.png Rikku's Arm Warmers (リュックのアームウォーマー
Ryukku no Āmu Wōmā
29 Mitts-29-Paine's Gloves.png Paine's Gloves (パインのグローブ
Pain no Gurōbu
30 Mitts-30-Goofy C's Armlet.png Goofy C's Armlet (グーフィーCの腕
Gūfī C no Ude
?, lit. "Goofy C's Arm")
31 Mitts-31-Donald C's Sleeves.png Donald C's Sleeves (ドナルドCの手袋
Donarudo C no Tebukuro
?, lit. "Donald C's Gloves")
32 Mitts-32-Vivi's Gloves.png Vivi's Gloves (ビビの手袋
Bibi no Tebukuro
33 Mitts-33-Sora C's Gloves.png Sora C's Gloves (ソラCのグローブ
Sora C no Gurōbu
34 Mitts-34-Riku B's Wristband.png Riku B's Wristband (リクBのリストバンド
Riku B no Risutobando
35 Mitts-35-Kairi B's Bracelet.png Kairi B's Bracelet (カイリBの腕輪
Kairi B no Udewa
36 Mitts-36-Roxas's Wristband.png Roxas's Wristband (ロクサスのリストバンド
Rokusasu no Risutobando
37 Mitts-37-Olette's Bracelet.png Olette's Bracelet (オレットのブレスレット
Oretto no Buresuretto
38 Mitts-38-Tifa's Gloves.png Tifa's Gloves (ティファのグローブ
Tifa no Gurōbu
39 Mitts-39-Hayner's Bracelet.png Hayner's Bracelet (ハイネのブレスレット
Haine no Buresuretto
40 Mitts-40-Yuffie B's Wristbands.png Yuffie B's Wristbands (ユフィBのリストバンド
Yufi B no Risutobando
41 Mitts-41-Valor Form Gloves.png Valor Form Gloves (ブレイヴフォームのグローブ
Bureivu Fōmu no Gurōbu
?, lit. "Brave Form Gloves")
42 Mitts-42-Wisdom Form Gloves.png Wisdom Form Gloves (ウィズダムフォームのグローブ
Wizudamu Fōmu no Gurōbu
43 Mitts-43-Master Form Gloves.png Master Form Gloves (マスターフォームのグローブ
Masutā Fōmu no Gurōbu
44 Mitts-44-Final Form Gloves.png Final Form Gloves (ファイナルフォームのグローブ
Fainaru Fōmu no Gurōbu
45 Mitts-45-Sora D's Gloves.png Sora D's Gloves (ソラDのグローブ
Sora D no Gurōbu
46 Mitts-46-Goofy D's Gloves.png Goofy D's Gloves (グーフィーDのグローブ
Gūfī D no Gurōbu
47 Mitts-47-Costume Gloves.png Costume Gloves (仮装手袋
Kasou Tebukuro
48 Mitts-48-Bartz's Gloves.png Bartz's Gloves (バッツのグローブ
Battsu no Gurōbu
?, lit. "Butz's Gloves")
49 Mitts-49-Cloud C's Gloves.png Cloud C's Gloves (クラウドCのグローブ
Kuraudo C no Gurōbu
50 Mitts-50-Zidane's Gloves.png Zidane's Gloves (ジタンのグローブ
Jitan no Gurōbu
51 Mitts-51-Squall's Gloves.png Squall's Gloves (スコールのグローブ
Sukōru no Gurōbu
52 Mitts-52-Tidus B's Gloves.png Tidus B's Gloves (ティーダBのグローブ
Tīda B no Gurōbu
No. Part Name
1 Rear Gear-1-Cloud A's Cloak.png Cloud A's Cloak (クラウドAのマント
Kuraudo A no Manto
2 Rear Gear-2-King Mickey's Tail.png King Mickey's Tail (王様のしっぽ
Ōsama no Shippo
?, lit. "The King's Tail")
3 Rear Gear-3-Paine's Wings.png Paine's Wings (パインの羽
Pain no Hane
4 Rear Gear-4-Devil's Wings.png Devil's Wings (悪魔の羽
Akuma no Hane
5 Rear Gear-5-Angel's Wings.png Angel's Wings (天使の羽
Tenshi no Hane
6 Rear Gear-6-Setzer's Cloak.png Setzer's Cloak (セッツァーのアウター
Settsā no Autā
?, lit. "Setzer's Outer")
7 Rear Gear-7-Sephiroth's One Wing.png Sephiroth's One Wing (セフィロスの片翼
Sefirosu no Katayoku
8 Rear Gear-8-Zidane's Tail.png Zidane's Tail (ジタンのしっぽ
Jitan no Shippo
No. Part Name
1 Belts-1-Checkered Sash.png Checkered Sash (チェック柄の腰布
Chekku-gara no Koshinuno
?, lit. "Checkered Loincloth")
2 Belts-2-Belt + Wallet Chain.png Belt + Wallet Chain (ウォレットチェーン付きベルト
Woretto Chēn tsuki Beruto
?, lit. "Belt with Wallet Chain")
3 Belts-3-Brown Waist Pouch.png Brown Waist Pouch (ウエストバッグ(ブラウン)
Wesuto Baggu (Braun)
?, lit. "Waist Bag (Brown)")
4 Belts-4-Pink Waist Pouch.png Pink Waist Pouch (ウエストバッグ(ピンク)
Wesuto Baggu (Pinku)
?, lit. "Waist Bag (Pink)")
5 Belts-5-Grey Waist Pouch.png Grey Waist Pouch (ウエストバッグ(グレー)
Wesuto Baggu (Gurē)
?, lit. "Waist Bag (Grey)")
No. Part Name
1 Items-1-Kingdom Key.png Kingdom Key (キングダムチェーン
Kingudamu Chēn
?, lit. "Kingdom Chain")
2 Items-2-Buster Sword A.png Buster Sword A (バスターソードA
Basutā Sōdo A
3 Items-3-Maleficent's Staff.png Maleficent's Staff (マレフィセントの杖
Marefisento no Tsue
4 Items-4-Blitzball.png Blitzball (ブリッツボール
5 Items-5-Selphie's Jump Rope.png Selphie's Jump Rope (セルフィのなわとび
Serufi no Nawatobi
6 Items-6-Tidus A's Stick.png Tidus A's Stick (ティーダAの棒きれ
Tīda A no Boukire
7 Items-7-Gummi Scepter.png Gummi Scepter (グミシップステッキ
Gumi Shippu Sutekki
?, lit. "Gummi Ship Stick")
8 Items-8-Scepter of Spades.png Scepter of Spades (スペードステッキ
Supēdo Sutekki
?, lit. "Spade Stick")
9 Items-9-Scepter of Hearts.png Scepter of Hearts (ハートステッキ
Hāto Sutekki
?, lit. "Heart Stick")
10 Items-10-Scepter of Diamonds.png Scepter of Diamonds (ダイヤステッキ
Diaya Sutekki
?, lit. "Diamond Stick")
11 Items-11-Scepter of Clubs.png Scepter of Clubs (クローバーステッキ
Kurōbā Sutekki
?, lit. "Clover Stick")
12 Items-12-Mini Honey Pot.png Mini Honey Pot (小さなハチミツつぼ
Chiisana Hachimitsu Tsubo
13 Items-13-Leaf Wand.png Leaf Wand (リーフステッキ
Rīfu Sutekki
?, lit. "Leaf Stick")
14 Items-14-Leaf Shield.png Leaf Shield (ガードオブリーフ
Gādo obu Rīfu
?, lit. "Guard of Leaf")
15 Items-15-Rockity Hammer.png Rockity Hammer (グラグラハンマー
Guragura Hanmā
?, lit. "Shaking Hammer")
16 Items-16-Rockity Shield.png Rockity Shield (ガードオブグラグラ
Gādo obu Guragura
?, lit. "Guard of Shaking")
17 Items-17-Sack of Presents.png Sack of Presents (プレゼント袋
Purezento Fukuro
?, lit. "Present Sack")
18 Items-18-Christmas Bells.png Christmas Bells (クリスマスベル
Kurisumasu Beru
19 Items-19-Shuriken A.png Shuriken A (手裏剣A?)
20 Items-20-Gunblade.png Gunblade (ガンブレード
21 Items-21-Mage's Staff.png Mage's Staff (まどうしの杖
Madoushi no Tsue
22 Items-22-Knight's Shield.png Knight's Shield (騎士の盾
Kishi no Tate
23 Items-23-Morning Star.png Morning Star (モーニングスター
Mōningu Sutā
24 Items-24-Dream Shield.png Dream Shield (ガードオブドリーム
Gādo obu Dorīmu
?, lit. "Guard of Dream")
25 Items-25-Metal Chocobo.png Metal Chocobo (メタルチョコボ
Metaru Chokobo
26 Items-26-Fluffy Grab Bag.png Fluffy Grab Bag (モッチリ福袋
Mocchiri Fukubukuro
27 Items-27-Fluffy Hagoita Paddle.png Fluffy Hagoita Paddle (モッチリ羽子板
Mocchiri Hagoita
?, lit. "Fluffy Hagoita")
28 Items-28-Warrior of Light's Sword.png Warrior of Light's Sword (ウォーリアオブライトの剣
Wōria obu Raito no Tsurugi
29 Items-29-Warrior of Light's Shield.png Warrior of Light's Shield (ウォーリアオブライトの盾
Wōria obu Raito no Tate
30 Items-30-Garland's Sword.png Garland's Sword (ガーランドの剣
Gārando no Tsurugi
31 Items-31-Stuffed Moogle.png Stuffed Moogle (モーグリぬいぐるみ
Mōguri Nuigurumi
?, lit. "Moguri Stuffed Toy")
32 Items-32-Sword.png Sword (
33 Items-33-Hook for a Hand.png Hook for a Hand (かぎ型アーム
Kagi-gata Āmu
?, lit. "Hook-type Arm")
34 Items-34-Cane.png Cane (
35 Items-35-Lamb Chop.png Lamb Chop (骨付き肉
?, lit. "Meat-on-the-bone")
36 Items-36-Valentine Chocolates.png Valentine Chocolates (バレンタインチョコ
Barentain Choko
37 Items-37- Bouquet of Roses.png Bouquet of Roses (バラの花束
Bara no Hanataba
38 Items-38-Warrior Staff.png Warrior Staff (戦士の杖
Senshi no Tsue
39 Items-39-Warrior Shield.png Warrior Shield (戦士の盾
Senshi no Tate
40 Items-40-Jungle King.png Jungle King (ネイティブワーク
Neitibu Wāku
?, lit. "Native Work")
41 Items-41-Lord Fortune.png Lord Fortune (ロードフォーチュン
Rōdo Fōchun
42 Items-42-Mythril Shield.png Mythril Shield (ミスリルシールド
Misuriru Shīrudo
43 Items-43-Warhammer.png Warhammer (バトルメイス
Batoru Maisu
?, lit. "Battle Mace")
44 Items-44-Herc's Shield.png Herc's Shield (ヘラクレスの盾
Herakuresu no Tate
?, lit. "Herakles's Shield")
45 Items-45-Dark Riku's Keyblade.png Dark Riku's Keyblade (闇リクのキーブレード
Yami Riku no Kīburēdo
46 Items-46-School Bag.png School Bag (学生カバン
Gakusei Kaban
?, lit. "Student Bag")
47 Items-47-Sports Bag.png Sports Bag (スポーツバッグ
Supōtsu Baggu
48 Items-48-Tote Bag.png Tote Bag (トートバッグ
Tōto Baggu
49 Items-49-Microphone.png Microphone (マイク
?, lit. "Mic")
50 Items-50-Juice.png Juice (ワイングラス
Wain Gurasu
?, lit. "Wine Glass")
51 Items-51-Stuffed Shadow.png Stuffed Shadow (シャドウのぬいぐるみ
Shadou no Nuigurumi
?, lit. "Shadow Stuffed Toy")
52 Items-52-Firion's Sword.png Firion's Sword (フリオニールの剣
Furionīru no Tsurugi
?, lit. "Frioniel's Sword")
53 Items-53-Onion Knight's Sword.png Onion Knight's Sword (オニオンナイトの剣
Onion Naito no Tsurugi
?, lit. "Onion Knight's Sword")
54 Items-54-Pair o' Birds.png Pair o' Birds (ペアバード
Pea Bādo
?, lit. "Pair Bird")
55 Items-55-Pair o' Puppies.png Pair o' Puppies (ペアドッグ
Pea Doggu
?, lit. "Pair Dog")
56 Items-56-Jackpot Scepter.png Jackpot Scepter (ぐるぐるステッキ
Guruguru Sutekki
?, lit. "Rolling Stick")
57 Items-57-Soul Eater.png Soul Eater (ソウルイーター
Souru Ītā
58 Items-58-Guitar.png Guitar (ギター
59 Items-59-Kairi C's Tote.png Kairi C's Tote (カイリCのトートバッグ
Kairi C no Tōto Baggu
?, lit. "Kairi C's Tote Bag")
60 Items-60-Paintbrush.png Paintbrush (
61 Items-61-Standing Mic.png Standing Mic (スタンドマイク
Sutando Maiku
?, lit. "Stand Mic")
62 Items-62-Boom Box.png Boom Box (ラジカセ
?, lit. "Radio-casette player")
63 Items-63-Buster Sword B.png Buster Sword B (バスターソードB
Basutā Sōdo B
64 Items-64-Auron's Sword.png Auron's Sword (アーロンの剣
Āron no Tsurugi
65 Items-65-Masamune.png Masamune (正宗?)
66 Items-66-Axel's Chakrams.png Axel's Chakrams (アクセルのチャクラム
Akuseru no Chakuramu
67 Items-67-Vexen's Shield.png Vexen's Shield (ヴィクセンのシールド
Vikusen no Shīrudo
68 Items-68-Zexion's Lexicon.png Zexion's Lexicon (ゼクシオンのレキシコン
Zekushion no Rekishikon
69 Items-69-Marluxia's Scythe.png Marluxia's Scythe (マールーシャのサイズ
Mārūsha no Saizu
70 Items-70-Demyx's Sitar.png Demyx's Sitar (デミックスのシタール
Demikkusu no Shitāru
71 Items-71-Xigbar's Arrowguns.png Xigbar's Arrowguns (シグバールのガンアロー
Shigubāru no Gan'arō
?, lit. "Xigbar's Gunarrows")
72 Items-72-Xaldin's Lances.png Xaldin's Lances (ザルディンのランス
Zarudin no Ransu
73 Items-73-Lexaeus's Axe Sword.png Lexaeus's Axe Sword (レクセウスのアックスソード
Rekuseusu no Akkusu Sōdo
74 Items-74-Saix's Claymore.png Saïx's Claymore (サイクスのクレイモア
Saikusu no Kureimoa
75 Items-75-Luxord's Cards.png Luxord's Cards (ルクソードのカード
Rukusōdo no Kādo
76 Items-76-Larxene's Knives.png Larxene's Knives (ラクシーヌのナイフ
Rakushīnu no Naifu
77 Items-77-Oathkeeper.png Oathkeeper (約束のお守り
Yakusoku no Omamori
?, lit. "Oath's Charm")
78 Items-78-Oblivion.png Oblivion (過ぎ去りし思い出
Sugisarishi Omoide
?, lit. "Passing Memories")
79 Items-79-Shuriken B.png Shuriken B (手裏剣B?)
80 Items-80-King Mickey's Keyblade.png King Mickey's Keyblade (王様のキーブレード
Ōsama no Kīburēdo
?, lit. "The King's Keyblade")
81 Items-81-Toy Soldier Pair.png Toy Soldier Pair (ペアトイソルジャー
Pea Toi Sorujā
?, lit. "Pair Toy Soldier")
82 Items-82-Lionheart.png Lionheart (ライオンハート
83 Items-83-Sleeping Lion.png Sleeping Lion (スリーピングライオン
Surīpingu Raion
84 Items-84-Pumpkinhead.png Pumpkinhead (パンプキンヘッド
85 Items-85-Pitchfork.png Pitchfork (ピッチフォーク
86 Items-86-Ventus's Keyblade.png Ventus's Keyblade (ヴェントゥスのキーブレード
Ventusu no Kīburēdo
87 Items-87-Terra's Keyblade.png Terra's Keyblade (テラのキーブレード
Tera no Kīburēdo
88 Items-88-Aqua's Keyblade.png Aqua's Keyblade (アクアのキーブレード
Akua no Kīburēdo
89 Items-89-Eraqus's Keyblade.png Eraqus's Keyblade (エラクゥスのキーブレード
Erakwusu no Kīburēdo
90 Items-90-Vanitas's Keyblade.png Vanitas's Keyblade (ヴァニタスのキーブレード
Vanitasu no Kīburēdo
91 Items-91-Bartz's Sword.png Bartz's Sword (バッツの剣
Battsu no Tsurugi
?, lit. "Butz's Sword")
92 Items-92-Cecil's Sword.png Cecil's Sword (セシルのスピア
Seshiru no Supia
?, lit. "Cecil's Spear")
93 Items-93-FF6 Terra's Sword.png FF6 Terra's Sword (ティナの剣
Tina no Tsurugi
?, lit. "Tina's Sword")
94 Items-94-Buster Sword C.png Buster Sword C (バスターソードC
Basutā Sōdo C
95 Items-95-Squall's Gunblade.png Squall's Gunblade (スコールの剣
Sukōru no Tsurugi
?, lit. "Squall's Sword")
96 Items-96-Tidus B's Sword.png Tidus B's Sword (ティーダBの剣
Tīda B no Tsurugi
No. Part Name
1 Buddies-1-Moogle Buddy.png Moogle Buddy (フレンドモーグリ
Furendo Mōguri
?, lit. "Friend Moguri")
2 Buddies-2-Blue Rhapsody Buddy.png Blue Rhapsody Buddy (フレンドブルーラプソディ
Furendo Burū Rapusodi
?, lit. "Friend Blue Rhapsody")
3 Buddies-3-Dusk Buddy.png Dusk Buddy (フレンドダスク
Furendo Dasuku
?, lit. "Friend Dusk")
4 Buddies-4-White Mush Buddy.png White Mush Buddy (フレンドWマッシュルーム
Furendo W Masshurūmu
?, lit. "Friend W Mushroom")
5 Buddies-5-Bad Dog Buddy.png Bad Dog Buddy (フレンドマッドドッグ
Furendo Maddo Doggu
?, lit. "Friend Mad Dog")
6 Buddies-6-Shadow Moogle Buddy.png Shadow Moogle Buddy (フレンドシャドウモーグリ
Furendo Shadou Mōguri
?, lit. "Friend Shadow Moguri")
7 Buddies-7-Shadow Dawg Buddy.png Shadow Dawg Buddy (フレンドシャドウドッグ
Furendo Shadou Doggu
?, lit. "Friend Shadow Dog")
8 Buddies-8-Shadow Kat Buddy.png Shadow Kat Buddy (フレンドシャドウキャット
Furendo Shadou Kyatto
?, lit. "Friend Shadow Cat")
9 Buddies-9-Bat Buddy XIII.png Bat Buddy XIII (フレンドXIIIバット
Furendo XIII Batto
?, lit. "Friend XIII Bat")
10 Buddies-10-Dog Buddy 1.png Dog Buddy 1 (フレンドドッグ1
Furendo Doggu 1
?, lit. "Friend Dog 1")
11 Buddies-11-Dog Buddy 2.png Dog Buddy 2 (フレンドドッグ2
Furendo Doggu 2
?, lit. "Friend Dog 2")
12 Buddies-12-Cat Buddy.png Cat Buddy (フレンドキャット
Furendo Kyatto
?, lit. "Friend Cat")
13 Buddies-13-Mouse Buddy.png Mouse Buddy (フレンドマウス
Furendo Mausu
?, lit. "Friend Mouse")
14 Buddies-14-Dog Buddy 3.png Dog Buddy 3 (フレンドドッグ3
Furendo Doggu 3
?, lit. "Friend Dog 3")
15 Buddies-15-Bunny Buddy.png Bunny Buddy (フレンドラビット
Furendo Rabitto
?, lit. "Friend Rabbit")
16 Buddies-16-Lion Buddy.png Lion Buddy (フレンドライオン
Furendo Raion
?, lit. "Friend Lion")
17 Buddies-17-Wolf Buddy.png Wolf Buddy (フレンドウルフ
Furendo Urufu
?, lit. "Friend Wolf")
18 Buddies-18-Crow Buddy.png Crow Buddy (フレンドクロウ
Furendo Kurou
?, lit. "Friend Crow")
No. Part Name
1 Bodysuits-1-Moogle.png Moogle (モーグリ
?, lit. "Moguri")
2 Bodysuits-2-Mystery Member XIII.png Mystery Member XIII (ⅩⅢ機関(フード付)
XIII Kikan (Fūdo-dzuke)
?, lit. "XIII Order (Hooded)")
3 Bodysuits-3-Reindeer Getup.png Reindeer Getup (トナカイ全身セット
Tonakai Zenshin Setto
?, lit. "Reindeer Full-length Set")
4 Bodysuits-4-Fluffy Lion Dance.png Fluffy Lion Dance (モッチリ獅子舞
Mocchiri Shishimai
5 Bodysuits-5-Warrior of Light's Armor.png Warrior of Light's Armor (ウォーリアオブライトの鎧
Wōria obu Raito no Yoroi
6 Bodysuits-6-Garland's Armor.png Garland's Armor (ガーランドの鎧
Gārando no Yoroi
7 Bodysuits-7-Shadow.png Shadow (シャドウ
8 Bodysuits-8-Soldier.png Soldier (ソルジャー
9 Bodysuits-9-Dusk.png Dusk (ダスク
10 Bodysuits-10-Darkside.png Darkside (ダークサイド
11 Bodysuits-11-Guard Armor.png Guard Armor (ガードアーマー
Gādo Āmā
12 Bodysuits-12-Trickmaster.png Trickmaster (トリックマスター
13 Bodysuits-13-Cerberus.png Cerberus (ケルベロス
?, lit. "Kerberos")
14 Bodysuits-14-Bandit.png Bandit (バンディット
15 Bodysuits-15-Skeleton Bodysuit.png Skeleton Bodysuit (ガイコツの全身タイツ
Gaikotsu no Zenshin Taitsu
?, lit. "Skeleton Full-length Tights)
16 Bodysuits-16-Ghost.png Ghost (ゴースト
17 Bodysuits-17-Defender.png Defender (ディフェンダー
No. Part Name
1 Ensembles-1-Sora A.png Sora A (ソラA?)
2 Ensembles-2-Riku A.png Riku A (リクA?)
3 Ensembles-3-Kairi A.png Kairi A (カイリA?)
4 Ensembles-4-Donald A.png Donald A (ドナルドA
Donarudo A
5 Ensembles-5-Goofy A.png Goofy A (グーフィーA
Gūfī A
6 Ensembles-6-Cloud A.png Cloud A (クラウドA
Kuraudo A
7 Ensembles-7-Organization XIII.png Organization XIII (ⅩⅢ機関
XIII Kikan
?, lit. "XIII Order")
8 Ensembles-8-Maleficent.png Maleficent (マレフィセント
9 Ensembles-9-King Mickey A.png King Mickey A (王様A
Ōsama A
?, lit. "The King A")
10 Ensembles-10-Formal Dress.png Formal Dress (ドレス1
Doresu 1
?, lit. "Dress 1")
11 Ensembles-11-Chip.png Chip (チップ
12 Ensembles-12-Dale.png Dale (デール
13 Ensembles-13-Wakka.png Wakka (ワッカ?)
14 Ensembles-14-Selphie.png Selphie (セルフィ
15 Ensembles-15-Tidus A.png Tidus A (ティーダA
Tīda A
16 Ensembles-16-White Mushroom.png White Mushroom (Wマッシュルーム
W Masshurūmu
?, lit. "W Mushroom")
17 Ensembles-17-Sora B.png Sora B (ソラB?)
18 Ensembles-18-Donald B.png Donald B (ドナルドB
Donarudo B
19 Ensembles-19-Goofy B.png Goofy B (グーフィーB
Gūfī B
20 Ensembles-20-Santa.png Santa (サンタ(パンツ)
Santa (Pantsu)
?, lit. "Santa (Pants)")
21 Ensembles-21-Ms. Santa.png Ms. Santa (サンタ(ワンピ)
Santa (Wanpi)
?, lit. "Santa (Sundress)")
22 Ensembles-22-Aerith A.png Aerith A (エアリスA
Earisu A
23 Ensembles-23-Yuffie A.png Yuffie A (ユフィA
Yufi A
24 Ensembles-24-Leon.png Leon (レオン
25 Ensembles-25-Cid.png Cid (シド
26 Ensembles-26-Japanese M.png Japanese M (和装(男)
Wasou (Otoko)
?, lit. "Japanese (Male)")
27 Ensembles-27-Japanese F.png Japanese F (和装(女)
Wasou (Onna)
?, lit. "Japanese (Female)")
28 Ensembles-28-Seifer.png Seifer (サイファー
29 Ensembles-29-Fuu.png Fuu (フウ?)
30 Ensembles-30-Rai.png Rai (ライ?)
31 Ensembles-31-Pete.png Pete (ピート
32 Ensembles-32-Ansem.png Ansem (アンセム
33 Ensembles-33-Large Body.png Large Body (ラージボディ
Rāji Bodi
34 Ensembles-34-Daisy.png Daisy (デイジー
35 Ensembles-35-Queen Minnie.png Queen Minnie (ミニー王妃
Minī Ouhi
36 Ensembles-36-Tracksuit 1.png Tracksuit 1 (ジャージ1
Jāji 1
?, lit. "Jersey 1")
37 Ensembles-37-Tracksuit 2.png Tracksuit 2 (ジャージ2
Jāji 2
?, lit. "Jersey 2")
38 Ensembles-38-Tracksuit 3.png Tracksuit 3 (ジャージ3
Jāji 3
?, lit. "Jersey 3")
39 Ensembles-39-Yuna.png Yuna (ユウナ
40 Ensembles-40-Rikku.png Rikku (リュック
41 Ensembles-41-Paine.png Paine (パイン
42 Ensembles-42-Goofy C.png Goofy C (グーフィーC
Gūfī C
43 Ensembles-43-Donald C.png Donald C (ドナルドC
Donarudo C
44 Ensembles-44-Dark Riku.png Dark Riku (闇リク
Yami Riku
45 Ensembles-45-Vivi.png Vivi (ビビ
46 Ensembles-46-Sora C.png Sora C (ソラC?)
47 Ensembles-47-Riku B.png Riku B (リクB?)
48 Ensembles-48-Kairi B.png Kairi B (カイリB?)
49 Ensembles-49-Naminé.png Naminé (ナミネ
50 Ensembles-50-Roxas.png Roxas (ロクサス
51 Ensembles-51-Hayner.png Hayner (ハイネ
52 Ensembles-52-Pence.png Pence (ピンツ
53 Ensembles-53-Olette.png Olette (オレット
54 Ensembles-54-King Mickey B.png King Mickey B (王様B
Ōsama B
?, lit. "The King B")
55 Ensembles-55-Tifa.png Tifa (ティファ?)
56 Ensembles-56-Kairi C.png Kairi C (カイリC?)
57 Ensembles-57-Setzer.png Setzer (セッツァー
58 Ensembles-58-Auron.png Auron (アーロン
59 Ensembles-59-Sephiroth.png Sephiroth (セフィロス
60 Ensembles-60-Aerith B.png Aerith B (エアリスB
Earisu B
61 Ensembles-61-Yuffie B.png Yuffie B (ユフィB
Yufi B
62 Ensembles-62-DiZ.png DiZ (DIZ?)
63 Ensembles-63-Sora (Valor Form).png Sora (Valor Form) (ソラ(ブレイヴフォーム)
Sora (Bureivu Fōmu)
?, lit. "Sora (Brave Form)")
64 Ensembles-64-Sora (Wisdom Form).png Sora (Wisdom Form) (ソラ(ウィズダムフォーム)
Sora (Wizudamu Fōmu)
65 Ensembles-65-Sora (Master Form).png Sora (Master Form) (ソラ(マスターフォーム)
Sora (Masutā Fōmu)
66 Ensembles-66-Sora (Final Form).png Sora (Final Form) (ソラ(ファイナルフォーム)
Sora (Fainaru Fōmu)
67 Ensembles-67-Xehanort.png Xehanort (ゼアノート
68 Ensembles-68-Red Nocturne.png Red Nocturne (レッドノクターン
Reddo Nokutān
69 Ensembles-69-Minute Bomb.png Minute Bomb (ミニッツボム
Minittsu Bomu
70 Ensembles-70-Search Ghost.png Search Ghost (サーチゴースト
Sāchi Gōsuto
71 Ensembles-71-Sora D.png Sora D (ソラD?)
72 Ensembles-72-Goofy D.png Goofy D (グーフィーD
Gūfī D
73 Ensembles-73-Donald D.png Donald D (ドナルドD
Donarudo D
74 Ensembles-74-Costume 1.png Costume 1 (仮装セット1
Kasou Setto 1
?, lit. "Costume Set 1")
75 Ensembles-75-Costume 2.png Costume 2 (仮装セット2
Kasou Setto 2
?, lit. "Costume Set 2")
76 Ensembles-76-Lightning.png Lightning (ライトニング
77 Ensembles-77-Snow.png Snow (スノウ
78 Ensembles-78-Serah.png Serah (セラ
79 Ensembles-79-Ventus.png Ventus (ヴェントゥス
80 Ensembles-80-Terra.png Terra (テラ
81 Ensembles-81-Aqua.png Aqua (アクア
82 Ensembles-82-Eraqus.png Eraqus (エラクゥス
83 Ensembles-83-Vanitas.png Vanitas (ヴァニタス
84 Ensembles-84-Sazh.png Sazh (サッズ
85 Ensembles-85-Vanille.png Vanille (ヴァニラ
86 Ensembles-86-Bartz.png Bartz (バッツ
?, lit. "Butz")
87 Ensembles-87-Paladin Cecil.png Paladin Cecil (セシル(パラディン)
Seshiru (Paradin)
?, lit. "Cecil (Paladin)")
88 Ensembles-88-FF6 Terra.png FF6 Terra (ティナ
89 Ensembles-89-Cloud C.png Cloud C (クラウドC
Kuraudo C
90 Ensembles-90-Zidane.png Zidane (ジタン
91 Ensembles-91-Squall.png Squall (スコール
92 Ensembles-92-Tidus B.png Tidus B (ティーダB
Tīda B
93 Ensembles-93-Shantotto.png Shantotto (シャントット?)

Avatar Sector[edit]

The Avatar Sector is a special System Sector that is built by the player, one floor at a time. Unlike other System Sectors, the Heartless within grow progressively stronger the deeper Data-Sora dives in; excluding the Gold Tricholoma, Eliminator, and Data-Riku, the enemies's levels are equal to the floor number. The Avatar Sector has a maximum of one hundred floors, and ninety of them must be obtained from Balloon Letters in Tag Mode. These floors can be deleted by the player at will, and if the player keeps obtaining Balloon Letters once the Avatar Sector is complete, the lowest floor will be deleted to make room.

Each floor is represented by an avatar, either one of the fifty prefabricated avatars, or a random avatar made from mixed parts. Each time Data-Sora clears one of these floors while fulfilling its associated challenge, he will win an Avatar Part, starting with those the floor's avatar uses, and then random pieces once those have been exhausted. For every nine floors obtained from Balloon Letters, the Avatar Sector will automatically add a special tenth floor that has an SP challenge. The ten SP challenge floors eventually culminate in a battle against a bugged Data-Riku.

Clearing a floor will also enable a shortcut to the next floor in the list, so that Data-Sora can directly select it instead of needing to clear all prior floors again. Manually deleting floors and then obtaining replacements will disable the shortcuts to the highest floors, so they must be unlocked again by clearing a previous floor. However, if a floor is instead automatically deleted by a new floor, then the shortcuts are preserved.

If manually deleting a floor would cause the total to fall below an SP challenge floor's requirement, then the highest SP challenge floor will also be deleted until a replacement floor is obtained.

In addition to Avatar Parts, the Avatar Sector has its own list of Sector Rewards, which grows as Data-Sora goes further into the Sector. Furthermore, Data-Sora is given a title based on how far he has gone into the Sector.

Floor Floor Challenge Rate Bugged Heartless
10 Don't use any recovery commands! x1.5 30 Soldiers
20 Take damage no more than 24 times! x2.0 1 Core Blox
30 Spend less than 60 seconds on the ground! x2.0 3 Bandits
40 Exit the floor in 30 seconds or less! x2.5 1 Invisible
50 Miss with no more than 19 of your attacks! x2.0 1 Core Blox
60 Use your Finish command! x2.5 3 Blox Bugs
70 Exit the floor in 150 seconds or less! x3.0 99 Shadows
80 Defeat 58 - 69 Heartless! x3.0 5-10 Wyverns
90 Destroy 50 blox! x3.5 3 Core Bloxes
100 Use a Finish command in under 60 seconds! x5.0 Data-Riku
Title Unlocked after
Lurker (ユーザー
?, lit. "User")
Surfer (サーファー
Junior Diver (ダイバー
?, lit. "Diver")
Diver (オープンダイバー
Ōpun Daibā
?, lit. "Open Diver")
Senior Diver (アドバンスダイバー
Adobansu Daibā
?, lit. "Advance Diver")
Sector Mod (スペシャリティダビアー
Supeshariti Daibā
?, lit. "Specialty Diver")
Sector Admin (テクニカルダイバー
Tekunikaru Daibā
?, lit. "Technical Diver")
Sector Master (ダイブマスター
Daibu Masutā
?, lit. "Dive Master")
Architect (アーキテクト
Wizard (ウィザード
Legend (レジェンド Rejendo?) 100
Reward SP Unlocked after
Type C Finish KHREC.png D-Blizzaga 1000000 (★) 100
Aero KHREC.png Cyclone 700000 90
Fire KHREC.png Flame Fall 700000 80
HP Chip KHREC.png HP +8 30000 50
Strength Chip KHREC.png Strength +4 30000 50
Magic Chip KHREC.png Magic +4 30000 50
Defense Chip KHREC.png Defense +4 30000 50
Fire Chip KHREC.png Fire +4 30000 60
Blizzard Chip KHREC.png Blizzard +4 30000 60
Thunder Chip KHREC.png Thunder +4 30000 60
Aero Chip KHREC.png Aero +4 30000 60
Cure Chip KHREC.png Cure +4 30000 60
Fire Resistance Chip KHREC.png Fire Resistance +4 30000 70
Blizzard Resistance Chip KHREC.png Blizzard Resistance +4 30000 70
Thunder Resistance Chip KHREC.png Thunder Resistance +4 30000 70
Aero Resistance Chip KHREC.png Aero Resistance +4 30000 70
Blank Chip KHREC.png Blank Chip 15000 40
Fire KHREC.png Firaga 10000 30
Blizzard KHREC.png Blizzaga 10000 30
Thunder KHREC.png Thundaga 10000 30
Aero KHREC.png Aeroga 10000 30
Cure KHREC.png Curaga 10000 30
Magnet KHREC.png Magnega 10000 30
Fire KHREC.png Fira 7300 1
Blizzard KHREC.png Blizzara 7300 1
Thunder KHREC.png Thundara 7300 1
Aero KHREC.png Aerora 7300 1
Cure KHREC.png Cura 7300 1
Aerial Slam KHREC.png Aerial Slam 900 1
Potion KHREC.png Potion 500 1
Potion KHREC.png Hi-Potion 1200 1
Ether KHREC.png Ether 1200 1
Ether KHREC.png Hi-Ether 2000 1
Panacea KHREC.png Panacea 800 1
Elixir KHREC.png Elixir 10000 1
Elixir KHREC.png Megalixir 20000 1
EXP KHREC.png Redeem for EXP (10% SP) Remaining SP 1
Munny KHREC.png Redeem for munny (1% SP) Remaining SP 1




Tag Mode[edit]

Tag Mode (すれちがい通信 Surechigai Tsuushin?, lit. "Passing Communication") is a communications system which allows the player to obtain Balloon Letters (メール Mēru?, lit. "Mail") from other avatars, which contain Avatar Sector floors and Scratch Cards. To enter Tag Mode, the player must choose which Floor Code and Floor Challenge they would like to share; these lists are initially short, but once the player has completed the Avatar Sector, they will be able to share any of the Floor Codes and Floor Challenges which appear in the Avatar Sector, excluding the Boss Floor Code. The Avatar Sector floor contained within the Balloon Letter is automatically added to the Avatar Sector, whether the Balloon Letter and Scratch Card are opened or discarded.

Balloon Letters can be given by a friend's avatar, a fixed avatar, or a random avatar. When the player receives a Balloon Letter from a friend who is also playing Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, the two players will share their personal avatars, and whichever Floor Codes and Floor Challenges they selected. If Tag Mode has been used for a suitably long interval, usually an hour or two, the player can also receive an avatar constructed from random Avatar Parts; this avatar's name and quote will reference each other, but not its appearance or any of its stats. More infrequently, a fixed avatar will appear in place of the random avatar.

Normally, it is only possible to receive one of a particular avatar. If that avatar changes even one of its parts, however, then the avatar can be received again and will produce an additional Balloon Letter, Avatar Sector floor, and Scratch Card. If an Avatar Sector floor is deleted, then the avatar associated with that floor can be received again.

If the player enters Tag Mode while receiving a DS-compatible wireless signal that is not from another Kingdom Hearts Re:coded game (for example, if it is receiving a broadcast from the Wii's Nintendo Channel, or from another DS's PictoChat), they will immediately receive a fixed avatar, whose quote and other stats are references to the character the avatar depicts. Balloon Letters received this way are generated by the compatible wireless signals; the more signals the DS is receiving, the more Balloon Letters will be received in the same amount of time. While the player can generally receive only one of each of the fifty fixed avatars, the random generator for the fixed avatars is based on the DS's internal clock, so if the DS receives multiple wireless signals and generates more than one Balloon Letter at the same time, it is possible to receive multiple Balloon Letters with the same avatar.

Avatar Quote
(>_<)/RAGE Back off! I'm angsty!
$$$Grubber Munny is mah hunny.
10derMemry It's great to be a kid.
1WhoGetsIt Shh! No more words.
2Good2BTru And too true to be good.
∞Lives I totally 1-upped you.
A♭OutLie Don't believe a word o' me!
A1ternateU Always just a step away...
AlwaysLTTP And often not invited...
BigBrudda 'Sup, bro? Need a hand?
Could_B_U See the resemblance?
DistantVOX HELLO? (OH-Oh-oh...)
Don'tASCII It's a SCSI story anyway.
Dude!ItsMe Y'know? From the thing?
FlyOnDWall The real bug in this tale!
HeyIKnowU Long time no see!
LivNLegacy Oh. You're not gone yet?
LongLostM8 Err, formerly lost...
Masker8dr No one knows my REAL name.
MeIfIWereU Chew on that. Deep, huh?
Miracle2Go May I take your order?
Ninja(shh) You did not see me.
No1UKnow So let's keep it that way.
NotTe11ing ...Unless you ask nicely.
Omigoddess I'm, like, a divine ditz!
OozinCharm Grab a mop. OC's in town!
ORLY_YARLY Will my life have meaning?
P00rPuppet Always being strung along.
PassNDream Enjoy me while I last.
Pure^_^Joy With plenty to go around.
PureRandom Nothin' to see, folks!
ROFLCopter Hey, do you LOLerskate?
SdrawkcabLeft Ereh sedoc terces on!
Sh8pShiftR I'm really a triangle.
ShadyNomad I don't like the sun, OK?
The 1nk1ing Did I jog your memory?
The"Right"One I dunno why you "Left" me.
TheOne4U U is the best letter EVER.
TimeTravlR The 21st century? Retro!
TuffCookie Known fears: Milk-dunking.
TwixtTween Always stuck in da middle.
U.Know.Who Don't pretend you don't.
Un4Gettabl It's my memorable face.
UnsungHero No one ever sings for me.
UR<3sDzire And now, I can be yours.
UrPastLife You're me but I ain't you.
UrTrueSelf Reunited at last, eh?
UsualNon¢s Penny for yer thoughts?
WhatUWere No escaping your past!
Avatar Quote Rank Trophies Floor
Oh my! Is it midnight!? Sector Mod 0 Twisty Floor Card.png
Don't jump too much!
Ha ha! That's a good one! Wizard 0 Tricky Floor Card.png
Use a Megalixir, the mega-fixer!
Hi! I mean, goo goo gaga. Lurker 1 Breezy Floor Card.png
Take out tons of Heartless for me!
Yoo-hoo! Seen Mickey? Diver 1 Breezy Floor Card.png
Use a Finish command ASAP!
Avatar Parts, empower me! Legend 1 Breezy Floor Card.png
Red + shield = baaaaaad news!
AND YOU CALL ME A STALKER! Legend 1 Feisty Floor Card.png
Get rid of that gold pest!
Gotta keep ya all guessin'! Junior Diver 2 Breezy Floor Card.png
Don't swing and miss!
You want my autograph? Junior Diver 2 Breezy Floor Card.png
Try not to take damage!
A-hyuck! Do I know ya? Sector Master 2 Breezy Floor Card.png
Nothing beats a game before bed!
Pet goldfish? As if! Architect 2 Feisty Floor Card.png
This is no time to stand around!
Wak! Daisy'll be furious! Diver 3 Breezy Floor Card.png
Move, move, move! Time's a wastin'!
Tru -3less.png
TO DO LIST: FIND HEART. Diver 3 Feisty Floor Card.png
Healing is for noobs.
"Love" outfit? Bah. Sector Mod 3 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Blow enemies away with air-tosses!
Not "Radish"? Seriously? Sector Admin 3 Breezy Floor Card.png
Rock out with well-timed blocks!
Avatar pets? Fascinating! Senior Diver 4 Twisty Floor Card.png
Put those pesky foes on ice!
Why wear the predictable? Sector Master 4 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Nothing beats a game before bed!
I'M A PRO AT HUGGING. Junior Diver 5 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Rack up SP. That's all there is to it!
I'm, like, sooo chill! Senior Diver 5 Breezy Floor Card.png
Put those pesky foes on ice!
Have you gone green? Sector Master 5 Breezy Floor Card.png
No bashing blox! They have feelings!
On your last legs yet? Wizard 5 Breezy Floor Card.png
Keep your feet on the ground!
Tina? Who? Sector Mod 6 Breezy Floor Card.png
Try not to take damage!
You cheat? Deplorable. Sector Admin 6 Breezy Floor Card.png
Fight with only magic commands!
My rhymes are slammin'! Sector Mod 7 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Don't jump too much!
Sorry. Not interested. Sector Master 7 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Only attack when you have to!
Expecting a mission? Wizard 7 Feisty Floor Card.png
Move, move, move! Time's a wastin'!
I wear this cuz I'm cold. Senior Diver 8 Feisty Floor Card.png
Take out tons of Heartless for me!
F-L-A...Got it memorized? Sector Master 8 Tricky Floor Card.png
Burn, baby! Light those foes up!
Even my name is a joke LOL Architect 8 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Counterattack like you mean it!
Back off, ya bozo! Wizard 8 Tricky Floor Card.png
Hope you're good at critical hits!
My new song melts faces! Diver 9 Breezy Floor Card.png
Rack up SP. That's all there is to it!
May you be happy always! Lurker 10 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Healing is for noobs.
...It was her idea. Diver 10 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Move, move, move! Time's a wastin'!
It's great to be me. Wizard 10 Feisty Floor Card.png
Dare ya to defeat foes in one blow!
Scratch card? I'm game. Legend 10 Tricky Floor Card.png
Weekends are made for gaming!
The Keyblade must be mine. Diver 11 Tricky Floor Card.png
Don't swing and miss!
You want a piece of me!? Sector Admin 11 Twisty Floor Card.png
Only attack when you have to!
Do I detect DISTRESS? Senior Diver 12 Feisty Floor Card.png
Bzz-zzz-zzt! Jolt the opposition!
They ran out of sea-salt. Junior Diver 13 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Fight with just attack commands!
That boy will be our hope. Senior Diver 13 Breezy Floor Card.png
Don't swing and miss!
I put gum in your hair. Senior Diver 13 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Bash as many blox as you can!
All sugar 'n' rainbows! Sector Mod 13 Breezy Floor Card.png
Keep your feet off the ground!
We meet again. Wizard 14 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Hope you're good at critical hits!
I luv pitch correction! Junior Diver 16 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Take out tons of Heartless for me!
I always get to the point. Wizard 20 Twisty Floor Card.png
Keep nailing those Finish commands!
I have weird thoughts. Legend 22 Breezy Floor Card.png
Smash away with MAX overclock!
Yessir! Staying frosty! Architect 23 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Try not to take damage!
Merry —- Huh? Wrong date? Sector Master 24 Breezy Floor Card.png
Clean up while it's still light out!
I smell riches! Architect 29 Sparkly Floor Card.png
Feeling grabby? Grab lots of items!
Have faith in yourself! Junior Diver 30 Bumpy Floor Card.png
Take out tons of Heartless for me!
Hope ya saved your game. Legend 30 Tricky Floor Card.png
Red + shield = baaaaaad news!
Floor Code Form Room types Rooms Bug rooms Trap rooms Prize rooms Bug Enemy types Gold Tricholoma Eliminator
Breezy Floor Card.png
Breezy Floor (ウロウロ Urouro?)
Breezy Floor.png (1)-(10) 3-6 1-2 0 0 Yellow, Blue 1% 12%
Twisty Floor Card.png
Twisty Floor (グルグル Guruguru?)
Twisty Floor.png (10)-(13) 2-3 1 1 1 Blue 1% 12%
Tricky Floor Card.png
Tricky Floor (ドキドキ Dokidoki?)
Tricky Floor.png (1)-(10), (14)-(20) 2-3 1-2 All 0 Yellow 1% 12%
Sparkly Floor Card.png
Sparkly Floor (キラキラ Kirakira?)
Sparkly Floor.png (1)-(10), (14)-(20) 2-3 1 0 All Blue 20% 5%
Feisty Floor Card.png
Feisty Floor (ガンガン Gangan?)
Feisty Floor.png (2)-(7), (14)-(20) 3-4 3-4 0 0 Yellow, Red 3% 42%
Bumpy Floor Card.png
Bumpy Floor (デコボコ Dekoboko?)
Bumpy Floor.png (14)-(19) 2-4 1-2 1 0 Yellow, Blue 1% 12%
Boss Floor Boss Floor.png
Floor Challenge Description Unlocked after
Try not to take damage! Take damage no more than # times! 1
Take out tons of Heartless for me! Defeat # Heartless! 1
Healing is for noobs. Don't use any recovery commands! 1
Don't swing and miss! Miss with no more than # of your attacks! 10
Move, move, move! Time's a wastin'! Exit the floor in # seconds or less! 10
Use a Finish command ASAP! Use a Finish command in under # seconds! 20
Fight with just attack commands! Fight using only attack commands! 20
Rack up SP. That's all there is to it! Earn at least # SP on this floor! 20
Burn, baby! Light those foes up! Ignite Heartless # times! 30
Bzz-zzz-zzt! Jolt the opposition! Jolt Heartless # times! 30
Rock out with well-timed blocks! Block at least # enemy attacks! 30
Put those pesky foes on ice! Freeze Heartless # times! 40
Blow enemies away with air-tosses! Air-toss Heartless # times! 40
Bash as many blox as you can! Destroy # blox! 40
Don't jump too much! Jump no more than # times! 50
Keep your feet on the ground! Spend less than # seconds in the air! 50
Only attack when you have to! Use Attack no more than # times! 50
Fight with only magic commands! Fight using only magic commands! 60
Smash away with MAX overlock! Defeat an enemy at MAX overclock! 60
Keep nailing those Finish commands! Use your Finish command at least # times! 60
Clean up while it's still light out! Play during the daytime! 70
Nothing beats a game before bed! Play at night! 70
No bashing blox! They have feelings! Destroy no more than # blox! 70
This is no time to stand around! Spend less than # seconds on the ground! 80
Counterattack like you mean it! Pull off # successful counterattacks! 80
Feeling grabby? Grab lots of items! Obtain at least one item! 80
Use a Megalixir, the mega-fixer! Use a Megalixir! 90
Dare ya to defeat foes in one blow! Defeat a Heartless in a single blow! 90
Hope you're good at critical hits! Land a critical hit! 90
Red + shield = baaaaaad news! Defeat the Eliminator! 100
Weekends are made for gaming! Play on the weekend! 100
Get rid of that gold pest! Defeat the Gold Tricholoma! 100

Scratch Cards[edit]

A Scratch Card

Scratch Cards are one of the prizes attached to Balloon Letters. Every Scratch Card is set in a specific world, as specified by the background, and contains several hidden icons depicting characters from that world. The cards also list a "Character Hunt" (キングダムスクラッチ Kingudamu Sukuracchi?, lit. "Kingdom Scratch") that requires the player to uncover a set amount of a specific character within a set amount of chances, and almost always lists a "Bonus Hunt" (ボーナススクラッチ Bōnasu Sukuracchi?, lit. "Bonus Scratch") as well, which requires the player to uncover a single, specific character.

There are some exceptions to the character hunt, depending on the type of Scratch Card:

  • On the "Villains Card", the player must not uncover a specific villain. Fully revealing that character's icon will instantly end the Scratch Card. However, if the offending icon is only partially uncovered, then it is possible to sneak in additional icon reveals before finishing the offending one.
  • On the "Princess Card", the player must uncover one and only one each of the seven Princesses of Heart. Fully revealing a duplicate will instantly end the Scratch Card.

In addition, if the avatar has a Buddy part, the Bonus Hunt will be replaced by an "Avatar Hunt" (アバタースクラッチ Abatā Sukuracchi?, lit. "Avatar Scratch"), which consists of uncovering the buddy's icon.

Clearing a Character or Bonus Hunt will result in Data-Sora winning a random command or Avatar Part; the class of Command or Avatar Part is dependent on the Scratch Card type and which hunts are completed, and it is even possible for the Avatar Part to be one that Data-Sora already has.

Disney Card KHREC.png
Queen Minnie
Character Hunt: Coats
Avatar Hunt: Hair
Destiny Card KHREC.png
Character Hunt: Features
Avatar Hunt: Shoes
Traverse Card KHREC.png
Large Body
Character Hunt: Rear Gear
Avatar Hunt: Tops
Wonder Card KHREC.png
The Cheshire Cat
The Queen of Hearts
Large Body
Character Hunt: Scars, Etc.
Avatar Hunt: Bottoms
Olympus Card KHREC.png
Large Body
Character Hunt: Shoes
Avatar Hunt: Shoes
Agrabah Card KHREC.png
Large Body
Character Hunt: Hats
Avatar Hunt: Hats
100 Acre Card KHREC.png
Winnie the Pooh
Character Hunt: Belts
Avatar Hunt: Mitts
Ice Cream Card KHREC.png
Caramel nut
Character Hunt: Bodysuits
Avatar Hunt: Starter Kits
Villains Card KHREC.png
Large Body
Character Hunt: Items
Avatar Hunt: Face & Neck
Princess Card KHREC.png
Snow White
Character Hunt: Buddies

In addition to the basic icons, there are three special icons: Dalmatian puppy, Mickey, and Captain Dark.

PuppyScratchCard.pngDalmatian puppy: Activates "Lucky Puppy!", which adds a puppy to Data-Sora's total. Once Data-Sora rescues all 99 puppies, he is rewarded with D-Firaga.

MickeyScratchCard.pngMickey: Activates "Bonus Chances", which adds one to three extra chances to Data-Sora's total.

CaptainDarkScratchCard.pngCaptain Dark: Activates "Sneak Peek!", which allows the player to see all the character icons, uncovered for 1.5 seconds.


Balloon Letters have more benefits than simply getting Scratch Cards, however. Each Balloon Letter received can increase the avatar's Happiness (ハッピ一度 Happī-do?, lit. "Happy Points"), which ranges from 0 to 100, as long as the attached avatar shares parts with the player's avatar. Having high happiness increases the chances for Balloon Letters to include special icons and Scratch Cards, and when it is at its highest level, indicated by hearts surrounding the avatar, Data-Sora's own Luck is doubled; getting this boost is actually the only way to raise his Luck to its maximum of 28.

However, opening more Balloon Letters also increases the chances that the next Balloon Letter will infect your Avatar Sector with a virus. The probability of a letter carrying an infection is Avatar Menu formula 1.png, where Avatar Menu formula 2.png is the base probability the letter is infected (1% for letters from fixed avatars, random avatars, or infected friends; 0% for letters from uninfected friends), and Avatar Menu formula 3.png is the number of letters that have already been opened.

Happiness Special icons 100 Acre Card Ice Cream Card Villains Card Princess Card
Default Avatar.png
8% 0.4% 0.3% 0.2% 0.1%
Default Avatar Note Happiness.png
20% 2.4% 1.8% 1.2% 0.6%
Default Avatar Heart Happiness.png
40% 9.6% 7.2% 4.8% 2.4%
Condition Points
Receive a Balloon Letter +1 per shared part
Clock advances -3 per hour
Delete floor from Avatar Sector Reduced to 0
Get infected with a virus Reduced to 0 (while infected)
Comments Parts Shared
That outfit! Ugh, don't make eye contact... ?
Err, can you say "awkward"? ?
Hopefully a friendship is in the cards. ?
But...which one of you is cooler? ?
You hate to admit it, but that outfit's the bomb! ?
Have you met before? You're pretty happy! ?
Maybe a future friend? You're pretty happy! ?
You have alot in common. You're pretty happy! ?
You sort of think alike. You're pretty happy! ?
Seems you two get along. You're pretty happy! ?