Core Blox

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Core Blox

Core Blox KHREC.png

Katakana コアブロック Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Koa Burokku
Japanese Core Block

Type Bug Blox
Game Kingdom Hearts coded
Blox Bug
Danger Bug
Metal Bug
Prize Bug

A Core Blox is an enemy found exclusively in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. They are the source of Bug Blox and corruption in the datascape, hence why they are found in System Sectors and Keyholes.


It appears as a purple colored block with light purple colored, jagged cracks. When struck the color changes to red with yellow colored cracks, making it resemble a Blast Blox. It creates a long body made up of the other Blox in the game which periodically change throughout the battle.


Core Blox are reasonably difficult enemies in the earlier part of the game if you don't use proper strategy. The best way to defeat them is to let it come past you, and then you can take out its body, without sustaining much damage. Once you have destroyed its body, it will stop moving, and you can unleash up to four combos on it, dealing a good amount of damage. Core Blox also take decent damage from commands, but make sure not to use a command that takes a lot of time to execute, otherwise you will waste valuable time, where you could damage it more by attacking or with quick commands.

After a certain amount of time, it will regenerate its body and it will start moving again. Keep repeating this process until it falls. Sometimes, the Core Blox will transform its body into different types of Blox, but when it transforms its body into Blast Blox, touch its body and the resulting explosion will destroy all of its body and deal a good amount of damage.

Often, the Core Blox will spawn Danger Blox for a body, preventing Data-Sora from physically attacking them. A good way to destroy these blocks quickly is to use magic with a large area of effect, such as Thundaga. If it's available, Mega Flare deals a great amount of damage to the Core Blox, although it will not destroy the blox on its body, regardless of their type.

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