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This article is about general ice cream.
You may be looking for sea salt ice cream.

Ice cream (アイス Aisu?) is a type of consumable item in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep that function similarly to the Aura spell in the Final Fantasy series, in that they manually place the character into a set Command Style. However, using an Ice Cream will not always cause the character to switch to the desired Command Style—15% of the time, it will instead activate the special Frozen Fortune Command Style, which can only be activated through this method, and if the player is already using a Command Style, there is a separate 15% chance of activating the current style's Finish Command.

Like all consumable items in this game, Ice Creams can only be equipped as item commands, but they must first be made at the Ice Cream Shop using the specified ingredients. Ice Cream ingredients can only be obtained from Prize Pods, rare Unversed that hide in most worlds. Each ice cream can be made as soon as the ingredients are collected, though it cannot be used until its respective Command Style is unlocked, and once the character has made their first batch of an Ice Cream, Huey, Dewie, and Louie also put the recipe up for sale, so that the character can obtain more ice cream either by spending munny or through continued mixing. Once Terra, Ventus, or Aqua obtains each of their types of Ice Cream, they also receive the Sweetstack.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

At the end of the Million Dreams Award contest, the citizens of Disney Town vote for who they believe has been the best citizen, and surprisingly, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all tie for first place, due to their good deeds around town. Although Terra and Ventus have already moved on to other worlds and cannot collect their award, Aqua is given a cone of Royalberry ice cream as her prize, and she declares it to be the perfect flavor.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.

Although Aqua's episode in Disney Town is meant to be played last, if either Terra or Ventus complete Disney Town while there are cleared files for Aqua and the other character, they will be the one to receive the contest prize. Terra receives a bar of Rockin' Crunch, while Ventus receives a bowl of Double Crunch.

List of Ice Creams[edit]

See also: Prize Pod#Locations
Ice Cream Name and Description Prize Ingredients and Locations Command Style
Bueno Volcano KHBBS.png Bueno Volcano (ボルケーノカレー
Borukēno Karē
?, lit. "Volcano Curry")
  • 5 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngPrickle Pepper (とんがりペッパー Tongari Peppā?)
  • 3 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngToonbasco (トゥーンカレー Tūn Karē?, lit. "Toon Curry")
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
A daring new veggie ice cream that’s both healthy AND spicy.
Snow Bear KHBBS.png Snow Bear (スノウベアー
Sunou Beā
  • 3 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngOpen Sesame (オープンセサミ Ōpun Sesami?)
  • 5 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngSoy Milk (ソイミルク Soi Miruku?)
Diamond Dust
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
A healthy, tofu-flavored ice cream shaped just like a polar bear.
Spark Lemon KHBBS.png Spark Lemon (スパークレモン
Supāku Remon
  • 4 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngThundercracker (イナズマキャンディ Inazuma Kyandi?, lit. "Lightning Candy")
  • 2 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngRocket Soda (ジェットソーダ Jetto Sōda?, lit. "Jet Soda")
  • 3 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngDancin' Lemon (ダンシングレモン Danshingu Remon?, lit. "Dancing Lemon")
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
A lemon ice cream whose sour power will have you wincing in joy.
Royalberry KHBBS.png Royalberry (クイーンベリー
Kuīn Berī
?, lit. "Queen Berry")
  • 7 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngGaspberry (秘密のラズベリ Himitsu no Razuberi?, lit. "Secret Raspberry")
  • 10 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngNebula Nectar (フラワージェリー Furawā Jerī?, lit. "Flower Jelly")
  • 8 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngBirthday Cake (バースデイケーキ Bāsudei Kēki?)
  • 7 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngRose Honey (ローズハニー Rōzu Hanī?)
(Terra, Aqua)
A raspberry ice cream with a hint of sour hiding under all that sweet.
Sugary Skies KHBBS.png Sugary Skies (ミルキーウェイ
Mirukī Wei
?, lit. "Milky Way")
  • 10 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngCream Fluff (ふわふわクリーム Fuwafuwa Kurīmu?, lit. "Fluffy Cream")
  • 8 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngRainbow Syrup (虹のシロップ Niji no Shiroppu?)
  • 14 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngCotton Cloudcandy (わた雲のキャンディ Watakumo no Kyandi?)
Sky Climber
(Ventus, Aqua)
A fluffy, fun-filled cross between cotton candy and ice cream.
Vanilla Glitz KHBBS.png Vanilla Glitz (ジュエルバニラ
Jueru Banira
?, lit. "Jewel Vanilla")
  • 1 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngGolden Jam (黄金ジャム Ougon Jamu?)
  • 1 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngBijou Bean (ジュエリービーンズ Juerī Bīnzu?, lit. "Jewelry Beans")
  • 3 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngCrystal Sugar (クリスタルシュガー Kurisutaru Shugā?)
Critical Impact
Vanilla ice cream studded with tons of gemstones. Chew carefully!
Rockin' Crunch KHBBS.png Rockin' Crunch (ロッククランチ
Rokku Kuranchi
?, lit. "Rock Crunch")
  • 15 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngGalactic Caramel (銀河キャラメル Ginga Kyarameru?)
  • 12 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngNutty Nut (ワイルドナッツ Wairudo Nattsu?, lit. "Wild Nuts")
A bittersweet, nut-covered ice cream with a sophisticated taste.
Big Bad Pete KHBBS.png Big Bad Pete (ブラック・ピート
Burakku Pīto
?, lit. "Black Pete")
  • 20 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngBizarro Bean (謎の豆 Nazo no Mame?, lit. "Mysterious Bean")
  • 20 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngWhipped Dream (謎のクリーム Nazo no Kurīmu?, lit. "Mysterious Cream")
Dark Impulse
An unusual, Pete-shaped ice cream with a chestnut flavor.
Honeybunny KHBBS.png Honeybunny (ハニーバニー
  • 3 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngHoneybunch (トレジャーハニー Torejā Hanī?, lit. "Treasure Honey")
  • 2 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngApple Pie (夢見るリンゴ Yumemiru Ringo?, lit. "Dream Apple")
Fever Pitch
An adorable apple and honey ice cream shaped just like a bunny.
Goofy Parfait KHBBS.png Goofy Parfait (グーフィー・パフェ
Gūfī Pafe
  • 7 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngMoogle Coffee (モーグリコーヒー Mōguri Kōhī?)
  • 6 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngJumbo Almond (大粒アーモンド Ōtsubu Āmondo?)
  • 5 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngChocolate Valentine (バレンタインチョコ Barentain Choko?, lit. "Valentine Chocolate")
  • 10 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngForest Muffin (森のカステラ Mori no Kasutera?, lit. "Forest Castella")
A sundae-style ice cream piled up to look like Goofy.
Double Crunch KHBBS.png Double Crunch (ダブルクランチ
Daburu Kuranchi
  • 9 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngCherryberry (瓶詰めイチゴ Bindzume Ichigo?, lit. "Bottled Strawberry")
  • 5 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngMerry Dairy (ロマンスミルク Romansu Miruku?, lit. "Romance Milk")
  • 14 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngWedding Cake (ウェディングケーキ Wedingu Kēki?)
  • 15 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngStar Syrup (流れ星のシロップ Nagareboshi no Shiroppu?, lit. "Shooting Star Syrup")
A mixed ice cream so full of fruit, you might just go a little bananas.
Fabracadabra KHBBS.png Fabracadabra (ハットトリック
Hatto Torikku
?, lit. "Hat Trick")
  • 2 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngBalloon Melon (バルーンメロン Barūn Meron?)
  • 2 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngHeroic Orange (英雄オレンジ Eiyū Orenji?)
  • 1 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngPeach Fantasy (ファンタジーピーチ Fantajī Pīchi?, lit. "Fantasy Peach")
An ice cream topped with the magic of three fruit flavors.
Donald Fizz KHBBS.png Donald Fizz (ドナルド・ソルト
?, lit. "Donald Salt")
  • 8 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngCrystal Soda (クリスタルソーダ Kurisutaru Sōda?)
  • 13 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngMermaid Salt (マーメイドソルト Māmeido Soruto?)
  • 15 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngFizzy Tizzy (ロケットラムネ Roketto Ramune?, lit. "Rocket Lemonade")
  • 8 Bottle ingredient KHBBS.pngSky Blue Mousse (青空のゼリー Aozora no Zerī?, lit. "Blue Sky Jelly")
Ghost Drive
A fizzy ice cream that bears a charming resemblance to Donald.
Daisy Sorbet KHBBSFM.png Daisy Sorbet (デイジー・ソルベ
Deijī Sorube
  • 8 Cake ingredient KHBBS.pngStarry Sky Delight (星空のドロップ Hoshizora no Doroppu?, lit. "Starry Sky Drop")
  • 15 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngRich Marshmallow (贅沢マシュマロ Zeitaku Mashumaro?, lit. "Luxury Marshmallow")
  • 10 Topping ingredient KHBBS.pngMerry Mint (ハミングミント Hamingu Minto?, lit. "Humming Mint")
  • 12 Candy ingredient KHBBS.pngMelodious Grape (メロディグレープ Merodi Gurēpu?, lit. "Melody Grape")
Rhythm Mixer
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
A grape-flavored sorbet is the main ingredient in this delectable dessert.

Related trophies[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Dairy Devotee Trophy KHBBS.png Dairy Devotee
Use the Frozen Fortune Command Style thirty times.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

A selection of ice creams appear on a scratch card, in the Avatar Menu. Ice creams include Strawberry (Double Crunch), Fizz (Donald Fizz), Sundae (Goofy Parfait), Chestnut (Big Bad Pete) and Caramel Nut (Rockin' Crunch).

Notes and references[edit]

  1. The "Sugary Skies" was localized as "Milky Way" in the original English release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

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