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This article is about the Command Style.
You may be looking for the ability or the Reaction Command.
When using Cyclone, Ventus is clad in a bright white aura.

Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows the user to use the power of wind to attack enemies.


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In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Cyclone is a Level 2 Command Style exclusive to Ventus that is activated by using Aero-related, Strike, or Raid commands, or Tornado. The standard rapid four-hit combo deals 120% damage, the Finisher consists of Ventus spinning around like a top and rapidly moving across the field, dealing 500% damage to enemies in his path.

Aero KHREC.png

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Cyclone is a magic command that has a memory consumption of 17% and a reload time of 30 seconds. Data-Sora points his Keyblade upward, summoning wind that revolves around him diagonally from both sides, then slams his Keyblade down to summon a tornado around him that deals Aero-type damage to nearby enemies.

Learning Cyclone[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Ventus learns Cyclone after defeating the Trinity Armor in Radiant Garden.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Gif of Cyclone
  • Data-Sora can create Cyclone through Command Conversion.
  • Data-Sora obtains Cyclone from a random prize block in Hollow Bastion's hidden system sector.
  • Cyclone can be reedemed through the Avatar Sector for 700,000 SP after unlocking the 90th floor.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Cyclone is an Magic Command that can be converted through one recipe.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Aeroga appears identical to the Re:coded version of Cyclone.