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The following is all of the content that can be downloaded for Kingdom Hearts Mobile.



The King's Headband
Hats-4-King Mickey Ears.png "Feels kingly."
Points: 300


Soul Eater
Items-57-Soul Eater.png "A soul-devouring Keyblade."
Points: 250
Sleeping Lion
Items-83-Sleeping Lion.png "A Keyblade of calm power."
Points: 250
Items-82-Lionheart.png "A Keyblade borrowing Leon's power."
Points: 250
Shuriken B
Items-79-Shuriken B.png "A large shuriken."
Points: 250
Items-78-Oblivion.png "A precious memory."
Points: 600
Items-77-Oathkeeper.png "A promise that must be protected at all costs."
Points: 600
Larxene's Knives
Items-76-Larxene's Knives.png "Extremely sharp weapons for both hands."
Points: 400
Luxord's Cards
Items-75-Luxord's Cards.png "For natural-born gamblers."
Points: 400
Saïx's Claymore
Items-74-Saix's Claymore.png "For when you feel like going berserk."
Points: 400
Lexaeus's Axe Sword
Items-73-Lexaeus's Axe Sword.png "For dignified direction."
Points: 400
Xaldin's Lances
Items-72-Xaldin's Lances.png "These long weapons will up your coolness."
Points: 400
Xigbar's Arrowguns
Items-71-Xigbar's Arrowguns.png "Cool weapons for both hands."
Points: 500
Demyx's Sitar
Items-70-Demyx's Sitar.png "For when you feel like playing music."
Points: 400
Marluxia's Scythe
Items-69-Marluxia's Scythe.png "For when you feel like showering in rose petals."
Points: 400
Zexion's Lexicon
Items-68-Zexion's Lexicon.png "For when you feel like hiding in illusions."
Points: 400
Vexen's Shield
Items-67-Vexen's Shield.png "For when you feel like skipping far away on ice."
Points: 400
Axel's Chakrams
Items-66-Axel's Chakrams.png "For when you feel like dancing clad in fire."
Points: 500
Dark Riku's Keyblade
Items-45-Dark Riku's Keyblade.png "A design of a broken heart."
Points: 250
Herc's Shield
Items-44-Herc's Shield.png "Proof of a champion."
Points: 220
Items-43-Warhammer.png "A familiar hammer."
Points: 220
Mythril Shield
Items-42-Mythril Shield.png "A familiar shield."
Points: 220
Lord Fortune
Items-41-Lord Fortune.png "Proof of summoning magic."
Points: 220
Jungle King
Items-40-Jungle King.png "Proof of a friend."
Points: 230
Metal Chocobo
Items-25-Metal Chocobo.png "Proof of defeating a powerful foe."
Points: 250
Dream Shield
Items-24-Dream Shield.png "Proof of the seven branches of magic."
Points: 250
Morning Star
Items-23-Morning Star.png "A familiar staff."
Points: 250
Knight's Shield
Items-22-Knight's Shield.png "The shield of the Captain of the Royal Knights."
Points: 220
Mage's Staff
Items-21-Mage's Staff.png "The Royal Magician's staff."
Points: 220
Items-20-Gunblade.png "Leon's weapon."
Points: 250
Shuriken A
Items-19-Shuriken A.png "An essential for Yuffie."
Points: 200
Tidus's Pole
Items-6-Tidus A's Stick.png "You better not underestimate this pole!"
Points: 200
Selphie's Jump-rope
Items-5-Selphie's Jump Rope.png "An old, long plaything."
Points: 200
Items-4-Blitzball.png "Can you be top scorer?"
Points: 200
Buster Sword
Items-2-Buster Sword A.png "A SOLDIER's pride."
Points: 600
Kingdom Key
Items-1-Kingdom Key.png "Event: The Buds on the Tree of Magic and the Keyblade Hero is necessary."
Points: 600

Full-body Items[edit]

Mascot Suits[edit]

Bodysuits-9-Dusk.png "For people who want to be a Nobody."
Points: 1000
Bodysuits-8-Soldier.png "If you wear this, will you be a Heartless too?!"
Points: 1000
Bodysuits-7-Shadow.png "Slip away into the darkness..."
Points: 1000
Organization XIII (Hooded)
Bodysuits-2-Mystery Member XIII.png "A member of the mysterious Organization."
Points: 1000
Bodysuits-1-Moogle.png "For when you want to be a full-body Moogle."
Points: 1000



Cloud B
Cloud B (Mobile).png "A Cloud B costume. *Only if over Lv. 6"
Points: 8000
Onion Knight
Onion Knight KHM.png "An Onion Knight costume. *Only if over Lv. 5"
Points: 8000
Rebellion Army Soldier
Firion KHM.png "A Rebellion Army Soldier costume. *Only if over Lv. 4"
Points: 8000
Knight of Chaos
Garland KHM.png "A Knight of Chaos costume. *Only if over Lv. 4"
Points: 7000
Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light KHM.png "A Warrior of Light costume. *Only if over Lv. 4"
Points: 8000
Sora Final Form
Ensembles-66-Sora (Final Form).png "Sora's Final Form costume."
Points: 1200
Sora Master Form
Ensembles-65-Sora (Master Form).png "Sora's Master Form costume."
Points: 1200
Sora Wisdom Form
Ensembles-64-Sora (Wisdom Form).png "Sora's Wisdom Form costume."
Points: 1200
Sora Valor Form
Ensembles-63-Sora (Valor Form).png "Sora's Valor Form costume."
Points: 1200
Kairi C
Ensembles-56-Kairi C.png "Coordinated with Kairi's uniform."
Points: 1200
King B
Ensembles-54-King Mickey B.png "Costume of the King in KHII."
Points: 1400
Kairi B
Ensembles-48-Kairi B.png "Coordinated with KHII Kairi."
Points: 1200
Riku B
Ensembles-47-Riku B.png "Coordinated with KHII Riku."
Points: 1200
Sora C
Ensembles-46-Sora C.png "Coordinated with KHII Sora."
Points: 1200
Donald C
Ensembles-43-Donald C.png "Coordinated with Donald as Royal Magician."
Points: 1100
Goofy C
Ensembles-42-Goofy C.png "Coordinated with Goofy as Captain of the Royal Knights."
Points: 1100
Queen Minnie
Ensembles-35-Queen Minnie.png "Coordinated with Queen Minnie."
Points: 1000
Ensembles-34-Daisy.png "Coordinated with Daisy."
Points: 1000
Large Body
Ensembles-33-Large Body.png "It's colorful and large."
Points: 1000
Ensembles-32-Ansem.png "Coordinated with Ansem."
Points: 1200
Pete A
Ensembles-31-Pete.png "Coordinated with Pete."
Points: 1200
Goofy B
Ensembles-19-Goofy B.png "Coordinated with Goofy at Christmas."
Points: 1200
Donald B
Ensembles-18-Donald B.png "Coordinated with Donald at Christmas."
Points: 1200
Sora B
Ensembles-17-Sora B.png "Coordinated with Sora at Christmas."
Points: 1200
White Mushroom
Ensembles-16-White Mushroom.png "A mushroom's entrance as an ally."
Points: 1000
King A
Ensembles-9-King Mickey A.png "Coordinated with the King in KHI."
Points: 1400
Ensembles-8-Maleficent.png "For those wicked witchy moods."
Points: 1100
Goofy A
Ensembles-5-Goofy A.png "Coordinated with Goofy in KHI."
Points: 1200
Donald A
Ensembles-4-Donald A.png "Coordinated with Donald in KHI."
Points: 1200
Kairi A
Ensembles-3-Kairi A.png "Coordinated with Kairi in KHI."
Points: 1200
Riku A
Ensembles-2-Riku A.png "Coordinated with Riku in KHI."
Points: 1200
Sora A
Ensembles-1-Sora A.png "Coordinated with Sora in KHI."
Points: 1200

Room Items[edit]

Pedestal (Mobile).png ""
Points: 150

Unknown Items[edit]

Xemnas 2
Xemnas 2 (Mobile).png ""
Points: ???