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It's Tough to Be a Hero

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Kingdom Hearts II Chapter 23
KHII Manga 23a.png
Publisher Yen Press
First published August 2013
Cover date 2013
Written by Shiro Amano
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts


Sora, Donald, and Goofy successfully land in Olympus Coliseum. Not long after arrival, the trio overhears a match currently underway. Excited to reunite with Hercules, the trio continues towards the coliseum. Outside the coliseum gates, they see a woman being attacked by Heartless. After being saved by Sora, the woman introduces herself as "Megara," or "Meg" for short. Despite Sora's warnings of potential Heartless encounters, Meg insists that she continues towards the Underworld as she needs to speak with Hades. Suddenly, an exhausted Hercules appears behind the group, calling after Meg. He trips, falling down on the ground. After weakly introducing the trio to Meg, the group returns to the coliseum.

At the coliseum, Meg reveals the reason of Hercules's exhausted state: Hades has consistently been entering monsters in the games. Bound by his pride as a hero and his duty to the people, Hercules refuses to rest despite his physical and mental exhaustion. Phil enters, agreeing that Hercules must continue fighting. However, Phil also states that the crowd will never support a hero who can barely stand. Phil orders Hercules to sit the next match out, instructing Meg to watch over him. As the two leave, Phil acknowledges Sora, Donald, and Goofy, still referring to them as junior heroes. Donald argues otherwise, prompting Phil to lead the trio elsewhere.

In the Underworld, Pete is shown in Hades' Chamber. Furious over the change in players, Pete proposes a different approach to lure Hercules: hold a tournament in the Underworld. Hades considers the thought, despite Pete claiming to be kidding about the idea. Continuing their original plans, Hades sends the Hydra to the coliseum.

Back at the coliseum, Sora, Donald, and Goofy face off against the Hydra. Although the trio struggles against the Hydra's numerous heads, they eventually emerge victorious.

In the Underworld, Hades begins to remember the young Keyblade master and his companions. Pain and Panic enter the chamber, reporting the Hydra's demise. Appalled and furious over the Hydra's defeat, Hades agrees to hold a tournament in the Underworld at the Underdrome. Hades continues, explaining the major flaw to this plan: the Underdrome was locked away by Zeus. However, the duo believes that by using Meg, they can manipulate Sora into unlocking the Underdrome. The two leave, successfully kidnapping Meg while she is gathering medicinal herbs for Hercules.

Meanwhile, at the coliseum, the trio tells Hercules of their harrowing match with the Hydra. This cheers Hercules up, as he has been too exhausted even to regularly converse with Meg. Hercules claims that while the two are not dating, he still thinks of Meg as someone very special to him.

After kidnapping Meg, Hades and Pete return to the Underworld. Outside the Underdrome, Hades seals Meg along with the Underdrome's lock, stating that she will be used to lure Hercules and Sora to the Underworld.

Elsewhere, at The World That Never Was, Xigbar tells Demyx he has new orders: head to Olympus Coliseum.

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