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Heart Points (ハートポイント Hāto Pointo?) are a form of currency found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Heart Points can be obtained by defeating Emblem Heartless, and can be used to buy items at the Moogle Shop.


When an Emblem Heartless is defeated, they release a heart, which is automatically collected as Heart Points. The amount of Heart Points collected during a mission is shown in the Heart Counter (ハートカウンター Hāto Kauntā?) on the top left of the screen. After defeating an enemy, regardless of the type, or collecting an Organization Emblem, a Chain (チェーン Chēn?) starts. A chain is indicated by the word "CHAIN!" shown underneath the Heart Counter, and by a ring of light around the target. When an Emblem Heartless is defeated during a chain, a higher amount of Hearts Points will be obtained, indicated by the word "BONUS" appearing above the collected heart.

The duration of the chain can be determined by the size of the ring of light. It gradually shrinks in size, and when it disappeard, the chain ends. A chain starts for 5 seconds, increases by 2 seconds for every attack landed (3 seconds with Chain Time), and further increases by 5 seconds when defeating an enemy (6 seconds with Chain Time). However, a chain's duration can't be extended past 10 seconds. For each Emblem Heartless defeated, the amount of bonus Heart Points increases.

Enemies defeated Heart Point Bonus
1 0%
2 5%
3 10%
4 15%
5 20%
6 25%
7 30%
8 35%
9 40%
10 45%
11 100%

Upon reaching a bonus of 100%, it will be fixed at 100% for 10 seconds, regardless of the remaining chain time. Once the 10 seconds pass, the chain will end.

Enemies defeated by status effects or party members do give Heart Points, but don't count towards a chain, or give bonus Heart Points from a chain.