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Organization Emblem

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Sprite image of Organization emblem The Organization Emblem (機関の標章 Kikan no Hyōshō?, lit. "Organization's Emblem") is a special item found on certain Missions in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. These Emblems are used to fill the Mission gauge during Missions 18, 25, 44, 55, and 86. Organization Emblems are silver, with a round gray background piece, bordered in silver.

Collecting Organization Emblems across a map fills the Mission Gauge. The Emblems have green rings of light around them which get smaller as time elapses, and eventually vanish. To completely fill the Mission Gauge, the rings must be grabbed with their rings still intact. Rings can be reset by either collecting an Emblem or defeating a Heartless.

Organization Emblem Locations[edit]

Mission World Location No. of Emblems Total no. of Emblems
Mission 18 Agrabah Agrabah Streets 11 16
Palace 5
Mission 25 Twilight Town Tram Common 24[1] 24
Mission 44 Twilight Town Station Plaza 2 10
Underground Passage 5
Tunnel 3
Mission 55 Wonderland Bizarre Room 4 26
Hedge Maze Entrance 2
Queen's Castle 4
Lotus Forest 13
Tea Party Garden 3
Mission 86 Neverland Skull Rock 28 28

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Three Emblems can only be obtained with abilities obtained later in the game.