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Card:10 Scattered Hearts

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Card:10 Scattered Hearts
Card-10 Scattered Hearts (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
Japanese Card:10 バラバラの心
Rōmaji Card:10 Barabara no Kokoro
Tokyopop Card 10: Separated Hearts

Card:10 Scattered Hearts, also called Card 10: Separated Hearts, is the tenth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.


Sora carries on, with just Jiminy for company, and ends up on the Destiny Islands. Meanwhile, Goofy suggests he and Donald go after Sora, but Donald claims they can find the King on their own. While exploring the islands, Sora thinks back on what Vexen was trying to say. He comes across Riku, but it is only the Riku made from his memories. When thinking back on his time on the islands, Sora sees a vision of a girl he doesn't remember. Just then, a storm breaks out and Riku goes to check on the raft, leaving Sora alone with Naminé.

Meanwhile, Larxene and Marluxia find out Axel has freed Naminé. Axel approaches Riku Replica and tells him Naminé is with Sora, upon which Riku Replica runs off. Sora is happy to finally be reunited with Naminé, but she explains she doesn't belong in his heart, and pushes him to remember who he really cares about. A burst of light floods over them, and turns Naminé's lucky charm back into Kairi's. Sora and Naminé return to Castle Oblivion, and just when Naminé wants to explain why Sora can't remember Kairi, Riku Replica appears and grabs Sora's lucky charm. He plans to crush it, but Naminé yells at him to stop, and he collapses. Larxene appears and explains Naminé broke his heart.

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