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Kingdom Hearts Episode 17

KH Manga 17a.png

KH Manga 17b.png
Publisher Tokyopop
Yen Press
First published January 10, 2006 (TP)
May 28, 2013 (YP)
Cover date 2006 (TP)
2013 (YP)
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Jose Macasocol, Jr. (TP)
Edits by Peter Ahlstrom (TP)
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts


Sora discovers the unknown figure to be Riku. The two briefly reunite, determined that Kairi also made it off the island and is looking for them as well. Riku starts to explain how Sora should leave everything to him, when a Shadow Heartless appears behind him, preparing to attack. Sora notices this and quickly disposes of the Heartless, saying he has learned a few tricks while looking for Riku and Kairi. Sora then introduces Donald and Goofy, the latter of which mentions how Sora is the Keyblade master. Riku's attitude become much colder, as he momentarily takes Sora's Keyblade, unimpressed. A few moments pass, with Sora eventually inviting Riku to join the trio on their adventure. This upsets Donald who claims Sora can't decide things on his own. Sora argues Riku is his friend, only turning around to find Riku gone.

On a balcony above where Sora and company are, stands Maleficent and Riku. The former tells Riku that Sora has replaced him with new friends. Maleficent continues, persuading Riku to join her, claiming she will help Riku find what he is searching for.

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Entelechies Heartless
Traverse Town


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"Episode 17: Reunion" is only available within the manga collection.