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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (manga)

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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Publisher Gangan Comics
Yen Press
Release Date Gangan Comics
October 2005
October 2006
Yen Press
June 2013
Written by Shiro Amano
Translated by Yen Press
Alethea Nibley, Athena Nibley
Lettering by Tokyopop
Deida Terriquez
Yen Press
Terri Delgado, Lys Blakeslee
Edits by Tokyopop
Bryce P. Coleman
Cover by Tokyopop
James Lee

The Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga is the second series in the Kingdom Hearts manga series. It generally follows the events from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. It was first published in Japan in 2005, and later translated to English by Tokyopop in 2006.

In 2013, the manga was translated to English again by Yen Press, combining the two volumes into one.


Cover Volume Release Date ISBN Content
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 1 Cover (Japanese).pngKingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 1 Cover (English).png Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 1 Gangan Comics
October 22, 2005
October 10, 2006
Gangan Comics
Bonus: Transform Sora
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 2 Cover (Japanese).pngKingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 2 Cover (English).png Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 2 Gangan Comics
April 22, 2006
February 6, 2007
Gangan Comics
Bonus: The Strange Tale of the Riku Replica
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Cover (English).png
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Yen Press
June 25, 2013
Yen Press
Bonus: Transform Sora
Bonus: The Strange Tale of the Riku Replica


Cover Volume Release Date ISBN Content
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Limited Edition Boxed Set.png
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Limited Edition Boxed Set Tokyopop
October 9, 2007
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 1
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Volume 2


Image Title Volume Volume (Yen Press)
Card-01 Castle Oblivion (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:01 Castle Oblivion" (Card:01 忘却の城
Card:01 Bōkyaku no Shiro
1 1
Sora is approached by a cloaked figure, who claims something he seeks lies ahead. Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Castle Oblivion, and start to lose their memories. The cloaked figure samples Sora's memories into a card, which Sora uses to proceed through the castle.
Card-02 Bellyful Stew (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:02 Bellyful Stew" (Card:02 腹一杯鍋
Card:02 Haraipai Nabe
1 1
Sora, Donald, and Goofy find themselves in Traverse Town. They get attacked by Heartless, and are saved by Leon, who does not remember them. Both Leon and Yuffie know their names, but claim to have no memory of them. Aerith assumes Sora's memories affect their memories, and warns Sora about illusions. Back in Castle Oblivion, the cloaked figure explains everything they've seen has been an illusion. A second cloaked figure appears to test Sora, introducing himself as Axel.
Card-03 Organization XIII (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:03 Organization XIII" (Card:03 XIII機関
Card:03 XIII Kikan
1 1
Axel fights Sora, Donald, and Goofy and gives Sora a card for "passing". Axel discusses his interest in Sora with Larxene. When Sora and Donald don't remember a castle Goofy talks about, Jiminy checks his journal, but finds all the pages are blank.
Card-04 The Scent of Darkness (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:04 The Scent of Darkness" (Card:04 闇のにおい
Card:04 Yami no Nioi
1 1
Riku wakes up in Castle Oblivion's basement, and receives a card from a myserious voice. The card leads to a Hollow Bastion made from his memories, where he only meets Maleficent. Back in Castle Oblivion, he confronts the voice, Ansem, who gives him another card and powers of darkness. Zexion, Vexen, and Lexaeus discuss Riku's appearance in the castle.
Card-05 Uncertainty (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:05 Uncertainty" (Card:05 迷い
Card:05 Mayoi
?, lit. "Card:05 Indecision")
1 1
Sora, Donald, and Goofy are afraid they might forget about the people important to them, yet press on. In Agrabah, Aladdin is forced to get a lamp from the Cave of Wonders. He runs into Sora, Donald, and Goofy on the way back, and accidentally summons the Genie. He uses his first wish to become a prince.
Card-06 Wish (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:06 Wish" (Card:06 願い
Card:06 Negai
1 1
Genie tells Aladdin his wish is to be free, and Aladdin grants it. Sora, Donald, and Goofy try tricking Jafar as genies. Genie returns and convinces Jafar to wish himself into a genie, allowing Aladdin to trap him in his lamp. Back in Castle Oblivion, Sora thinks about Kairi, and sees another girl.
Front page of bonus chapter Transform Sora from the "Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories" manga
"Bonus: Transform Sora" (巻末付録 変幻自在ソラゆかいな百面相
Kanmatsu Furoku: Hengenjizai Sora Yukaina Hyakumensō
?, lit. "End of Book Appendix: Ever-changing Sora Making Funny Faces")
1 1
A bonus chapter that lets you give Sora a funny expression.
Card-07 Memories (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:07 Memories" (Card:07 思い出
Card:07 Omoide
2 1
Sora suddenly remembers another girl from the Destiny Islands. Thanks to Larxene's taunting, he finally remembers Naminé's name.
Card-08 Promise (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:08 Promise" (Card:08 約束
Card:08 Yakusoku
2 1
Vexen has made a replica of Riku, and sends it after Sora. Sora and Riku Replica realize they have the same memory of Naminé, and the same lucky charm. Vexen gives Sora a card, which worries Axel and Larxene. Marluxia tasks Axel with eliminating Vexen.
Card-09 Good-bye, Vexen (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:09 Good-bye, Vexen" (Card:09 さらばヴィクセン
Card:09 Saraba Vikusen
2 1
Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter a world they do not remember, but feels familiar to Sora. They meet Vexen, who tells Sora he is being manipulated. Before he can finish, Axel appears and annihilates him. Sora gets angry at Donald and Goofy and continues without them. Axel frees Naminé.
Card-10 Scattered Hearts (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:10 Scattered Hearts" (Card:10 バラバラの心
Card:10 Barabara no Kokoro
2 1
Sora ends up in Destiny Islands, where he finally reunites with Naminé. Naminé tells him she is not the one he has been looking for, and tries to make him remember. Riku Replica tries to crush Kairi's lucky charm, but Naminé causes him to collapse.
Card-11 SHOCK!!! (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:11 SHOCK!!!" (Card:11 SHOCK!!!
Card:11 SHOCK!!!
2 1
Larxene explains Naminé's powers to Sora. Larxene fights Sora, who only fights back after Naminé got hurt. Donald and Goofy return to Sora and they beat Larxene together. Riku defeats Lexaeus.
Card-12 Where the Heart Leads (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:12 Where the Heart Leads" (Card:12 心の向かう場所
Card:12 Kokoro no Mukau Basho
?, lit. "Card:12 Where the Heart Goes")
2 1
Riku hurries through the castle, trying to get to Sora. Axel and Marluxia fight until Sora intervenes. Marluxia uses Naminé as a shield, but Axel continues to attack, allowing Marluxia to turn Sora against Axel.
Card-XIII The Road to Dawn (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Card:XIII The Road to Dawn" (Card:XIII 暁の道
Card:XIII Akatsuki no Michi
?, lit. "Card:XIII Road of Dawn")
2 1
Marluxia tells Naminé to erase Sora's memories, but she refuses. Axel refuses to fight, so Sora heads after Marluxia. Sora fights Marluxia, managing to strike him down and save Naminé. Naminé shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy the pods where they have to sleep in to recover their memories. Riku is attacked by Zexion's illusion of Sora, but a voice tells him to embrace both light and darkness, and he breaks the illusion and strikes down Zexion. Riku fights Ansem for control over his darkness, and wins. Riku reunites with King Mickey, and meets DiZ. Riku meets Naminé, who offers to seal away Ansem and his memories, but Riku refuses.
Bonus - The Strange Tale of the Riku Replica (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
"Bonus: The Strange Tale of the Riku Replica" (巻末描き下ろし 異聞リク=レプリカ奇譚 lit. "End of Book Newly Drawn Artwork: Strange Stories and Curious Tales of Riku-Replica"?) 2 1
The Riku Replica regains consciousness and searches for Naminé. He meets a group of Vexen replicas and decides to go on a journey.

Characters & Story[edit]

Our hero Sora lives peacefully on Destiny Islands with his best friends, Riku and Kairi, until one night disaster struck his world, and the three were separated, whisked away to faraway worlds. Sora looked for Riku and Kairi in the unfamiliar Traverse Town, but with no clues to finding them, his search was in vain. Then he met Donald and Goofy, who were searching for their missing king, and together, they set off on a quest.
After a long journey across numerous worlds, Sora and his friends found Kairi. They also found Riku and the king on the other side of the door to darkness.
But strange things were happening on the other side of the door. Countless Heartless were crossing its treshold and overflowing into the outside world. To stop them, the door had to be locked, with Riku and the king still on the other side. Seeing Sora's reluctance, the king encouraged him, "There will always be a door to the light." Trusting these words, Sora raised his Keyblade to the sky and locked the door. And in his heart, he vowed to find Riku and the king once more...
A boy chosen by the Keyblade—the key to saving worlds. He continues his journey to find his missing friend, Riku, and return with him to their home on Destiny Islands.
He is searching for the missing King Mickey with his friends Sora and Donald. His trademark phrases are "A-hyuck" and "Gawrsh."
Donald Duck
Accompanying Sora on his journey. An expert magician, he is a helpful duck to have around, but once he gets bent out of shape...
Sora's best friend. He closed the door from the inside together with the King and was left behind in the world of darkness.
A mysterious girl who quietly draws pictures alone in a room of the castle.
Sora's childhood friend. She waits on Destiny Islands for Sora's return.
King Mickey
King of Disney Castle. He is missing along with Riku.
The "Seeker of Darkness" who lurks in Riku's heart, waiting to take control.
Organization XIII
A mysterious group clad in black cloaks. They seem to be investigating the secrets of the heart.
[No. 4] Has the most seniority of all the Organization members at Castle Oblivion. And yet the treatment he receives is...
[No. 5] Helps Zexion and Vexen manage things belowground. Avid puzzler.
[No. 6] Leader of the Basement Team. Word is he's surprisingly domestic!
[No. 8] Mysterious individual who appears before Sora from time to time and leaves little bits of advice.
[No. 11] Lover of flowers and leader of operations at Castle Oblivion. It seems he's plotting something.
[No. 12] Cold-blooded, temperamental, and really scary. Once she flies off the handle, there's no stopping her.