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Good-bye, Vexen

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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Episode 9
Yen Press translation
Publisher Tokyopop
Yen Press
First published February 2007(TP)
June 2013 (YP)
Cover date February 2007 (TP)
June 2013 (YP)
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Kimie Kim (TP)
Edits by Peter Ahlstrom (TP)
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories


Axel, Chakrams in hand, agrees to Marluxia's order, claiming it cannot be taken back.

In this new world, Sora and the others wonder as to where they are. Eventually, the trio arrives in front of an Old Mansion, and is confronted by Vexen. Vexen states that Sora's heart is a slave to his memory, and that this world was made from the other part of Sora's memory. Sora refuses, saying he has never been here before. Vexen continues, claiming Sora will lose his heart and become Marluxia's pawn unless he stops chasing after Naminé. Sora declines, saying he will rescue Naminé and Riku, as well as defeat the Organization. Just as Vexen is about to mention Naminé's whereabouts, he is struck down by Axel. Although asked several questions, Axel simply hands Sora another world card, telling him to figure things out for himself.

Upon returning to Larxene and Marluxia, the two congratulate Axel, welcoming him to their plan to overthrow the Organization. Larxene walks over to a nearby Naminé, saying her hero will soon be with them.

In the basement levels of Castle Oblivion, Zexion and Lexaeus learn of Vexen's demise and confirm Marluxia's plan to overthrow the Organization. Zexion then sends Lexaeus to capture Riku.

Back on the higher levels of Castle Oblivion, Donald and Goofy plead with Sora to question his memories about Naminé. Upset, Sora runs away, determined to find Naminé. Naminé and Axel watch this scene from a computer monitor. Axel lets Naminé go, convincing her to go to Sora.

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