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Roxas's Story[edit]

The 1st Day[edit]

You start the game by controlling Roxas. Follow the tutorial shown for now.

Apparently, Roxas and his friends are accused to be thieves since some of the town's residence lost their photographs. But, not only the photos are stolen, but the word "photo" itself can't be said, as if it was also stolen! Seifer and his gang try to pick up a fight with Roxas by accusing them to be the culprits. Choose a Struggle Bat and be prepared for a fight against Seifer.

The fight against Seifer is not hard. Keep attacking him and you should deflect his attacks. When Seifer shouts "Isn't this romantic!?", just move away as he will leap into the air and do a straight-forward thrust to the ground.

After you humiliated Seifer, a strange white creature appears and steals Pence's camera. He might be the culprit so Roxas decides to run after it. Follow it into the Old Mansion hidden in the woods. Roxas will now battle the strange creature.

Don't stress too much on this fight, as your attacks will have no effect on it. For now, just use the "Reversal" reaction command and attack it to pass some time. Also, be careful when it's curling up on the ground, as it will kick you. Just jump out of the way to avoid it. After you gained the Keyblade, you can actually hit the creature, so use the Reversal reaction command to confuse it first, and use the opportunity to attack. To prevent the creature from attacking, you can just use Reversal and attack it two times, rinse and repeat.

The 2nd Day[edit]

View the cutscene as Hayner tries to persuade the others to go to the beach together. They have no money though. After the cutscene, you will appear in front of a Save Point. Save the game if you want to. Now, as mentioned before, they have no money. So they will have to work for now. Select one of the 6 jobs available (3 more are available at the Tram Common). It's recommended to play the minigames until you gain at least 1200 munny to get the AP+2 bonus. Gaining 2000 munny will automatically advance the story and give you the AP+2 bonus, but it's still recommended to get 1200 and meet Hayner by the Train Station, since you won't get to keep the 800 extra munny and will still get the bonus AP.

Station Plaza jobs[edit]

  • Mail Delivery: Roxas will be on his skateboard and he must deliver 5 letters. The route is pretty much linear, and to deliver the mail, you need to press the "Deliver" reaction command near the letter's receiver. There are 5 receiver in order, a boy in green clothing, a pigeon, a man in green clothing, and then you'll have to grind after delivering the letter to the boy to get to the pigeon above the gate to Tram Common, and finally turn to a corner to deliver the final letter to a lady in white shirt. To get the maximum payment of 50 munny, you need to deliver the letters under 20 seconds.
  • Cargo Climb: Roxas will have to push a cargo to a garage uphill... by hitting it with his Struggle Bat. Do the 3-hits combo on the cargo to make it move a bit, and after the second combo finisher, the cargo will jump. Hit the cargo, and it will move forward at high speed, making it easier for you to get it inside the garage. To get the maximum payment of 50 munny, you need to move the cargo inside the garage under 30 seconds.
  • Grandstander: Roxas will have to perform in a show by juggling a ball... again, by hitting it with his Struggle Bat. When the ball is on the ground, hit it once, and jump immediately and continue with a 3-hits air combo. The ball will fly higher when the combo's finisher hits, giving you the time to land and jump to combo it again. But timing is crucial, only do the combo when the ball is in front of you after you jump. Otherwise the combo's finisher won't hit the ball and the ball will continue to fall, reducing your number of tries by one. To get the maximum payment of 50 munny, you need to juggle the ball (hit the ball) at least 20 times.

Train Common jobs[edit]

  • Poster Duty: Roxas will have to travel around the area to post Struggle competition posters. These posters can be placed on spots that has a yellow box with a yellow 4-points star in the middle of it. Try to find 3 poster spots that are near each other. Also, each time the "Post" reaction command appears, press Triangle immediately as Roxas will leap forward and place a poster, which is much faster than pressing it in front of a spot. To get the maximum payment of 100 munny, you need to place 20 posters under 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Bumble Buster: Roxas will have to exterminate bees by, yet again, hitting them with his trustworthy Struggle Bat. Each group of bees can go down in 2 hits. They can also attack Roxas, while the damage itself is very small, it can stagger Roxas for a while, making you lose some valuable time. For this minigame, it's better to not use Lock-On so Roxas's attacks can take out more bees rather than focusing on one. Before the second group of bees appear, it's better to move to their side and attack them on a vertical line, since most of the time all of the bees are hit and thus, finishing the minigame. To get the maximum payment of 50 munny, you need to exterminate 8 groups of bees under 20 seconds.
  • Junk Sweep: Roxas will have to clean junks by... again and again, hitting them with his Struggle Bat. Since there are no time limits, you can determine the fastest way to dispose of the junks. Junks will be destroyed when hit by another junk, and you can send junks flying by hitting it with a combo-finisher. So determine which junk you should fling so it can hit the most junks. A much slower but reliable way is present, you can literally push the junks by running towards them to gather them in one spot and finish them with a combo. This will take a really long time to do though. To get the maximum payment of 50 munny, you need to dispose of the junks without using more than 10 hits.

You can choose whichever job you want to play, but it's highly recommended to play the Mail Delivery game as it only took 10 seconds per game (8 if you're really good). After trying it for a while you should memorize the locations of the mail receivers and deliver the mails in one go.

Regardless on how many munny you collected by doing jobs, the total would still be 5000 munny (technically the more diligent you are in collecting those munny, the lazier the other gets). But, it seems all those hard work are for waste, the munny pouch is stolen! And now Roxas and the others will have to postpone their plan...

The 3rd Day[edit]

You will be in the Usual Spot. Head over to the Station Heights for now. Pence and Olette are here... but just as they about to talk to Roxas, they froze! A strange girl then appears, telling Roxas to go to the Old Mansion. Roxas heads to the Woods as he sees Dusks floating around chasing him, he know he had no choice but to retreat. As he runs to the Sandlot, he meets Seifer and his gang. As they hold off the other Dusks, Roxas is left to face one of the Dusks.

This battle is the same as when you fight a Dusk before, just use Reversal and avoid its attack.

Seifer and his gang appears to be frozen as well, and as the Dusks lunge themselves towards Roxas, he wakes up in Station of Serenity. Pick up a weapon of your choice and be prepared for a battle.

You will fight against three Dusks this time. They will also gain new attacks, whenever you see them floating in the air, jump away as they will drop to the ground and headbutts you. And they're walking in the air, stay away from them as they will use their arms like whips to attack whatever's below them. Use the Reversal+2 hits technique and this battle should be done in no time.

Open up a treasure chest that just literally appeared out of nowhere to retrieve a Potion. A door and a save point will then appear. Save the game if you wish to and head towards the door to continue to the Station of Calling. 2 Dusks will appear on the first stained glass stair. At the second pillar, you'll encounter 3 Dusks and a treasure chest containing a Potion. At the second stained glass stair, you'll encounter a pair of Dusks. And at the third pillar, you'll encounter 3 Dusks and a door. After beating the Dusks, head towards the door and be prepared for a boss fight.

This big guy is called the Twilight Thorn. At the beginning of the battle, you'll be in a scripted fight, in which you'll have some reaction command pressing to do. After Roxas took down the Twilight Thorn, you can then attack it. Most of the times the "Reversal" reaction command will appear. Press it to avoid the thorns that are coming out of Twilight Thorn. Time your attacks and the Twilight Thorn should fall with ease.

After defeating the Twilight Thorn, the creature falls and envelops Roxas in darkness.

The 4th Day[edit]

Today's the Struggle tournament day. You'll start at the Sandlot. You can return to the Back Alley to meet Seifer and have a duel with him. His attacks are basically the same, only he has more health than before. Defeating him will net you 13 EXP points. The battle is repeatable so come back to level up by fighting Seifer if you have any trouble during the tournament.

Note: Roxas can't lose the battle against Hayner and Vivi, the screen will simply show static and returns to the point before Roxas talked to the battle's jury.

Simply put, the Struggle Battle is a normal battle, with additional rules. First off, the player and the enemy will be given 100 orbs each. The objective is to collect more orbs than the opponent before the time runs out. There's a 1 minute time limit, and the player can gain orbs by attacking the enemy. Each hit will make the opponent drop 3 orbs, and a finisher will make the opponent drop 15 orbs. Also, collecting all of the opponents orbs (making you have 200 orbs) will instantly end the battle with your win. Reducing the opponent's HP won't end the battle, rather stunning them for a while, giving the opportunity to strike and gain more orbs. You will still lose the battle if your HP is depleted to zero, though.

Your first battle will be against Hayner. He prefers stabbing attacks so his attacks can be easily avoided by simply moving out of the way. After the battle, Seifer's turn is up. You will see him fight Vivi, and much to everyone's surprise, Vivi beat him. He kinda look off though.

The next battle is against Vivi, he prefers a linear mid-air spin attack, so you can just move out of his attack's direction. He's also very agile and moves around a lot. After beating Vivi, the time seemingly froze again, and Vivi turned into a Dusk. What's worse, another 2 Dusks join him.

After you beat the Dusks, a cloaked man appears, calling himself Axel. You will have to fight him. Axel is agile, when he uses his standard attack, guard and he will stagger for a bit, run after him and attack him. When he moves around you, be ready to guard when he's closing in on your back. He also tends to taunt you by crouching, attack him whenever he does this. If black thorns started to whirl around him, move out of the way as he will unleash his special attack.

The last Struggle battle is against Setzer to compete for the title of "Champion". The battle is optional, you can either lose or win. Of course, if you win the battle it would be rewarding, you'll gain an armor called the Champion Belt, which increases resistance to fire, ice and thunder element by 20%. Setzer is the only fighter in the Struggle tournament to utilize guard. Whenever you see him use guard, don't attack him or he will fling you into the air. At first he likes to follow you around, and when he stops, use guard immediately. He also likes to get away from you sometimes. When that happens, he will use multiple stabs while moving forward.

The 5th Day[edit]

Roxas and the other decided to investigate the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town for their summer project. Head to the station and you'll arrive in the Sunset Terrace. The first wonder is "The Spooky Step", in which apparently, the steps always change whenever you count it. Turns out Rai was the one doing the counting. Seeing how he's not the brightest of person, Pence and Roxas agrees it's a simple mistake.

Before going to investigate other wonders, take your time to walk around the city to collect treasure chests. The first one is on a small tower that can be reached by jumping from the tram that goes back and forth in the middle of the are. Below the small tower, there's another treasure chest. And finally, the last treasure chest is behind a small gap in front of the entrance to the Sunset Hill.

Note: The wonders can be done in no certain order, I'm just going to sort them based on the location from the station until the hill. For the second wonder, "The Friend From Beyond the Wall", head to the right from the station and you'll see Hayner. Near him is a small alley, head towards the wall at the end of the alley and press Triangle. Now, balls will come out flying in certain orders, try to avoid the balls as they will push Roxas back. After you got to the wall, press Triangle again. You'll meet Pence again, saying that the wonder is caused by someone throwing the balls. In this case, Roxas.

The third wonder, "The Moans From the Tunnel", is located on a tunnel near the location of the second wonder. The entrance to the tunnel is big so you shouldn't have any problem in locating it. After entering the tunnel, you'll encounter Vivis. Yes, Vivis, as in, 3 of them are there. You're gonna have to fight the Vivis. Don't worry, they can be taken down in one hit, although there are many of them. After the battle, you'll meet the real Vivi, who says he often come in here to practice. Pence also comes and says the moans must come from Vivi, training.

The fourth wonder, "The Doppleganger", is located on the west-end of the city. In there, you'll see Olette and a small waterfall decoration behind her. Press Triangle on the waterfall and see Roxas's reflection come out of the waterfall! The reflection then turn to him and transforms into a black version of Roxas, complete with a fighting stance. Shadow Roxas is slow, using walk instead of run and uses single swings. After you deplete his HP for a bit, he'll utilize a full 3-hit combo. He still shouldn't be a problem though. After you defeat him, Roxas will collapse and Pence will come running towards him (left you wondering where were Olette when this happens?). Pence sees his reflection at the waterfall and is startled. He then says that the Doppleganger must be the reflection of the waterfall.

The fifth wonder, "The Animated Bag" is on top of Sunset Hill, which is on the north of the town. Head up the hills and press Triangle on the huge sack that's lying there. The sack will start to move, and for some reason, Roxas rides it like a cowboy. A small minigame will occur, you have to deplete the bag's "UMA" gauge at the top left of the screen. To deplete it, press Triangle to ride the sack and it will run around. When it charges into a trash can, a reaction command will appear. Press Triangle and Roxas will force the sack to jump above it. Do so until the gauge ran out to end the minigame. Pence comes again and examines the sack. Turns out there's a dog inside it (makes you wonder again, how can a dog run around with a teenager above its back?).

The sixth wonder is "The Ghost Train" mystery. Head to the Sunset Hill once again and watch a cutscene. Apparently, Roxas is the only one that can see the "ghost train" and Hayner is pretty angry that he's acting weird. Roxas wants to know about the seventh wonder but the others are reluctant to go. Pence then tells Roxas it's in the Old Mansion.

For the seventh and last wonder, "The Lonely Girl", head the the Old Mansion. A cutscene will appear where Pence catches up with Roxas and tells him they were going to go tomorrow along with Seifer's gang. Roxas then sees Naminé on the window, and has a brief talk regarding Roxas's true identity. Pence then tries to wake up Roxas, that looks like he's been daydreaming. Pence then says the girl is just a curtain flapping on the window.

The 6th Day[edit]

Roxas wakes up and heads towards the Usual Spot. Hayner and the others seemingly ignores him when he proceeds to grab Hayner's shoulder... in which his hand goes through him. Roxas then decides to go out, and Axel appears, telling him he received order to eliminate Roxas. You will then found yourself in a battle against several Dusks, and a new enemy, the Assassin. The Assassin usually do a forward lunge after it spawns, it will then proceed to hide underground. When it raises its arms in the air while underground, be prepare to block or attack to deflect its attack. When its attack is deflected, it will curl up to a disc-shaped thing, that's your cue to attack. It can also self-destruct when its HP is critical. Mind that if it self-destructs, you won't get any EXP points.

Afterwards, Axel freezes and a voice tells Roxas to go to the Old Mansion, head there. There are enemies around the town now, take your time to level up if you want to. At the Old Mansion's gate, you'll be trapped... But somehow, you remember how Sora unlocks doors with his Keyblade. Roxas tries the same and it worked! He then enters the mansion while a cloaked figure holding the Soul Eater holds back the Dusks. Seems familiar? He should be.

At the mansion, you'll encounter Creepers. These guys also appear at the Twilight Thorn battle but you'll likely not notice them. They can change forms to attack but due to their low HP, you can take them out before they can attack. Head towards the glass door at the end of the hall and retrieve a Hi-Potion in a treasure chest on the right. Go to the door on the left to enter the Dining Hall and collect a Potion and an Elven Bandanna from the treasure chests there. Head out and head up the left stairs, don't forget to open the treasure chest containing a Potion. Head to the left again to enter the White Room to watch a small cutscene and save your game. Aww, Naminé's taken away. If you look around the room, you'll see Naminé's drawings which depicts events and places from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. To see them closely, use the select button to go into first-person mode.

You'll receive Naminé's sketches and a map. Now go into the other room across the White Room. Pick up a Potion in a treasure chest along the way. Roxas will complete the drawing on the table based on Naminé's sketches and a huge room will reveal itself. Grab the Hi-Potion in the treasure chest on the corner of the room and head towards the small door behind you. A part Roxas's past is revealed in here, he escaped the Organization XIII and was defeated by Riku along the way. He was then taken to DiZ and transferred into a virtual reality version of Twilight Town. Infuriated, he smashed the computer. A door will open, save before going into the room.

Inside, 4 Dusks will spawn followed by 2 Assassins. After you defeat them, Axel will appear and challenges Roxas to a fight. Roxas responds by taking out his Keyblade. But, wait! He takes out TWO Keyblades, the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Yes, you are allowed to scream at the sight of this amazing scene. The battle against Axel is pretty much the same as before, only he will lit the ground on fire, sapping on your HP. You can take it out by doing a reaction command which will appear whenever you do a full combo on him, or when he hides behind the fire wall and dashes out, in which another reaction command will appear that makes Roxas avoid his dash and throw his Keyblade to stagger Axel for a bit. Sadly, the battle will be short-lived since Roxas's Dual-Wield deals high damage and is likely to end the battle in a minute or two (yes, even in KHIIFM's Critical Mode).

Axel will disappear after the battle. Head to the door on the right, Roxas will notice Donald and Goofy are sleeping on a pod. Open a treasure chest that contains Hi-Potion, and head towards the door.

Roxas will find DiZ, standing in front of a huge pod in the middle of the room. DiZ tells Roxas that he needs someone to take down Organization XIII. He will then imply he's a "servant of the world" and Roxas is merely a "tool". Angered, Roxas lunges towards him wit the Keyblade. Apparently, this DiZ is merely a data-based projection. Frustrated, Roxas attacks the projection relentlessly. To no avail, of course. The pod then opens up, revealing Sora inside it, sleeping.

"Sora... You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over."

Sora's Story[edit]

First Visit[edit]

Donald Duck

After the cutscene where he wakes up, you'll gain control of Sora. You'll be outside of the mansion, so open the Treasure Chests behind the mansion's gate before entering the forest.

You'll be automatically taken to the Usual Spot, where Sora feels like he's been to this town before, but thinks he must have imagined it. Here, you'll meet up with Hayner, Pence and Olette, the three friends of Roxas. But something's not right about them. Hayner acts rudely because Sora and his pals have meddled into their spot. Olette then mistakes Sora for being a fellow High School student by asking if he has finished his summer homework, which surprises Sora. The two trios then introduce themselves. Pence and Olette then mention that somebody is looking for Sora and his friends. They don't know who that person was, because he wore a coat, but Pence mentioned that he had big, round ears. Donald suspects the person mentioned is King Mickey. Sora asks where he is, and Pence tells him the King is at the Station..

Now you have control of the Sora again. There's a save point next to you, so save the game. Now head over to Market Street and climb the hill to the station. If you have enough Munny, try to purchase some Potions, as they can be helpful. If you want, you can head to the Sandlot to view an optinal cutscene with Seifer.

Finally, upon reaching the Station, a bunch of strange foes (later revealed to be Dusks will attack you. You should try to take out as many as you can as they provide extra experience. The enemies keeps on appearing as if there is no end to them... Sora and his friends are too exhausted to even stand anymore. And just as a Dusk lunges forward to attack the trio, a mysterious figure in a black coat defeats the Dusks in a flash. The figure is revealed to be King Mickey, who then tells the trio to board the next train and leave the town. He then hands over a pouch containing 5,000 munny and a blue orb before running off.

Sora then takes this encounter as a sign that Riku may be okay, since he was trapped in the Realm of Darkness alongside the king. Because of this, Sora has decided to go look for Riku, so that the two of them can return to the islands together, since Kairi is there waiting for them. Sora asks what will Donald and Goofy do, in which Goofy replies by asking him "does he really have to ask?". Sora then starts to laugh at Donald and Goofy's expressions, and so does Donald and Goofy. The party then agrees to stick together for one more journey.

Go inside the station, and another cutscene will begin.


Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>

Second Visit[edit]

Your second visit can be as early as after completing either Agrabah or Halloween Town, but we recomend that you first complete both worlds, as well as the Pride Lands, before returning to Twilight Town.

Sora, Donald and Goofy return to Twilight Town, only to find Vivi running around Market Street screaming for help, as there is something wrong with his friend Seifer. Head over to the Sandlot, which will trigger a battle with a group of Nobodies.

After the battle, you will be introduced to Saïx, a member of Organization XIII. Saïx will explain that Axel is on the run and will do whatever it takes to turn Sora back into a Heartless. Just as Saïx prepares to leave, Sora sugested to Donald that they jump in after him, in the hopes of reaching the Organization's world, but Saïx hears them, explaining that if Sora jumps in, he'll "end up like Riku". He then disappears. Seifer then approches the trio and hands Sora the Struggle Trophy, since it should belong to the "stongest guy in town", though Sora delines. Seifer then leaves, leaving the Trophy in Goofy's arms.

Pence suddenly appears, asking if Sora knew a girl named Kairi. Sora quickly says he does, and Pence tells him to meet them at the station. You regain control of the party. Your main object now is to reach the station. You can save the game at the Usual Spot. Remember those jobs that Roxas did during the second day? Well, Sora can now do them, but they will no longer reward the player with Munny.

Once you reach the station, Hayner and Olette will appear. Sora asks how they know Kairi...

It turns out Kairi came to Twilight Town in search of Sora. She explained her story to the trio, which Olette found romantic. Pence explained that if Kairi stuck around, she and Sora would reunite, since Sora told them he would return one day. Just then, Axel appears and grabbed Kairi by the arm, and pulled her into a black hole, with Pluto following them.

Sora is depressed with losing Kairi again, and decides to rescue her; as he spoke these words, he accidently causes Goofy to drop Seifer's trophie, causing the orbs on them to break off. Three of them role towards Hayner, Pence and Olette, who pick them up and call the accident a close call. Sora then picks up the Blue Orb, looks at it, then holds it up into the sunlight, as does Goofy with the orb they got from the king, and Hayner and his friends. A scene shows Sora as Roxas, though he returns to reality when Goofy and Donald as if he's okay.

Sora's orb then glows, revealing another gate. He makes a promess to Hayner and the others that they will return one day. In the Gummi Ship, Sora becomes depressed on losing Kairi, though his friends try to chear him up. Suddenly, Chip and Dale point out that something is wrong with Hollow Bastion...

Click here to visit Halloween Town >>>>
Click here to visit Agrabah >>>>
Click here to visit the Pride Lands >>>>
Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>

Third Visit[edit]

Nobodies (Mansion)

Sora = HP+ Donald = Lucky Lucky Goofy = HP+

Nobodies (RoD)

Sora = MP+

When You Return...[edit]

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