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First Visit[edit]

An old enemy of ours, a parrot named Iago, takes a break on the streets of Agrabah. He then spots Sora, Donald and Goofy walking around, and appoches them from behind. Sora and Donald then prepare to attack, but Iago tries to claim that he's turned over a new leaf, yet only Goofy believes him at first. Suddenly, the quaret are ambushed by a group of Heartless known as Luna Bandits. You now have control of the party. The battle's connected to a timer, so defeat as many of the Luna Bandits as possible before time runs out.

Sora then wonders where all the Heartless are coming from. Iago is then ambushed, but his clumsy flying manages to send some crates falling... onto some of the Luna Bandits, creating a path to a run-down shop fall of garbage. The trio then run inside, with Iago not far behind. Because of this, Sora and Donald now trust Iago, yet if he wants Aladdin to also forgive him, he has to do it himself. Speaking of which; where is Aladdin, anyway? Iago thinks he's at the Palace, so let's head over there.

Once you arive at the Palace, you'll be reunited with Jasmine, Princess of Agrabah, and a Princess of Heart. She's worried about Aladdin, who's been leaving the Palace every day since Genie and Carpet took off to see the world. She spots Iago behind Goofy's back; thinking him to still be a bad guy, she tells Sora to catch him, then runs off to warn the guards and everyone in the Palace.


The party then head off back to the town to find Aladdin. They spot Abu running off with a Lamp, being chased by both Aladdin and the Peddler. Aladdin takes the lamp back and returns it to the grumpy Peddler. Sora and his friends explain that Jasmine is worried about him, and Aladdin explains that he goes to the town every day because there is always something going on. Iago is then shown shivering; it's because the Lamp that Abu has stolen is the one to contain Jafar. The party decided to get the lamp to prevent somebody from releasing Jafar. At this point, Aladdin will join the party.

Head back to The Peddler's Shop. The greedy Peddler will offer to trade the lamp for a treasure... fit for a sultan! This could be a problem, and we cannot just take a piece of treasure from the Palace without upseting the Sultan. Iago suggested that there might be a suiable piece of treasure at the Cave of Wonders.

After the cutscene ends, take the exit to the left of the shop, then head towards the back of the Bazzar, where a Giant Door is located. You'll soon enter the Palace Walls, which contains a save point and a Treasure Chest containing a Skill Ring. Take the left exit, and you'll soon reach the Cave of Wonders, though Pete is just a few minutes ahead.

Stone Guardians

Sora = HP+ Donald = Bizzard Goofy = HP+ Aladdin = HP+

50 Heartless

Sora = HP+ Donald = HP+ Goofy = Auto Healing Aladdin = HP+


Sora = Explosion Donald = HP+ Goofy = Armor Slot+ Aladdin = HP+


Once you beat the Lords, here are the next worlds. If this is completed before Halloween Town, a cutscene with Kairi will play, unlocking Twilight Town.

Click here to visit Halloween Town >>>>
Click here to visit the Pride Lands >>>>
Click here to visit Twilight Town >>>>

Second Visit[edit]

You get a page for the 100 Acre Wood in the Desert Ruins Tower. This is normally the last page, unless you missed the others.


Sora = Fire Element (Firaga)

Another prize here is the Wishing Lamp

Click here to visit Halloween Town >>>>
Click here to visit the Pride Lands >>>>
Click here to visit 100 Acre Wood >>>>
Click here to visit Twilight Town (original only) >>>>

When You Return...[edit]

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