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First Visit[edit]

The Beast

Beast's Castle is one of the many Disney worlds in the game. Upon landing, the party wonders who lives in the castle. Suddenly, they hear a loud roar. Goofy recognizes the roar belongs to the Beast, and so does Sora. They suddenly spot a Shadow Heartless enter a room on the right. They follow it into the room, which also contains a rose. Suddenly, a Shadow comes out of the ground, and more follows, starting a battle with multiple Shadows.

This battle should not really last long. Just fight with either meel attacks or cast Fire if the Shadows are near Sora and are vurnerable.

In the middle of the battle, Beast comes in and uses his claws to take down the remaining Shadows. However, he pays no attention to Sora and his friends for some reason, even whacking them out of the way to get the rose and walks out of the room like nothing happened. You now regain control of the party. The room you are in contains a save point and a Moogle Shop. Save the game, and walk out of the room. Donald will then mention that he saw a lady at the top of the stairs. Goofy implies that if the Beast is here, then the lady must be Belle.

Now, go up the stairs and to the right. You'll enter The East Wing, where a cutscene will show Donald charging into Belle's room when he hears her wondering what to do. Belle opens the door, grabs Donald and cuddles him. Belle reveals that Beast has been acting weird lately. The only ones who might know what's going on are locked in the Dungeon by the Beast himself. The Dungeon is located past the Undercroft in The West Hall. Now, go back to the entrance, and take the other flight of stairs to The West Hall. You'll soon encounter a Wardrobe.

A brief scene will show Sora pushing the Wardrobe out of the way, revealing the entrance. However, the Wardrobe suddenly wakes up, jumps back to where she was, and resumes sleeping. And now you have to play a minigame. The main objective is to carefully push the Wardrobe away from the door using the "Push" reaction command. Don't press Triangle when she's awake, as the command will change to "Waken"; if she catches you pushing her, and she'll jump back in front of the door. After completing this, she'll apologize for the trouble, and will mention that she was once a human, and so was the Beast. Only, the Beast wasn't just a regular human, he was a prince of the castle. She won't mention any more stuff. Enter the Undercroft and prepare for a boss fight.

Battle's the same as before, but now the Thresholder will continue to send Dark Aura towards the party. Just do what you did before to release the Possessor, then defeat the flying spirit to end this battle. Once the battle is finished, Sora will learn Upper Slash, Donald will learn Donald Fire and Goofy will aquire more HP.

Enter the Dungeon, where you'll meet the Beast's servants: Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Chip. They explain that the Beast was cursed by an Enchantress because he refused to let her spend a night in his castle because of her merger appearance. The servants were also enchanted as further punishment. Fearing that the Beast might have become a Heartless, they offer to help the party reach the Beast's chambers through a Secret Passage.

However, on the second floor in the Undercroft, two knight armors guard the entrance to the Secret Passage; talk to Cogsworth, and he'll ask them to move. They do so. Enter the Secret Passage. In there, it's revealed the exit is hidden by a contraption. Cogsworth will hop onto a handle and lanterns will come down. To open the hidden door, you need to put out the enchanted flames; this will require Sora's light, as water will not be enough to put it out.

Your main goal here is to light the three remaining lanterns (the first one has already been down in a cutscene). To complete the task, you must make sure that Mrs. Potts and Lumiere are with you at the lanterns. Attack any crates that block the way to let them pass. Once both are at the lanterns, use the reaction command "Sprinkle" to light them. However, Cogsworth cannot hold onto the handle for long; if the gauge runs out, he will fall off and the unlit lanterns will return to the celing. If that happens, use the reaction command "Restore" to help him recover his stength.

After this, all that needs to be done now is to push a block that is sticking out of the wall near the fourth lantern. Sora will do this. Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Chip will then leave. Now head towards The West Wing. Don't forget to collect the Treasure Chests in the Secret Passage, as well as the one preveously unreachable in The West Hall. There is now a chance that the statues will come to life as either a Gargoyle Knight or a Gargoyle Warrior. Once you reach The Beast's Room, a cutscene will show a member of Organization XIII speaking with the Beast, explaining that Belle will soon take everything he has, including the Castle, the Rose, and then the Beast's own life. He even convinces the Beast that Sora and his friends are assassins sent by Belle. The member then disappears, and the Beast attacks the party.

  • Boss: Beast

Make sure that you have at least one Potion on hand, as the Beast can deal a lot of damage. You can stun him by using the reaction command "Wake Up", but it's a lot easier to just attack head on. Once the Beast's HP is gone, use the reaction command "Charge" to return to his senses. Winning the battle rewards Sora with an armor slot, Donald with more HP and Goofy with Defender.

After the battle, the Beast will return to normal. He'll explaing that the man who brainwashed him, Xaldin, took his sorrow, sadness and pain and turned it into rage. Thanks to what light remained in his heart, the Beast chucked his servants into the Dungeon as a way to protect them. However, he soon fears that he might have mistreated Belle during Xaldin's control. Sora agrees to go with him to her. At this point, the Beast will join the party.

Before leaving The Beast's Room, save the game and collect the treasure near the Rose; it is a Mega-Recipe, which can be used for Item Synthesis. It is needed to create a Mega-Potion. Return to The West Hall; the armors that blocked the staircase have now moved, allowing passage. Head back towards the Entrance Hall, then to The East Wing, then into Belle's Room...

Huh? Where is Belle? Talk to the Wardrobe, who will then explain that Belle left in a hurry to chase after Xaldin. Return to the Entrance Hall, and a cutscene will reveal that Belle is in the Ballroom, and it sounds like she is in danger. Enter the Ballroom, and you'll encounter a Shadow Stalker

  • Boss: Shadow Stalker

This boss is not too much of a problem, though like the Possessor, it will possess objects around the room. First, it will possess a window, and will send beams across the room. After this, it will leave the wall, and possess the Chandelier, causing it to drop to the ground, and send beams in a rotation; attack the Chandelier and then use the reaction command "Release" to release it. Soon, the Shadow Stalker will possess a pillar, which will cause all of them to scrach the floor; attack the possessed pillar and, again, use the reaction command "Release". Sometimes, it will enter the ground and will attempt to swallow Sora; once it is underneath him, jump to dodge.

Soon, the boss will become a cocoon, and will "evolve" into a Dark Thorn

  • Boss: Dark Thorn

This boss battle would be relatively easy if it wasn't directly after the Shadow Stalker (giving no time to save and recover in between). This battle requires noticeably less strategy than the Shadow Stalker and is more of a straightforward assault.

Despite the fact that it turns invisible, it is still able to be targeted - this being a boon to players during the battle. However, it is more agile when invisible and the fight becomes much easier when the invisibility is lost following the use of the Stepvault Reaction Command, during which Sora will jump onto the chandelier, and, following another command, lower the chandelier and swing it about in circles, hitting the Dark Thorn and rendering it visible. Following this somewhat-dramatic assault, the battle becomes considerably easier, as the boss moves more slowly. The Dark Thorn is also able to summon Possessors to attack Sora.

Upon defeating the Dark Thorn, you'll obtain Cure, a very useful spell. If Beast's Castle is the first place you have visited, then Olympus Coliseum will be unlocked. If it's the second, and you did not leave it or The Land of Dragons at all during the storyline, you will be automatically taken to Hollow Bastion. If it's the third, then Disney Castle is unlocked.

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Second Visit[edit]

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When You Return...[edit]

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